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Hello DB3!

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Lynora, via text wrote:

Still alive, yeah. Sorry for worrying y'all. Muggle sick + chronic conditions + mystery ailment that keeps me from eating = exhausted and can't think straight. At least I'm closer to a thousand calories a day now. It was 6-700 for the longest time. It's been months since I could eat normally. Not since March. If this turns out to be [...] I am gonna be so f&+&ing pissed. Anyhow, trying to get rest and get to where I can at least not sound drunk when I type... easier said than done.

Figured it would be better to copy paste the whole text. I edited a bit out where she talked about personal medical stuff, in case she didn't want that info public.

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I am a little worried since her last activity on Twitter was Aug 16.

I believe I have her phone number, I could text her to double check she is okay.

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Went back to do a bit of reading to make sure I was up-to-date on everything and can I say that this line made me very happy-sad:

stepping out of the way as the girls tumbled across the stage past her, all claws and wings and sharp teeth. Ehos certainly had a type.

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Sorry to hear that Dalesman. No problem here ans hopefully you can be jusy as understanding with me as I get back into the regular posting habit.

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Okay writing that post helped me feel much better about everything for reasons I find hard to explain ot even understand myself. Ah the magic of RP :)

lynora wrote:
FireclawDrake wrote:
Denulia's post is proving difficult for me to be happy with. Scrapped like 3 drafts so far. Eventually gonna have to just hit post and leave it. ;)
*nudge, nudge*


Sorry. The past week has left me creatively drained from work and job hunting. I'll get something up today regardless of my perceptions of quality.

Edit: Even THIS post feels weird and janky to me. XD

I'll try to have it up by midmorning.

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Denulia's post is proving difficult for me to be happy with. Scrapped like 3 drafts so far. Eventually gonna have to just hit post and leave it. ;)

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Monkeygod wrote:

FCD(if you're still with us),

A thousand apologies, I had meant to say something here about my not wanting to post too much with Serrin, as there were plenty of other active posts and I didn't wanna give Lyn too much to catch up on.

Anyways, assuming you're around, I'm good to continue with that scene now that Lyn seems to be back as well.

Nooo problem. Figured it was something like that. Ball is in your court on the scene. :)

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Just happened to check this today. Glad to see everyone is doing well! Let's get ready to ruuumble!

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Pathfinder Starfinder Roleplaying Game, Starfinder Society Subscriber

Back when I played Pathfinder APs with my IRL group, I often would not pay attention to the scale of the maps and halfway through the dungeon realize that the cramped dungeon delve was actually quite large and very easy to manuveur.

Now that I am GMing SFS... it is a massive pain. Anything that can be done to avoid this, please do it.

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Cheers and Happy Holidays guys.

SanityAWOL wrote:

Hey folks was just wondering if there was anyone willing to run 01-02 Fugitive on the Red Planet. I have a Lashunta Outlaw Mechanic (Drone) and have completed Commencement and Skittershot.

Thank you for your consideration.

Just in case you aren't quite sure how it works, the scenarios aren't really designed to work in sequence. Some scenarios carry on from others, but usually if something is a direct sequel it will say that in the scenario description.

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Just to be completely clear with the Additional Resources update: polymorph is legal for play (with restrictions), but Baleful Polymorph is not since it is not explicitly called out as legal.

Is that reading correct?

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The problem is the RAW of the Ring of Fangs simply says you can elect to have your unarmed attacks deal lethal piercing damage, and if you do you get the double weapon spec.

Pathfinder Starfinder Roleplaying Game, Starfinder Society Subscriber


I mean, the ring of fangs is clearly supposed to be you biting, which I would argue shouldn't work with shield bashing. I understand though that we are discussing RAW not RAI, and the ring of fangs has some awkward wording.

But like... This is already in the game. Even a 1st level polymorph spell can give you a lethal non-archiac unarmed attack to apply Ring of Fangs to (Vesk or Morlamaw natural attacks).

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What sort of Playtest character do you want to build?
Definitely thinking of trying a deaf DJ Witchwarper.

Do you have an up-to-date 'bot me' spoiler? (Subtle, aren't I?)
Subtlety is overrated! Also, no, but that is because the character does not exist yet.

