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Apparently I made a boo boo. While making my order, I did not see the option to add the holiday17 coupon, and clicked purchase. Is it possible to retro-activate the holiday coupon code please. Thank you.

Hey guys, a side cart was made for a list of items due to the Holiday coupon having an error. However, when I received my monthly subscription today none of the items that were on my side cart were included. Going through my account, it looks like there was another error as I don't see any of this items up for being shipped. Thanks for the help.

Kevin A. Turner

Hey guys and gals,

I believe I made a mistake in my order. I wanted to use my Holiday coupon on the order, but was not given the option. I am not sure if this is because I put the order in my side cart to be shipped with my subscription, or if I made a mistake somewhere else. If possible could you assist in making the proper changes so I can apply the holiday coupon. Thanks.

Thanks again for the help.

Kevin A. Turner

Hey guys and gals,

Had an error on my part dealing with my payment method. My card was marked as stolen and I did not realize it. I have finally gotten the situation taken care of, and I believe I've corrected everything on Paizo's site under my account.

I was hoping if someone could take a look at my account to ensure I am still a subscriber to everything, as well that my order is finally going to be processed so I am not missing out on anything. I've also one item in my side cart that hasn't shipped yet, but I need to speak to Will about that probably.

Thanks as always for the help.

Hey guys and gals,

Just curious as to why my order is still pending and that it wasn't completed and shipped with order 3501428. Thanks.


Hey guys and gals,

I finally went through my box from the order that was pending since August 2014. (Great job sending it out fast by the way) I got all of the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game Class decks I ordered, however, instead of the three Pathfinder Legends CDs (Fortress of the Stone Giants, Sins of the Saviors, and Spires of Xin-Shalast) I received decks for the Rise of the Runelords Adventure Card Game of the same names.

Thanks for taking care of the issue, and please let me know how to go about getting your miss sent product back.

Kevin A. Turner

Hey guys and gals,

I have an order (3254490) that's been pending since August 25th, 2014. I was under the impression this was due to some of the items being on preorder, however, to my knowledge all these items are now available for sale. Any help is appreciated in solving this issue. Thanks as always.

Kevin A. Turner

Hey guys, going through one of my packages (see above order number) and noticed that one of the miniatures (RR Lyrie Akenja 23 of 65 WZK70740-23) was broken from it's base. Out of the twenty figures that were in the box, this appears to be the only one to have sustained damage during shipping. Any assistance is appreciated. Able to send photo if needed.

Also to whomever it is in the warehouse department who packed my package and used a red pen to mark on my order sheet and drew a smiley face...thanks you made my day. Keep up the great work.

Kevin A. Turner

I'm looking for the older version of the character sheets for the Adventure Card Game. I see they recently updated the look. If anyone still has access to the older version, and is able to send them to me I'd appreciate it. Thanks.

Every time I am attempting to click purchase I get the message that my card was declined. I've attempted two cards now, and got same message on both. I know that they both work as I have used them today and days previous, as well one was used for another Paizo order just a few days ago. Curious if anything can be done about this issue. At first I thought it might be my credit card, but as it didn't work with others of mine I doubt it's a block from the company.

Also, question on the new order layout (which I have to say so far not liking), I don't see any place to add my order to be shipped with my normal subscription. This could be a problem, as I usually add items at random and then wait for them to all get shipped at once each month. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

On December 2, 2013 I placed order #2920743 for 3 day PaizoCon 2014 Pass, and the banquet dinner. I am not showing anything under my etickets on my account. I know this was an issue a while ago, but having seen a post on someone having it listed on their account I am curious if there is a problem with my order. As I do not wish to miss out on the banquet or the con. Thanks in advance.

Hey guys just got my order in today. Having gone through the box three times I noticed I am missing item PZO9500-3 Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Bonus Bestiary (OGL) Print Edition. Thanks.

Are the tickets for PaizoCon 2014 suppose to show up under my etickets? I currently show having nothing, though I've purchased my tickets for the con and the banquet. Maybe I'm mistaking, just want to be sure. Thanks all.

With the Great Golem sale going on I noticed a few items for sale are in my current pending order (2775647). I'm curious if I will be getting these at the newly listed price, or if I need to cancel that item and re-add it to get it at that price.

I attempted to do the latter, but there seems to be an ongoing issue today with the website so was unable to do so (I believe tech team has already been informed of his issue).

As this is quiet a bit of a savings, I'd hate to lose out on it. One example I know of in my order is the Goblin Plush Lick Toad Tribe that normally goes for 17.99 and is on Golem Sale for 13.49. Currently, I am unaware if there are other items in my order that are now on sale, as I am unable to check my pending order due to the current tech issue.

