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These are all fair points, and I feel abit silly for thinking I wouldn't be doing enough damage.

See, I play with my step-brothers, and while 1 of them really doesn't optimize much, the other does, and I didn't want to lag behind him too much... He's playing a Magus, so I figured I'd already be at a disadvantage there.

However, in the grand scheme of things I'll still be effective, and that's all that matters, right? XD Thanks for the help everyone. ^_^

Mounted is definitely still key, otherwise there would be no issue. As for switching classes, I'm pretty set on Cavalier, although I might consider it.

See, I know I could just play it like a reach fighter, but I want to make use of Mounted Combat whenever I can. However, from what I understand, using something other than a lance for that is very... sub-par. I'm just curious if anyone has any ideas on how to beef it up abit.

This is purely for RP purposes, but it's something I'm pretty determined to do. However, everything I've read suggests that no-one has even considered such a thing before.

And I certainly have no idea where to start.

So, basically what I'm asking is whether or not anyone knows how to make this work? I still want to go melee, and be mounted a good deal(the campaign should allow for such) but I want to be using a Glaive instead.

Any thoughts? Thanks in advance. =3

Kitsune, and haven't decided stat wise. Obviously going to need high Dex/Wis, and I'd like a decent chunk of Con as well. Willing to be flexible, however. C=

Alright well, why don't we just ignore the deity choice and focus on a build, if that's alright?

I'll be focusing on the bow, however, I don't want to neglect casting entirely. I mainly want to support my brother, and let him get a great deal of the action.

I am aware, but this is inaccurate. This is 1 of the minor tweaks that will be made in this campaign, and the only 1 that effects this characters creation. Sorry for any misunderstanding. =3

Hey all, I'm going to be playing through Rise of the Runelords with my 10 year old brother shortly, with a few tweaks. This is going to be his introduction to Pathfinder, and I want to make it special.

It's just going to be him and I, so we'll be starting at level 2.

My question is, how would you go about building a Chaotic Neutral Cleric that worships Anubis, the ancient Egyptian God, and wields a bow? I'd also like to work in a level of Cavalier for the mount.

Also, the Domains for Anubis irl, would be as follows- Death, Judgement and Burial Rites. Idk what equivalents there are in Pathfinder... I've never actually played a Cleric. ^_^

20-point buy, and my brother will likely be playing Pali. Thanks for the help everyone! ^_^

This is kind of an odd topic for this site I suppose, but it's something my group always tries to do, as we all have a strong love of music, and quite frankly I'm stumped.

See, whenever we design a new character, we find a theme song for them. Sounds pretty simple, right?

Right now, I'm playing a CN Cav/Sorc who is working to restore a deposed 10 year old girl to the throne of his home nation, as he is her sole surviving bodyguard after an assassination attempt on her entire family, and she is the only surviving member of said royal family.

So, what I'm asking you, is what songs happen to strike a bell in your mind as fitting for this character? I do have to mention, instrumentals are not allowed. The lyrics are what count.

I'm very eager to hear what you guys come up with. ^_^


The reason that war would even be an issue would be due to an NE Ifrit Magus in our group who is striving for his own kingdom. Said Magus is my stepbrother, and I trust him about as far as I can throw him(which now that I think about it, is actually a considerable distance).

Currently I'm just trying to line-up any advantages I can get right now, which those at my disposal seem considerable. =3

Edit- Also, I am absolutely making full use of both of those ideas Axebeard.

That, is genius, and I thank you kindly for that good sir.

I'd also like to make note of the military applications of potentially teleporting entire armies.

I meant 20th lvl, not 9th lvl lol. That's what I get for posting when I'm sick lol.

So, looking through all the Teleportation Subschool spells, I saw some really fun things you could do.

I'm not going to bore you with the details, but in our current campaign, we're very likely to each wind up in control of our own kingdom.

So, I'm here to ask you, were you to have all the powers of a 20th lvl Teleportation based Sorcerer in control of an entire kingdom... What creative things could you come up with to do?

At what level does it become worth it to begin investing in Summon Monster?