Will you be willing to bot other characters if I ask you to do so?
Oh I supposed I could struggle to roll a few extra dice :)

Do you promise to let me know if you get super busy for a few days so we can bot you?
Yup! I can already say that I will likely be unavailable to post between 22-28 of December.

What's been your favorite SFS Adventure so far, and why?
To be honest I am still pretty new to SFS, so I have only finished 1-01 and 1-02 so far, so I will reserve judgement on this so far. (Though I ran a heavily modified 1-09 for my IRL non-SFS group last night and it was a blast.

Who are you on the PFS Session Tracker?
I can provide a link to my profile but should be FireclawDrake on there as well.

Is there a 5-8 adventure you particularly want to do?
Not really! Open to everything!

IC Questions!

Who are you and where are you from?

My name is James Jones, JJ for short. I was born to lower-class parents on Verces. I was born deaf, and my parents couldn't really afford cybernetics to fix my hearing. Which is totes fine, because when I hit puberty I began to hear music. I still remember that first melody...

Anyway. Thought I might have been goin crazy for a while. Docs said they had no idea where the music was coming from. After being passed around various specialists (mostly therapists who though I was inventing things to cope with my deafness), someone finally checked me for psychic potential and bam, vindication. My mind was reaching out to a different reality. With some training I could use that psychic power to pick which realities I was listening to, and maybe even work magic through it.

I was picked up by a psychic institute on Verces, and learned how to focus my powers. I took to writing music, remixing the music I heard into new things, and I shared that music. Folks loved it. DJ AltReel I called myself

Turns out though? I wasn't into the whole scene. Parties and dancing and such. Not my deal. So I stopped sharing my music publicly. I still have a bunch of fans out there, waiting for me to release something new. Maybe I will someday.

These days though, I try to make the universe a better place. The Stewards were too stuffy, so I joined the Society. We do good, or we try anyway. Hopefully it's a net positive in the end.

What are your favorite things to do?
I like to write music, mostly. Been seeing a few people recently but it's hard when so few of them want to learn to sign. Telepaths are alright, but it ends uo pretty one-way at times.

I wear headphones these days, blasting music I can't hear. Easier than trying to explain. People can make their own assumptions.

What shenanigans do you like to do in combat?
I like to mess with the fabric of reality to support my allies. Also, I like to fire my BASS CANNON

Right! There's my concept for a Human Icon Witchwarper. Yes, I plan on speccing him into heavy weapons.

Yup, saw that right after I posted. Duh. :)

Yup I can do that Hmm. Since we are playing "pregens" are there restrictions by race? Whatever we would normally be able to play? And I assume level 8 WBL for buying equipment.

(Nevermind! Reading is fundamental kids.)

I have a fantastic thought for a Witchweaver, but I can fill any of the other classes if there's slanted demand one way or another.

Working on your questions now :)

Ohh whip crack... *ideas forming*

If we do end up playing King Xeros it is worth noting that I am currently GMing that scenario. Not a deal-breaker for me, but useful for the GM to know!

I would like to play as well Hmm! Super excited to try out any of the classes. My typical characters are usually charisma or intelligence heavy, so I would lean towards either a Vanguard or Instinctual Biohacker to shake things uo a bit ob my end.

Posting from my phone atm so I will fill out the questions later today. Tha ks for your consideration.

Heavy Stuff:

That is rough even without the child in the mix and the foster process. Hopefully we can be a nice distraction for you! <3

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Master Han Del of the Web wrote:
Gilver wrote:
These look sweet! Any chance of getting a Gunslinger style class in the future? Maybe something more space cowboy esque?
I’ve always viewed the Operative class as being pretty close to a Gunslinger, what with their scaling initiative bonus and focus on small arms

Yeah I agree with this. The Operative is already essentially a gunslinger. Maybe just fit in a specific Specialization that uses Sleight of Hand to draw quickly as part of their trick attack? Something like that.

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Aenigma wrote:
When I first saw the word Starfinder Playtest, I thought Paizo announced Starfinder Second Edition playtest. I really wish Paizo release Starfinder Second Edition someday so that Starfinder can be compatible with Pathfinder Second Edition, just like it was compatible with Pathfinder First Edition, by the way.

It would be silly to start thinking about a second edition so early in the life cycle... But also, much of PF2's mechanics are pulled straight from Starfinder (or vice-versa)? It would honestly be SUPER easy it convert Starfinder characters into PF2 characters, (or the other way around).