If able to assist in any way with this query I'd greatly appreciate any help in saving me a few dollars, which I can then spend buying more Paizo stuff :P

Thanks Again,
Kevin A. Turner

Customer Service Team,

Per the instructions of the great Dire Care Bear Manager Sarah Marie, I am informing you that the above order (2775647) is still pending since Oct 18, 2013.
I am aware of the Paizo warehouse issues and fully understand. I'll get my shipment when I get it. However, if you wanted to toss on a free next day shipping so I don't have to wait another 8-10 days I wouldn't say no :P
And as the order is still pending please feel free to toss in a couple PFS Boons. Namely one that would allow me to play a goblin :)
Thank you for all the hard work the team has been doing to get these orders taken care of.

Your fellow Paizonian,
Kevin A. Turner

'ello folks, I have decided that I very well might attend GenCon again this year. Of course all of the good hotels are long booked solid. I am searching for people who have a hotel downtown by the convention center who might want a roommate to help with the cost. If all beds are taken, I have no qualm sleeping on the floor.

If interested please let me know the hotel, and about how much it would cost for my share. I have nothing set in stone yet, just trying to see what options are out there.

And for some background info to help ease any minds. I'm a 29 year old white male who does not snore. I am mostly looking for a place to sleep, and perhapse some kewl people to experience the con with and the wonderful Indy night life. While I do drink, I have no plans on coming back stumbling drunk. However, I might be out to early hours depending on what nightlife I am able to attend with various fellow congoers. I will be having access to a car, if that helps anyone.


Just kidding. I wanted to take a moment and thank all of you at Paizo for the years of hard work, friendship, and enjoyment you've brought to the table. Keep up all the hard work you guys are doing, and contrary to belief it is appreciated. I hope this little post brightens some of your days.


Hey guys, I asked this a while back but was never sure if it was answered (sorry). I am merely curious if Paizo currently has any plans on producing a hardcopy collection of the Pathfinder Society modules at the end of a season.

Speaking merely for myself I find it annoying that there is the e-mail print and such on each page of the book, which makes it difficult to print. Especially for those of us without access to a printer (yes some of us do exist).

I hope that someday soon we'll see a nice print edition of each season of Pathfinder Society adventures in a single book. Thanks for any info on this.


I love that now days we can get character sheets for a game by simply downloading them offline and printing them off. However, I miss the days of old 2nd edition D&D when you could go out and buy a book filled with character sheets that can be easily ripped out and put to use. Paizo, my friends, are there any plans on putting out a book of sheets for about 5 USD or so?

Hey Cosmo and staff, I'd like to report that I have yet to receive this order (1199221) containing 3 books. I have received two shipments after this order was mailed out. This order will be 1 month late in 4 days. Any help will be appreciated, and if I receive this order in the next few days I'll be sure to inform you. Thanks again Cosmo and Staff for all the amazing help you have done in the past, and will in the future.


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This order was shipped out on the 4th of August, and I have yet to recieve it. I have already recieved an order that was shipped out weeks after this one, so I'm not sure if it got lost in the mail or what. I will still keep my eyes out as this month is not fully over yet, but would appreciate any help considering this was a 100+ dollar shipment. Thanks.

It's been two weeks since this order has been shipped, and I've yet to recieve it. I've normally recieved my products within 3-5 days of it being shipped. I will keep an eye out, and let you know if I happen to get them in the next week or so, but I was wondering if there is anything you could do? Thanks for any help.


You can e-mail me at KevinATurner@mail2world.com if need be.

In the third book the players can take on the role of Blackjack. How would the people of Korvosa react if Blacjack all of a sudden went from being a human-like hero to the size of a halfling, gnome, or dwarf? Any thoughts on how this new "blackjack" can be handled for non human/elf races.

I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Christmas, and a happy Holiday to everyone who doesn't celebrate Christmas. Lisa, James, Wes, Jason, Erik, Josh, Mike, Cosmo, and everyone else at Paizo thank you for a wonderful year and look forward to another great one. Lilith, Daigle, Triple G, Nick, Jade, Pygon, Wyvern, Tensor, and everyone else on the boards thanks for being there when needed, and being wonderful people to talk to and hang out with. I wish you all the best.

Figured I might as well stroke Nic's ego here, as well as enlighten those who have never played or read one of his adventures. (Yeah, like that is a possibility).

Two great adventures have come out this month. Pathfinder #3 "Hook Mountain Massacure" by Nicolas Logue, and "Hell's Heart" the third instaulment of the Eberron trilogy that I call "The Fall of Viktor Saint-Damien."

