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Has anyone played this using Pathfinder? I'd have more chance of persuading my group to do it if they could stay with PF.

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I thought I might resurrect this thread and ask the question again, only a bit different. I want to start a detective agency staffed mostly by Kobolds. They would have perhaps a Half-Orc to supply some muscle. So far we have a name:

The No. 1 Kobald Detective Agency

(With apologies to Alexander McCall Smith)

But where to set it? There are good suggections in this thread - I'm leaning towards Zobeck because of its extensive Kobald quarter.

I'd be grateful for any suggestions as to the sort of work the Agency could do. Some examples:

Recovering stolen possessions
Digging up dirt on political opponents
Missing person cases involving the undercity
Finding things in the undercity


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kwiqsilver wrote:

For anybody still using this (I recently discovered it for a kingmaker campaign I'm part of), here's how to make the district borders link to other districts:

Assume you have:
Townsvile-Central.html and Townsville-North.html. North is (obviously) on the north edge of Central.
In Townsville-Central.html, change your north border to this:
<div onclick="location.href='Townsville-North.html';" class="border" id="north"><span>Townsville North District</span></div>

Why did you pick Townsville?

I grew up in Townsville, Australia.

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Paizo don't have an iPad app, but there is one:

Home page


Paizo discussion thread

I still like the board though, but I'm also a lefty ...

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Looks and feels like LOTRO, which is definitely not a bad thing ...

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Kyle Olson wrote:

I did a quick test, and everything worked fine on 4.1b

Great. I'll upgrade everything then.

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After all the problems with loading HL files, I hate to say it, but when I started up HL a minute ago it prompted me to update to version 4.1b, which according to the notes has a new save format. Have you seen this? I haven't updated HL yet just in case I can't import into CM.

BTW, is there anything a non-programmer like me can do to assist you? Besides donations that is :)

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I used the PC version for the first time last week. We are starting the Kingmaker AP and I was able to pre-load a lot of encounters. I could even use CM to upgrade the monsters to suit a party of six. We use Hero Lab so we were able to drag and drop the PC files. It is great to be able to see the PC's details as well as the bad guys.

I give it 11 out of 10!

I also purchased the iPad version, although I may keep using the PC and keep the iPad for viewing PDFs.

One thing I noticed is that I was able to transfer the Hero Lab portfolio files (.por) and the encounter files (.cmcs) to the iPad via iTunes, but when I tried to open them, only the Hero Lab files appeared.

Is this perhaps because the encounter files are not compatible between the PC and iPad versions? Or have I missed something?


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Jabberwonky wrote:

The Dreaded Holy Foursome rears its ugly head! Abandon hope, for you cannot succeed without a meatshield, healer, finger wiggler, and a trap finding damage dealer!

Get these thoughts out of your head, this is a myth!

This is a situation that my players are working thier heads around currently. Unfortunately, decades of gaming has imprinted on them the paralyzing dread of running in a game without a designated healer avbailable. I’ve been reminding them over and over that if they want to run a party of all wizards, or barbarians, or whathave you, that is completely do-able. The key is to keep them challenged, and to not penalize them for not fitting into the typical 4 role mold.

If they want to run without a cleric, perhaps heal checks take on a different aspect and function as cure spells if you succeed by more than X? Perhaps they come across more healing potions in the world, and an alchemist happens to live in the woods nearby to suppliment themodule provided potion supplies? Perhaps it’s these ideas and others, and the players need to think a bit before rushing – take into account that they aren’t going to get healing and re-calibrate their tactics?

Something that I found fascinating – after having run both D20 modern, and Starwars RPG games, where healing took weeks as opposed to minutes – during these games, the players were *much* more cautious and conservative in their actions. They knew that healing was extremely rare, and death was permanent.

And I concur with what RuyanVe said -- convinving someone to play something they dont want to is a sure way to breed resentment. Let them run what they want to and maximize their fun.

In the end, Kingmaker is doable with or without the traditional roles being filled. It may require a teensy bit more work on the part of the GM, but it is absolutely worth it.

