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And books for Enora!

No deaths, but we did need to replay the final scenario (I decided to add the Crypt for fun and the villain may have ended up there... my bad).

Character Name: Channa Ti
Role Card: Tsunami Caster
Skill Feats: Dex +1, Con +2, Int +1, Wis +3
Power Feats: +2 hand size, ([X] or Electricity or Poison), ([x] If you acquire or defeat the card...), ([x] or Divine), ([x] or Poison), ([x] or any ally)
Card Feats: Spell +2, Item +2, Ally +1, Blessing +2
Weapons: Spellsword +2
Spells: Jolting Portent, Dune of Doom, Find Traps, Ice Storm, Cure, Sirocco, Canopic Conversion
Armors: Skyplate Armor
Items: Mask of the Forgotten Pharaoh, Life Lantern, Ring of Energy Resistance, Ring of the Grasping Grave
Allies: Khai-Utef, Khelru, Clockwork Menial, Druid of the Storm, Ausetitha
Blessings: Anubis, Isis, Lady of Graves, Abadar

Character Name: Simoun
Role Card: Bladewind
Skill Feats: Dex +3, Int +3, Wis +2
Power Feats: Light Armors, ([x] and combat damage), ([x] 4), ([x] Obstacle or), [x] On your combat check that has the Knife trait, add 1 ([x] 2) or each die rolled, [x]You may recharge a weapon that...
Card Feats: Weapon +1, Spell +1, Armor +1, Item +1, Ally +2, Blessing +1,
Weapons: Galvanic Chakram +1, Chakram of Ruin, Dagger of Doubling (x2), Iceblade Spelldagger, Galvanic Kopis +2
Spells: Safety Bubble
Armors: Aegis of Recovery, Rhino Hide Armor
Items: Staff of Minor Healing, Lamp of Fiery Visions, Scarab of Mummy Defense, Cartouche of Protection
Allies: Freed Soul, Miau Pakhet, Tetisurah, Sehela, Hyaenodon
Blessings: Khepri, Maat, Bastet x2

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<3 <3 <3 Adowyn <3 <3


Rebel Song wrote:
I'm thinking it's in the flavor text. Maybe.

I KNEW IT WAS IN THE FLAVOR TEXT! I was assuming an anagram or something on the curses, but it was too many letters.

Keith Richmond wrote:
Alas, you end up with Fire damage that may not be reduced; your gut is correct.

Alas, it must be Greek Fire then I suppose.


Hawkmoon269 wrote:
This post (and really the two above it) confirm that you can indeed use multiples "knives" on a single check.

The husband won't stop bugging me about this so I'm asking. Simoun reveals the Dagger of Doubling for her combat check, then recharges it. She searches her deck for a weapon that has the knife trait, and grabs the same Dagger of Doubling. Which she then recharges for its knife add-on power (1d4+1 or whatever). Is it legal to draw the same weapon she used to search for the weapon? I know it's legal if she has two Daggers of Doubling in her deck (just grab the other one!) but am uncertain about only one.

Please and thank you! :)

Let's say I run into a barrier, say, the Collapsing Sphinx, that "deals 1d4 mental damage that may not be reduced" to me for daring to examine it. But I'm at the Tarworks, where "all damage dealt to [me] is fire damage." (I think it's the Tarworks; please correct me if I'm wrong)

Does that make it "1d4 fire damage that may not be reduced" or "1d4 fire damage"? My gut says the mental damage becomes fire damage that cannot be reduced.

As we all know, mental damage is "damage that may not be reduced." I've seen it so many times that I've wondered why they haven't just put "mental damage may not be reduced" in the rulebook, because it's implicit at this point. Then the cards could just say "mental damage" and not need to specify that it may not be reduced.

I suppose my question is: Does replacing mental damage mean the damage still may not be reduced or does it become "reduceable"?

Longshot11 wrote:
I believe if that is the intent, those cards will be better served by a FAQ along the lines of "remove any 1 die from the check's result" - unless I'm really missing a rule that should've made the intended reading obvious.

Wow I didn't even notice that! I assumed that all adding and removing of dice happened BEFORE you rolled (like you said) unless stated otherwise (as in Maat: "after a character rolls the dice on any check").


I'm thinking it's in the flavor text. Maybe.

