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Qwilion wrote:
David knott 242 wrote:

How about a PDF? I bought a PDF and got nothing in my downloads.

Hi David,

I contacted Paizo and asked them to look into this as I have no access to view what they've tied to the file.

I expect we'll have a response today. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.


And just got the response

From Paizo: "We are aware of the download issue, and are working with the tech team right now to resolve it."

David knott 242 wrote:

How about a PDF? I bought a PDF and got nothing in my downloads.

Hi David,

I contacted Paizo and asked them to look into this as I have no access to view what they've tied to the file.

I expect we'll have a response today. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.


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Hello Rite Fans!

I am working with Paizo to get a Hardback Color option available on here. It should be available to order this week or early next week!

Thanks for all your support.
-Miranda Russell

SilvercatMoonpaw wrote:

Errata: the Undying feat mentions Constitution score.

Also this work deserves and expansion like the upcoming one for dragons, so that other kinds of undead can be made.

Be sure to check out In the Company of Vampires to add to your undead collection.

Sexy I love me some temporal monsters.

Chuck Wright wrote:

Go ahead and link to it, Qwilion, all Third-pary publishers need to support each other across the board, in my opinion.

And I want to see it, too! <grin>

Legendary Levels

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I would like to point out what I perceive to be errors in Shinzakei's review

First the CR of the monsters is wrong in many cases. For example a CR 5 Black Skeleton in the tome, has dr 10/ bludgeoning and good. What kind of CR 5 has a DR with AND that is too strong at a CR 5.

The kind that appears in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game

Such as the Werebear CR 4 and has DR 10/silver (from the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Bestiary 2),or the Gemstone Gargoyle CR 6 that has DR 10/adamantine (from the Pathfinder Chronicles: Classic Horror Revisited).

DR is for creatures that are Spoilers.

"A spoiler is a creature with specific defenses. Specific defenses help make one monster different from another. For example, a creature with spell resistance (SR) shifts power balance away from spellcasters, while damage reduction (DR) shifts power balance toward spellcasters. One often finds creatures with both DR and SR, such as outsiders; this combination blunts the effect either special ability would have on its own.

DR is a strange effect, because it can punish melee attackers in general but reward melee attackers who deal lots of damage. Displacement has a more pure effect, hurting attack rolls but leaving area-attacks and spells unaffected. "--Monster Niches by Jesse Decker and David Noonan

So while it might increase the CR of an encounter for the martial character it has zero impact on your spellcasters.

Also there are a ton of monsters over CR 20 and pathfinder doesn't have a epic level book at this time. (could be a few years yet) so all these monsters with very high CR (even one with a 39) you can't even use with your parties. Its neat that there are monsters out there that are that nasty but i can't use them for years if ever (paizo may not release a epic lvl book)

The Pathfinder Roleplaying game has published 20 monsters over CR 20. Tome of Horrors complete has 16, IMHO that does not constitute a ton since pathfinder has more. Also I am pretty sure this keeps it under 10% of the product.

There is a Pathfinder Compatible Product for epic levels, and ToHC is a 3PP product (I won't link to it here as I think its uncool to advertise someone else's product in the Frog God Games Thread) So if its OK to use this 3rd party content it should be OK to look at using other 3rd PP content.

Also not every encounter is meant to winable or even within a players CR there are monsters you run into that are there simply for the "There is always a bigger fish" effect. Insurmountable challenges are a part of life, and therefore for the stimulationist role-player rather than the gamist, they should be a part of the PFPRG.


@ Reviewer.

Its going to be pretty hard to avoid everything by Greg Vaughn.

spoiler monster question:
Someone mentioned this used a template from the Advanced Bestiary is this true if so which one?

Hurin you can run part III as stand alone, I did.

@Ben yep you got it I love the Demilich

Yes the Demilich is chuck full of awesome.

I have read this, played this and chatted with the author about this, I think it is one of the best epic level adventures ever.

A huge blast. If I can find the time I might write up a play review.

That pun went one to far.

First its the time thief now its the Feats of Immediate Action; Something tells me the Geniuses are an impatient lot ;)

As always Owen thanks for pushing the boundaries.

Owen K. C. Stephens wrote:
Anyone who doesn't hesitate to take on his legacy in any game-related department isn't taking that legacy seriously enough.

(Looks over at all the AE stuff he as worked on) I know exactly how you feel.

The Magus to be called something else.

What's up with Corsair?

Congrats to the SGG folks.

Could this lead to the possiblity of a print version of Dungeonaday being released?

"Submitting a generic adventure (even the most awesome one ever penned) would not make the cut, unless it fit the specialized needs of the org play campaign."

Yes that would be why I was asking.

Ala I am not a member of the Society, I don't play them, I plan to read at least three of them, but my time is limited and I wanted a summary of what issues were most important; I was looking for a quick summary and definition of the major differences;

Is there an Exemplar Scenario that I should be looking at?

And thank you for all the feedback.

What I meant was what are the difference between a scenerio a unique submission vs. say an adventure submission to Dungeon Magazine, a pitch to Open Design, RPGA, or even a 3PP for Pathfinder.

What are the major differences in a Scenario Submission and a standard adventure submission?

