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Correct me if I am wrong but you pick two abilities, and since it does not state they have to be different you can pick the same one twice giving you a +4 to one ability?

"These humans pick two ability scores and gain a +2 racial bonus in each of those scores."

Well as we deal with it in our gaming group the gap has no time so time within the gap is non-existent which has the side effect messing with people heads as time is needed in a 3D space. So if a time dragon attempted to enter into the gap they would find it impossible as their powers do not exist in that time.

Robert Gooding wrote:
You sir are a god

shhh... don't tell anyone

Just wondering how hard would it be to have a page that worked like a shop where you put your CL/APL in and your total credits and shows you what you could afford based on being at a normal level, +1 level, and +2 level?

So based on what you are showing me is +5 weapons would be on a crit

Weapon Dice Pools = Possible Damage Range with dice only

S-Bow 12d6+3d10 = 15-102
L-Bow 12d8+3d10 = 15-126
pick 12d10 = 12-120 (Fatal)
Scythe 12d10+3d10 = 15-150
B-Sword 12d12 = 12-144

Still, don't see how they are so powerful they need AoO on them at close range.

I don't understand how this is any different than someone with a Bastard Sword!

a bow does 1d6 which is mid-range damage unless it crits which then goes up to 1d10. Now a Bastard sword does 1d8 and if wielded two-handed gets 1d12.

All this does is allow you to shoot people closer up than before. I would understand the outcry if there was another factor in play but I don't see one.

So my theory is if I use Telekinetic Projectile to throw a Thunderstone at a target it will do the damage as stated in Telekinetic Projectile only. But then I wondered what happens to the Thunderstone after it hits the target the spell ends? So if the target is standing on any hard surface like a stone floor or any other hard surface wouldn't the stone fall to the ground after the effect of the spell which would then trigger the effect of Thunderstone when it hit the ground which would be right after the end of the turn/action?

This would be 1d10 damage to start during the turn and once the turn ends the location of the stone would be 1d4 additional damage.

this idea grew from a goblin NPC who placed a gallon bucket of thunderstone on top of a partially open door for the pc's in one of our games.

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I think Paizo should host a contest which is voted on by not only the dev but also the fans. This contest would be about who could come up with the best format for a full multi-page character sheet.

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So Reading this over and over I think I have a simple wording that corrects the confusion.

First, we need to clarify hardness works in the same format as damage reduction. It reduces the incoming damage and any remaining is then applied to the wielders HP.

So Shields have a Hardness (aka DR) of (X). If incoming damage (before hardness is applied) is equal to twice the hardness it gains a dent, if the damage is triple or more it gains two dents and the broken condition.

So do I got that correct?

Int is used for crafting
Crafting is used for repairs

anyone with a shield well gets dents
dents if unrepaired break shields
new shields cost money
repairing shields is cheap

so int is a not a dump stat because you as a fighter or paladin or any other style that will use a shield will need to repair their shields themselves unless you have a GM who maxes out treasure rewards.

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So Living Steel is going sought after...

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Traiel wrote:

Errr, you do take damage (not sure if that's what you meant by your post):

In the Shields section of Equipment:
While you have a shield raised, you can use the Shield
Block reaction to reduce damage you take by the shield’s

In the Spells in Shield Block:
You snap your shield in place to ward off a blow. Your shield
prevents you from taking an amount of damage up to the
shield’s Hardness—the shield takes this damage instead, possibly
becoming dented or broken. See the Item Damage section on
page 175 for rules on dented and broken items.

So you do take damage - whatever is excess to the shield's hardness, as the quote you gave is referring to the damage blocked by the hardness, not the total damage.

Ok, I stand corrected. Per the new system, shields are just a tempory DR mechanic. I see what you're talking about now. my bad...

how is this not clear I don't understand why people are having the issue with this?

shields have a hardness which reduces incoming damage - check

once the damage is reduced to the remaining damage if it is equal to or greater then the hardness becomes a dent. Which if it is double the hardness in value then its two dents?

1st dent has no effect
2nd dent the shield becomes broken
3rd dent the shield is destroyed

Here is an easy way of looking at it

A wooden shield has a hardness of 3, so all incoming damage is reduced by 3 points.

