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Cosmo's Slightly More Evil Twin wrote:
Zombieneighbours wrote:
You're just nicer people.

Quiet you!

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Rysky wrote:
... I... don't like Okeno. I don't like it.

Come back to Okeno. I've saved a seat for you, along with a glass of milk.

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Pontiff Rysky, of Cult of Cosmo wrote:
Liz Courts wrote:
Katina Davis wrote:
I feel that it's worth mentioning at this point that every time a group of Paizo employees goes to Ooba for lunch, they refer to us collectively as 'Cosmo'.
We use his name in vain frequently.
*can't tell if sacrosanct or blasphemy*


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May the Mother bless us all with her gifts.

Dennis Baker wrote:
It's obviously a hex that forces it's victims to think they are a pig. I wonder what the duration is.

It's just showing what the victim's personality really is. :D

I apologize for Sayyida al Kiraan's absence from this thread. She is occupied at the moment with some of my mistress's followers in Katapesh.

Zoidberg wrote:

The Blues Brothers

"I want to buy your daughters. The little girl. How much for the little girl?"

"How much for your women?"

Dear Ask a Shoanti,

My patron wishes me to offer my services to a Shoanti tribe. Which do you think is more impressive, a fertility rite or a destructive rampage?

Confused in Varisia

Eric Hinkle wrote:
Though I was a bit surprised to read about mixed gnoll-human tribes. You'd think that the humans would all wind up in the stewpot as soon as their furry tribemates got hungry. And to say nothing of what the kids must look like...

The Great Mother loves all.

Mactaka wrote:
no...weird is the gnome sorceress who worships Lamashthu in one of my games...she took the FX where her acid is a ray, but comes from her mouth...

A fitting tribute to our Mother.

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Seebo Marnig wrote:

She who is lickspittle to the Gods, she who is complicit in the imprisonment of the True Slayer, she who births imperfections, stacking offense upon offense on a universe burdened by that which is corrupted and impure. The Demon Queen holds onto her title like a child clutches her teddy bear, trembling in fear of the return of the Rough Beast.


Rovagug the Weak, who was imprisoned?

Rovagug the Impotent, who spits and rails against his captors?
Rovagug the Ineffectual, whose Spawn do not free him?

The Beast seeks to destroy, not create as my mistress commands. My mistress has a teddy bear yes, but clutches it with love, not fear. *shows the Shemhazian Demon*

Greg A. Vaughan wrote:
All hail Lamashtu, Demon Queen!

Yes, praise her! Praise the Life Giver, She Who Brings Children to the Barren and Slayer of the Weak.

Kvantum wrote:
And by "love" you mean inflict the kind of internal perversion that will soon be followed by external perversion to a depth at which only HP Lovecraft could best put it into words?

The Mother allows us to see ourselves as we are truly, without the hypocrisy and falsehoods. Some just are more monstrous than others. ;)

The Mother wishes more monsters, yes.

Kirth Gersen wrote:
In fact, the bloodline mechanic provides a huge potential "hook" for storytelling by adventure-writers;.

Think you our Blessed Mother has not gifted her Children? She hears the mewling calls for power, and has answered, and has bestowed. Drink deeply of her Milk and feel her love.