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Wayfinder #2; Glorious


In the interest of Full Disclosure, I am an advertiser for #1 and #2, I also have worked proffesionally with a number of people featured in this e-zine.

I normally don't do reviews of Rpg products being a publisher myself, its just too easy to upset folk. For Wayfinder #2 I am making an exception.

That's just how good this product is, Its free, its layout is gorgeous, its art is awesome, its articles are engaging and easy to read (congrats to the authors and editors). This matches the production quality of any company you wish to name, myself included.

I am looking forward to #3

Steve Russell
Rite Publishing

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Midnight Chronicles DVD is excellent drama


I love this movie, the lead character Mag Kiln is fascinating, with a depth that you don't see in modern TV and each scene is dramatic. Also the the writing is internally consistent, there are no powers as the plot demands.

With a lower budget they have pulled off a better movie than either of the D&D films, and I think with an actual budget they could have surpassed the effects and choreography of shows like Legend of the Seeker.

I so wish this would have been made into a series.

This DVD is well worth you money. (I think I have now seen the movie 6 times at least).

Steve "Qwilion" Russell