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Owen K. C. Stephens wrote:
Shisumo wrote:

Consequently, one question I know I will be curious about next Friday will be: why are these new classes instead of class options? What made the development team think they were best realized as classes specifically?

(Note: this question isn't intended critically - I mean, I haven't even seen the classes yet - I am genuinely curious about the design insight.)

That's a great question. We've asked ourselves that a lot, and I hope we get to answer it at length once you all know what we produced after working on it for so long.

Omg stop teasing us and release the blog already! ;)

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Haro Phane wrote:
The Shaded Grove wrote:

"You guys won't believe this is real, but I got a goblin with the ship! Most liked comment gets to choose his name!"

Ahahaha. This is fantastic.

What about having been named by online vote? Is this where “Steve” came from? XD

We all know the infosphere would have named him Gobby McGobface.

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BigNorseWolf wrote:
BPorter wrote:
ograx wrote:

1. Are Starships and starship combat something that the team is lookin at currently for revamp/changing?

I'd love to see a starship expansion. Not seeing any need to revamp or change it.
The pilot has all the choices and the gunners have most of the effect. The rest of the crew is kinda along for the ride.

While I agree with this to a point, he's talking about an expansion of the rules. To me, that would involve giving more actions to everyone.

The coilgun has a range increment of 20 hexes so the range for that one isn't a worry.

The missile launcher is a bit more complicated though. It also has a range increment of 20 hexes, but it only has a speed of 12 - which means if we are more than 12 hexes away, we have to make another attack roll the following round to make sure it's guided in for a hit. This makes the missile's effective range 12 hexes to avoid making 2 attack rolls.

Liking the idea of the bounty hunters so far, Haro makes me think of something like Dog the Bounty Hunter and that sounds just awful. I love it :D

I imagine then that our pair of bounty hunters are on this "milk run" either as a favour to Cedona or that they've had a bad run and need to make up the difference?

I wonder if Haro or Lors has tried to capture Shade before in a case of mistaken identity? Maybe even when they were on the job together. Could make for a fun hi-jinks kinda feel to their relationship.

I'll whip up some stats for Shade in a bit here. I definitely had one of those brain fart moments when I was initially reading the Ghoran and thought they had a bonus to Int and a penalty to Cha when, in fact, it is the other way around. Whoops. xD

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I'm kinda with Xenocrat. I have no idea what classes they could add that couldn't be covered instead by new magic hacks/spells/connections/specializations/improvisations.

Looks to me like envoy/solarion, mystic, technomancer, soldier, and operative/mechanic. That should cover almost any role, plus whatever Tyranius wants to play.

My Ghoran will probably be the Spacefarer theme, so they will transplant (*snkt*) pretty easily into other PC backstories.

PatheticWretch wrote:

Hey GM Blake and Team! I'm very excited to join this crew...this seems like a great group.

I've played a lot of PbP games for PFS, but have been gravitating toward the adventure paths for more character development. I've only been involved in one Starfinder adventure path (Dead Suns) and have really enjoyed it.

I'll be able to create a character for any class for this group, so if there's a role I need to fill, I'm happy to take it.

I'd been gravitating toward an astrazoan bounty hunter mystic (or potentially technomancer) who uses disguise and mind tricks to capture prey. However, I just realized that race is in Pact Worlds. I'm leaning toward mystic, though.

I also think a pahtra operative would be fun and could get into that.

If you did want to play a Pahtra that could mesh with my character idea as well, since the Pahtra are part of the Veskarium.

My initial character concept was for a ghoran technomancer, so I am partial to technomancy at the moment, though I had a thought for more of a melee-oriented technomancer. I am nothing if not adaptable, so I can fill as needed but you know my preference.

As far as backstory, Ghoran are generally more comfortable among the Vesk, so he's spent most of his time with the Veskarium's fleet. If anybody plats a Vesk or a Veskarium race then that's an easy in, else we could have met later on. Thoughts?

Also if my reading of the character creation info is correct then we all start on the same ship together, so we definitely need some way to bring us together. Maybe one of us owns the ship and the rest of us hired on as crew for any number of reasons. Could be a good starting point to build off of?

Welcome abord Ebonfist. Looking forward to a bit of interplay between the pop philosophy and Shiktal's rigid practicalism. Fun times :)

(Link should be fixed now, but the cards you linked are just as good if not better Ears).