You both make excellent points - the Holy foursome idea is rather a WoW, or (unfortunately) 4e sort of thing.

These players are used to being a little overpowered, so the challenge will be a nice change for them. That's also why I went for 15 point builds.

I'll let the forum know how they go!

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RuyanVe wrote:

Greetings, fellow traveller.

My take on this:
While my group would have did a dozen times over without their trusted cleric of Torag, I think with six players it might work out ok.

The potential for a lot of damage is there, you have battlefield control, the ranger and bard can use wands of cure light wounds or scrolls, and UMD is a class skill for the sorcerer as well.

Depending on what version you're going to use (the original or the conversion for 6 players), healing is either a non-issue or a slight issue for your group.


I'll be scaling things up for six players, mostly using the excellent conversion docs from this forum.

I'm inclined to agree that both the players and I will adapt to the situation in all manner of interesting ways!

BTW, the cavalier was wavering between that and cleric, so I was just trying to nudge him a little with the Nordic bit :) The decision is his.

A cavalier brings a lot to the party anyhoo.

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We've just created a six 15 point player party consisting of:


The bard does not plan to be into healing so we have no healer

The cavalier isn't sure whether he will stick with this class. I'm trying to persuade him to be a cleric (a kick arse Nordic dwarf cleric to be precise)

Will they all die without a healer, or will potions and healing from Jhod Kavkin get them through?

I guess if they die they might reconsider :)

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Cinderfist wrote:

Weapon stats

Armor stats
Item Hardness/Hit points
Break Dc's of doors and other objects
How to calculate CMB/CMD
Status effects - ex. What does "shaken" mean
Skill check Dc's - ex. what's the Dc to jump a 10' pit
Max load carrying capacity

A list of random names when you need to pull one out for random pc #3

If you allow the pcs to buy such things, The cost of commonly desired simple magic items.
EX- How much is a potion of Cure Serious Wounds.

Thanks - all good suggestions

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HangarFlying wrote:
The PF screen is pretty darned good as is. As others have suggested, it can do without the treasure or xp tables, and replace them with the Actions in Combat table (or a modified one).

The treasure and XP tables are what got me thinking about how it could be improved. I would have worked those out in advance.

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I ended up with an iPad, and installed Goodreader, which is brilliant.

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I'm new to PF and getting ready to play. I bought a PDF of the GM screen, but I have decided to make one of my own - landscape, with images of my choice on the players' side :)

I'm wondering - if you were do this, what bits of the rules would you put on the GM side? What do you find you need to refer to the most? I suspect answers will differ, depending on the type of game you play.


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undeaddragonhunter wrote:

Darklands - 1992 MicroProse (11 5.25" floppys)

First game (to my knowledge) to have RT combat. Consistently goes upwards to $50 USD on Ebay for cd-rom version.

Now available from for $5.99, packaged with DOS Box. Best RPG ever.

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Craig Shackleton wrote:

Okay, two more:

Darklands, a low-fantasy masterpiece set in medieval Germany.

I agree about Darklands. It is available from for $5.99

Well worth a try. I played it to death.

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I'm interested in the new Google Nexus, but it's a 7 inch tablet. I'm wondering how the PF PDFs would look on a tablet that size. One paper the Nexus looks pretty good otherwise.

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Scipion del Ferro wrote:
Crystal Frasier wrote:
Scipion del Ferro wrote:
There better be an owlbear in there!
Well, not in THIS collection. But there are four more Kingmaker sets to come.

Aww, kinda sad considering how owlbear-riffic this AP is.

Which reminds me I need to find a good owlbear mini.

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enrious wrote:
y'know, I wish the Initiative window could be output to an auto-refreshing webpage.

The 4e Combat Manager does that. If the players have their own laptops/smartphones/tablets they can view it that way, or on an additional GM monitor.

However, I'd prefer them not to see the initiative list, so they lose track of who is about to hit them :)

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I have just installed the combat manager and it's brilliant. Now I just need to figure out how to use it - right after I learn how to GM PF :)

I'm in the process of converting from 4e. Combat Manager reminds me of the 4e equivalent I wonder if there is anything the two developers can learn from each other.

