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Garretmander wrote:
This sounds like a much better combat pool system.

I Agree, Starfinder does not need a third Dragonball z/Street fighter style charge up character. Both the solaran and vangard already have this feature and it is counter intuative (and in my opinion a drawback of the character class) in those classes as well.

Ah...yes missed that. And there is also the spell cache option, I suppose.

I know necro thread.

Reading over the rules for attack bonus it could be interpreted to go off the same table (at upto 3x spell level) as all other abilities, ie, the expert array. This would give a more level appropriate bonus to a hard cap of +30 (at 6th level spell) which would still be lower than most characters at this level with appropriate gear and enhancements.

Further you can couple this with the limiting factor of having only one fixed attack per form.

Also taking into account the consistency of this approach (just read the values off the same line in the table for the expert array) it makes sense.

The spell also only works for a maximum of 2 minutes as there is no extend spell .

Put together you have, not as good attack or damage as other level appropriate characters but there is more versatility when in the polymorphed form to a fixed limit (although a lot of this versitility can be bought or gained through other means).

My 2 cents

... and it also gives a use for the envoy shapechanger option.

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Tldr, you would get weapon specialization at third level from the mystic class.


I would say the class gives you solar weapon and solar weapon gives you proficiency. So it follows that proficiency is given to you by the class. As opposed to being granted by a feat, archtype, theme or race.

So the class woild give specialisation only in the solar weapon (not in all advanced weapons)

The counter arguement is the exocortex mechanic which specifically calls out specialization.

The counter counter arguement it is not in the solar weapon description because solarian gets weapon specialization for advanced weapons which includes the solar weapon.

Addendum to counter counter arguement, it is an inference and there was a word count to consider.

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I agree these make the on the abilities being great and giving very good customisation options.

Just one amendment perhaps.

Solar Connection: You get a solar weapon (but not the other solar manifestation options). No other powers to boost it, either. This is pretty much just a flavor option for wannabe jedi. Note that you don't get proficiency!

From solar weapon in Solarian entry.

Your solar weapon functions as a one-handed kinetic advanced melee weapon, and you’re automatically proficient with it.

And you can use solarian crystals.

Great job.

In AP 130 there are now 2 new rogue talents that allow you to have inspire competence and/or sneak attack for the purpose of qualifying for prestige classes.( they don't actually give you the abilities though )

so now pure rogue , investigator, slayer or archaeologist bard can easily qualify.

I would go with any. (Including ninjas, beat me by a few seconds)

From memory innersea intrigue is the book you are looking for. There is also a bit in part 4 of the war for the crown adventure path.

From the spell.

"Causing harm indirectly is not an attack. Thus, an invisible being can open doors, talk, eat, climb stairs, summon monsters and have them attack, cut the ropes holding a rope bridge while enemies are on the bridge, remotely trigger traps, open a portcullis to release attack dogs, and so forth. "

Cast pit on an enemy yes casting it on the square no.

Caveat: if the creature is the square cloaker, gelatinous cube, mould etc maybe.

P.s. I am not paizo.

I realize that only subscribers have the module.

1. Who died, yes kalbio and the prince ... sort of. But there is another 76 important people and 102 minions.. it would be annoying to decide that count xxx died for him to pop up in module 5.

2.The interactive maps is only the cover ? I do like the picture but interaction is limited.

3. Cult of personality mechanics in the intro states you get a bonus for your highest mental ability. In the section on the cult of personality it says 1 per mental ability above 14. (Or infers it)


Excellent this has save me an substantial amount of work. I will happily steal this all I need now is two more pictures and I will have everything I need to include a portrait/pawn column (possibly can't post due to copyright though) I suspect my setup with a blown up senate map will look a bit like pathfinder cludo.

graystone wrote:
Psi51 wrote:
Where is the elf alternate trait Crossbow training from ??

Hidden in AP #124, pg#79-80, in the mordant spire section. There you'll find new alternate elf racial traits Crossbow Training,

Natural Swimmer and Tongue of the Sea. There is also the Spire Diver Slayer Archetype and the Barracuda Style feat tree.

Thanks for that I even subscribe but I missed it.

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Groundhog wrote:
Crossbows are another matter.

They are better now with the alternate elf racial trait Crossbow training. With it, it drops light crossbows to a free reload and heavy to a move and with rapid reload, it allows free action reloads of heavy at 1st.

Where is the elf alternate trait Crossbow training from ??

There are two types of Wild talents

1) Infusion ( under the explanation of infusion it is a wild talent)


(pg 17 Infusion Wild Talents

Infusion wild talents change the way kineticists use their
kinetic blasts.)

It is usable on a blast so it is a " blast wild talent". This I think is the confusing point.

2) Utility wild talent.

Gather power allows you to lower the burn for a blast wild talent AKA a n infusion.

The nomenclature is a bit confusing but, in essence, an effect (infusion (blast wild talent)) that alters the blast in some way can be lowered, If it is a miscellaneous effect ( flying, healing, moving earth etc) it can not be lowered.

Metakinesis is just meta magic for blasts which costs burn to use.

My mistake, but it takes the highest value so +4 (bow + bane) and +2 against everything else.

ref: Bane: Against a foe, the weapon's enhancement bonus is +2 better than its actual bonus. It also deals an additional 2d6 points of damage against such foes.

+5 to hit and damage against the bane type. +3 to hit and damage vs every thing else. Ammunition and missile weapons stack and so does bane.

I would argue before the attack. Looking at gather power you pull the energy in before you release it so it follows that you would take the energy "burn" before you release it.

It could be argued however that the act of sending too much energy through your body causes the burn and it would therfore be burned afterward.

I would go with the first one it would look cooler if nothing else.



Time shudder, pup shape, sands of time, age resistance, symbol of slowing, retro cognition.

