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Good Afternoon,

I still have not received this order and the tracking doesn't show any activity since May 25th that I can see. Is there any hope?

Thank you!


I recently moved and just got my pending notice for my subscription shipment. To my surprise, the shipping and handling to my new address is $45.44! I changed my subscription shipping option to "cheapest possible" instead of UPS Ground. Can you make sure the shipping for this order is changed as well?

Thank you in advance!

Please cancel this order, as I have had some unexpected pet medical expenses this month.

Thank you!


Please cancel my Pathfinder Adventure Path subscription.

Thank you!


This order 4599902 has been pending for 3 weeks now. Is there an issue with it or is it just slow?

Thanks in advance!

Any clue when the print version of this map will be available again?

Do you know if this issue was resolved, as it seems that the order was sent out with the incorrect shipping method?

Thank you!


I received an email for this order for my upcoming Pathfinder Adventure Path subscription, but the shipping method for this order, and the price associated with that method, are not the ones that I have selected for my sub. Is this just a glitch or has there been a change in the shipping options?



For some reason, there is a non-mint Pathfinder Adventure Path #109: In Search of Sanity included in my monthly subscription order. I don't want this item and I do not remember ordering it at all, so I'm not sure why it is included. Could you please remove it and process my regular subscription order? Thank you for your assistance.

Vic Wertz wrote:
The reprint arrived yesterday, just in time for PaizoCon!


I see this product no longer says "backordered"... Hopefully, this is good news for those of us who have ordered this and been waiting for it to come back in stock?!?


Would you be so kind as to check on the status of Order 3534685? It has been pending for a quite a while now and I would just like to make sure that it is not stuck somehow. Thank you in advance!

Thank you very much and thanks for the tip. I will keep that in mind for next time.

Hello. Is there any way to have the two items for Order 3212927 shipped with my upcoming Pathfinder Adventure Path volume? I thought I had clicked the ship with subscription option during checkout but it doesn't appear that I did. Thanks in advance!

Is Flip-Mat: Seedy Tavern keeping this order from shipping? If so, is it possible to move it to October's subscription shipment?
Thanks in advance!

I placed Order # 2116598 back on July 11th and set it to ship with my next subscription. However, my subscription (Order Order # 2125714) is pending and the Gray Maiden mini is still hanging out in my sidecart. Is there an issue with it or can it be added to my subscription shipment or is it too late?

As always, thanks for you assistance.

Today I received Order #2089151 on my doorstep and I was so happy to find all the great stuff within. Thanks!

Unfortunately, my copy of Pathfinder Adventure Path #57: Tempest Rising (Skull & Shackles 3 of 6) was not included. Instead, I did get a copy of the Pathfinder Player Character Folio, which I did not order. Can you let me know what can be done?

Droid Razr Maxx and Kindle Fire.

I received the package for Order #2060910 today, however, there was only one item inside. Pathfinder Adventure Path #57: Tempest Rising was not included in the package. Can you please send it with my next shipment? Thanks for your assistance with this issue.

Axl wrote:

What has happened to the flowchart? Is there a new web page for it?

I'm looking for an "idiot's guide" to grappling.

Looks like they're on the grapple page.

Great news! Thank you, Sara Marie.

Can you remove the backordered Dalyn Talas, Sword Mage mini from this order and put it in an order by itself, so that the rest of the items can ship?
Thanks very much!

Awesome! You guys rock! Thanks again.

I have submitted the order: it is Order # 1741714. Thanks in advance for your help.

I have a number of items in my shopping cart that I was going to apply the anniversary discount to. However when I try to proceed with the order, I get this message: The promotional code "anniversary9" is no longer valid and has been removed from your order.

Is there a problem with this or did I just mess it up. Thanks for your assistance.

OK, thank you, Sara Marie!

It doesn't look like the Pathfinder Advantage discount was applied to this order. Should it have been?

I need to cancel my Adventure Path subscription for financial reasons. I will be back as soon as I am able. Thanks.

No worries. On with the thread, please.

You said AMC does not stream their shows. Obviously, they do. Regardless, the episode in question is up now, so folks like Sigil can check it out.

Wolfthulhu wrote:
Unfortunately, it looks like AMC doesn't stream their shows like many other networks do.

This is incorrect. You can find the video for the first episode on AMC's site here. Enjoy.

Dire Mongoose wrote:
I don't see this as disincentivizing subscription, since it's the oldest AP and notoriously hard to find in print.

Maybe so... but two years ago, when I made the post you replied to, the individual issues of the AP were not out of print and could be easily found.

Yes, I watched it, and while some episodes were better than others, I enjoyed it overall and am glad that it's getting a second season.

Crossed Fingers


agarrett wrote:
** spoiler omitted **

I think this has alot to do with his conversation with Desmond. Sayid realized that even if Smocke gave him back Nadia, that he could not live with what he had done to get her back.


I watched it and enjoyed it. I will continue to tune in. I think the success of Happy Town lies in how it handles its mysteries. If they can do that well, keeping us intrigued without leading us around by the nose in circles, I think this can be a great show.

danskmacabre wrote:

Hi, I've been looking for the Pathfinder chronicles campaign setting.

However it's out of stock everywhere.

Is there a date for a reprint or something?

September 2010

Hobbun wrote:
Well, I have a printer and could print it up. But I mean is it long? Like long in what could be a short book? Or only a few pages? If it's only a few pages, then downloading works for me.

16 pages.

I received this order and discovered that a number of pages in the book were "double-printed" with one print slightly offest over the other, making them unreadable. Is there any way that I can get a replacement copy of Pathfinder #32 put in with my next shipment?

Thanks very much.

Henrik Karlsson wrote:
When will the pdf be available for sale? And if it allready is, can someone point me to it?

If you scroll about halfway down this page it indicates that the PDF should be available next Wednesday (approx).

Juchoman wrote:
Most likely, I havn't really taken a look at that stuff yet, where can I find some info on the Oracle?


Aberzombie wrote:

Well, that was....interesting.

** spoiler omitted **

My theory: Desmond is trying to reunite passengers from Oceanic flight 815 with their "Contants". Himself with Penny. Hugo with Libby. And Locke with Jack. Undoubtedly, Locke will have suffered some spinal damage after being run over by Des. Where will he have to go???... to St. Sebastian's of course (the only hospital in LA in the Lost-verse), and once there will be operated on, and possibly saved by Dr. Jack. This will cause one or both of them to "remember" the real timeline. Mission accomplished by Des.

He's also going to have a guest spot in the upcoming season of Eureka.

gang wrote:

How many sessions will it have taken you to finish?

We've had two full sessions and they've only explored 4 hexes.

I'm reasonably sure we will complete it in two sessions. However, since my group is only able to get together at most once a month, we play marathon sessions - at least all day Saturday (12+ hours) and then sometimes for another few hours on Sunday too.

I know I am. My players are probably going to wrap up Stolen Land next weekend and will be itching to move on.

Great episode last night. Awesome to have Desmond back!

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