Incoming damage is 10, which blocked by a wooden shield becomes 7 due to the hardness, the remaining damage is absorbed by the shield since the hardness of the shield is 3 and 3 goes into 7 only two times that means it takes two dents. if the damage was two points higher per the rules it would still only take two dents from one hit. Now if this amount of damage was dealt a second time it would destroy the shield. Even if the damage was 6 points instead of 10 it would destroy the shield because hardness reduces 6 to 3 and the shield takes a dent per 3 points of remaining damage.

you never take damage because of one line in the wording -

"—the shield takes this damage instead,"

Did anyone read about the goblin background here?

from what I ready a faction of goblins split off from the rest to become more civilized in which means they left a lot of there culture behind to attempt to be accepted into the new culture. So that why the primitive dogslicer and horsechopper are uncommon because you are not hanging out with goblin war parties anymore.

FLite wrote:
Keep in mind that the enlarge spell bonus is a conditional bonus, and does not stack with barbarian rage.

I think you might have misunderstood me. I was saying if you take a large weapon and since the weapons in the book are not large I would use mechanics of enlarge to change the weapon damage. not use the spell enlarge. which is increase damage by +2 per size category above medium.

Medium Longsword 1d8
Large Longsword 1d8+2
Huge Longsword 1d8+4

What about the Warrior

it talks about how you were a soldier of some type and now your independent.

Which makes sense

ability boost Strength or Constitution

Which makes sense as well

You gain the "quick repair" skill feat?

Ok when did we make a wrong turn here?

What does repair have to do with being a Warrior? Now if we had something like a quick draw feat that would make sense, but quick repair does not make any sense at all.

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I thought the same thing for my group until one of the players asked the simple question, "Come to think about how often do we go into the bag in a single day?"

This came out to about 2-3 times a day depending on the story, and that was followed up by the statement of "and the party can share the cost of activation since it takes two hands to keep open, so one person opens and the other puts in or gets out stuff."

So think about that in that way i don't see any issues as a party the cost.

I have three simple house rules I am going present with my group

1st is resonance used on a consumable activates it for the scene/combat/hour to be used as many times possible.

2nd is resonance used on a consumable item is refunded at the end of scene/combat/hour.

3rd is a single resonance can be used up to 10 times on consumable items before it is considered to be spent.

these options seem more flexible to the players and don't break the system.

Since there is no rule about large weapons compared to medium weapons look at the spell "enlarge" to treat the change in weapon size the same as if you were affected by the enlarge spell. That is what our group is going to do until a further ruling is made.

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Found an editable character sheet

if that link does not work try this _2_character_sheet/

Thank you

Ok so with the new character sheet in the book is great but is there any way I can get an individual copy (without my personal information plastered on the edges)?

rixu wrote:
Sounds reasonable IF they are looting the stuff for themselves. But if the ship has a good working systems they might want to loot them (or parts of them) to be sold as parts. Will you allow it or just say they can't remove them in usable form with their gear? Or would you allow them to sell the stuff to a 3rd party for UPBs or credits?

In that case, I would allow them to take the parts. I would go with two options they can keep the parts to repair their own ship when in need to eliminate the need for UPB's or

Salvaging Ship parts - It takes hours equal to the half total amount of Build points the part cost to salvage. The DC to salvage is = 15 + 2 × the starship’s tier. this will grant them 10 salvage per build point for the part.

Now if one was going to sell the salvage parts then they would treat the salvage parts as UBP's. For example, a crew gets a ship salvaged for its T6 thrusters (3 BP) which take 1.5 hours to salvage. This would result in getting 30 salvage points to repair just the T class thrusters. 30 Salvage points would be equal to 3 UBP's (this would fall into the rule of 10%).

I use the 10% value to discourage the players from hoarding just like the current system does with equipment.

IMO you can take it two ways.

Fast and dirty - this process only works if they don't currently have enough build points available on their ships build at the time. The players would then take/scrap part to be used later on their ship as a part they don't need to work to get through the storyline.

Slow and Clean - This way only works if they have the Build points at the time. The players would carefully remove the part of the ship they want and the slowly (build point of item = Hours) remove it and then taking the same amount of time or double it to install it on their ship.

