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“Make New Monsters the Rite Way”

Pathways Bestiary collects the first 60 templates from pathways magazine, updating and revising them, and presenting them along with sample stat blocks. Within these pages you'll find dozens of templates, ranging from thematic ways to tie monsters to one of the Seven Deadly Sins and complex re-skinning’s that make humanoids into massive kaiju, to simple additions that bolt a theme or concept onto a creature to give it a new role within an adventure's narrative. Each comes with some guidance on how the templated creatures can be worked into an adventure, a full stat block of a creature made new with the templates rules, and all the custom art you need to bring these creations to live.

More than just another collection of monsters that can be used at a single CR, this 228 page rule book is an important part of any GM's toolbox. Whether you need to boost an encounter’s CR, twist something from a published adventure to better suit your game group, or just want to dig through the plots and ideas presented here and use the templates to build your own unique vision of a fun encounter, these templates do more than just add a few dozen new monsters to your random encounter tables. They multiply the (likely vast) number of monster you already have by the number of templates within, turning even a game otherwise using only a single bestiary, into a world with tens of thousands of potential new foes.

Just in time for Halloween we have a great line up of In the Company of Products:

Be sure to check these out!

In the Company of Doppelgangers

In the Company of Vampires

In the Company of Wights
5/5 Star Review + Seal of Approval from Endzeitgeist

In the Company of Aberrations
5/5 Star Review + Seal of Approval + Nominee for 2017 Top Ten List from Endzeitgeist

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Where the adventure comes to you!

Adventuring is hard! Inconvenient!

You have to find the dungeon, check for traps, set up camp, go back to town when supplies run low... Wouldn't it be easier if the adventure came to you? Now, with the Gateway Pass Adventure Path, it will!

Bring your 6th-level characters to two action-packed weeks at the Brighton Outpost in the Gateway Pass, and experience the intrigue and excitement first hand! Uncover conspiracy! Face bloodthirsty bandits! Hunt awful creatures intent on consuming the locals, and destroy them!

This story of betrayal, corruption, and revenge takes place on the frontier of two small kingdoms, in a small border fort struggling to return to prominence. When the player characters arrive on the scene, adventure follows close behind them. The Gateway Pass series offers opportunities for a developing location and regular NPCs as the characters discover adventure in their own backyard! The first in a six-part adventure path for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, come explore just what happens when adventure comes to you!

Check out the full-sized 6 page free preview or buy your copy HERE!

Paizo.com, Open Gaming Store, and TableTop Library to follow soon.


In the Company of Dragons & Fey Hero Lab Files have been sent off to Lone Wolf Development for final review. They will be sold together for $9.99.

I will let you know the release date when LWD lets me know, I expect July 1st at the earliest.

Cover Image by Ernanda Souza

Always be yourself. Unless you can be a Unicorn!

Don’t be the last unicorn to join the party. Level up as a unicorn and grow from a foal to a Large mare or stallion as you embrace your untamable immortal essence and impale your foes with your horn; slay lions and dragons; disappear, change shape, or enhance yourself with the magic of your alicorn.

Create the unicorn you want to play in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game while avoiding the pit falls of vanity and pride inherent to the perfect, immortal, and utterly superior nature of unicorns. This product includes the new unicorn race the re’em, racial traits, alternate racial traits, the core class archetype (which works with 28 different classes), the unicorn sorcerous bloodline, the paragon racial class (where you level up as a unicorn), and unicorn only feats. All so, you can play unicorns alongside any other player character in any high fantasy campaign setting.

Cover Illustration

Unleash Your Hunger!

Come discover the secrets of the rakshasa. They are hunger made manifest, insatiable earthbound spirits born in blasphemy. Be the apex predator slipping unseen among the mortal masses, befuddling their mind, senses, and emotions while you dine on all the physical and spiritual tastes the mortal world can offer.