I managed to get a 9 on 1d6+1d4 last night to acquire a staff to unlock Shardizhad. :D

I thought getting exact numbers (or within a certain range) would be more common in this set. Or I guess I'm rolling the correct number often enough that the penalties don't happen. :D

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(The date says February 14 but I don't think that's correct)

I like throwing everything onto the very last check of the scenario, whether it be a close or combat check. It's fun rolling 8 dice with a plus 7 when you only need a 15. ;-)

zeroth_hour2 wrote:
It just so happens both of MM Alahazra's rules concern stuff specific to MM (Recursor with Curses, Seeker with Triggers). Still that base 1d8 extra on Fire Attack spells is very appealing especially in PFSACG because the Oracle deck has a bunch of Fire Attack spells in it.

Hence why I'm playing her in one of my OP groups. :D

The scourge die is provided by the adventure card (1d4, 1d6+1, etc.), so in another adventure path, she wouldn't be able to get scourges. MM Rulebook Page 22: "If a card tells you to suffer a scourge without naming a specific card, check the adventure card to find out what the adventure’s scourge die is, roll that die on the scourge table, draw the corresponding scourge from the box, and display it next to your character deck."

(holy crap I just quoted the rulebook)

So, yes, she turns into Merisiel. With a d4 Dexterity. :D

I know I probably shouldn't want to cuddle that golem, but... I want to cuddle that golem.

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Apologies for the necromancy but I wanted to share that I was super psyched when I ran into a bane in Adv 5 of MM who said "You may play multiple armors during this encounter." I knew exactly why it was there and I was so excited (like the nerd I am). It may have said "any number of armors" I can't remember.

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Hawkmoon269 wrote:
I just discovered that the linked images for the cards in this blog are mostly lo-resolution, in particular Mavaro's roles. Any chance they can be swapped for the more typical high resolution ones?

In the meantime, you can change the url from "name_###.jpeg" to just "name.jpg" and it'll be a larger version. :)

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However you're more than welcome to reveal the staff as a weapon (for Str/Melee +1d6+1) and then recharge the same staff (using Ahmotep's power) to add 1d8 to the combat check. :)

Hawkmoon269 wrote:
I think cartmanbeck could have used it.

Wow Raz died over a year ago! Feels like just four months ago...

Would that have helped Sajan though? He would have discarded one fewer card from his deck and then needed to draw one fewer card... Hmmm...

My husband and I seem to be the odd ones out here; we each play only one character and seem to end up with more than enough boons to trade away after almost every scenario. The traders more often than not don't even want our goods (because they brought crap to trade).

Adventure 1 is the roughest because you're still getting B Basics. If Adventure 1 gave you non-basic Bs and 1s it'd be so much better. :D But that's another conversation for another day.

The Simoun in my party now has 2d8+8 on Perception checks to defeat barriers... He was using blessings and I pointed out that if he just used Perception he automatically succeeds.

Of course, that hasn't happened while a penalty to destroying things by a lot is in effect...

Ooh, I like that there's a trigger card that is more beneficial to examine than just plain encounter. :D

Curse of Vulnerability wrote:
While displayed, you may not reduce Acid, Cold, Electricity, or Fire damage dealt to you. If you are dealt 2 or more Acid, Cold, Electricity, or Fire damage, banish this card.

Say I'm dealt 2 Fire damage from a monster. Can another character at my location, say, banish a Potion of Energy Resistance to "reduce Acid, Cold, Electricity, or Fire damage dealt to that character (me) by 4"? Would someone else playing Stone Skin on me work? Can Koren recharge an armor to reduce damage dealt to another character at his location (also me) by 2?

Follow up question. Assuming someone else can reduce the damage to 0, do I get to banish the Curse? I was dealt 2 Fire damage but it was reduced to 0.

My search skills have failed me and Eliandra was unsure, so here I am. :-D

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My group only has a couple of rules.

1. If we need to worry about temp-closing, go to where you can close.
2. Save healing locations for the end (like the Surgery).
3. Always go to the Warrens last.
4. Leave Holy Isle for Eliandra.

Brother Tyler wrote:
I'd say that Mavaro is probably my hands down pick to attempt a solo run through any of the adventure paths, if I ever dare such a thing.

If I get around to it, I kind of want to try to run him solo through SotRi. Because I'm CRAZY.

