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Galnörag wrote:
Or how the Iconics aren't just paper dolls for the art, but have this thread of personality that is consistent throughout comic books, their AP appearance, and their backstories.

Except the Psychic and Shaman, who are balnd and uninspired Mary Sues of an even greater caliber than Drizz't himself, and have all the personality, character, and motivation of molded cheese.

Though the Brawler, Paladin and Skald are grade A material and I'd love to be in a party with them

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HWalsh wrote:
TriOmegaZero wrote:

You obviously haven't paid attention to the 3PP offerings and support. Paizo doesn't make high-level stuff specifically because it doesn't sell as well as low-level stuff. Not because high-level is not meant to be played.

3PP isn't Paizo. What they did/do doesn't matter.

Nobody said its not meant to be played but it isn't supported. Not supported means not intended. A GM can run it, certainly, but its not ideal.

You notice Paizo's not done an AP for level 20-30 yet.

Thus is hilarious since you were the one talking about how "Paizo is great and no one else is as super as them"

And when people decide to mention other companies who do a better job of interacting and listening to the community, such as Dreamscarred Press, you start going "Nuh-uh, those don't count"

Sorry to tell you this, but Dreamscarred is the better company, whose devs have actively engaged the playerbase, always run discussions with the community, and have actually shown to listen to them and test/change things. Plus even when they mess up, they will change it after getting enough feedback, and continuously seek to improve their products.

Plus, they actually understand the bloody system their working with and try to ensure decent class balance, and try to ensure that each character concept is viable without overshadowing other classes too horribly.

Meanwhile Paizo just ignores feedback, like all the feedback from the ACG and OA playtests, and instead publish subpar products then release erratas that usually make things worse

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Hargert wrote:
If they had followed what you wanted Goblinsaurus the board would be filled with cries of power creep and calls of why play any other class.

You mean like Wizards, CLerics, Druids and their verious Tier one options? As well as the recent Arcanist and Psychic which are basically Wizard+

The MAth has been done. In terms of Damage potential, the Kinetecist is competing with an Expert with a bow. Burn is a needless mechanic that punishes you for bohwhat your class is designed to do and what Wizards get for practically free. While Gather Power at first seems like it can allow you some recovery, its far to risky of a mechanic for a combat oriented class and handicaps your action economy, and the open-hand requirement basically castrates some builds. Add in the Burn restriction and suddenly you are being forced into wasting more of your action economy to get back that burn in order to actually use your abilities and to make them not be complete feces.

Meanwhile Fullcasters like Wizard or ol' CoDzilla get all thier Wands, Scrolls, Cantrips, and other things to end encounters, and even a Barbarian is going more consistant damage than the Kineticist and with less risk to himself, and the Magi, Bards, and Inquisitors are able to both fulfill magical roles, Combat roles, and skill roles with ease without ever overshadowing eachother. The Kineticist can barely do the thing which it is designed for.

Saying that the Kineticist is overpowered or fairly balanced is like saying that the Core Monk is well balanced.

Personally, me, and a large amount of my associates, would've loved to have seen the uncut Kineticist that Mak had originally designed before it got gutted by JAcobs and Buhlman to make room for the Mary Sue Psychic.

Currently, as it is, IF I wanted to play a class that was similiar to Kineticist, yet could also compete and actually be useful in a party of Tier 3 classes, I'd get an Elementalist from Spheres of Power instead. At least that system understand proper power scaling in magic and the concept of level-based class balance, even if the Incanter can get a bit rediculous with the right build.

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@ psyrus
you are aware the Psionics were also a thing in 3.5, right? Further right now the Psychic spells in this book kinda just feel like another form of the normal casing we're use to.

If you want, Dreamscarred Press has already converted most of the Psionics stuff from 3.5 over to PF, along with a lot of new content, and you can look at it for free since they have their own section of the SRD. Overall they have stuff for all the things you mentioned, and in a way that feels, at least somewhat, different from the usual Vancian Casters.