Play the 1st-20th level rakshasa paragon class that allows you to eventually become a Rakshasa Maharaja! Create the rakshasa you want to play right alongside all the dwarven fighters, the elven wizards, and human barbarians, in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.Choose the native outsider race the yaksha, with its racial traits, alternate racial traits, favored class bonuses, and racial feats that will allow you to play minor rakshasa with any base class. Select from among the racial archetypes for the Monk, Slayer (Advance Class Guide), and The Luckbringer (Rite Publishing’s The Secrets of Adventuring) so you can bring the true nature of the rakshasa to bear.

Now come and play a Rakshasa HERE!

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Coming Sunday! From the same man who brought you #30 Haunts for Houses, #30 Haunts for Ship and Shore, #30 Haunts for Objects, and #30 Haunts for Kaidan (Japanese Ghost Stories) Rite Publishing Presents:

#30 Haunts for Battlefields
Cover Illustration by Marek Rakuč

Cover Image Preview

Coming December 4th to Kickstarter, The Super Powered Bestiary (M&M).

Does your hero need demons and genies to bind too him, does your hero gain the power or transform into animals, or do the heroes in your game just want to punch out a T-Rex? Well then, you my friend need The Super Powered Bestiary!

Brought to you by Owen KC Stephens​’ Rogue Genius Games​, written and fully-illustrated by Jacob Blackmon​ this 300+ page full-color hardback will bring you over 180 creatures Super-Powered by M&M.

#30 Bloodrager Organizations
Cover Image Preview
Don’t Make Them Angry!

Within #30 Bloodrager Organizations, you will find over 50 pages detailing the complex societies the hybrids of eldritch might and uncontrollable wrath belong to; This product includes first person narratives for each organization, so that you have an immersive guide for interactions with each society detailing their alignment, tenants, entry requirements, leadership as well as custom character options. These included both Alternate Class Features as well as new and exciting Feats so that each bloodrager you create or encounter can be a truly unique individual.

Find out more, check out the full-sized free preview, and/or buy your copy HERE!

Rite Map Pack: Coastal Region
Cover Image Preview
"I wisely started with a map and made the story fit.."

Coastal Region, a new offering from Tommi Salama the gifted cartographer for Kobold Press, Rite Publishing, Raging Swan Press and many more, gives you a new region to use in any campaign! This elegant, coastal region is a spoiler-free unlabeled versions, created in hand drawn gorgeous full-color, This file includes a JPEG plus a printable map pack in Letter pages so you can lay it across the table.

Check out the quick preview and/or buy your copy HERE!

Pathways #53 FREE!
Cover Image Preview

50 page Horror Themed E-zine totally FREE!

You can get it HERE!

Or subscribe and get all 53 issues for free over THERE!

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Do not listen to her, Liz Courts is a werewolf!

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Greetings folks,

While I have a production schedule that makes me want to cry like baby, I though I might check in with you folks to see what you wanted us to create for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.

Here is my current list of working products and their production stage, so you won't pitch something we are already working on.

Pathways #53 coming in November Patreon running.

Martial Arts Guidebook PDF complete released to backers, waiting on printing proof; Release Date Nov 15th

Adventure Quarterly #7 In final Layout

1001 Magic Items In layout

The Secrets of The Divine: Death, Healing, Law, & Madness in editing, art complete.

Kaidan Campaign Setting in mock layout, final chapters in editing, art orders being placed.

#30 Bloodrager Organizations manuscript in development

In the Company of Dragons Expanded: Manuscript in Development (Foreword, Lost Isles, Mythic Draconic Exemplars complete), Foreword and Lost Isles edited,.

101 Not So Random Encounters Desert manuscript in development

Questhaven Campaign Setting in development with me writing.

Ultimate Monsters Hero Lab (Book of Monster templates, 101 not so simple monster templates, 101 Monster Feats, 101 Variant Monsters etc.) assigned to the Rite Coder.

