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A Wonderful Goblin


This is a beautiful goblin statuette. While I would not use this as an actual bank, and not sure how well it would actually do as one. It does look beautiful on one of my shelves in my game room along with my collection of Pathfinder Chroniclers.

Statue stands about a foot tall, and weights very little. Construction seems very well, and a great addition to anyone's collection who enjoys Wayne Renyolds' goblins.

This is a fine product, though part of me wishes it was a larger statuette and actually felt more "solid". Though then it wouldn't be a bank, something that this goblin probably didn't need to be.

If you should get one, enjoy!

Kevin A. Turner

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Me so Happy


Paizo my friends this is one of the best ideas you have come up with. While yes there may be a few items that I might not use or want, for the most part this will be a god send. As well a wonderful way to save money on shipping and handling.

One of the best things with your products are is they are totally under priced compared to WoTC and we love that we're getting an amazing product of high quality for a price that isn't breaking our bank. Thank you.

And thank you to all who worked on incoporating this subscription of Chronicles.

Kevin A. Turner

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