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I really don't like the Burn mechanics. As it stands the Kineticist does the same amount of damage as an Expert with a bow without that Burn, and the whole concept of the "Risk vs Reward" system, while a great idea, is horribly implemented. You shouldn't be having to knock yourself unconscious everytime you want to perform a decent amount of damage.

Now, I was discussing the Kinetecist with some associates, and one of them suggested a different way of handling the Burn mechanic that, allows he Kineticist to be more competent, while still giving a sense of "Risk vs Reward". The following are his words, and are quite an elegant solution.

an acquaintance wrote:

They probably wanted burn to be a 'risk' mechanic, after playing too much... I'd wager Age of Reckoning (brightwizards, or their lesser inferior cousins the sorcerers who are flatly weaker in every way because they don't use fire... which would explain the talent list here)

I'd say let it all build up:
>Burn is REAL damage. It cannot be prevented or redirected in any way, BUT IT CAN HEAL.
>Burn damage equals the current level of burn, squared. So you won't take 100 until you build up 10 burn (which 5 would give you at level 20).
>Burn isn't suffered right away. Build up your burn and enjoy the bonuses. BUT: Any time you get a result of a natural 1 (so, use them rerolls if you have'em), all accumulated burn hits you full blast. So the higher level you get, the more damage you can be willing to risk, rather than the more you take for the same action.
>You can spend a standard action to reduce your current burn level by up to 1/4 your class level. Bonuses do go down, naturally, though, from vaporizing it off.
>Add a heat-beam talent that lets you lower your burn through a regular blast: Can't use any other infusions but add your current burn (pre-beam-drop) to the damage.

That way, if you're going to f@#&ing explode yourself (f*ck that feat), it'll be from going f*cking nuclear.

hopefully this can aid in dragging the poor Kineticist out of the dregs of being a Tier 6 class.

Aside from that, I really love the Spiritualist, and all the Archetypes sound fun. Can't wait to go all Joseph Joestar with the Ectoplasmist. Plus the new Fighter Archetype is actually somewhat serviceable, which is a real shocker, even if it feels like a watered down Barbarian. As for Psychic, I'm just going to ignore it in favor of the less Overpowered Psion from Dreamscarred Press. Also Ghost Rider sounds fun as hell.

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Mr. Jacobs,

Ad and some fellow players were discussing the finer details and mechanics behind magics such as Summon Monster. Now, we are well aware of how they function on Golarion according to your rulings, however that has led us to a question.

What of the other "Summon X" spells such as "Summon Nature's Ally"? Do they just create some kind of magical mold and fill it with magical nature juice to create a generic copy? Are they summoned from actual animals? Or is there ay other reason?

Also as a side note: Why is Summon Monster a Conjuration(summoning) effect when, according to your rulings, it would make more sense to be a Conjuration(creation) effect since you are creating a brand new copy of the outsider from scratch into the world?

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Irnk, Dead-Eye's Prodigal wrote:
Neurophage wrote:

Even a bard or ranger could be investigator-y. Admittedly, it could be hard to work in some kind of invisible or incorporeal assistant.

Isn't that right, Zach?

Unseen Servant is on the Bard spell list...

I think Haunted Oracle may work better for that, since it fits both flavor and crunch wise

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As a request I'm trying to build Francis York Morgan from Deadly Premonition (but as an Orc, because puns) and I need advice.

Would he be some roguish character Detective, or would some possessed Oracle Work. Or both somehow?

My only requirements are that he's an Orc, is some investigator guy, and I can factor in Zachary somehow

Hard Mode:
Mix him with James Bond as well

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hmmmm. What would a Paladin do?

Technically, since this is a non-profit work then, according to fair-use policy, you can totally make this So Long as you post a disclaimer stating that you this is merely a fan work and that you credit the actual owners of the IP.

So yeah, do this and its legal, Trust me, people do it all the time, just go on youtube and watch any "Abridged" anime series or Videogame reviewers like Angry Joe or Totalbiscuit.

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Guys, I need you to elucidate me on something. Are there any Magic Items that can allow one to grow multiple arms.