While most of us have already been waiting for Nic's wonderful Hook Mountain Massacure, with good reason. Let me suggest, if you haven't already, to download "Hell's Heart." His Eberron trilogy is probably one of the best pieces of work I have seen for a very long time when it comes to a D&D adventure that revolves around plot and story, rather then hack n slash and treasure finding.

I know this month will be filled with Nicolas Logue at my gaming table, as we tackle both these great adventures. So I hope you'll join with me in raising a toast to Nicolas Logue for writing such great adventures. Here's to his pen never running out of ink, and his imagination never becoming dull.

Thank you Nic, and I look forward to more of your work on both Pathfinder Chronicles, and the Eberron Setting.

Kevin A. Turner

Taking an idea from the RPGA I've decided to give my players certificates. Whether they are for completing some special event within the Pathfinder Chronicles storyline, or finding a unique item. Some certificates grant special benefits, while others are just for flavor. Here is an example of the first one I've done.


Please let me know what you think, as well if anyone can improve upon this concept please do. Oh and Paizo, let me know if I am breaking any legal aspects, as I will immediatly correct them.

Of course feel free to use this idea in your game. I mean come on not like I could copywrite it.

Featured in this thread will be the on going journal of my Pathfinder Chronicles character as he is ran through the Adventure Paths. I hope he will find a home here and become as popular and loved as James Jacob's characters.

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First off I'd like to say OH MY GOD what a wonderful last couple of days. Paizo has been amazing with it's dealings of fans and gamers. I would like to thank all of Paizo staff for their praise and kindess, and look forward to helping more when I can.

But now to get on about the subject of thread. I've been caught on camera. That's correct, for those of you out there who have been interested in what Potantsuem looks like can now find out. What none of you cared? Oh well. On day two of GenCon the bloke in the brown shirt and bear with Wes and Nic is me.

Being my first GenCon I've been overwhelmed on how many of the blokes from the Paizo boards and chatroom I have met. With them and the staff at Paizo I truely feel like I am home with friends and family.

If you have yet to stop by the Paizo booth if you are here at GenCon, or have yet to come to a GenCon I highly recommend you get a plane ticket and check out the madness for yourself. I am hooked, and will be coming every year from now on.

Besides, where else can you hang out with Gary Gygax, who was amazing and great to see at the Paizo booth. Make sure to stop by Planet Stories here on Paizo.com and pick up his book the Anubis Murders. Who knows, maybe you too can one day have it signed by him.

When I get home I'll be posting some pictures of the Paizo boards members who came, some of the event, and of the were-cabbage game. Been a blast.

While I'm rambling, may I recommend those who are thinking about going to GenCon next year check out www.irondm.com. IronDM is sponsored by Paizo, and co-runned by Nicolas Logue, and a blast. It was my honor this year to co-host this, the event Hellfire Congress, and assist in the running of "Beat up Nicolas Logue".

If I thought this year was great of GenCon, I can't wait till next year.

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Alright Jason, after running around all bloody day at work begging fellow officers I have managed to get the 15th - 20th of August off. Which means I will be attending GenCon.

However I still need to find a place to crash, which will probably be my car. And I got to get tickets at the door (pray they don't sell out). Let me know if there is anything I need to do before GenCon, as it will be my first time attending.

As well Jason, you, me, Erik, James, Wes, and bunch of others are hitting the bars. I'll let you chose as you probably know the best bars in the area.

Hope to see lot of Pathfinder stuff at GenCon. Only going because of you guys at Paizo, and Crafty Games. Make sure to save a Critical Hit Deck for me.

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Not sure if this has been addressed yet or not. If so sorry for asking the same question, if not great.

Will Pathfinder be having a Campaign Timeline? Similar to Greyhawk, Forgotten Realms, and Eberron. Will there be a current year for the start of Rise of the Runelords, some backdrop info on what has happend in the past, etc.

Not looking for anything huge, but knowing what the current date is can be helpful for those of us who put in game dates to use.

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First off let to say congrats to Wayne Reynolds. His reinventing of the traditional goblin is fantastic. Expecially with the 10 fun facts about goblins, and the goblin song. Very kewl.

But I must say. After looking at the artwork, and reading the blog about them is it just me or did somebody watch way to much Gremlins while painting. These guys so remind me of the Gremlins from the 1984 movie. Which I find great. I plan on running them as insane, blibbering monsters who are whole heartdly evil. Unlike in some other settings where I treated goblins with some intelligence and passion.

I look forward to learning more about the goblins of Pathfinder. Such as is there a Goblin King? And will he be played by David Bowie and wear tights?