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I would like to cancel the following subscriptions:

Pathfinder Campaign Setting
Pathfinder Modules
Pathfinder Player Companion


Character Name: Drelm
Role Card: Vaultkeeper
Skill Feats: Str +4, Wis +3
Power Feats: +1 hand size, On your check against a card that has the Obstacle ([X] or Trap)([X]or Lock) trait, you may add your Divine skill, When you would discard a blessing that has the Abadar trait to add 1 or more dice to a check you may recharge it instead, Add 1d6 to your check to acquire a boon or to your check to close a location ([X]You may automatically fulfill the requirements to temporarily close your location, When you defeat a card that has the Lock or Trap trait, you may examine the top 3 cards of your location deck and put them back in any order.
Card Feats: Weapon +1, Spell+1, Item +1, Ally +2, Blessing +2
Weapons: Glacial Khopesh +1, Shock Glaive +1, Thousand Stings Whip, Crook and Flail of Kings
Spells: Augury, Cure, Find Traps, Commune
Armors: Aegis of Recovery, Rhino Hide Armor
Items: Golden Serpent Armband, Chest of Keeping, Pharaoh's Key
Allies: Khelru, Ausetitha, Fortune-Teller
Blessings: Abadar x3, Wadjet x2, Isis

Character Name: Channa Ti
Role Card: Oasis Caller
Skill Feats: Dex +3, Int +2, Wis +3
Power Feats: +1 hand size, Weapon Proficiency, You may discard ([X] or recharge) a card to add 1d8 to your check that invokes the Acid or Cold ([X] or Electricity or Poison) trait, You may recharge a card that has the Liquid or Magic trait to reduce Acid or Fire ([X] or Poison) damage dealt to you to 0, At the end of your turn, another ([X] or any) character at your location may recharge a random card from his discard pile.
Card Feats: Weapon +1, Spell +2, Item +2, Blessing +2
Weapons: Venomous Heavy Crossbow +2, Chakram of Ruin
Spells: Cure, Eruption, Ice Storm x2, Safety Bubble, Dune of Doom, Jolting Portent
Armors: Gravewatcher Chain Mail
Items: Hand of the Honest Man, Mask of the Forgotten Pharaoh, Life Lantern, Khepresh of Refuge
Allies: Fire Gecko, Hyaenodon, Khai-Utef, Sand Elemental
Blessings: Thoth x2, Isis, Anubis

I think you have them all, although I wouldn't count the golem or Tup since they aren't Mummy's Mask promos.

I'm super stoked about this. Varian and Radovan have been my 2 most wanted characters for a long time.

Thanks for your input, but since I puchased this from paizo and they didn't provide the product, I'm going through their customer service. Just like if I bought a pathfinder book from Amazon and did not receive it, I'd go to Amazon's customer service, not paizos.

Hi, I recently purchased the Dragon's Demand soundpack. However, on the downloads page, it just shows: Serial Number: unavailable, please check back in a minute.

Can you please check on this?


Hi, can you please cancel my card game subscription? Thanks.


A couple of weeks ago I was playing Season of the Righteous with my group, and a disagreement arose. One of the players, on his first exploration of the turn, encountered Crazed Cultists. This resulted in him having to fight a Cultist of Baphomet, which states, "Before you act, if this is your first exploration of the turn, the Cultist of Baphomet deals 1 Combat damage to you."

At this point, I pointed out that he'd have to take the damage since this was his first exploration. The rest of the table disagreed, stating that only the barrier itself was the first exploration, and that the cultist was basically outside of the whole explore structure, and not part of any exploration.

I've always played that anything that happened between the start of the exploration and it's resolution would be during that exploration.

What does everyone think?



I bought the inquisitor class deck last week, and when sleeving the cards I noticed that I am missing the very last blessing in the deck, I believe it's the blessing of the eternal rose, deck 6. Would it be possible to get a replacement of this card?


TomasMurdoc wrote:
Just curious if anyone knows when the PACG Open is going to go back on the Gencon listing for events, or when the 8-00 special event for PACG will be listed? As with many of the people posting it makes me nervous trying to plan for these very limited spots and not having them listed.

Hey man, I sent you a PM earlier this week about potentially getting On The Dot back together (I'm Kyra from last year). If you get a chance, take a look and get back to me. If they get the event scheduled finally, maybe we can get together again.