BTW Kyle, I hope that after 1150 posts and a zillion feature requests you haven't started to regret going public :)

I for one am very thankful to you for your generosity, and I haven't even used it yet.

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Mage Evolving wrote:

The wonderful thing about pathfinder is that there are no real MUST BUYS. That said I would strongly suggest getting a hold of:

1. The core rule book
2. Bestiary
3. (It's free)

The last one is a free program designed by a member of the boards and I can honestly say it changed the way I DM. It keeps track of initiative, modifiers, Hp, stats, Etc.

In that case I'm ready to roll :)

Combat Manager is brilliant. I used something similar when I played 4e. Thanks for mentioning it.

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Kolokotroni wrote:

You dont need the campaign setting book to run a module. All of the relevant setting information is available in the module and you can get basic references in the pathfinder wiki.

What you would use the campaign setting book is at the table references and the fleshing out of locations and npcs if you wanted to expand on what is in the module or create your own adventures in golarion. That can come after you have decided if you like pathfinder or not.

It was cheap. I just like reading this sort of stuff.

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KCWM wrote:

The initiative tracker has been a big success in our group. It's the best "add-on" I've bought.

If you have an iPhone or iPad, the PFR app from ufisk has been incredibly useful as a DM tool, as has a couple of different PFR specific spell apps that have made our casters' lives a little more manageable.

I found some similar apps for my Android phone :)

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ossian666 wrote:
Rapscallion58 wrote:
Sgmendez wrote:
To answer your question, yes. You only need the core (which acts as the player guide and gm guide) and the bestiary. For more inspiration the game mastery guide is useful as well as the campaign setting.
I will definitely be getting the GMG later. The core stuff is so cheap in PDF.
I will be don't need the GMG to test the waters. EVERYTHING you need is in the Player's Handbook. If you are uncertain about playing the game then buy the Handbook and use online resources to print out what monsters you need for that session. The GMG just has more detailed rules and stuff that you may use later, but probably not anything you will need right away.

That's a good idea. I assume you mean the core rulebook? The GMG will be much later if I persist, and the group wants to play PF.

At the moment we are playing Harn and Tekumel :)

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ElyasRavenwood wrote:

Yeah as the previous posters mentioned all you really need is the core rule book, and the Bestiary.

There are two nice accessories I could recommend: the GM Screen and i also happen to like the initiative tracker .

Everyone has their favorite modules. For starting out I could recommend Crypt of the Everflame. It is designed to be an introductory adventure which has quite a few side bars explaining some of the little differences between 3.5 and Pathfinder. There is also a "companion" flip map Dungeon that has the module's dungeon laid out.

Again everyone has their favorite modules. The Tower of the last Baron happens to be one of mine.

I hope this helps

Yes it does, thanks. The initiative tracker is a definite.

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Sgmendez wrote:
To answer your question, yes. You only need the core (which acts as the player guide and gm guide) and the bestiary. For more inspiration the game mastery guide is useful as well as the campaign setting.

I will definitely be getting the GMG later. The core stuff is so cheap in PDF.

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Lex Talinis wrote:

Fortunately if you are just testing the waters all you need is this link right here in addition to a module. If you and your group decide that Pathfinder is the system for you. :)

This is very cool. I do have access to a core rulebook for a week or so, but this will prove very handy.

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I've GMed DnD 3.5 and 4th ed, and I thought I'd try PF. To get started, do I only need the core rules and the Beastiary?

I was thinking of playing some modules to start with, and then we can decide whether to embark on an adventure path. Would it be useful to also get the main campaign setting book?

I'm happy to use the PDFs, so it's not an expensive process :)


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I like the look of LOTRO more than I like the cartoonly look of WoW.

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Dragon78 wrote:
I waited over 8 hours for what I hoped to be a Beastairy 3 preview and this all I get. I hate online games as much as James Jacobs hates musicals. I am too angry to say anything else right now.

Why? Nobody says you have to play it, and they have said repeatedly that the MMO won't effect PFRPG output. I'm sure Beastiary 3 will come along when it's ready