In the Company of Fiends manuscript in Development.

In the Company of Rakshasa manuscript in Development

In the Company of Aberrations at pitch stage

In the Company of Unicorns at pitch stage

10 Kingdom Seeds: (Part 2) manuscript in Development

101 Terrain Spells (part 5 and 6) manuscript in Development

An Occult Adventure by Matt Banach manuscript in Development

The Gateway Pass Adventure Serial in Development (Pitch stage)

Occult 1920's Chicago Adventure Path in Development (Pitch Stage)

The 50th FREE issue of Pathways is now available (and yes you can get all 50 issues for free), and we would like you to consider joining us as a Backer on Patreon for as little as $1.00 a month, So we can create even more content.

Its like a monthly Kickstarter with Monthly content we have proven we can do 50 times over. :)

And we have already passed our first Milestone Goal!

So please come join us.

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101 Subterranean Spells is now available

Before You Go Underground Again...

101 Subterranean Spells widens the spellcasting choices for players seeking adventure in the deep places of the earth, putting new and unexpected opportunities in the hands of GMs looking for ways to challenge characters eager to explore the world below.

Cultures and races from across the globe entomb their dead in the earth; what nefarious powers seep into the rock from those necromantic energies? Weird and alien races, some of them never seen anywhere near the surface, have unusual powers rarely tapped by surface races—what happens when arcanists and alchemists perform experiments on specimens from those dark places?

Entirely compatible with the Pathfinder RolePlaying Game, 101 Subterranean Spells expands the spell lists of casters in the Pathfinder RolePlaying Game Core Rulebook, Pathfinder RolePlaying Game Advanced Class Guide, Pathfinder RolePlaying Game Advanced Player’s Guide and Pathfinder RolePlaying Game Ultimate Magic.

Author: Dave Paul, Cover Illustration: Jack Holliday, Pages 45

Check out the Full Sized Free preview or get your copy HERE

Paizo store should be available later today (IE, I uploaded it on friday).

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Bundle of Holding for Pathfinder,

Pay what you want (minimum $7.95) includes 6 awesome PDFs from 6 awesome publishers with a total retail value of nearly 70 dollars. Come on over and check it out.

It includes as of right now
Dark Roads & Golden Hells (Kobold Press), Fall of Man (Samurai Sheepdog), Path of War (Dreamscarred Press), Anachronistic Adventures (Rogue Genius Games), Faces of the Tarnished Souk An NPC Collection (Rite Publishing), and Gothic Campaign Compendium (Legendary Games)

There will be bonus books added later and buying early is the cheapest way to get these bonus books. The average price, will rise during the offer's run, and you have to pay higher than the current average to get the bonus books the longer this goes on.

Come on over and check it out at

Bundle of Holding!

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Did I mention its free and its right HERE!

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Preview Illustration by Michael Richards

You know you want to play a Dragon!
Not a half-dragon, not a reptilian humanoid, but a DRAGON!

Come and find out if those who meddle in your affairs are crunchy and good with ketchup. Level up as a dragon and grow to the size of a house, breath fire, (or other energy types), struggle for territory, win prestige amongst dragons, slay giants, rule the sky, and embrace you true draconic essence right alongside all the other player characters. Create the dragon you want to play in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.

This revised compilation full-color hardcover print + PDF product includes the new dragon race the Taninin, racial traits, alternate racial traits, the core class archetype (which works with 31 different classes), the paragon racial class, and draconic feats, all so you can play dragons alongside any other player character in any high fantasy campaign setting.

This revised and expanded version also includes information on the Campaign Setting known as The Lost Isles; Its history, society, draconic rituals and rites, dragons of note, draconic magic items, plus expanded draconic archetypes.

Coming to Kickstarter May 20th.

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Cover Image

Fifth Edition Done Rite!

You must rescue your city’s ambassador from a city overrun by the Hungering Legion, a militant group of cannibalistic demon worshiping cultists. This glacier carved city is lost, there is no saving it, now you must make the hard choices of who to save and who to leave behind.