Example: A crew disables a ship which has a better engine than their own. at the time they don't have the right amount of Build points to replace their current engine with the new one so they decide to store the part to be installed later. it takes an amount of build points the engine is worth in hours to remove it and then once they have leveled up they would take either equal or double that time (double for tech that they are not familiar with) to install the part. Otherwise, they would have to go through the storyline per the GM to upgrade their engine as normal. If they had the available build points they would just stop what they are doing and install the part at that time.

I don't always agree that you have to go to a spacedock to install parts of a ship if you have the crew who have the ability to do the work. But it would be a thing that if it was part of a combat element then the ship would have to stop and wait for the part to be installed which leaves them helpless if attacked. But I would not apply that rule if they were going to change a cargo hold into a gym. That can be done as long as they have someone who can do the work who is not currently dealing with the day to day needs of the ship.

Gary Bush wrote:
I have read this post three times and I still don't understand the point you are trying to make Farlanghn.

I think he is saying that you get the bonus to the skill count towards the max skill rank which is not correct.

ThomasBowman wrote:
In Star Wars, starships aren't that expensive, the Millennium Falcon for instance costs as much as a new car. Luke sold his land speeder to pay for passage to Alderan and commented that he could almost buy his own ship for that amount of money. I almost wonder why people would even bother to have a land speeder if they could take their starship anywhere they wanted to go. That is also why I designed a Scout/Courier without an air/raft. As you can see, the hangar for it became a tech workshop. I didn't see the use for getting separated from one's starship while traveling in an air/raft. Why not just take the scout/courier anywhere you want to go?

Stop and think about this...

Yes, the cost of the trip is about the same as the cost to buy the ship but not the cost to maintain the ship. If you trip and the ship were about 2m credits but the upkeep of the ship is 250k per week which does not include travel expenses such as travel vouchers and clearance etc.

Mnemonic Editor - The network of magic and technology is capable of removing experiences from a patient strapped to the bed over the course of a single 24-hour session. Skills and knowledge can be excised, lessons unlearned and muscle memory altered.

If you use a mnemonic editor, you can undo 2 character levels’ worth of decisions about which class levels you took, which feats you selected, how you applied any level-based increases to ability scores, how you assigned new skill ranks, and so on.

pg 266-267

So if you choose to retrain a level lets say level 1 then you could change your theme with GM approval.

I don't see anything wrong with giving your engineer the option to salvage a starship for parts which gives them 10% BP which they can then apply to their own ships (if they have the ranks equal to or greater then the tier of the ship). But I would have some extra stuff to add to it. Salvaging a ship is a long process about 10 times longer than crafting and yes you can have the extra BP which may be more than your ship can hold but you can only use up to your ships max until you level up and have more room to add the new parts in which fall back to the 10 time longer process to craft/add them to the ship. So when you have more BP parts available then the ships tier can hold then guess what it becomes a "house in a box" issue you are going to need to store the parts in a cargo hold or something to be used later.

Wait...Adult dragons who have Spaceships? I wonder what they would look like, and how big they would be?

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Building off your information I created for my group an excel sheet.

The sheet is quite simple

you put in your APL and number of players
then the total amount of exp the group should have ( a group of level 1 1300xp)

then there are two columns the CR of the encounter and a homebrew thing which is skill checks for furthering the story (not skill checks for someone trying to get a free drink and such).

Once all that is put in it will return with the divided exp for the group and with your, BP breaks down how much BP the ship has gained up to the point it levels up but not to exceed the level of the group.

Feel free to try it out the link below and let me know if you see any errors.


link does not work

I like your calculator, will you be updating this with the new alien archive book?

Will they make combat cards for regular combat and spaceship combat?

This is simple if an item takes up a body slot like arms chest head and such it is considered worn.

Null-Space Chamber works no matter worn or not which does not mean you cant have one just that if you wear it, then it will count.

Per CRB "A null-space chamber is a circular device often designed to be strapped to an arm or backpack." which means it is a worn object, but its function does not stop if not worn.

Here is a link of the image

I was wondering if anyone was working on either a PDF or Excel/Gsheet NPC creator calculator?

IMO: Operatives are like a backward Enovy. Enovy characters are all about buffing the party and Operatives are about debuffing the enemy with conditions. I would like to see a lot more varieties of weapon options.

In the CRB on page 213, there is an image of a computer. I wanted to know if anyone knows what font/language is on the screen.