I like Liches with who have used Trap the Soul on a Dragon or Tarrasque placing them inside their Phylactery

I also like the BAB + d12 and cheer it.

The more I read the Super Genius Guide Line of classes the more I want to start adding Npcs using the classes to both my personal games and my professional work as well.

Steve Russell

That is friggin Sweet,

Puts on his list.

Sheharan wrote:

The good guys in #109, the bad guys in #116.

Thanks Sheharan

I seem to remember a big picture of all Npcs but can't remember the issue could someone help me out (yes I know its in the hard back, that's not what I need to know).

Congrats to Wolfgang Baur, Ed Greenwood, and Rob McCreary on a 5 star Review.

Megan Robertson is my favorite reviewer. Paizo should make her a featured reviewer.

that sucks as i really like my Friends and Foes deck

@Paris Crenshaw,

There is nothing but postives in your review what kept the product form being 5 out of 5?

With an endorsement from Megan I will be picking this up


Thanks, you are a gentleman and a scholar. :)


While I agree with your sentiment that quick-start rules should be a PDF as well, the price is very reasonable. And reviewing something you have never even read is bad form. And could have just been put in the product discussion.

Hey, Harmor how about next time you actually do a marginally useful review and tell someone what was the problem with the product. It sounds to me like it does exactly what its supposed to do.

I mean at least you could have said how the product could have been improved.


Awakened Archlich 20th level Sorcerous Fey Bloodline Owlbear!

Now on sale at the Paizo Store

Yeah! Its on sale now!

Steve Russell
Rite Publishing

Get a Print Copy of 101 Magical Weapon properties and a complimentary PDF copy, for $9.89 with coupon code "Ides" (10% off) until March 31st from Lulu.com

Yep the printer friendly version is without borders.

Thanks for all the wonderful feedback.

I think Lilith should give you cookies!

[url]I swear you've been looking at my own Homebrew World.[/url]

Sorry, no the inspiration is from the same OGC source as Wyrd of Questhaven was taken from, so Owen K. C. Stevens is who I was looking tat :)

Another inspiration was the Gargoyles cartoon series.

Well you can play a Jotun gaint druid, you just can't play a Jotun giant Paragon Druid :)

But your right.


@ Dark Mistress

Thanks again for all the reviews. I am glad we could surprise her.

I have just uploaded a printer friendly versions at both rpgnow/drivethru and Paizo, thanks so much I live for actionable feedback!

I am curious as to how you determined the price point was too high? I based the price point on my own Feats 101 ($4.99), Ronin Arts 101 series ($4.99), and Super Genius Games Loot for Less series (30 items for $1.99, which would make it $6.69 for 101 items) How would you have calculated the price point? Did you have a suggested price point?


Thanks Robert, I spent alot of time combing through my Homebrew and OGC sources to find magical weapon properties that did not suck, and alot of the credit for balance goes to the playtest group and my best friend Doug Hughes.

Oh also at the very last minute Dennis "Ogre" Baker point out a fix we needed for my personal favorite special quality Disorienting as I really think that one could be turned into a condition.

Steve Russell
Rite Publishing

Actionable Feedback is something that is always counts, it helps us improve an update the product (one of the real benfits of PDF).

I want to thank Dark Mistress for supporting us by taking the time to do such an in depth and detailed review of our product.

We have 3 other racial books that do allow you to multiclass all you like Ironborn of Questhaven, Wyrd of Questhaven, and Restless Souls (though this is more a template than a race).

I am working on a multiclassing option that allows it upon particular paths for example when you have all the abilites of a troll you could multiclass as a ranger (Troll Hunter) or when you have all the abilities of a stone giant you can multiclass as a earth mage. etc. There was just not enough time to play-test it to where I was comfortable, but I should have included those comments in a side bar as a guideline for GMs who wanted to go that direction.

It is a PDF though so with two big chunks of feedback that say MULTICLASSING! Its something for an update!

A good review is all the support I could hope for, and you can always buy one of our other products that don't have a review already if you have an overwhelming desire to give me money :)

Thanks again

Steve Russell,
Rite Publishing

Because I may not be around tomorrow!


Think you have enough magical weapons to choose from? Think again! 101 Magical Weapon Properties gives you – yes, you guessed it – 101 Magical Weapon Properties, that will help you realize the vision you’ve had for your character’s weapon.

From the ability to chose energy types or sworn enemies to properties that have unique critical burst effects, along with new spell effects, and the ability to protect your allies, 101 Magical Weapon Properties brings a host of new special abilities to your character’s weapon.

Wholly compatible with the Pathfinder RolePlaying Game, 101 Magical Weapon Properties adds new agonizing choices to the creation of your character’s weapons and their advancement without breaking the game.

Get your copy today at RpgNow.com

Will be up on Paizo.com monday at 12:01 am PST.

Thanks Dark Mistress, I most definitely care a great deal. :)

Yes its everyones favorite price point.

Added the two high resolution jpegs both with and without the grid.

Steve Russell
Rite Publishing

Fridays & Functions: In The Works; find out what is coming out from Rite Publishing in the coming months. never before seen covers, and teasers! including the works of Hugo "Butterfrog" Solis, Ashton "N'Wah" Sperry, and Jonathan "Torstan" Roberts.

Check it out HERE

Thanks I will fix that

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