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A cool glimpse into the Wayfinder', origin.


Ok yeah, so the name of the quest pretty much sums it up there. For reference, I played the "blue" option.

Most quests boil down to a kind of simple equation of 'it's a skill check thing and then a fight', and for what quests are meant to be I think that's perfectly fine. I personally feel the trick of a quest is to take that equation and make it feel like there's still a story happening, and Wayfinder Origins does exactly that, and does it really well.

Without going into any spoilers the 'ticking clock' is a really cool aspect of the first half of the adventure, and it definitely gave my poor drunk Champion the ol' nervous sweats when he poked at an old Azlanti gizmo he had no business poking at.

The combat was fun and used hazards I hadn't experienced yet in 2e, and just when we thought we had everything handled, it spiraled out of control (thanks, previously unexperienced hazards!) and led to a pretty slapstick ending overall.

This is a top notch quest and I definitely think you can find it to be a great hour or so of gaming time spent.