I need to find a more Shirren pic now that there are some on the site.

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But Thanksgiving was in October!


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Based on the interest displayed in Blake's game, I'm sure someone else can run one if they want. Must be a dozen replies thus far.

Pathfinder Starfinder Roleplaying Game, Starfinder Society Subscriber

@Thom I'm definitely willing to workshop some history together, what I posted above was just an initial proposal, I'll gladly adapt it.

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Pathfinder Starfinder Roleplaying Game, Starfinder Society Subscriber

(Whoa. Speak of the devil and he shall appear).

Pathfinder Starfinder Roleplaying Game, Starfinder Society Subscriber

Hey there Blake,

I might as wells throw my name in for consideration. I haven't played any of the Starfinder APs yet so should be fun!

Character Proposal: The Shaded Grove (or Shade to their friends) is a sapling ghoran. An easy-going type, Shade sought a life among the stars, and the Veskarium seemed their best bet. Their small size and natural technomantic skills were valued, and their time working aboard various Veskarium ships developed him into a sharp wit with a dark sense of humour that can be off-putting to those who are not prepared. Beneath the tough facade, Shade is still an idealist, and found the Veskarium's methods too brutal. When they could no longer stomach it, they departed to seek greener pastures as it were...

The Shaded Grove is a Sapling Ghoran Techomancer with the Spacefarer theme. An idealist with a dark sense of humour sounds like alot of fun to me, hopefully you agree!

As Ghoran are ungendered, Shade prefers to use singular 'they', but he understands that Common tends to default to male pronouns for ungendered races.

GM Reference:
GM Valen is current GMing for me in a SFS game, and I am running a pair of SFS games myself.
I could also put lynora who has been GMing me in an ongoing PBP game on the board since 2011, though that is definitely not PFS/SFS.

Just FYI Ears guarded step is a move action in Starfinder so you cannot full attack as well.

Ugh, I injured my wrist at work so typing for any extended period is very painful atm. So no NaNo for me. Was considering it but decided not to (this was before the injury).

Hey guys,

After the current gameday ends, is there usually another right away or is there typically a rest period? Debating whether to start another table or wait for a new Gameday.

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Mustachio Marino wrote:
I am one scenario away from level 3 and also would love to do Live Exploration Extreme because me and Zo! are BFFs! Or happy to do anything I haven't done yet. Recruitment has been a little slow but Mustachio is incredibly patient (not really).

Surprised you didn't jump in on my half-alive streets game.

Alright. I have officially created a character stub for (almost*) every character in the "Active Characters" section of the campaign tab. While I'm sure we're still missing some characters that should be on the wiki, I'm not yet prepared to dig through Previous Characters to make stubs for them. XD

*I didn't include characters that only had a few posts, or whose players vanished shortly after they were introduced.

The wiki is up to 155 pages as of writing this... like dang. Haha

@Dalesman I think the purpose of the above discussion was to indicate to you that you shouldn't be disuaded from writing on the wiki just because you might be referencing something. In many parts of the world, derivative works for non-commericial purposes are completely legal.

I am almost done creating stubs for characters, I may create an article detailing a good format for character pages, but that I at least some editorial assistance with. A character page should probably consist of a small introduction, description, known backstory, short development summary, and relationships with other characters... but I am open to suggestions on how we should go about making the articles easy to read/reference, create, and understand.

Speaking of would you guys just kiss already?!

I realize I'm a little behind the curve but DAMN Yuri on Ice!!! was great.

Cool cool. I'm currently in the process of creating a character stub for every character marked as active in the campaign tab. (At least, the ones I recognize)

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Dragonborn3 wrote:
I don't check my campaign tabs for a week and BOOM, suddenly a wiki I can intimidate other friends with. XD

"Yeah this RP I'm playing in is so massive and convoluted we need a wiki to keep everything straight."



♣♠Magic♦♥ wrote:
Personally, I think the patrons main page should be their ideal name, since we do know those for all of them. I think it gives consistency. We don't know the formal names for all of them, so it's "Formal name for these, ideal name for the others, but that might change as we learn some names." When it could be "Ideal name, formal name redirects here."

I can see it both ways, that's why I asked. Personally I'd like Lyn to weigh in on it before I work any more on the patron stuff (lots of other stuff to do though so no rush).

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