Maybe reporting a certain number allows you to pool your die bumps? For example, I have 4 tier 7 characters, most of whom have extra die bumps that are just going to wallow away on their chronicle sheets, unused. So if you're playing solo, you can resurrect yourself BEFORE adventure 4 (lol).

Alternatively, allowing you to start a character fresh with a feat? Or non-basic cards?

Berselius wrote:

(looks at the artwork for NeftiTheBard)


Looks more like Paul Dano to me.

Holy cow! So many snakes! (Warning, there are snakes. A LOT of them.)

Go iguana go!

I can't see them using Chrome or Internet Explorer on either my work computer or my Galaxy s7edge.

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Calthaer wrote:
I'm liking the Triggers so far. They're a good addition to the game and help tamp down the rampant awesomeness of Augury (and other scouting cards) without removing it completely. Really enjoying the balance that Mummy's Mask is evidencing so far.

On my first visit to a trader, I declined an augury. I was so ashamed.

Eliandra Giltessan wrote:
Rebel Song and I have decided to turn our Mummy's Mask game, starting tomorrow, into a playtest of our characters. Rebel's making her own character, I'm playing Ollie, and our friend is playing Aurelia.

I'm playing a tomb raider. *wink wink nudge nudge* ;-D

Me and my husband (!!!!) are going through with Channa Ti and Simoun. I love recharging animals to explore (especially helpful in the scenario where you can't do anything for your first exploration).

I know that the GM for my table for the special at GenCon told us not to sign in for each scenario (we did the first two but then it got rough with the taking down and setting up of the next scenario) and then said we didn't need to bother signing in for the full adventure. So my Shardra has made it through the special but the only evidence is my chronicle sheet. :)

Vic, will you be adding a line about which promo cards to use with unlocked characters? So for Enora, Alain, Shardra, etc.?

So... I win?

The Baykok is defeated, that encounter ends, I immediately go to close my location (and my friends can help me again).

(This came up last night again and I think we were all super tired because your explanation made sense but didn't make sense at the same time.) :D

I'm going to bring in Heroclix rules here, although it's a separate game entirely, and I'm really just restating what other people have said.

If you are DEALT damage, it hits you. (0 damage is still a hit (in Heroclix, this is important))
If you can't reduce any of it, you TAKE damage.
If you can reduce the damage (or decrease, hello fancy horse armor from Wrath), you don't TAKE any damage, but you were still DEALT the damage.

It's tricky wording, but it's important. If we're supposed to bury the top card of your discard pile whether we were dealt 0 damage or 3 damage, I think it would combine the two somehow (the Wisdom/Perception Check and the combat damage/undefeated).

I was about to say I am on the zero damage doesn't count side, but now I'm in the middle. Gosh dang it.

Can something deal 0 damage? O_O

1970Zombie wrote:

I was recently looking through the cards from the Witch Class Deck and I believe that I may have spotted some errors:

Black Spot - Has both the Basic and Veteran traits. I believe the Veteran trait should be removed.

I don't have comments on the other spells, as I can't remember them, but I know Black Spot should have both. It's Basic so you can have it in your starting deck, and Veteran because it's affected by "the Adventure Deck Number of the Current Scenario, if any." It's quite a witchy spell.

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I want to take Tukanem-Hanam home with me and snuggle him/her.

I keep trying to convince Lem to take Transmogrify but he doesn't want to. I'm not gonna force him to take a spell he doesn't want! Raz would take it but she likes her Detect Demon (and she only sees it once or twice a scenario because... no deck cycling)...

I'm still confused as to why the Bard deck has so many melee weapons... they're not for Lem or Siwar, and Meliski doesn't really care about weapons; are they all for Bekah? She doesn't care about them unless they have the Finesse trait... Oops, I'm asking a "why" question. (I've been learning at work recently that I can't ask why, because there's no reason, it just is that way).

We were Team Shorties or something last month, because we realized (after almost a year) that we were two halflings, a gnome, and Randy (who has been a human at least three times?). Because Randy was a goblin this month, we were officially Team Shorties. That's not the real name but I'm super sleepy and can't remember. :)

Team One definitely made an appearance as there were SO MANY failed rolls in EVERY scenario. Raz goes "I need a 3 on 2d10!" Two 1s. ;_;

I suppose I can finally post in here (actually been somewhat busy at work? So I don't have much time for here? what?)!