I have a plan for a monk character and I want to be able to do some Asura's Wrath style action.

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Just Multiclass into Monk and take the Champion of Irori PrC, then you're set.

problem solved

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Dark Immortal wrote:

Finally someone who understands monks.

While i will agree that it is cheap that he's using impossible racials the GM has every right to do so since....he's the GM and he's making a unique villain to challenge the players.

Seriously from the way this enemy is described it's like they're fight Raoh from HnK. So here are som ideas i have to fight him:

1) diplomacy or trickery. As a Dwarf and an obiously strong wariior he's bound to be quite prideful. Doubly so as an Evil character. either try to appeal to that pride or use it to manipulate him. Goad him, make him decide that it is better to slay you on the ground, and have a 1v1 duel between him and your best fighter. or perhaps you can shanghai him instead, while you distract him make him think he's winning when suddenly

BBEG: "Hah, you missed, that spell was certainly powerfull...but it would have never harmed me."

Mage: "kukukuku. Your Vanity blinds you. I wasn't aiming to hit you!"

BBEG: "What!"

*Cieling Crumbles, rocks fall and crush his sorceress*

Sorceress: "Masteeeeeeeer! HELP!" *dead*

Mage: "Now your winds have died. Next we shall clip your wings!"

2) Out monk him. KungFu must defeat Kungfu. either make a monk PC to counter him, or hire someone from his old monastery who wants him dead.
Vid related: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zum-OTgk9P0

3) Make your own flying death train. i'll leave that to you. While your Gladiators are fighting in the sky you take out the minions

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Im trying to build a character who plays out as something close to a Nature and Wildlife Scholar (with a smidge of survivalism) and have been trying to decide between the two of these two PrCs.

I would likesome advice as to the pros and Cons of each and what roles they would be best for.

Also, if there is any viable way to combine the two that doesn't involve druids (Character is going to be LG, not NG) would be appreciated.

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"Righteous Indignation!!!" that shall be its name.

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Mavrickindigo wrote:
So what about the NT stuff? Holy Spirit and impregnating a virgin with divine power? Then existing as both an incarnate human with his power and a non-incarnate concept, and as a spirit at the same time?

Depends on which form of Christianity one ascribes two. While most of the Churches that sprung from the foundings of the Nicaea Creed (Such as Catholicism and its various offshoots) believe in the Concept of the Trinity (Father, Son and Holy Ghost as one being) others on the other hand believe instead in the Theology of the Godhead stating that the aforementioned thee personages are three separate entities entirely (Such as the Mormans believe)

...whelp, that's my theology lesson for today.

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Does it work? I know VS doesn't work with Spring attack and, by that extension, Tiger Claws, but One Finger (For Champions of Irori) is a Standard Action/Attack action.

So, do they stack? if they do that would be awesome.

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AndIMustMask wrote:

an all-monk party might be feasible, if they're allowed (some minor) multiclassing:

1-20 zen archer (ranged DPS)
1-20 tetori (anti-caster)
1-20 sensei/4winds ("bard" with lots of spare standard actions at 12th onward)
shizuru crusader cleric 1 / monk 19 hungry ghost/sacred mountain/qinggong (vow of silence because why not)
1-20 sohei (mounted "tanky" combatant)

they'd likely just mob one dude, mash him into paste, and move to the next. this thread and the various links enclosed point out some helpful things for monks, like clockwork prosthetics and various ioun stones/wayfinder slots to bring their attack bonus "up to par" at the very least.

If you know how to properly play a monk you wouldn't even need to multiclass.

Full Team of monks would be amazing since it adds so much versatility that could allow them to overcome different problems if they work together. Also it could work well from an RP standpoint since they could all be from either the same monastery, or different monasteries joining together and perhaps making their own!.....

.....But they must have this as their themesong

or this one

And make the whole campaign something out of an 80s Kungfu movie!