Welcome to The Breaking of Forstor Nagar.

This amazing 5th Edition adventure from the ENnie award winning adventure designer Ben McFarland (Streets of Zobeck) and with glorious cartography by Jonathan Roberts (George R.R. Martin’s Lands of Ice and Fire), is now available!

Check out the full-sized free preview, find out more, or get your copy HERE!

Print version coming soon!

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Cover Illustration by Malcolm McClinton

You know you want to play an OOZE!


Come slime someone, as a jello that makes room for itself!

Just when you thought that unsightly pasta stains had no champion, and you were comfortable in a world where mayonnaise didn't fight back, comes a Paragon Racial Class for your PC made entirely of the stuff that bursts out of mashed caterpillars. These are the rock stars of downtrodden gravy stains and greasy splotches everywhere; Become a large, intelligent cube of glop that can chase foes down and digest them before they've accepted they are being beaten up by an overachieving dessert.

Fully Compatible with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, from the same folks who let you play Giants, Dragons and Iron Titans, we bring you the product you never wanted. In the Company of Gelatinous Cubes!

Our April Fool's product for 2015, check it out HERE!

1001 Magic Items (PFRPG) Kickstarter coming in April.

Following up on the success of 1001 Spells and The Faces of the Tarnished Souk: An Npc Collection Kickstarter which just completed we will be looking at doing a compilation of magic items, we are looking to create new artwork for the book.

Initial Goal will be $2000.00

This will compile:
101 Magical Armor and Shield Properties
101 Magical Weapon Properties
101 Malevolent Magic Items
101 Special Materials and Power Components
30 Alchemical Gadgets
30 Badges of Faith
30 Battle Standards
30 Cloaks of Deception
30 Cursed Treasures
30 Firearms of Legacy
30 Fleshgrafts
30 Intelligent Magic Items
30 Ioun Stones
30 Manuals of Improvement
30 More Manuals of Improvement
30 Magical Tools
30 Portable Rooms
30 Ring of Defense
30 Staves
30 Unique Magical Blades
10 Witch Magic Items
10 Oracle Magic Items
10 Antipaladin Magic Items.
10 Wizard Magic Items
A Dozen Magical Armor and Shield Properties.
The Secrets of Forgotten Magic Items.

Free Preview

Thanks to Liz for getting this up.

Cover Image

Illustration by Lee Anthony Moten

Coming Next Week.

Qwilion of Questhaven,

In every land we find them—the awesome and terrible Kaiju. Some call them monsters; some call them gods. Regardless of the beliefs surrounding them, tales of these mythical creatures abound. The stories presented here offer a perspective on some of the greatest kaiju across the lands. As these are legends, some exaggeration is bound to exist, yet as no one can interview these mammoth creatures, it is very difficult to separate the fact from the fiction. Indeed, were the truth fully known, these beings may very well be even more fantastical than the tales claim.

With all respect,

Leiraleen Amelour

Cover Image preview
Illustration by Juan Diego Dianderes

This ain’t your pappy’s NPC book.

On an impossible island far across the Slumbering Sea, there churns a shadowy marketplace known as the Tarnished Souk. The motley faces of this bazaar of the bizarre include merchants, mages, and walking nightmares, each providing their own unique goods and services, each selling dreams, buying miracles, and trading lives as readily as coin. After entering the Souk's weird and winding aisles, the question for a dreamer is not whether they have what you want, but rather: are you willing to pay their price?

Find out more or get your print and/or PDF copy HERE!

In celebration of this release Rite Publishing is doing a 30-70% off sale on on Tarnished Souk related products, all Pathfinder adventures, and all its Pathifnder Npc related products which you can find over THERE! (This includes Coliseum Morpheuon for only $2.99, normally $17.49)

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For 24 hours only In the Company of Monsters is on sale for $2.99 (That's 70% off the cover price) Its a GM's day doorbuster.

