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Damiani wrote:

I meant more the mundane actions when no other player and/or known NPC are present, essentially. I'll go ahead and post in case there is some kind of Orwellian form of 'Big Brother' eye in the sky security going on.

Heh, that could turn into a huge reveal if it were true.


We've got that already, but his name is Alton Keme de Eil, Champion of Knowledge.

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Krays wrote:
Taron Sunwake wrote:
Split psyches and no one thought to call me? Tsk tsk..
Didn't want his head flipped inside out maybe? ;)

Oh. Oh snap. You're gonna need skin grafts for that one.

You know James, this puts Fieri's trips to the kiln in a completely different light.

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Krisilanni Rashira wrote:
"You always got something stuck up your butt, or is it just me?"

I believe Dr. Zeppler's delicate touch is required here.

I'm here too...


Agartha was basically just a massive room. RIP to one of my brothers.

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Ephebe wrote:


"Well, that was...thorough of them."

Bwahahaha, nothing can stop my walls from being walls!

Ephebe wrote:
Ephebe gave her a quick hug. "Hey, if it makes you feel even a little better I'll let you dress me up in whatever crazy outfits you feel like."

I like where this is going. *perv stare*

DM Downrightamazed wrote:
Pfft. Rooms.