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The proof is actually not in the pudding that is just a rumor the slime started to make it simpler to get an easy meal.

Vid was the first easy meal, but the slime indigested with all the hair and let Vid out.

Those marks on Tasha's face were left after she motorboated a rust monster.

Pulg was created with all the hair Vid left behind him when escaping from the slime. That makes Pulg sort of Pudding's son.

There was enough hair left to create Gulp and Plug too, Pulg's brothers (mentioned in previous posts).

Scarab Sages

Tasha the half-kender can extend her neck to near-brontosaurus length.

Tasha, being only half kender and half elf, takes twice as long to pick a pocket. After all elves believe anything worth doing is worth the time to do it right.

I'm Hiding In Your Closet is a ninja clown! It seems I am a ninja kobold also?

IHIYC ate the pudding. Didn't find a proof that it was anything but a tasty pudding.

Ko-Ko the Bold is a Polymorphed version of Ratibor the Bold.

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Kileanna looks a lot like Emma Stone because they are actually related. At some point in the future Kileanna traveled back in time to start a family, the future is to scary to raise children.

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Oversight knows this due to his ability to exist in multiple time periods at once.

The books the Game Hamster is carrying are actually hide-away books. He keeps his weapons in the top one, and his treasures in the lower one.

Ko-Ko the bold isn't brave, but is font-conscious.

KahnyaGnorc has issues with all dragonkind; which stems from the time that Spyro the Dragon defeated her uncle Gnasty Gnorc.

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Ko-Ko The Bold and his brother, Ka-Ka the Bald, are the world's best Pantomime Barbra Streisland, though they constantly squabble between themselves as to who has to be the back end.

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Pulg, being entire made out of hair uses five shampoo bottles every time he bathes... and he still smells like wet dog afterwards... He also doesn't bathe very often...

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The Game Hamster has his wheel wrapped on newspapers so he can exercise as he reads.

Grand Lodge

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As a changeling Kileanna's mother is a hag (specifically a blood hag), but what Kileanna does not know is that her mother is also a detective for the cheaters tv show.

Scarab Sages

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Corbin Silvermoon never dries his hair with a towel - rather, he has a talent for drying wet towels using his hair.

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IHIYC is in fact hiding in your Jacuzzi!!

TGH looks like a hamster, but is over three hundred feet tall. He once destroyed Cleveland in a fit of grumpiness. The books are pure artistic license. Such big books clearly don't exist. Oh, and Cleveland "was destroyed by a hurricane. Or earthquake. Or tsunami. Investigations continue."

Sissyl works hard in a regular job by day, but at night, fights crime as the Stonewashed Denim Avenger.

Pulg is Sissyl's sidekick - The Acid-washed Kid.

Uncle Teddy has been questing for over 10 years trying to discover how many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop.

The beginnings

C_I once bit into a Tootsie Pop, and found it filled with centipedes.

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'What can change the nature of a man?' , wondered GoatToucher to himself.

The answer he came up with was 'Beans. Lots and lots of beans', but that was the wrong answer.

Scarab Sages

Pulg, meanwhile, is vexed by the question "what can change the nature of Oman?"

The CIA has offered him a job if he can figure it out.

IHIYC is endeavoring to answer the question "What can change the nature of Onanism?"

What do you think he has been doing in all those closets?

GoatToucher inspired by the Charlie Daniels band, battled the devil with his custom goat-gut string fiddle. The devil was crying afterwords, but not because he lost.

Oversight knows this because he was the fiddle that the devil used.

The Game Hamster knows that because he was fiddling with the devil.

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As a person mostly of hair, an artist of clayware, and a die-hard martial, Pulg was looking forward to the "Hairy Potter" series, until he found out it was about a boy wizard, instead.

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KahnyaGnorc is one of the many personas of Chron Ayn Ak, the Dreadful Lord of the Transverse Time Flow.

Those days, he mostly fashions giga-origamis with the architectural remnants of dead civilizations.

Due to a sexually transmitted curse, Quiche Lisp urinates lemon meringue.

GoatToucher is the one who started spreading that curse, and he is actually proud of it.

Sylvyana sometimes wonders if Ghoul Queen was a good career choice. She gets turned away often when she shows up to help at the local soup kitchen.

Ko-Ko's favoured seduction technique is to invite potential romantic conquests home for 'Night-hags and Chuul'

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Pulg ate his brother once, which makes sense because how many times can you eat your brother?

JTDV is an acronym which means Joy Time Deviant Violence.

The Proof in the Proof is in the Pudding resolves the question of "What does your taste in Chinese food say about your love life?"

The answer may surprise you.

GoatToucher actually just wants to be good, but is so vile, he does not know how to change himself anymore.

game hamster is actually related to children's show star-rodent Hamtarro he just doesn't like to bring it up.

Scarab Sages

Vidmaster7 has a similar relationship to the Cabbage Patch Kids.

IHIYC is distantly related to the Joker, and brings it up all the time!

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While the Game Hamster is a rodent of unusual size, it is because he is just two standard deviations smaller than the mean.

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KahnyaGnorc likes to take his tea with a drop of milk and honey, and a smidgen of donkey virgin blood.

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Quiche Lisp used to date a donkey but due to political differences have since parted ways. They sometimes nod awkwardly at each other if they attend the same social event.

Scarab Sages

Better hope you don't have a mustache if you ever meet JTDV - he will walk straight up to you, latch onto your face, and EAT IT!

Dark Archive

JTDV lives at Pulg's hair. He tried to find the way out of it, but he's still searching.

Sovereign Court

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Seleena Duskmantle would have given a false factoid about IHIYC had the ninja clown not been hiding in her closet.

The Big Bad Wolf cannot lie, as you can see for the fact that his false factoid is actually 100% true.

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Ellara was once in a rock band. Basically they'd bang rocks together. And not very melodically. Which, actually sounds pretty cool now that I think about it.

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