In other words, which Summon Monster spell allows the summoning of monsters that will actually be able to contribute at the time when you are 1st able to get said spell?

Playing a Sorcerer, if that matters. Thanks! ^_^

Actually, just finished talking to my GM(Gotta love the internet) and he said he'd be fine with me classing into a homebrewed Dragon Disciple class reflavored to work with the Starsoul Bloodline. Still have to figure out the specifics, but I would gain all the melee advantages.

I'm mostly doing it for flavor, and I'm looking for a way to actually get some use from it. I'd be willing to do melee, but I want to try to keep the high level spells. See, I'm the parties strongest caster.

Battle Scout Ranger focused on stealth(mostly does recon)
Magus that has a thing for fire
Crusader Cleric with the Toil Domain
And myself, a Sorcerer of the Starsoul Bloodline that really wants to put a lot of focus on teleportation.

I'll take a look at the Dragon Disciple bit, see is my GM will maybe let me reskin it, but I would prefer to find a way to use this without multiclassing. =l

Alright, but what would I do to make them hit consistently? Or is there another way to use Dimensional Dervish that I'm not seeing?

So, I'm looking at the aforementioned feat, and it would appear as it would be most useful to a melee build. So, my question, is there a way to consistently use this with a non-melee Sorcerer? Should I be focusing on touch attacks? If I do need to focus on touch, how would I even go about making that work?

Thanks for the help. =3

Thank you all, this has been immensely helpful. C=

So, I've decided to have my Sorcerer specialize in the aforementioned spell-types. What spells of these types are most effective/you would recommend learning?

Also, what feats should I be taking? I am at a total loss as to what feats a Sorcerer should take, having only played melee up until this point.

Thanks for your help! ^_^

Oooh that's an interesting idea as well. It does make a great deal of sense that he'd use a more scientific approach as compared to a magical 1... I'd still love to hear some ideas on Sorcerer and Cleric before I decide for sure, however.

Also, that is a spectacular idea. 682 most certainly needs stats drawn up, and needs to be pitted up against the Tarrasque. >=D

So, SCP Containment Breach is a horror game. I'm not going to bore those that don't wish to know with details about the game, as they are irrelevant. However, it is an excellent, and free, game that I highly recommend.

Now, I am trying to create 1 of the "SCP's," or monsters from the game, as a player character. To try to give you an idea of what the character is like, here is a link to all the information known about him-

Now, I was thinking either a Cleric or a Sorcerer would do well in this role. I would love ideas on how to make each of those classes fill this role well.

Thanks everyone for the help! ^_^

It's mostly for flavor reasons, and that all makes sense. Now my question is, with such a low BAB, will I be able to hit?

So, I have no idea how to even begin to make this work, but I would really like to make my Sorcerer skilled with Javelins; at least to the point that they're able to be used in battle as a backup weapon.

So, any ideas here? =3

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I've actually seen what Create Pit can do, thanks to my wizard friend. Believe me when I tell you I have every intention on taking it. XD

Thank you everyone, I think I have a pretty good idea of what I should be going for now. ^_^

Rise of the Runelords Anniversary Addition.

Rest of the group includes an Efreeti Magus with a fire obsession and a Dhampir Battle Scout(Ranger) TWF emo. So we're rather light on beefcakes lol.

I've already read the guide threads already, was just coming here for some extra advice. C=

That all makes sense. Thanks. =3

Alright, so what about higher levels? What spells should I be looking to progress towards?

While I'm certainly not opposed to Enchantment spells, that's actually not my focus, despite my race. I'm hoping to try out all the different forms of magic, rather than specializing, to get a broad idea of what magic is all about.

But thank you for the suggestions so far. C=

Race is Kitsune, Charisma is 18, planned on using the Oni Bloodline.

So, I've never played a spellcaster before. I would, however, like to give it a shot. I plan to do so by making a Sorcerer. Now, what I ask you is, what are some must-have spells for each level? This is what I have for my level 1 Sorcerer thus far-

0 level- Mage Hand, Ghosts Sounds, Detect Magic, Message
1st level- Silent Image, Magic Missile

Anything there you would replace?

