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Must have missed that one, thanks.

Harrow blessings are level 1, but they have the Veteran trait and scale with adventure level, so there's not a huge need for higher level blessings.
(Although it does mean that by adventure 6, every blessing in the game is probably going to be a harrow)

It doesn't say you can't suffer a scourge that you already have a marker for, just that it has no additional effect. So you would be considered to have suffered it that turn as well, and not lose it until next turn.

At least, that's my reading.

Kess can't keep weapons in her deck between adventures, meaning she won't have Serithtial at the time she needs it to defeat Ileosa Ascendant.

Is there any way around this, or is the final scenario in the adventure path just unwinnable?

Also. Have you ever tried to unroll a scroll, one-handed, while being grappled? I'd say it's probably impossible

The (such as) is an example, not an exhaustive list. So they go by the rules of the Injection property.
The poisons the Needlers refer to in their wording are injectable poisons, which by the Injection rule are injury poisons (or contact poisons which can be transmitted the same way per their own rules)
I would say there's no reason any injectable not referred to in the Injection property could not be used with an Injection weapon, but that's somewhat less clear.

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I'd note that the paladin code doesn't necessarily ban the execution of an evil-doer at their mercy. The issue isn't so much that he's not playing a paladin well, but that he's being obnoxious, and I think that possibly needs to be discussed OOC instead of just taking away his paladin powers?

Jhaeman wrote:
OP: Is this question related to some sort of build that gives a bonus after a miss or rolling a natural 1, or are you seeking a way to limit the harm of spells like confusion/dominate person?

I mean, if you can't choose not to attack, you can't choose to miss, either, since deliberately missing wouldn't qualify as an "attack"

I think barbarian rage could qualify as an emotion effect, as Calm Emotions negates it

I doubt Norgorber would have a problem with their actions, as long as they were getting some sort of benefit from it. Otherwise, non-lawful fiends, and other beings that simply don't care about mortals and their society (like outer gods), would be appropriate

For the record, you probably won't have much luck trying to intimidate a golem or ooze either

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I think it would be interesting to see a "berserker" type trait, of a character who cares so little for their own safety that fear effects can't do more than drive them into a mindless rage, with "fight" being the only option when their "fight or flight" is triggered. ("Shaken" works as written, "Frightened" causes them to be unable to willingly retreat from combat, "Panicked" forces them to attack the source of fear, or anything between it and them, regardless of alliegiance)
But without that? Unless someone's immune to fear, intimidating them should always be possible.

I'd say a spell that uses any part of the ship as "ground" is anchored to the ship.
Prismatic Spray doesn't say anything about anchoring, just about a ship passing through the spell effect (which is kinda vague?)

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It doesn't mention spell components, however. Meaning that spells with no components, along with SLAs, are affected. The inability to breathe affects a lot more than just the ability to speak, after all.

I mean, if someone wants to blow their entire WBL in a single round, I say go for it

Same as any creature with FoM, they aren't immune to the grappled condition, they are simply immune to being the target of a grapple maneuver and automatically succeed on any attempt to escape a grapple or pin

Only hard difference between EX and SU abilities is whether they function in an anti-magic field. No rules that say an EX ability can't emulate an effect that would normally be magical.
(Black Butterfly can teleport as an EX ability, but she's a demigod, so)

Of course, flavor-wise, the Magical Child archetype is based on the Magical Girl genre, where changing in-combat is a staple. It's not unreasonable for players to expect to be able to do so, but like so many archetypes, it completely fails at doing the one thing people choose it for.

Can't seem to find anything either. ACs (and animals in general) may take Weapon Finesse as a feat, and many Tiny animals in the Bestiary have Weapon Finesse as their only feat, which would seem to indicate that it's not free

Rosc wrote:
the nerve-eater of Zur-en-Aarh wrote:
hjgz89 wrote:
I was wonderings what monsters could be used as the god of a cult. It wouldn't have to give divine magic, just be able to do something for the people worshipping it or causing enough fear that they do.
A drakainia would work well for a disturbing and somewhat unhinged cult.

Hah, beat me to it. Still, I wonder if our dear Drakainia would be all that false. With an end-of-campaign CR, 10 mythic ranks, and the power to create life, is she really that far from the divine?

I feel like there's the seed for a campaign in here somewhere.

All that's really missing is the ability to grant spells and domains, but that's pretty key to the definition of a deity in Pathfinder

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König Drosselbart wrote:

The Paladin codes of the deities are later additions, I referred to the code of conduct and the rulebook that explicitly says:


A paladin must be of lawful good alignment and loses all class features except proficiencies if she ever willingly commits an evil act.

Additionally, a paladin’s code requires that she respect legitimate authority, act with honor (not lying, not cheating, not using poison, and so forth), help those in need (provided they do not use the help for evil or chaotic ends), and punish those who harm or threaten innocents.