Dark Sorcerer wrote:
If all expansion bays are the same size how does a shuttle fit into 2 expansion bays?

My answer to this riddle is this...

One Cargo bay is 20 feet tall (twice the avg height of a room) with 25 sections of 5-foot squares.

Two cargo bay linked is 40 ft tall with 625 sections of 5-foot squares.

My point is if you add another bay to it then Square the Volume of the room, don't just connect the two like taking a wall out.

I would like to see a Fleet Book. It would detail out each factions ships with new Frames and stuff. Outside of that, I would like to see other star systems with details on culture, factions, classes etc...

I have created a new Frame and need some feedback.

Vast Explorer
Size Huge Maneuverability average (+0 Piloting, turn 2)
HP 200 (increment 25); DT 5; CT 36
Mounts forward arc (1 capital), port arc (1 light), starboard arc (1 light), turret (1 heavy)
Expansion Bays 10 (must have at least 1 Shuttle bay)
Minimum Crew 6; Maximum Crew 25
Cost 100

So like many others, the frames in the book work great up to a point. I am trying to break down how frames are designed on a point system and I could use some help. If anyone has figured out the formula used to create frames, please can you share it with me?

Could you be the Captain and give yourself a bonus to the minor crew actions. Say something witty/motivational and then do it.

Akoni Doomhammer wrote:
Gary Bush wrote:
For the starship sheet, select the frame first. It drives a lot of the other values.

FYI - So I've saved the PDF on Google Drive and downloaded it onto my MacBook and am using the Preview app to modify values.

In regards to the starship sheet, I can change the Frame's drop down menu from Racer to Dreadnought, but the size remains as Tiny.

On the character sheet, are the values inputed into the Ability Scores boxes suppose to change values for boxes like Modifier, Total or Dex/Str Mods, etc? If so, it's not working on my end.

I apologize as I'm not intending to criticize or whine. I'm so appreciative of the effort you've put into providing our community with this project!

Look up the chrome ext Kami it will allow you the ability to alter filables.

Can you name a spell that affects humanoids and constructs differently? I couldn't find one. Kind of odd to have a trait that never comes into play.

You're correct, at this time I don't think there is any spell or effect that does target both but that doesn't mean that there never will be one. Your statement does not mean that is not Paizo intent. Until Paizo makes an official statement on this matter we will never know who is correct.

Really!!! This is not hard to understand. I don't know why people keep making the same statement over and over about no effect is worse. "this spell does nothing for Humanoid/Constructs so that the worse effect". No there is no worse effect unless it targets both Humanoids(living creatures) and Constructs (Object).

Ok, let's take Make Whole for example.

Targets one object of up to 1 bulk/level or one construct of any size

It says targets one construct of any size. So there is no additional effect to say this is worse because the effect is nothing on a humanoid. You can't even target a humanoid with this spell.

Take the idea of a rocket launcher as being the spell cast. Let's say this rocket launcher (spell) Auto locks to a heat source before firing. But your target is a snowman. guess what, you can't shoot it because there is no heat! Same thing when casing Raise dead on a wrench. You can't because the main component of the spell does not exist which is the target.

Androids can be targeted as both Humanoid or Construct. Only and only if an effect can target both will there be "worse" effect.

So looking over many pdf's in the last few weeks I have seen some amazing things. But it makes me wonder. Could someone create a Module which on the front inside cover has a part where you could select your groups APL? Then the content of the module it would adjust the events and NPC's to meet the newly selected APL.

So after reading the core book and looking around at all the classes, I was wondering if anyone had attempted in making a 1-20 leveling guide on how to be a Jedi in the Starfinder system. I am looking for something that shows what class to take at what level and what feats.

Its quite simple....there was a writer guild strike, which caused a huge gap in time. Once it was over some writers went back in time to before the gap and picked up where they left off while others didn't want to go back in time because it would have cost too much gas to make the trip. You know gas prices are not cheap. well that pretty much explains what happened. now you might be wondering who are these writers are they the gods? nope, they are the being before all those who came up with the concept of an Idea. being beyond power, they can create whole worlds and kill everything with only a few words. these are being more powerful than anything else in the game.

Could Someone make a sheet for those characters who don't have spells and drones which have the factions as well?

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