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...hmmmm. well, the whole pont was to make this PrC slightly stronger and be an Actual legitimate PrC to join......

how about this:

The casting time for these two spells is equal to twice the highest casting time between the two spells. You may use this ability a number of times per day equal to your Class Level.

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Feros wrote:
Based on a quick read through, you've put in some interesting ideas, but two spells at once seems a touch powerful. Perhaps that should have some sort of daily limit?

..that makes sense. I'll try to see what i can do.

perhaps increas thier casting time?

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hello?....feeling lonely here.

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...its not supposed to do that....should I just copy and paste it here?

i just tested this link and it should work

Silver Crusade

....anyone here? this sort of thing usually gets eaten up by the various people who lurk these threads.

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Here is my first draft in an attempt to fix this aweful PrC.

https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Z8U15CgdrMui4uD06_tYZB7fcE2Faae0k28RaOs zYHE/pub

This thread will be the discussion grounds to work on and try to fix this PrC to make it a viable choice.

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Strix wrote:
Also, why are you waiting until level 9 to enter the PrC? I was going to finish up my 5 levels in wizard and then jump straight into arcanist, mainly to get to the spell mastery abilities sooner.

Mainly because I wanted to access to more of the High-level Druid spells like Dust Form and Fire Seeds.

Also All that time means that I could be boosting my Int more and more, thus allowing me More Spells from Spell Mastery to add onto it. In other words its more waiting until the opportune moment to grab a whole bunch of neat spells

nate lange wrote:

i really like this PrC. i enjoy playing up the druidic aspect of it, so i'm all about taking nature soul, animal ally, and boon companion to add a full progression animal companion- that is feat intensive though...

if you're going to wait til 9th level anyways, you might want to consider waiting 1 more level... IIRC, opposition study requires wiz 9 and would mean you have no opposition spells at all (which is handy when you want to be prepared for anything).

Nah. Regrettably I dont have access to the Books from which those first two are from. I mainly want to stick as close to the hardbacks as I can.

For me 9th level is already stretching it and I feel like any more or less wouldn't be too practical.

Further I dont see myself as needing any of the Metal School Spells any time soon. Sure, Glitterdust could be mondo useful, but its nothing that sacks of flower, Limning Daggers, a Blink-Back Belt, and maybe some Faerie Fire cant fix.

Here are some spells Im currently planning on obtaining as I level up.:

1st-(using 18 int from Character Creation)
Animate Rope, Color Spray, Endure Elements, Forced Quiet, Grease, Hydraulic Push, Mount, Obscuring Mist, SnapDragon Fireworks

2nd-Entangle(from school), Fire Breath, Protection from Evil(Communal), Web

and thats it so far

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THank you Sic, However With this character Im trying to not go too far down the Summoning route (A wizard who doesn't like summoning? HERESY!) and want more of a "Bend nature to your whim" kinda feel.

Thanks though, I'll try to see if there could be any good summoning spells i could put in.

On a side note: Ever thought of getting your guy to learn Fire Seeds? I think it might be good for your summon build. Just have some birds drop exploding acorns and berries and soon the Fortress/Hideout/Ship/Chariot your enemies are in has now immolated!!!

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Ive had this build Idea kickin around im my head for a while, so Ive decided to ask those more skilled than me for help in this.

I need help choosing Feats and Wizard Spells, also any other special tidbits would be helpful.

As one could guess from the Title I want him to be an Uber-prepared type of guy with a spell for any occasion....yet Im also tryig to give him a Nature theme too.

Im Starting of as a Half-Elf Wood Wizard, and plan of Going into the PrC at Level 9 (which is when Im getting Spell Mastery as well.) Ive already chosen my Druid Spells and im trying to go for a decent balance of style and mechanics

Feats im thinking of taking::

Elven Blood
Craft Potion
Craft Wonderous Item
Improved Familiar (Celestial Raven)

Spells Im planning on having:

Paragon Surge
Aqueous Orb
.....not sure of rest

Druid Spells from PrC:

Animal Aspect(Greater)
Spike Stones
Aspect of the Wolf
Snake Staff
Fire Seeds
Dust Form

As I said before Im making him as a Utilities Wizard, meaning I'm having him do a lot of different things, but i still wanna keep to the Nature theme. He is currently not part of any party, I just wanna have him ready in case I need a character.