Team Shorties (I think that's what we're called) dramatically failed 1-5C again and decided to forfeit before Brielle buried her entire deck (none of them were by choice, she just kept running into things that made her bury cards). After I set up the scenario correctly (I may have messed up the first time because I didn't read the scenario setup...), we blasted through it!

Raz and Lem like to start together, but then Raz will often run off to another location so she can run back over to Lem in case of emergency. An emergency in this case is Lem running into a monster. Of any sort. :-D

Raz will eventually get her Pegasus. 5 Allies are quite difficult to acquire, as they all want some nasty stuff. For example, Mr. Alderpash hit us all for 2d4+something fire damage because Brielle didn't have a spell to banish. Imagine that, the BARBARIAN didn't have a spell to banish!

Eventually I'll remember I have +4 to my check that has the polearm trait. Eventually.

We finished Adventure 5 and there was much rejoicing.

I really love in depth conversations like these, especially once you've gotten over the initial hurdle of "how do I play this game?" :)

I've noticed I really don't like using my allies for explorations; I'd rather keep them for their powers? (*insert comment about Mother Myrtle recharging Cats and Lizards and Toads here*)

Quite often in Pathfinder Adventures I'll find myself with 10 turns left and no chance of defeating the scenario, so I'll go all out on boon hunting. Our table had to do that at the latest HawkCon as we had too many locations open and Brielle was very low on cards (she had 9 or 10 cards buried, NONE by any of her own powers) and we didn't want to risk it. Upgrades ahoy!

(Theyron, now I'm self-conscious about my comments not adding to the conversation!)

Keith Richmond wrote:
At some point, it will probably make a lot of sense to go back over those rewards and make each season fair to each other, so there's no reason to consider leveling a character on specific scenarios in order to maximize the benefits. That might take some tricky wrangling to pull off right, though.

I'm not sure how well that would work, with Adventure 2 of Wrath being what it is (how many extra skill feats are in that one? Three? Four?).

Eliandra Giltessan wrote:
elcoderdude wrote:

(Asking for others. I'm playing Sajan.)

Alahazra appreciates the ask.

Myrtle also appreciates the ask.


Thank you! I just noticed I had two characters marked as Fighters, so I went in and got to add Shardra and Zibini! Yay!

Oh man, Wrathack really IS the reason why we can't have nice things (RIP Heggal and Radillo, RIP).

She was also my first character who wasn't support. I love smashing things with her. But that means that SHE needs support!

As First World Bard said, Lem is almost always a good suggestion. If not Lem, you'll need at least one person with Divine (or the ability to heal, like Damiel).

Anyway, I just got really excited to see Wrathack's name in the forums, so that's why I came in. *shuffles off*

Calthaer wrote:

So at HawkCon we're playing this after Wrath finishes, right?

You all know which goblin I'm going to be.

Better be Ranzak. All dem boons.

Theryon Stormrune wrote:
That being said, please don't let proxying stop you from playing these adventures.

Oh, we're playing tonight (as Adventure 5 isn't out yet). I'm always so confused when an OP scenario doesn't have proxies. You mean the villain is actually the villain? And the henchmen are actually the henchmen? And we have to, what's this, "corner" and "defeat" the villain? What is this nonsense?

Eliandra is even playing a goblin!!!!! WHAT.

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cartmanbeck wrote:
drowranger80 wrote:
Is it possible to get the scenario cards printed from drivethru cards? If so, how? I didn't see that option. I already bought the PDF.
Unfortunately, since the scenario cards contain Paizo IP which is not covered by the community use policy, we can't offer those as printable cards on drivethrucards.com. If I have time later today, I'll pull together a list of the cards that are publicly available that we made for the original non-OP scenarios, and you can feel free to shuffle those in when playing NON-OP versions of the scenarios to increase your goblification!

This is so amusing to me because it's Paizo stopping Paizo from printing something. There's probably a Dilbert comic about this somewhere...

Hey, how come the Longshanks Adventurers barrier has the Veteran trait but no veteran powers? Who proofread these things anyway?

Mark Seifter wrote:
Eliandra Giltessan wrote:
What scaredy cat were you playing?
Mother Myrtle. There was no way I could survive encountering the 5-7 bandits per round that those two would have thrown at me, but neither did I necessarily want to throw the boons back at them (since we thought we had to do it randomly).

Oh geez this one's rough for Myrtle. I mean, they're all rough for Myrtle, but this one especially so.

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