Season of the Plundered Tombs, The Story So Far

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

We are officially halfway through the Season of Plundered Tombs!

Brave Pathfinder Agents have investigated lost tombs, translated hidden runes, smashed undead guardians, and dispersed elementals, all in service to the Pathfinder Society. There may have been some amount of plundering also happening, based on the fine historic artifacts exhibited by those agents, but that is clearly secondary to the far more altruistic pursuit of knowledge.

BEWARE: Spoilers Ahead. You were warned.

Adventure 1: Serpents in the Deep

First, you earned the appreciation of many local merchants by ridding the world of a tribe of Gnoll bandits. You then snuck into the Aspis Consortium's dig site to appropriate their research. Unfortunately, you weren't the only person with this idea. You were soon hot in pursuit of a Taldan spy. That pursuit led you to dive into the underwater ruin of Shotep-Kara. There, a doru div turned the city's constructs and elemental wards against you. Eventually, you overcame all obstacles, defeated the Taldan (twice!), and recovered a set of ancient tablets. The tablets proved to be a map to an ancient pyramid capable of flight. Possession of such a sky pyramid could greatly assist the Pathfinder Society. It slipping into the wrong hands might give enough power to terrorize thousands and destabilize nations.

Fantastic archaeological wonder or best Pathfinder Lodge ever?

Adventure 2: Secrets Below the Sands

Outnumbered and outmaneuvered by the Aspis Consortium, you had no choice but to work with them on locating the pyramid. You put together an expedition, despite the best efforts of a number of thieves, and set out into the desert. There, you were not so gently greeted by quicksand and pairaka divs. You then rescued elementals from enslavement by undead and used their help to excavate the buried pyramid. Inside the pyramid, you carefully worked past its traps and defenders to discover its secrets. Alas, your alliance with the Aspis Consortium then came to a crashing end and you were forced to flee the pyramid.

The Aspis sure were useful when they weren't trying to kill you...

Adventure 3: In Search of a Sage

With the pyramid seized by the traitorous Aspis Consortium, you realized you were going to need some assistance—specifically, the kind of assistance only an ancient Jeweled Sage can give. You searched the forgotten (and very trapped) stacks of the sages' stronghold and set out on the trail of the Spinel Sage, Mnesoset. In Katapesh, you ran into and promptly removed some more gnoll brigands, then bargained with Grandmaster Torch, an infamous information broker. With his advice, you allied with the alchemists of the Hidden Flame to follow the sage's trail past lamias and summoned sandstorms to a Thriae Hive. At the hive, you made a fateful decision to assist either your new alchemist friends or their thriae victims.

Those sandstorms sure packed a punch.

Adventure 4: Tomb of the Godless Host

Now, the fourth adventure in this path kicks off at full speed, with a PACG chase to escape the Rahadoum Pure Legion. From there, you'll get to tangle with divs (yet again) and Jistkan constructs of all kinds in your quest to find the Spinel Sage.

Those Jistkans really made some amazing golems. I'm sure this one's friendly, too.

Plus, you might finally learn something about that Mythopoeic Sphinx you've been wondering about. Maybe not everything, but something.

After that, it's just a hop, skip, and a jump to reclaiming the flying pyramid the Aspis Consortium stole from you. Smooth sailing from here on out. Yep.

Keith Richmond
Adventure Card Game Developer

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Venture-Lieutenant, Online—ACG aka Hawkmoon269

We just started last month. It has been fun so far and I'm looking forward to what is to come.

At the rate we play, we'll be done sometime next year. :)

I know I probably shouldn't want to cuddle that golem, but... I want to cuddle that golem.

Those first two images (pyramid and elemental fight) might be helpful for the Adventure Guide. Who are the artists so I can give proper credit?

Paizo Employee Chief Technical Officer

The first is Raoul Vitale; the second is Ben Wootten. And though you didn't ask, for the sake of being complete, the third is Miguel Regodón Harkness.

Thank you very much.

My last ditch effort with all the artwork is hunting for signatures or brands within the piece that I try to match against existing known artists. Usually this translates into "go look up the most prolific Paizo artists based on initials and see if it matches any of their work."

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