Who doesn't want to play a monster? Play a giant, a minotaur, spirit returned from beyond the grave, an ironborn construct, a wyrd oni demon, or a gargoyle right alongside all the other standard races.

Find out more, check out the full-sized free preview, or get your copy HERE!


Rite Publishing is doing 30% of everything, and The Secrets of Adventuring is 50% off Both print and PDF. Rite Publishing only does a sale like this twice a year so get it now as you won't see a sale like this again till the end of the year.

Our sales are running at the following locations.





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10 Pathfinder Adventures for $10.00 (normally 64.86). Each adventure is from a different top publisher, so you get the best of what's available. It an runs the level range of 1st to 18th level of stand alone adventures so you could use them to forge your own adventure path or loot them for your homebrew campaign.

Come on over and check them out, this for a limited time only, exclusively at shop.d20pfsrd.com!

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Coming Monday!

The Secrets of the Iron Titan: A new 1st-20th level base class.

Play the construct you always wanted to. Be it an iron golem, a transformer, or robocop.

Cover Illustration by Bruno Balixa

Free Preview

Great to see this up on the Store Blog, Thanks Liz :)

This is a great personal joy to see out in the world. Something I have been looking forward too, the art on this one I think is our best yet, and there are some ideas here that really push the boundaries (like Giant Robots vs. Giant Monsters) from In Iron Clad.

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#30 Magic Tools Cover Preview

The Rite Tool for the Rite Job!

Within #30 Magic Tools are little pieces of magic to make your job as an adventurer a bit easier.

Find out more, check out the full-sized free preview of get your copy HERE!

Pathways #46 Cover Preview

How can you say "No" to a FREE collection of Pathfinder templates, GMing advice, swamp spells, and episode #11 of the Path Less Traveled Comic by Jacob Blackmon. If you say no designer Steven D. Russell and artist Addison Rankin will send a Phrenic Spawn Bugbear to assimilate you into a new Thing!

Did I mention its available for free right HERE!

While we work on finalizing products like Faces of the Tarnished Souk, Kaidan Campaign Setting, and the Martial Arts Guidebook while continuing to expand Questhaven, Pathways, and Adventure Quarterly, what products would you like to see Rite Publishing do in 2015?

Steven D. Russell
Rite Publishing

Cover Illustration by Jack Holliday

Fungai, Artifacts, and Mechs, Oh My!

With our next installment to the Ruins Perilous, dangerous wonders are birthed from the spoils left by those that came before. “The Fungarium” carved itself into being from the leavings of a formerly grand banquet hall, an excursion by myceloids, and the exacting corruption of a deal with a dragon with an uncanny twist. How fare Questor candidates in a test of diplomacy between a pair of races with alien frames of reference and points of view. Ruins Perilous - The Fungarium is intended for a party of 4th level characters by Mike Welham (of Pathfinder Module: Doom Comes to Dustspawn).

Mycenoid King Art previewby Dennis Darmody

“Fire & Ice” by Bret Boyd (of Behind the Spells) is a mission of destruction for 9th level characters by Bret Boyd. Are the PCs up to the mission of destroying a minor artifact? A mission that all-but destroyed the prior party that attempt to complete it? On an island that intersects with the Plane of Fire, the party must complete their mission before an unknown nemesis lays waste to them all.

K'runk art preview by Ernanda Souza

“And so the hero fought the corrupting god, in hand the ageless brand / withstood its sickened whisperers, the knight in iron clad.” Deep within a badlands, against insurmountable foes, a party of 14th level characters finds themselves as the blood, heart, mind, muscle, and sinew of an ancient construct known as the Iron Knight. “In Iron Clad” by Alex Putnam (of Pathfinder Player's Companion: Undead Slayer's Handbook), challenges a party in this most unusual event-based adventure.