Aging effects and if you consider time and space are related you could go with all the dimensional spells and movement options. Divination is also looking at the future so segue to that.

Just take +5 to the crafting DC to account for the lack of the spell.

Awesome concept well done. Further option why not just enchant the mech as the item to allow the spell?

Dual path archmage/trickster allows for the casting of all spells you have impliments for via wild arcana and the fleet charge option for getting into melee or positioning well for range with your weapon of legacy. Works great for transmutation focused occultist.

Scavenger (investigator archtype from blood of the wild) make your own mechanical rat mount.

Weapon = axe not whip.

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Pathfinder Unchained has two systems that already consolidate some skills . This may not be overly helpful to you and it does group skills a bit differently.


Weapons are classified according to the type of damage they deal: B for bludgeoning, P for piercing, or S for slashing. Some monsters may be resistant or immune to attacks from certain types of weapons.

So If it can deal the damage that is how it is classified.

Simarlary a bastard sword is either a two handed weapon or with special training a one handed weapon. This could be transposed to the quarterstaff using quarterstaff mastery.

Weapon versatility (undead slayers handbook):

You can use your favored weapons in unconventional ways.

Prerequisite(s): Weapon Focus, base attack bonus +1

Benefit(s): When wielding a weapon with which you have Weapon Focus, you can shift your grip as a swift action so that your weapon deals bludgeoning, piercing, or slashing damage instead of the damage type normally dealt by that weapon. You may switch back to the weapon's normal damage type or another damage type as a swift action.

If your base attack bonus is +5 or higher, using this feat is a free action instead.

Changes damage type.

1 level swashbuckler/ 2 level quarterstaff magus human.
Feat 1st weapon focus quarterstaff
Feat 1st versatile weapon(undead slayers handbook)
Class feature swashbuckler finesse
Quarterstaff mastery (1st lvl quarterstaff magus)
Feat 3rd level slashing grace

= dex to hit and damage.

Is there a more economical way?

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Add 1 lvl warpriest with air blessing to take no range penalty at all.

Ah ..... yes. Slow face palm. I should have seen the obvious small brackets. The concentration was if it was indeterminate so it is a moot point.

Are focus powers (occultist) spell like abilities or supernatural abilities. Do they need concentration?

Well the wake of the watcher feels slightly adrift of the other modules so maybe have a dreaming dark incursion to keep some alien feel but with connections to Eberron, they are already in Eberron and there are a number of different factions.

Or adapt Carrion Hill module and replace wake of the watcher.

I would allow it crossbows could be fixed in place so why not hold the huge crossbow. Even better synthesist summoner huge biped then 3 levels of titan mauler gives you a gate breaker ballista.Or even at huge size you could carry a cannon.

Brass instruments are wind instruments. Wind instruments comprise of brass and woodwind instruments. The other catagories are percussion and string instruments.

Mellok wrote:
Pure Kineticist Aether Earth Wood. Make sure to get stone shape and wood shape and become the ultimate goblin fortress builder so keep up those ranks in knowledge engineering. Dex to hit, con to damage and bugger anything else.

Pure fire kinetist with a rogue dip. Absurd sneak then set things on fire with extra sneak damage. Burning is the goblin way. Or go nuts with a fire whip swashbuckler.

In that case survival is made from wisdom nature sense and self sufficient feat no ranks necessary.

I don't know her wisdom but druids get +2 survival and kn nature at 1st level due to nature sense. Wis 18 would get you a 6 for survival.

Yes I see there are quite a few and a flying one too. I was only looking at the core rule book. Thanks for the assist.

Excellent artwork. The only dinosaur I could find as an animal companion is small until lvl 7. Is there more to choose from ?

Pro: healing
Spell summon nature's ally similar dinosaurs

Con:no celestial
Duration of summons
No dino riding until level 7.

Some deliberation will be necessary.

Spontaneous caster ? It is a good idea but the stats will have to move a bit.

Thanks for the advice I'll look into the saurian shaman, and yes on the haste.

The brief stuff.

Serpents Skull adventure path
3 character party with catfolk swashbuckler and elven ranger.

Looking to develop design and play halfling summoner of dinosaurs, battlefield controller style.

Background. Halfling from an academic background had experience in studying Mwangi expanse but only from captive animals and books. Boarded the ship to get first hand knowledge. Probably used spear or long spear and has fleet of foot.

Probably Master Summoner using eidolon as mount
Velociraptor form probably quadruped with mount extra natural armor and claws.

1st level Expanded summon monster (monster summoners hand book)
3rd level summon good monster
5th level ?

Knowledge nature
Use magic device

str:8 dex:18 con:12 int:14 wis:10 cha:19


Any input on directions or improvements would be good.

Will have pith helmet

Would the goblin feat flame heart and the kinetist simple blast for fire be compatable ie the blast is one level higher ?

Is there any other fire boosters for goblins that would assist a pyromancer ?

The special abilities are only +1 etc for determining the price or total allowable bonus (+10 from Pg 468 crb) so there is not a specific bonus or if it is it is untyped, and I don't think in the case of a special ability it is a bonus at all. Referencing evil eye faq. I can understand flaming and flame burst not stacking for instance but given the precident of evil eye looks like most of the special abilities would stack. I can see the other perspective however and you raise a logical argument.

To further would adding two different bane abilities count as different effects such as orc and human against half orcs this could get problematic fast.

The Dragon wrote:
Chess Pwn wrote:
no, the same ability can't add again, because same abilities don't stack.
You're thinking of bonuses. Everything else does stack with itself, unless it says otherwise.

This would be good it would then be possible to have a flaming, frost, shocking, corrosive +1 weapon for 5 rounds at 1st level. Then again maybe not so good a bit powerful.

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