Fair enough. I'll plan my gencon as if the open doesn't exist, and if it turns out I can play in it, I'll call it a bonus.

in that case there's a good chance that "On the Dot" won't be able to defend the title. I need to plan gencon with my friends, and I don't know when to keep time free when pre registering on Sunday. Pretty frustrating.

Yeah, can we get an exact listing of all the times for each round of the open? I'm having trouble finding everything on the event listing, and i want to be able to make my gencon plans by the time i need to register for everything.

As far as the iconics are concerned, I am an rpg player and also a card gamer, and I have a different view than what seems to be the majority. I'm actually getting pretty tired of the iconics and wish that they'd use other characters more. I'm 100% fine with using them in most of the art, as that was their original purpose, to be an art reference and fill in for "your pc". So I'm super stoked anytime a different character comes out for the card game. Bonus points for being from the fiction, as that's one of my favorite parts of pathfinder, partially because it uses original characters.

Hi, can you please cancel my comics subscription? Thanks!

Has anyone else had issues with the backs of these sleeves starting to peel after regular use? I sleeved all of my class,decks in these, and after a full run through of season of the shackles, most of the cards in my deck had sleeves with the back (the part with the picture) peeling off. It sucks because I have a ton of these, but I'd rather not use them now.

When I'm playing on my own, I use the bard method. The group I play with, however, does the method of just putting cards at the bottom and not shuffling, and it's not super important to me, so I'm fine with that way.

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Still here.

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The NPC wrote:

"We're Blood Bound - Collecting the stars

We hold a power that is greater than all"

My first thoughts as well!


Please cancel my card game sub. I will re-subscribe for the WotR Character Add-On.



Goblin Squad Member

I just wanted to confirm that EE is still going to go live tomorrow. I've been a bit out of the loop so I just wanted to make sure. Also, have they said what time it will go live? I was thinking of taking the day off of work.

I apologize if these questions have been answered elsewhere. I was unable to find them.


Does this scenario have to be a given character's very first scenario, or can a character with one or two scenarios under his belt play through and get credit as well?

Thanks for the info. Hopefully in the future I'll be in a position that I can pre-reg for games. I recently made a level 1 character and I'm getting together with my friends this weekend to put together some for them. We should be ready to go at the con, and hopefully we get in some games.

Edit: How early would you recommend we show up to try and get into a game?

Hey everyone. I have a somewhat noobish question about GenCon. I’ve been to GenCon several times, but have never played in an organized game there. I decided that I would like to change that this year. The problem is, due to some personal issues that I’ve been dealing with lately (possibly leading to me not being able to attend, and not knowing who might attend with me), I wasn’t able to really think about signing up for games, and might not be able to commit until I’m actually at the Con. I would very much like to play some PFS (maybe 2 or 3 sessions). Are there options for me? Is there a chance that I can get into a game once I’m already there? I also have two friends who would also like to play. Is there any chance that we could all get into the same game? I know that pre-registering is pretty important, so it may be that we’re out of luck this year, which is fine. The con is fun either way.

If it matters, we’re all going to have fresh level 1 characters and don’t care about what modules we may play.


I saw a few people mention it, but is there any chance that the pregens can be posted as a pdf (hopefully sometime tomorrow)? It would be very useful to be able to print them out rather than have to use a copier.


Can you please cancel my Gamemastery Maps subscription?


I vote Tiffiny as the Harrower.

This sucks. I am very fortunate to have seen him in concert three times. I'm going to rock out to Dio tonight.

Hungry for Heaven indeed

Hey guys, thanks for the whitelist.

I have a VIP key as well, so you can count on me to try and help with the tree. Since the outfit is the only thing not tradable, I think that I may go for it first. Also, if you want more Crimbux, don't forget to gamble. The 11 table is a great place to get more if you've got adventures to burn. The past two days I've done just the quest, and burned the rest of my adventures there (betting max each time), and at the end of today, I'm at 6,206 Crimbux. If you want to gamble, but don't think you've got the skills, there are guides to the game available. It's actually pretty easy to succeed at.

Hey guys. I'd been thinking to ask to join your clan for a while now. Seems like right now would be a good time to do it. I've been playing for a little over a year now, and play pretty regularly. My name in game is rethmog. I'd love to join you guys if you wouldn't mind whitelisting me.

