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...And you just realized that now, Mark?

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GM, do you object to recruitment roleplay? Want to ask before I dive in...

Also, he's going with the Social Outcast trait, with Knowledge (arcana) as his bonus skill.

As for why he has ranks in Intimidate, he uses those for his biting witticisms... Which often go unappreciated.

New Skills:

-Acrobatics +3
-Craft (mechanical) +9*
-Knowledge (engineering) +8*
-Knowledge (nature) +9*
-Intimidate +9*
-Knowledge (geography) +9*
-Knowledge (nobility) +9*
-Knowledge (local) +9*
-Knowledge (dungeoneering) +9*
-Perception +4*
-Knowledge (arcana) +9*
-Linguistics +9*




Str: 10
Dex: 14
Con: 8
Int: 20
Wis: 10
Cha: 6

Race Traits:

-Maw (reskinned as a wickedly barbed tail)
-Vestigial Wings


-Weapon Finesse


-Acrobatics +3
-Craft (mechanical) +9*
-Knowledge (engineering) +8*
-Knowledge (nature) +9*
-Intimidate +9*
-Knowledge (geography) +9*
-Knowledge (nobility) +9*
-Knowledge (local) +9*
-Knowledge (dungeoneering) +9*
-Perception +4*
-Survival +4*


I really should've fallen by now, was what Mark was thinking as he was hanging by his wickedly sharp tail like a chandelier in the locker room.

Even the laws of physics seem to have it in for me today, the tiefling thought wryly as he started spinning.

Exactly what got me into this situation? Weelll, part of it was certaintly my smart mouth. He gives a small smile that revealed lengthened canines. But then again, that is a psychological defense mechanism that developed due to me being a foundling in an auto shop. So, I guess I have my parents to blame for that. But then again, it was Ronnie the [REDACTED] who pinned me to the ceiling. Probably because he has an inferiority complex, and combined with my witticisms and the fact that I'm smarter than probably anyone else in this school. Including the teachers.

With a small sigh, Mark noticed that his tail barb was slowly detaching from the ceiling. Or, it could just be my stupidity, he thought as he fell to the ground, his paper-thin wings not doing a lick of good.


-Bruising Intellect
-Mathematical Prodigy

Insane, with a nice, juicy mix of multiple personality disorder, psychosis, and schizophrenia.

Mmkay. For some reason, I though that you allowed Spellslinger. Will fix that right away.

Wizard HP: 1d6 + 1 ⇒ (6) + 1 = 7
Wizard HP: 1d6 + 1 ⇒ (1) + 1 = 2

EDIT: Reroll

Wizard HP: 1d6 + 1 ⇒ (2) + 1 = 3

Alright, going to build up the crunch now.

Is gunslinger allowed?

Presenting Taron Urukal, Spellslinger.


The bullet fled it's casing, firing out of the gun with a resounding bang. Runes began to glow across it's surface, and it became a line of screaming arcane energy, ripping through the air and scorching the target. It was spot on, and the small wooden coin was blasted out of existence-and suddenly the one that followed it dropped out of the air as well.

A smirk crawled across Taron's sickly grey face, and the upturned pentagram of unholy fire that had temporarily appeared between his spiny jet black horns burned brightly for a second before flickering out. Then, the gun in his hands started burning, although Taron paid it no mind.

Smoothly, aman in black stepped out from the shadows. "You have done well, Taron. Your apprenticeship is over."

Taron whirled around, his poison-green tattoos glimmering in the torchlight. "What? But I still have much more to learn..."

The master's eyes flickered with mirth underneath the cowl of his hood. ”Taron, some things you can only learn by going forth into the world.” The master silently thought to himself Chief among them, morals. The boy honestly tried hard to overcome his fiendish heritage, and although the darkness had not yet consumed his soul, he still did not fully grasp the concept of goodness, and how to embrace it and banish the evil that lurked in his heart.

Ulurak tossed the tiefling a longcoat with a hood with a deep cowl. It soared through the air, and Taron caught it deftly. This was it. The end of his apprenticeship. Taron felt excitement surge through his veins as he shrugged it on, and his mind began to wander to back when it all began...

The first odd sign of Taron's heritage was his retarded aging. The young boy never seemed to age in comparison to his peers, although his mental acuity and reflexes far exceeded theirs. He was always rather brash, and got into fights over the tiniest insult, the slightest veiled remark.

Seemingly eternal youth was only the first part of Taron's troubles. One by one, strange green marks began appearing all over his body, and tiny nubs of horns started protruding from Taron's forehead. With no support from his absentee father, his mother quickly disowned him, leaving Taron vulnerable to public stonings.

Father Crays, the local corrupt priest of Muir, decided to make an example of Taron, and then proceeded to make preparations to burn him at the stake at sunrise, making it seem like he judged the poor boy and was judged by a trial by fire.

However, a mysterious stranger in black intervened, and Taron escaped in the night. Urukal, for that was his name, helped develop Taron's natural Szuriel-spawned fury into magic, and channeling it through a strange device he called a “gun.” Taron learned from Urukal for most of his life, practicing his marksmanship and his casting. Subtly, Urukal helped the boy control his rage and his fiendish heritage, helping him learn the true value of self. Unfortunately, Taron wasn't very good at it.