Thus, according to the rules, a Paladin is only ever going to fall, if he willingly commits an evil act. It doesn't even matter if he breaks his code, as long as it isn't an explicitly evil act that he commits willingly.

But, sure, if you don't care about the rules and want to play it your way and your players (or your GM) are all on the same page, then go for it. There is no wrong way to play this game, as long as all parties involved agree on the course you take.

Check the "Ex-Paladins" section. That's the part everyone is referring to about falling due to breaking code of conduct

The Bit of Luck ability can't trigger as soon as it is bestowed, as it affects a single roll
Touch of Good on the other hand, can and does trigger upon touch, giving the bonuses instantly and for a duration of one round

Fuzzy-Wuzzy wrote:
LeMoineNoir wrote:
Fuzzy-Wuzzy wrote:
One sentient creature will do. Kill them, lug corpse around til next day, raise dead, repeat.
That's a lot of gold each day. Plus, the target must be willing to return.
Okay, one very optimistic wrongdoer.

...Generally a criminal's sentence is considered to be complete after a single execution. Unless they have committed additional crimes since being raised, executing them again isn't justified

"Set phasers to stun" is kind of a sci-fi staple, and in reality there isn't any really reliable way of doing non-lethal damage even with melee weapons

Can you set a frag grenade to stun, though? I'd say probably no

Generally, when gaining a rank in a knowledge skill (or Linguistics) it's assumed that you've studied the skill in question somehow. Hence why you know more.
The system doesn't really account for the ability to level those skills outside of areas where you can study them

First level positive energy spells would also defeat the talent (unless he can somehow disguise the fact that he's being harmed instead of healed)
As would Channel Energy
Which are both far more commonly used than Deathwatch, to my knowledge

I'd say "draw" means what it does in most contexts: The action of pulling the object out of storage and readying it for use

I'd say Deathwatch would register him as Undead, as it's not a Divination effect.

Typically, abilities do things, or allow you to do things. It has been pointed out that reading it strictly as written essentially means that it does basically nothing 99% of the time, so it would make sense to interpret it as replacing Wis with Cha under circumstances not explicitly covered by the ability.

A monk's unarmed strike is treated as a natural weapon. This doesn't mean that a natural weapon can ever be treated like a monk's unarmed strike. Those are completely different statements.

That's a good point. She can't be prevented from taking a 5-foot step, but she can still be prevented from teleporting

She has Mythic Antimagic Field, meaning she can choose 5 schools to exclude from the field, and apart from that she still has her artifact and Ex abilities, so she doesn't really need complete antimagic immunity

Avoron wrote:
HWalsh wrote:
She has already set up AM Field by this point.

I'll be honest, antimagic field is a gamechanger. If empyreal lords like her qualify as "deities" for the purpose of antimagic immunity, and she chooses to keep her field up all day, then the adept build just isn't going to cut it.

HWalsh wrote:
Your entire concept involves her waiting for you, unstealthed, and letting you go first. That isn't going to happen in any realistic scenario.

Well, no, it involves her being there, quite excellently stealthed in her bubble of deeper darkness that's completely useless against his eye piercings, then trying desperately to go first but failing to beat his 41 initiative.

HWalsh wrote:
So what happens when your alpha shot misses and fails? What is your fallback? If Baleful Polymorph can't defeat her defenses, or you don't get the first shot, and she fights intelligently, what do you do?

Die. I mean, obviously. He'll die very quickly, and hopefully in a relatively painless manner.

There's a reason I described this character as a "one-trick-pony" in the very same post where he turned Cthulhu into a hedgehog without batting an eye. In an area of antimagic, he's basically a level 20 commoner with a lot of very expensive garbage and a pet rabbit. He's not meant to be a game-worthy build, he's meant to be a demonstration of the ridiculous shenanigans that even the weakest high-level casters can perform.

On the other hand, his pet hedgehogs could still be a very major issue within an anti-magic field, so there's that

Gorbacz wrote:
Milo v3 wrote:
By the rules, yes they know all druid spells (and clerics know all cleric spells). Feel free to houserule that into something else for you're own games if you feel this is too open.

Including 3PP spells?

3.5 spells?

Could you point to RAW answers?

Thank you.

"All spells" means "All spells that exist (within the setting)"

If you're not using 3.5 or 3PP rules, the spells there don't count as part of the set of "All druid spells" so they don't get them

HWalsh wrote:
Lady-J wrote:
J4RH34D wrote:

"or prevent her from taking a 5-foot step"

That is very very broad strokes, and because Daze prevents all actions, and taking a 5 ft step is a type of action, she ignores Dazed.

It is probably not intended, but it does work that way.

death also prevents her from taking a 5 foot step does that also mean she is immune to death?

Actually, amusingly, the Death Condition doesn't actually stop characters from acting. That has been a joke for a very long time. As such, since Death doesn't stop her from taking actions, it simply moves her soul on... She's not immune to Death, because Death doesn't stop anyone from taking actions.