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Maagambyan Arcanist....if allowed.

Seriously: Permanant Prot. from Evil, Add spells from Druid List. Spontaneous casting with your favorite spells. Gain Good Domain spells and have all Good-subtype Spells boosted extremely.

Just think: once your High enough level you could Spontainously Cast Holy Word or Holy Aura!! Plus it allows you to greate a great diversity of different Builds.

Im Currently Designing a Wood Wizard/MA and he looks awesome!! once I get him all statted I could share him.

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Im not sure if anyone has mentioned this yet, however if you plan on talking about Wizard Prestige Classes, then you really need to look at the book Paths of prestige.

Arclord of Nex: Become Uber Universalist and make golems like crazy.

Hellknight Signifier: Basically Space Marine Librarians, actually pretty good since you can get special powers and wear armor.

Magaambyan Arcanist: Spell Mastery as prerequisite, but actually makes it semi-useful. Gives you Druid Spells as well as spells from the Good Domain. Constant Protection from Evil and boosted Good-aligned spells. And semi-spontanious casting.

Blackfire Adept/Rift Warden: Uber-Conjuration and Anti-Conjuration. Kinda cool.

Razmiran Priest: Be an evil Wizard who casts healing spells and can channel.

Storm Kindler: Turn into tornadoes and manipulate weather like Storm from X-Men

Tattooed Mystic: MOAR TATTOO MAJIKS!

Im not sure if you read this book and havent got around to updating or not, but I highly reccomend looking these up and discussing them in the PrC section of the guide.

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.....thanks man, i feel flattered.

Well, Disregarding the the whole "One Finger Fiasco" There is still some validity in my old stratagem. While it may not have the defence capabilities of your Crane Wing strategy, for a Body class CoI it would allow for some decent damage thanks to to your perfect opening attack plus when combined with combat reflexes you could be stacking Bleed and Shaken rounds against your opponant, allowing you to both deal heavy damage and debuff, allowing for the rest of your party to lay the smack down.

Further if you due the base method of combat without the "one finger" problem you could be dealing momentous amounts of damage, combined with both smite and power attack, meaning your claws will reduce squishier foes to a fine red mist.

Disregarding the Tiger Claws and using one finger with the rest of the gambit would still result in a good amount of damage especially against heavily armored foes.

One thing I did notice when you where talking about races was that you forgot to mention that one Racial Feat that allows Aasimar to treat thier unarmed strikes as cold iron and grants natural armor. I know the feat progression for it may be a tad annoying but I just wanted to throw it out.

Truth be told im not good at making combos. The whole reason why I've been obsessing over the CoI is mainly because its the closest thing that will allow me to make this one PC that has been floating in my noggin for years now.

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*Checks* oh, i see, sorry for the inconvenience then. I guess i was too eager and didn't notice....please feel free to delete my posts at your own leisure.

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Greetings fellow scholars. Amidst my various journey and research I have come across what could potentially be great secret technique available to the CoI. Please tell me if this glorious thing is possible!

Secret Technique: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon!!:

Step 1. Chose to follow the path of the Master of Many Styles. While others may seek to overwhelm their opponents with sheer number of blows you need not do so, for one strike is all you will need to sunder your foes!

Step 2. Fulfill your basic training and gain competence in Dragon Style and Tiger style. thanks to your choice to follow the way of the MoMS you will be able to use them simultaneously here is the break down of the feat choice

MoMS Feats: Tiger Style, Tiger Claws
Normal Feats: Dragon Style, Dragon Ferocity

Under Normal Circumstances, without being a CoI here is what this combo would allow you:

Dragon Style allows you to add 1/2 of your Str bonus to your first Attack each round while Dragon Ferocity adds 1/2 to all of your unarmed strikes, meaning your first strike uses x2 your Str Bonus

Tiger Claws allows you to use both of your fists As A Single Attack to perform two massive hits against your foes as a full attack action AT YOUR HIGHEST BAB.

