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The final encounter is beyond insane, and clearly was not playtested. A villain with the ability to cause frightened 1-3 (can try every round as a single action), improved trip, attacks of opportunities, crit negation, and summons additional monsters when negating a critical hit. Realllly bad.

We played this in person with four level 5s and one level 4. Two characters were new Pathfinder players with pregens. I don't think they'll be back. This ended with two players cashing in hero points to stabilize at dying 3, and the survivors carrying them out. This adventure smacks of the days of having a bad GM who was going to have their super awesome bad guy win, no matter what. Avoid this one if possible.

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Balanced fun with elemental chaos


This scenario is a great balance of combat and skills, with a great opportunity for vivid overland exploration and also with engaging with the adventure's NPCs. The scenario deftly incorporates new elemental themes introduced with Rage of Elements, and does so with compelling combats that are engaging, but not overly clunky or onerous. Our table was a table of six, with three PFS veterans and three PFS newcomers and we all had a blast. Well done, and a promising start to season five.

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Not Good, Real Bad for New Players


After owning this for four years, I finally got to run this when my long time group decided to walk away from 5e.

As many have said, the combats are onerous, unbalanced, and tedious. While the caravan and town NPCs are good, and my group really loved the whodunnit aspect of the adventure, we liked little else. I changed gears after the Pen chapter, and just made my own ideas for the last chapter which is really just poorly put together if you run it as written.

If you're looking to bring new players into the 2e fold, avoid this module like the plague(stone).

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Great Scenario


My group had a great time with this one. The setting is rich, and the author captures Nex quite well. The key NPC is one of my favorites I've encountered playing PFS in quite some time.

While the faction reputation missions are somewhat opposed, it's possible to do both (we did). It's nothing like the PF1e PFS days in regards to conflicting faction missions at least. This scenario rewards roleplaying opportunities, and I'm all for that. Again, really enjoyed this one.