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Deadmanwalking wrote:
Razimir is a bog standard 19th level Wizard. Everything else is just a tissue of lies. He has never granted divine powers of any sort.


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His future shall be glorious and everlasting!

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Yes, Razmir is a God! Would you like to make a donation to His church?

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Razmir is a True God and, unlike pretenders such as Aroden, he is truly immortal. All hail Razmir!

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hellatze wrote:
Daw wrote:

Should we point out that, pretty much by definition, cultists are not accepted religions and a part of society, so it is OK to kill them? Most games the Cultist is always in seaon and there is no tag limit on them.

More seriously, cults, secretive groups with mysterious goals, are a natural threat in this kind of milieu.

sometimes i really wish to kill a king or mad scientist or anything that not cultist

razmir is cultist in my book >:(

Burn that book!

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Yes, it's lots of fun to torture Paladins.

That was the question, wasn't it?

Welcome to the church of the Great God Razmiran! I don't know what this talk of sorcerer/wizard spells is about. I get my spells through prayer. Ah, prayer. Such a wonderful comfort even in the darkest times. Such as when being tortured for spreading blasphemous slurs about our beloved GOD Razmiran. Wouldn't you agree?

James Jacobs wrote:
Psiphyre wrote:
Dragon78 wrote:
I can't wait to find who all 15 deities will be.

Well... Unless things change through development, I *think* James Jacobs mentioned that all the deities that each got half a page in Inner Sea Gods (but excluding Razmir) will be covered (13 in all), plus Apsu and Dahak.

Of course, things could change before the release date next year, so...

Looking forward to finding out, anyways!

Carry on!


It's a book about deities and demigods. Razmir is neither, and therefore doesn't get an entry in the book. It's basically all the others plus Apsu and Dahak as mentioned above.

Razmir is a deity! HE IS! HE IS! HE IS!