THe two combined means that you get two attacks at your highest BAB using 2x your Str Bonus that can be used in conjunction with Power Attack to make it x2.5. and then bullrush them

Step 3 or How CoI fits in with it!: Remember what you get at CoI 8? One Finger! meaning you can now make all of that pain from the previous Combo all a TOUCH ATTACK! Meaning that big ol' Antipaladin will be nothing but shredded meat behind his plate-armor.

Step Extra/Icing on the cake. Wen you strike back against a foe using Perfect Opening they are now shaken for 1d4+Str rounds and take bleed for 1d4 rounds. Combine that with Combat Reflexes and then it all stacks!! or perhaps you get Real Lucky and score Crits on your once-per-round double attack? You get the idea.

Is it gamebreaking and incredibly efficient...maybe not. Is it flashy and flavorful? Hells Yes!!

...so, opinions?

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havoc xiii wrote:
...you know...I wonder if we could make a mythic path that is tailor made to recreate Dante/Vergil...because I'm totally stealing some of Vergil's equipment as Mythic Items. Like have Devil Trigger as a mythic path...

....Racial Mythic Paths?

....Someone get the big bows at Paizo to hear this!!! We have thier new Book idea!

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divineshadow wrote:
Well its not a pc set up. I like it though for an npc. As for balance I'm not sure it seems really strong inside its choosen area and crap outside it which makes it a bit funky.

That is the concept. its for characters who are more Defenders/Tribal Shamans/Village hunters than adventures. As I said I used it mainly for a homebrewed race, and they weren't the type to normally go adventuring.

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ooooooookay then.

While I was making a homebrew race I created a Racial Archetype for the Witch class. my whole goal was to give it the feel of an Arcane Caster who taps into a more primal power. After a few revisions it ended up taking on a life of its own and soon became a form of Hybrid class between Arcane Caster and Druid.

Personally I would like everyone's advice on Balance, Fluff, and Crunch for this Archetype.

so here is the

Ley Caller:

Natural Patron: A Ley Caller’s patron is an entity of nature; as such they are limited as to their bonus patronal spells. A Ley Caller may only choose from the Patrons of Animals, Elements, Healing, Moon, Stars, Transformation, Water, Winter, and Wisdom. In addition the following spells replace their Patron spells: 4th-Warp Wood, 8th-Obsidian Flow, 12th-Transport Via Plants, 16-Earthquake.

Terrain Bond: A Ley Caller calls upon the inherent arcane power of the natural world as their patron, channeling their magic through the very land rather than a familiar. Choose a Bonded Terrain from the ranger’s favored terrain list. As long as you are within your bonded terrain you are treated as having the Eschew Materials feat and all spell material costs cost ¾ as much as usual. In order to cast spells a Ley Caller must spend eight hours meditating and communing with their bonded terrain, if they leave their terrain they are unable to prepare spells but may cast them if they succeed a concentration check at a DC equal to 20 + the Spell’s level or lose the spell. A Ley Caller who wishes to switch to a new Bonded Terrain must spend 24 hours in the new terrain and perform a ritual worth 500gp per Witch level. This replaces the Witch’s Familiar.
Ley Tapping: At 4th level, a Ley Caller learns to identify and tap into ley lines in their bonded terrain. As a free action, they can tap into the magic of a nearby ley line and increase her caster level by +1 for 1 round. They can use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3+ their intelligence bonus and only in their bonded terrain. This replaces the Hex gained at 4th level.

Primal Magicks: At 10th level learns how to harness their nature-bound magic in a more pure form, similar to that of druids. As a standard action a Ley Caller may treat their spells as Divine rather than Arcane. Divine spells cast this way are cast with a -2 penalty to their caster level, but do not require somatic components. At 12 level the caster may increase this penalty to -3 in order to treat their spells as having the Selective Spell metamagic feat applied to them, though doing so does not require the usage of a higher spell slot as normal. A Ley Caller must be in their Bonded Terrain to use this ability and can activate it 3+ their Intelligence bonus times per day. The duration for this effect is equal to 1/4 their class level+their Intelligence bonus minutes per day. This time need not be consecutive, but must be spent in minute increments. This replaces the Hexes gained at 10th and 12th level.