What spells would you recommend as I level?

Any other tips for a 1st-time spellcaster?

Thanks! ^_^

So, in an upcoming build of mine, I'll have access to only 1 9th level spell... Which will be from the Sorcerer list.

So, my question to you is, what would you choose?

Please give a reason, although it doesn't necessarily need be a good 1. =3

I've noticed the same thing. It's the main reason why I never bother to look at the Simple Weapons list when I'm looking for a weapon to try that I have yet to use; there's simply nothing there. And quite frankly? It's annoying as frick. =l `

BlackBlood, I totally agree with you. I often try to actually find ways to use classes as unconventionally as possible. XD

N. Jolly, I would LOVE to see a Roguish Alchemist build. =3

XD That's actually a good idea. I might do that just because. XD

I'm sure my character would love to have a few Rouge Elves, but that's probably not gonna happen. XD I'm not really looking to skill monkey with this character. I mean, I'll obviously be putting points into the regular rouge skills, but my main goal is to... Well... Play up the Arcane Trickster bit. I'd be using the Kitsune race with this, due to synergy and flavor.

So, I was toying around with the Arcane Trickster Prestige class, trying to see if I could come up with a solid build. Here's what I came up with-

3 Levels of Ninja
7 Levels of Sorcerer
10 Levels of Arcane Trickster

I was thinking I'd go for the Protean Bloodline with this, high CHA and DEX. Does this sound like it would be pretty solid? =3

Wow, these are some great suggestions guys. I really appreciate the help, as I had no idea where to go, and now I have an excess of choices lol. Not sure which 1 I'll go with in the end, but now I have alot of paths to explore, so thank you all very much. C=

Why is it that whenever a character is complex, that instantly means he must be Chaotic? I'd honestly call him Neutral... Even LN. He doesn't strike me as very Chaotic at all, in all honesty.

So far in Pathfinder, I've played a Barbarian, a Samurai... Melee tank-ish people. I'd like to try something with a little more... Flair. So I'm looking to make a stealth based character... Preferably 1 that pockets everything he possibly can.

From what I understand Rouge is underpowered, and honestly looking at it I'm not a fan of it's mechanics. That said, I pretty much hate magic and would prefer to avoid it if possible.

We're playing the Rise of the Runelords Anniversary Addition, and I'd like to play a Kitsune. So, any advice for someone who has never delved into stealth thus far? I'd like to make a very solid character out of this. =3

Thanks! ^_^

And now you both have cookies for helping me. *Gives cookies* =D

Thank you very much sir, that's everything I needed to know. I appreciate your quick, clear and concise response immensely. ;D

Edit- Hm. That's weird. I posted this after you said that, and yet it's been put before that post... Odd. XD

Armor and weapons. I just need to know because my players are likely to want to enhance their weapons and armor soon, and knowing the rules for such would likely help lol.

I specifically need to know how much you can enhance a single piece of armor/single weapon; does it cap at +1, or can you go higher?

So, after searching the Core, Advanced and Ultimate Guides and half the internet, I still have yet to find the rules for Enhancement Bonuses; i.e. how much they cost, what the cap is, things like that. Can someone direct me to the page I'm obviously missing? Much appreciated. ;3

Yeah, it was at early levels; level 1 starting off. None of the others players explained the mechanics to me, so I was trying to duel-wield crossbows... The main reason it went poorly is because I never bloody hit anything, and when I did hit I did no damage lol.

But anyways, thanks guys, I really see the Inquisitor in a new light now; never knew it was capable in so many roles. I'll be looking into playing 1 soon. ;3

Thanks for the advice everyone; I think I have enough to go off of now. ^_^

So, I've been thinking about some sort of character that is based around controlling time and space, and nothing else. Jus some sort of caster or whatever would work well that focuses on things like Haste, Dimension Door and Reverse Gravity; space/time spells. Any ideas on how this could be accomplished? I don't want any spells that aren't time/space related. So no fireball guys. XD

I mean from a mechanics-standpoint. XD

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