Khali Art Preview by Sam Denmark

Cartography Preview: Shrine of the Weeping King Player map (small scale preview) by Tommi Salama

Additionally, Creighton Broadhurst (of Raging Swan Press) offers up a pair of drop-in encounters, Bal’s Garden and Deluge of Death, respectively for 6th level and 13th level characters. Suitable for underground adventures, Broadhurst’s talented mind offers enjoyable one off encounters to challenge your players.

Then Steven D. Russell (of 1001 Spells) continues his demonstrable advice on how to run sandbox campaigns with Improvisation Preparation

Deluge of Death art preview by Johnny Morrow

However you slice it, this issue of Adventure Quarterly is chock full of adventure and excitement, something we all crave.

Woot! Glad this is out.

Currently all Rite Publishing PDF products are 40% off for the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale. Including our best selling product In The Company of Dragons

This also includes a number of print products like The Secrets of Adventuring

Find it all HERE!

Cover Image Preview

Have your Spells Handy!

Rite Publishing and Perram’s Spellbook bring you 200+ Magus Spell Cards from the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook, Advanced Player's Guide, and Ultimate Magic. Now you don’t have to hunt through a book, search a website, or print a pdf page every time your magus wants to cast a spell! Available as both a premium card stock poker sized deck, and a home print ready PDF.

Find out more, check out the full-sized free preview or get your copy HERE!

Cover Image

Don’t Explore Swamps Unprepared!

101 Swamp Spells enhances the range of spellcasting options for players and gives GMs exciting new ways to challenge the marsh-exploring adventurers in their campaigns.

Want to really take advantage of those slow-rolling banks of fog on the edges of the swamp? Any interest in changing what natural toxins do? Want more ways to enjoy creatures from will-o-wisps and stirges to oozes and jellies?

Entirely compatible with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, 101 Swamp Spells is brought to you by the same folks that brought you 1001 Spells, and expands the spell lists of casters in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Core Rulebook, Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Advanced Player's Guide and Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Ultimate Magic.

Free Preview: Click Here
On Sale HERE

Author: Steven D. Russell
Cover Artist: Vincent Lefevre
Pages: 39

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Ahoy and Avast ye land lubbers, we have pieces of eight for $8.00 from eight of the best 3rd Party Publishers for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game

This is a special, limited time only super bundle of 8 different pirate-themed products from 8 different top publishers. Check out what this bundle contains!

    Peril in Freeport by Adamant Entertainment, a normal value of $9.95
    The Freebooter's Guide to the Razor Coast by Frog God Games, a normal value of $9.99
    Bosun's Booty: Extras for Journeys to the West by Kobold Press, a normal value of $4.99
    Islands of Plunder: Treasury of the Fleet by Legendary Games, a normal value of $4.99
    Villainous Pirates by Raging Swan Press, a normal value of $5.99
    101 Pirate and Privateer Traits by Rite Publishing, a normal value of $5.99
    Advanced Options: Fight Like A Pirate by Rogue Genius Games, a normal value of $3.99
    Grave Undertakings: Ship of Fools by Total Party Kill Games, a normal value of $6.99

Purchased separately all of these together would normally cost a grand total of over $50. This bundle is available for a limited time for just $8.00

Available exclusively HERE

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The Rite Pathfinder Bundle of Holding (Ends Sept 22nd)

10% of the sales of this bundle go to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Breast cancer is the disease that killed my Mother Sylvia Russell, and they give 91% to Research. So if you can't purchase I hope you will share this.

The customer can pay any price (minimum $9.95) to get both PDFs in the starter collection (1001 Spells, and Heroes of the Jade Oath). Customers who pay more than the threshold price also get all the bonus titles. When we add a title after launch, ALL previous customers get that title automatically on their download page, REGARDLESS of whether they paid more than the bonus threshold.This is their reward for buying early.

