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Full Name

Raul "Wulfgars" Moura da Silva




Fighter 1








True Neutral


Cayden Cailean




Skald , Common



Strength 18
Dexterity 15
Constitution 13
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 10
Charisma 10

About Raul "Wulfgars" Moura da Silva

Wulfgars was born in Trollheim , Land of Linnorm Kings.
His father was a Ulfen Noble,that belonged to the PFS , but his mother , was a refugee from Brevoy who came to Trollheim to escape political ploting in her home country.
One summer , when he was twenty, Wulfgars left his home, with his family, when his father asked them to met him in Absalom.
During the journey thou, the caravan was attacked by strange goblins ( in a place where goblins usually don´t dwell), and everyone, except him, was killed.
Using the skills learned with his kin in his homeland, he chased down the attackers and killed the one that murdered his mother. He know wears those same Dogslicers that killed her, and are his signature mark weapons.
In grief, he started drinking a lot, while getting jobs as a guard and soldier in caravans, until he arrived in Absalom.
There, he learned that his father hadn´t come here for some years now, although he truly was a Pathfinder Society Hero,but more than ten years ago.
Lost and confused, he continued drinking.
Then came the day when Cayden Cailean intervined, and he,during a hangover outside a Inn, saved a Venture-Captain of the Pathfinder Society. It was an old friend of his father, and that man, and the God Cayden Cailean, saved his life that day, because of that incident , he got into the PFS, learning to better fight with The Swords.
That was where he has been for the last two years, going in missions around Absalom, especially those of the Lantern Lodge, with whom his father´s friend belonged , and from whom he received his strange looking armor, and "living the good life" his God talks about.

Wulfgars, is at the forefront of the batlle , and takes the lead in combat, doing a prayer of thanks to Cayden Cailean, and singing a Ulfen battle song while he rushes unto his enemies with his Dogslicers in hand, defending his comrades...