"The character’s hit points are reduced to a negative amount equal to his Constitution score, his Constitution drops to 0, or he is killed outright by a spell or effect. The character’s soul leaves his body. Dead characters cannot benefit from normal or magical healing, but they can be restored to life via magic. A dead body decays normally unless magically preserved, but magic that restores a dead character to life also restores the body either to full health or to its condition at the time of death (depending on the spell or device). Either way, resurrected characters need not worry about rigor mortis, decomposition, and other conditions that affect dead bodies."

Nowhere does it say they can't take actions.

However, "The character's soul leaves his body" would mean that the body no longer moves. So I guess her soul could still take a 5ft step.

But yes, as stated, you can't in any way stop Black Butterfly from being able to take a 5ft step and any power that you find that could manage it (daze, etc) is already hard coded as not being able to work.

The Devs were smart. They wrote the power so that even if you find a loophole you still can't do it.

She's an Outsider. Meaning, her soul cannot leave her body, they're one and the same

I mean, if she's dead, she isn't prevented from taking a 5-foot step, she just has no actions with which to take the step

The ring uses its own casting power, not that of the user, so the item's effective score of 15 should apply.

For the BAB on the other hand, it seems reasonable to apply that of the user, since there doesn't seem any reason the creator of the item would be able to infuse it with their combat skill (At least in the construction requirements)
And of course, it's the user who is actually doing the aiming

Thomas Hutchins wrote:

The human likely can't ride the ferret because the ferret isn't strong enough to carry the human.

Nothing in the rules say you can't ride something that isn't the correct size, and it has the unsuitable line to cover things that aren't meant for you to ride.

Even if the ferret were stronger and the rider lighter, I still think a -5 penalty is probably a little on the weak side for something that ridiculous

Children don't detect as evil, they'd need at least 5HD. I don't think there's any creatures with an Aura of Evil that can also be children.

(Also most inherently evil races don't exactly have children either, since they're typically undead or outsiders)

I mean, the knowledge rules have never made a lot of sense (as noted cross-thread)

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TriOmegaZero wrote:

I’m partial to Fire in the Blood.

The reason Fire Affinity doesn’t account for Efreeti bloodline is because the bloodline wasn’t printed before Fire Affinity.

This is true, but it could easily have been updated for the Advanced Race Guide, where it was reprinted with no alterations

Note that a heavier bullet needs less velocity to equal the same amount of force, but obviously won't have the penetration ability of a smaller bullet at a higher velocity

That said, the force of a .44 seems a little high

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Whether the information is there or not would be based on the location that the research is being conducted, though, not the skill of the character. Their understanding of the research material and ability to find what they're looking for is what the skill check is for, and that's something that can be tried over and over

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It would make sense, and I would personally allow it

RAW, however, it's not covered, and Efreeti don't even have the Elemental subtype.

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bhampton wrote:
graystone wrote:
bhampton wrote:
graystone wrote:

bhampton: Downtime [Research Facts and Lore] allows you to make three Knowledge checks to discover information and you can expend one of the rolls you haven't used yet to reroll a Knowledge check you failed during this activity.

So DC checks are JUST a time sink and not an actual limiter. Take 20 just speeds up the process. The CRB quote is about what you know and have learned, and research allows you to learn things...

Interesting....but, you still can't take 20, given that it gives you 3 rolls to attempt to find out the information (with the ability to expend 1 roll to re-roll a failed attempt).

MY point is that you can make 20 rolls which is what take 20 is meant to emulate. You're just making it take longer that's all. If someone wants to find out about a sewer troll, it's only a matter of time before they do if a take 20 roll would make it. [it's just wasting everyone's time to do so...]
Except you can't....given that the rules state you can't retry knowledge checks, and the downtime rules allow only 1 unless you're prepared to have your character spend 20 days downtime to research something (which is what Take 20 would require).

That is... fairly clearly what they are attempting to do, yes

(I'd say about a week, since they get 3 checks per day)

"This ability works only with unarmed strikes, no matter what other abilities you might possess."

Pretty clear-cut, I'd say, sorry

(Unless this post actually belongs in the ACG forum, in which case I'm not sure what DR stands for)

I think it makes sense to at least be able to try again after gaining a rank in the skill in question, or having potentially learned it some other way, like via a library

What is strange is that an enhancement to one's Intelligence gives a bonus to knowledge checks, so making your chances of knowing any given thing higher, while presumably not bestowing that information on you in any way

That makes sense, I wasn't sure where the 24 minutes of casting came from anyway. Just misread the post I think.

"If time is dedicated to creation, it must be spent in uninterrupted 4-hour blocks"

If you're spending 24 minutes casting spells, that's pretty obviously a significant interruption

Edit: You could probably get the 2-hour's worth of work, though

Honestly you'd probably be better finding a hireling with the requisite feat
(That's possible, right? Crafting an item where one character has the feat and the other has the spells)

For the record, there's a character in the NPC codex with the Fly skill whose only source of flight is using UMD on scrolls

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