These are great! Thanks for posting them. My group is currently in Lightless Depths, so some of these are right on time for them. Keep 'em coming!

Stop eating poop

Regarding Copper Dragons in Dragons Revisited, I think I may have spotted a couple errors (although I may be missing something since I’ve seen no discussion on this). It seems as though there may have been some confusion that Coppers were of the fire persuasion, rather than earth/acid. On page 30, it makes reference to their fiery breath, and then later on the same page it talks about them exploring areas fatal to dwarves such as molten magma. Also, on the next page, it mentions them emitting great gouts on fire when drunk.

Now, I guess that they could do some of these feats using magic, but I would think it would be mentioned if they were assuming magic to gain a fiery breath weapon.

Anyway, it’s not a huge deal, I was just wondering if there was something there I wasn’t seeing.

For what it’s worth, I’ve just read up through the copper chapter, and I absolutely love the book. It may be my favorite of the Chronicles line. Each dragon type is very unique and interesting. Great job Paizo!

Gorbacz wrote:

@ Giant Eagle.

I do understand the Tolkien roots and all, but...

"Hey, some huge bird is flying there"
"Huge bird ? Great, incoming dinner. Can you get me a positive on what bird is it ?"
"Hmmm....looks like a Giant Eagle"
"Ah crap, he's intelligent, NG and all. No food today."

I would feel really cheated if I were a Giant Raven or Giant Hawk ;)

Actually, Giant Eagle is a great food source, with no alignment repercussions.

Giant Eagle.

Insert Neat Username Here wrote:
There are several threads about this. Short version: It's a bug; Gary's working on it.

Aha. I see. Thank you for the information.

My subscription order #987899 shows a message saying that the payment method was declined. I checked the bank account and there is plenty of money in there. Also, I called the bank to ask about it and they confirmed that they approved the charge. I'm not really sure what the best thing to do at this point is. I've always used the same card for my subscriptions, with no problems. I sent an e-mail to customer service as well, to cover all my bases.

I'd really like to have this order in my hands when I leave for GenCon on the 13th. I have another debit card for a different account if it is needed. What is the best way for me to handle this?


Hey there. I'm in Pittsburgh (Swissvale to be more specific). I've got 2 games going on right now, but don't really have any spots open, or time to run another. If you or your buddy is a DM, I might be able to hook you up with some players, or play myself. There's a game store in Oakmont that I frequent that has a pretty good community. Shoot me an e-mail JDavidF58 (at) hotmail (dot) com. If nothing else, I can introduce you to my gaming community.

Add me to the list of subscribers who did not get the Gaz with PF 9.

My group and I personally love flaws and traits. As you said, flaws are a good way to help get more feats, and they're a fun roleplaying tool. I even gathered all of the official flaws (from UA and several dragon issues), and typed them up into a flaw document, which is now an extremely valuable tool for all our campaigns.

While it's true that fairly meaningless flaws can be chosen (murky-eyed is a common selection), I've never found that it unbalances the game, although others' experiences may be different.

Heh. Yeah, that was my wife that posted that. We just figured that the post got eaten. But apparently it was there, and something just got messed up. Thanks for re-posting the text there. If it doesn't find it's way back, we can re post it.

Put me in the "Me likey skill points" camp. Either way, I will keep skill points for my game.

1. No sir.

2. Probably will cancel my subscriptions.

3. I will buy as much stuff as possible. :)

That is one of my all time favorite articles. I don't think anyone in my group has played a regular fighter since.

Happy Mona day Monas!

Cpt_kirstov wrote:
RETH-Mog wrote:
I also have not received my copy (or my U1). I wasn't sure if I should still wait a bit or if it should be here by now.
*gets out calender* when did yours ship out? Mine says shipped on the 2nd, which means it's only been 7 days. (it doesn't get picked up til the next day, plus 5-10 BUSINESS days means no weekends and no Columbus day - so US subscribers have until thursday before they are even late)

Righto. No problem. I think I'm just super eager. I shall continue to wait patiently.

I also have not received my copy (or my U1). I wasn't sure if I should still wait a bit or if it should be here by now.

I gotta go with B.

3.5 is a great system, and it sounds like in making things simpler for 4th edition, they are removing options. And I loves me my options.

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