Patronic Oath: All Ley Callers gain their powers from a powerful patron tied to the natural world. As such should they do something to anger the natural world then their power is forfeit. Though a Ley Caller is not required to worship nature they must not perform acts against nature such as creating Undead, intentionally ravaging ecosystems, or other such depravity (GM’s Discretion). Should the Ley Caller perform such acts they lose all of their class abilities.

Thoughts, Questions, Concerns, Constructive Criticisms?

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From a character stand point i think taking Oath against Savagry (from UM) would be good for your Paladin. it gives bonuses against evil humanoids (such as orcs, thieves and other such suspicous and cowardly lots) and you can expend smites for a free lunge feat.
Or perhaps the Oath of Veangence instead, allowing you to expends LoH for smites and sharing them with your friends.
You could also take Eldritch Heratige Feats for the Orc Bloodline, this would allow you to give Morale bonuses to allies and gain inherent stength bonuses

As for other feats, go for one that increase your intimidate abilities and as for weapons.....i'd go for say a scizore for the disarm, trip ad ease of use. plus its slightly more frightening to those poor buggers in the back alleys than a sword. Flails are also good and you will probably need the bludgeoning damage. i'd also recomend Nets, you may not be proficient in them, but they apply to touch AC, are relativly cheep, good for when you dont need to kill, and easaly enchantable.

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Tinkergoth wrote:
SeaBiscuit01 wrote:
GeraintElberion wrote:
The very best way to do it. Possibly the only way.
How? rejecting it and then blaming him for everything wrong in my life and then following it to the north pole and not killing it?
Works for me. Certainly seems a better bet than what that Herbert West guy did.

wow, cant believe someone else remembers that story

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Guys guys guys......Why Cant we just get Beyond Thunderdome?

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@Byrdology: The reason why I went for my stats is to reflect where wolves measure up to the rest of the animal kingdom. They're not really the strongest, fastest, or most cunning, but they are some of the roughest and their thought processing is very similar to humans and the Cha penalty wouldn't work considering how sociable wolves are.
That's the thing both Wolfaboos and Wolf-haters don't understand: Wolves are not the most "Special" animals ever, really there are those that are much better than them at most every aspect and as such they shouldn't be compared to other animals. The real appeal in them is their humanlike Tenacity, familybonds, and adaptability. That is the main reason I chose those stats is to reflect that without making it broken.

@Chaotic Fighter: By spells I mean Racial ones like in the ARG. That is the template I've been trying to follow

Also I'm currently thinking of adding a section for Louphi in Golarion and how they fit in.

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Chaotic Fighter wrote:
+1 for this race. I've been wanting to make one of these for a long time but I could never convince myself to sit down and make the race.

Thanks man, this had definitely been a labor of love for me.

So, opinions on lore and fluff?

How about suggestions for next sections?

Silver Crusade

....Well, I've got most of the stuff now. I've even respected some ofthe traits to make a tad more sense

There just three more sections left


Magic Items

And spells

for those just coming in who don't want to look for the link to the doc, its here

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Okay, I'm currently building a homebrew race of Jackal People with a decadent Egypt them and am currently making it so they worship Dark Tapestry Gods.

....however I've also decided to give it a slight basis off of the Chaos Gods of Warhammer 40k, so I need advice as to which Lovecraftian entities match up to which Warhammer entity.

So far I have

Tzeentch- Nyarlathotep (Black Pharaoh)

What im considering

Slaanesh- Shub-Niggurath or Hastur

Nurgle- Shub Niggurath or Xhamen-Dor

Still have no one for Khorne.....

So which ones should I pick, or should I just make them all just forms of Nyarlathotep, or any other option you can think of?