Back in the present, Taron shucked on his boots and stepped outside for the first time in many years, shielding his eyes from the sun as his white hair shone in the daylight. With a long look back, the tiefling walked off into the valley far below...

Here's what I have for now. If anything's wrong with it, let me know. He's probably going to be a Fighter 1/Wizard 2.

Alright... time to get cracking.

Hey, I'm here. So, I'm guessing any role would fit, with a preferred arcane caster role? Got it...

Spellslinger is preemptively banned, right?

Well, I just recalled a concept I was toying with for Pathfinder a little while back. Forgive the lack of good narrative, dear sir, I just got up. (i.e., this is just a basic outline.)

I know you said you don't allow inquisitors, but this concept is practically begging for the Spellbreaker Inquisitor.

The elder dwarves of Mithrilforge had a peculiar trait that almost no-one could fathom. Out of all of the dwarf clans, they had a peculiar... stubbornness against magic. You could fling lightning bolts and fireballs at them all that you want, they just kept plowing on through.

This attracted unseemly attention. [Insert evil necromancer here] was fascinated by these dwarves and their natural resistance to magic, and, of course, wanted to pass this trait on to his minions. One night, he conducted a raid on Mithrilforge, taking about ten dwarves as test subjects. Among them was Morgrym Grunyarson. In the brutal years to come, he was the only one to survive such the ordeal, and was changed because of it. He grew three feet, magical runes appeared all over his body, and the most horrifying of all? Morgrym lost his ability to grow a beard! Some months (or years, he couldn't tell) after he had been captured, Morgrym was visited by [Insert good-aligned deity here], who offered him freedom. The young dwarf (that term wasn't really accurate now, actually) accepted, and he overcame the skeletal guards and broke free of his prison.

Morgrym, knowing that at best, he would be shunned from his clan, and at worst, the elders would send the exarchs after him, Morgrym began to wander, using the divine power of [Insert good deity here] to cleanse the world of the evil influences of magic.

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*What is your posting availability like? What do you like in terms of pace for PbP? I can post 2-3 times per day, I like fast paced.

*How familiar are you with the setting? Have you run or played in Necromancer/FGG modules before? Never played 'em.

*How many PbP do you currently participate in? Player or GM? Zero. Zilch. Goose eggs. 0.

*What does "Old School" mean to you? Well, let me start off with what it doesn't mean (for me, at least) (Warning: mini-rant coming): It doesn't mean hours spent researching, asking on the boards, and digging up obscure splat books to create the most borken combination of feats, class abilities, racial alternate traits, and whatever obscene rules you can come up with to create a trigger that gives you infinite BaB, HP, stats, whatever. Basically, no Pun-Pun. Secondly, it doesn't mean wasting valuable minutes of game time looking up some obscure rule in a 32-page supplement that may exist and may give you a +1 mechanical bonus to an irrelevant skill check. What it does mean, to me, is going with the flow and thinking up of creative solutions to the problem instead of just saying "Whelp, it's not in the rules, so you can't do it." It means actually bonding with that strange, irrelevant sheet of paper we call our character and actually bonding with him/her/it and, for some strange reason, fearing for that collection of invisible, imaginary number's life when a certain variable starts to shift downwards, sobbing when that variable is greater than another variable we call our negative CON score, and rejoicing when that variable is brought back above that score through some external variable that's added to the system if we subtract another variable that we call "gold" and use that chunk of imaginary numbers to trade for that external protocol. Old school means difficulty, sweating as a group of variables and statics higher than your "character's" variables and statics is introduced into play, and you compare the two collections' of variables and statics, and using a random number generator, add statics and subtract that variable from the opposite collection's variable if the random number generator's variable is higher. In short, all of the robot-perspective joking aside, it's more fun and challenging, rather than just blindly looking for the best combination of numbers to make a character become the best at everything.

*Would you have still been interested in this campaign if it was CRB only? Why or why not? With all of the new hardcovers and races out, I would love to test out a bunch of concepts and actually have official crunchy stuff for them. However, there is still plenty of things I can do with the CRB, so I don't really mind if it's CRB only.

*Give a couple examples of your all-time favorite fantasy art.

I believe this pretty much sums it up.

Hmmm... So, my idea (before any crunch) more revolves around an oracle curse than anything else. My character, chosen by powers he cannot understand, is pretty much the ward of lost spirits that for, whatever reason, that cosmic force does not want back in existence. Death would be most appropriate, though really any mystery would work.

What do you think?

Hmmm... This looks interesting.

I must warn you, however, I'm completely new to the boards/PbP, but I am a decent roleplayer and I've played through many old-school scenarios: one that I can think of off the top of my head is the module path Return of Randyl Morn. I'm thinking an control freak/enabler oracle, who'll be a healbot out of combat. Or perhaps a warrior oracle. Lemme think on it...

So, um, hi, I guess.

I'm completely new to the boards (this is my first post, actually), and I'm kind of interested in the PbP format. This is the first game that interested me that wasn't already full up on people trying to recruited.

So, pretty much, rule of cool applies?

Cool (no pun intended). I'll start brainstorming concepts.