STARTER COLLECTION ($9.95 - retail $40):
1001 Spells ($20)
Heroes of the Jade Oath ($20)

BONUS TITLES (threshold starts at $18.95 - retail $57)
The Book of Monster Templates ($13)
Coliseum Morpheuon ($18)
Curse of the Golden Spear trilogy ($16):
The Gift, Dim Spirit, Dark Path
In the Company of Monsters ($10)

Thank you for your time.

Steven D. Russell
Rite Publishing

Yeah print and PDF baby!

Glad to see this is up.

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Coming This Week

Cover Image Preview

The Secrets of Renegade Archetypes II: Bringing you more love for your favorite third party publisher Pathfinder Classes.

Death Knight (Rogue Genius Games): Death Paramours use their bond with the Low Road to steal the souls of their departing victims before they have a chance to face final judgment, and raise their undead bodies as servants and temporary vessels for their own soul.

Elven Archer (Kobold Press): Elven Exemplars blend natural and arcane magic with master archery, representing the apex of elven civilization's finest aspects. Their arrows of pure energy, scroll arrows, ranged spellstrikes and versatile spell list makes them deadly opponents and allies.

Machinesmith (Louis Porter Jr. Design): Cybernetics Doctors are scientists bordering the edge of sanity, experimenting with invasive grafts and devices like brains in jars and other improvements intended to reinforce one's physical capabilities, whether with glass and metal or flesh and bone.

Pact Magic Binder (Radiant House): The Artisan and Lover are two new constellations that all binders can attempt to tap upon in order to create incredible pieces of craftsmanship, or promote peace, affection and understanding. Each comes with a new spirit to bind.

Shadow Assassin (Rogue Genius Games): Mage Slayers forsake their deadly strikes in order to resist spells, hit through magic protections, and break the concentration of spellcasters. They may track their victims over long distances, proving immunity to fear is always a handy gift.

Swordmaster (Dread Fox Games): Braggarts have a great natural skill with both their chosen weapon and their tongue. Passionate about their personal quest, they act recklessly in combat with unique maneuvers in order to provoke and punish their foes, swashbuckling their way to success.

Witch Hunter (Super Genius Games): Witch Eaters have a taste for magic, especially the living kind. Their ability to leech spells and consume body parts of their fallen victims in order to receive their courage, insight or strength make them as feared as could be a werewolf in some communities.

Wolf Shifter (Paizo Fans United):The Werebeast includes 13 animal variants to the wolf for all those who wish to play a serpentine, mastodon, tiger... or yes, a tyrannosaur-themed lycanthrope/barbarian.

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Joshua Guillion has died. He was a talented layout artist (Rise of the Drow, and many other AdventureAWeek products), a gifted reviewer, and a good friend.

I don't think many of my books would be as popular without his reviews and I was happy to get to interview him in Pathways #37 (which is free and you should go read.)

I also want to express my condolences to all his friends and family especially to the folks at AdventureAWeek.

Steven D. Russell
Rite Publishing

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The Secrets of the Bravo!

Coming Next Week. A new base class for those who want to play a swashbuckler, a bravosi water dancer, or a wuxia swordsman/swordswoman.

Cover Illustration by Juan Diego Dianderas.

Dear Qwilion,

Listen closely my friend, and hear of one for whom danger, reward, and adventure are the only motivations needed, for these are achieved easily enough by one with sufficient daring and wit. I am a bravo: a decisive warrior testing myself through adversity, seeking my fortune in the world through savvy and bold deeds. Still, a bit of trickery, some luck, and a sharp blade never hurt. We come from many different walks of life, for the poor peasant who picks up a sword has no less to prove than a young noble - and certainly no less to lose . We train relentlessly, seeking to learn the ins and outs of any dueling style a swordmaster is willing to teach. Some of us take our accomplishments with great grace and quiet appreciation for the intrinsic rewards, while those up to the challenge are more than happy to reap the benefits of wealth, fine food, excellent drink, good company, comfort, and the admiration of a paramour. Regardless of an individual bravo's magnitude of bravado or hubris, we all exhibit some measure of eccentricity or arrogance. And for good reason!