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Lincoln Hills wrote:
Quintin Belmont wrote:
....instead of books they would get small wooden frames and fill them with wax. They would then use a stylus to write on the wax what they needed to and the use hinges or other such things in order to close them and hold a bunch of sticks together...
The Inca used quipu, a sort of Morse code for string (no, really). The type and location of knots on a cord, together with various markers, was used for record-keeping & such. Quipu have appeared in AD&D's The Sea Devils as the ocean-dwelling sahuagins' equivalent to writing - which makes sense when you think about the difficulties paper, and ink, and applying ink to paper while you're underwater. I've stolen that notion for almost all aquatic races in my setting (for regular texts, not spellbooks.) After some deliberation I decided that comprehend languages works on a quipu, since it's still a communication form.

There's also what the Chinese did, writing on lengths of reed and tying them together into a large fan-like codex

...of course the reason why sticks and reed-codices worked was due too how much could be written with their respective languages (sticks where written in Hebrew or Reformed Egyptian) with very few character or actual writing.

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437. Fairy Tales A famous author/artist has passed away and, for their various reasons, the PCs have come this his old mansion to participate in the auction of his old stuff. After the auction the auctioneer brings the PCs to a back room for a limited offer of buying the recently unfinished project the author/artist started working on before his death. Upon inspection the party is sucked into the book to discover a horrendous secret: It was actually a form of modified phylactery and the PC must travel through the imagination of the author/artist one Genre at a time to escape, and perhaps discover the truth of the artisan's death.

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....instead of Books you could do what they did in the olden times: Sticks!!

Now I don't mean a straight piece of wood, I'm talking the Ezekiel 37:15-17......I've lost y'all haven't I?

here's what I'm talking about. In the olden times instead of books they would get small wooden frames and fill them with wax. They would then use a stylus to write on the wax what they needed to and the use hinges or other such things in order to close them and hold a bunch of sticks together

interesting, eh?

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Greetings all, ive decided that before I ask this and just through it out there to see if anyone would be okay with this.

THe Champion of Irori PrC has an ability that allows you to treat your PrC levels as Monk levels for the Sake of certain monk abilities, mor specifically the Flurry of Blows ability.

Now, personally I love this PrC, but all of my favorite Monk Archetypes, such as the Sensei or Master of Many Styles, replaces the Flurry ability for something around equal power, but serving a different function.

Now, Irori teaches his followers to seak self perfection in what thier good at, so wouldnt it make sense to allow the monks to instead increase thier specialized flurry-alternatives rather than just railroading them into somethings thats not even a requirement?

now I know this question is probably stupid, but I would still like some input whether it would be appropriate or worth it o allow this home rule.

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Factotem....'Nuff Said. Being able to replace just about enyone at the table is always fun. Plus He's INT Based Combatant!!!

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88. Za Warudo!!!!!!!

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Golarion Goblin wrote:
+5 Toaster wrote:
Golarion Goblin wrote:
21. HENSHIN! - A wandering youth is possessed by the spirit of JUSTICE! Summoning up an insect-like suit of armor, he battles tyranny and injustice with amazing martial arts and explosive kicks. Flowing red scarf is optional, but highly recommended.
viewtiful, just viewtiful
Very close. Kamen Rider, which is what Viewtiful Joe is parodying/homaging.

Rider Kick!!!

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VRMH wrote:
27. Wrecked by guilt over an accidental death, a Summoner unwittingly creates his own tormentor to forever remind him. This Eidolon will protect him so he may somehow right his wrong.

PyramidHead Eidolon would be scary to see.....or perhaps silent hill is actually a gaint rogue Eidolon bound to the land that manifests when it detects large amounts of sin and guilt from an individual and forms its own mini-brood Eidolons to torment/redeem the person who enters

....Im a Genius, here is your campaign seed. Perhaps we can make this work when Mythic rules come out

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23. MST3K- A poor man left alone marooned with only a bunch of trashy novels and scry-glass movies "creates" some wise-cracking golems to keep him company