Vourmed "Cutting Cloud"

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I thought I would post this here, I will update again on day 7, 30 days and every month after that.
In The Company of Dragons Sales Numbers Day 4, 4:30pm EST
Release date August 1st. Price $5.99
DrivethruRpg/RpgNow ------96, ----Gross Sales $575.04
Paizo ------------------------ 19, ----Gross sales $113.81
d20pfsrd.com---------------- 7, -----Gross sales $41.93

Current Total Sales --------122,-----Gross Sales $730.78

There is a more in depth discussion over on my Blog:

Rite Designs

I wanted to thank Liz for getting this up.

Also here is the free full-sized preview.

Click Here.

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Cover Image

You know you want to play a Dragon!

Not a half-dragon, not a reptilian humanoid, but a DRAGON!

Come and find out if those who meddle in your affairs are crunchy and good with ketchup. Level up as a dragon and grow to the size of a house, breath fire, (or other energy types), struggle for territory, win prestige amongst dragons, slay giants, rule the sky, and embrace you true draconic essence right alongside all the other player characters.

Create the dragon you want to play in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. This product includes the new dragon race the Taninin, racial traits, alternate racial traits, the core class archetype (which works with 21 different classes), the paragon racial class, and draconic feats, all so you can play dragons alongside any other player character in any high fantasy campaign setting.

Unlike the playtest version this also includes flavor text dealing with Physical Descriptions, Society, Relations, Alignment, Religion, Adventurers, and Names as well as mechanics such as alternate favored class options, and three racial archetypes for Fighter, Oracle, and Sorcerer, plus even more feats.

36 pages, Author: Wendall Roy, Cover Artist: Ernanda Souza

Coming August 1st!

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The splintered kingdoms of Berrellis have squabbled amongst themselves for decades or more, with no single kingdom gaining ground on any of the others. Shifting alliances among the rulers has kept the status quo very much the same all this time, but the arrival of fiendish extraplanar creatures, their evil-infused oozes, and their powerful blights and diseases threaten to upheave the forested lands of Berrellis. I have also heard rumors of a simultaneous shadowy power play carried out by a contingent of primal fey who intend to claim some of Berrellis for themselves.

—Melnor, second class Sage of Questhaven

Mike Welham's Design Notes.

101 Not So Random Encounters: Forest Kingdoms follows up 101 Not So Random Encounters: Winter, and with this new endeavor Steve Russell presented me with a new challenge for this book. Many of the encounters presented below derive from random encounter tables in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game’s most popular Kingdom Building adventure path, but the encounters still had to work together as a stand-alone narrative like the previous installments of 101 Not So Random Encounters. Since many of the encounters dealt with plants and fey, those would make obvious elements, and, in this case, I decided the fey would attempt to push the borders of their primal dimension into the mundane world, driving all humanoids out in the process. Fortunately, to help preserve the fey plan's subtlety, a daemon paragon devoted to Pestilence decided to wreak havoc in the same area, providing adventurers an obvious foe to fight, and allowing the fey to grant their own dubious assistance while they further their own plans. As per other installments, you can use this book to create a campaign in and of itself, or to augment existing adventure paths. At any rate, I hope this provides inspiration for your game sessions.

Steve says: This is in layout right now and I hope to have it out Thursday at the earliest, Monday at the latest.

I cannot believe I totally forgot to notate that we had new releases (so much going on.)

Get your choclate in our penut butter and make your Barbarian an Eidolon with The Secrets of the Masquerade Reveler

Also another free issue of the Pathways! This time we bring you the Dread Banshee template :) Check it out HERE!

We lover our diceless tabletop game :)

We lover our diceless tabletop game :)

We lover our diceless tabletop game :)

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