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The easiest thing to do is go sorcerer with elemental water bloodline, which changes all your damaging spells to cold. If you want to go with a different class for casting you can just take a dip.

Yeah, I've decided to go halfling to keep my mount useful and I'm pretty sure I'll be using the Hospitaler archetype.

Renegade of Funk.

I hadn't thought about going low dex, but with heavy enough armor it's definitely doable. I was thinking about Fey Foundling. I was also thinking about Tribal Scars for extra HP's and more mobility.

I need to build a pally with only 15 points to spend and only core races. A couple of questions for the brain trust. A. What race? B. Should I multi-class? I envision being both the back up or main healer and also having to tank. All archetypes are available. Thanks!

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Absolutely nothin'!

Well, possibly more levels of Paladin. That really just depends on how good you want your lay on hands to be. It works by you life-linking party members, then healing yourself.

The Life shaman is very good. You could build a variant of the Oradin build with it.

Thanks Dark Immortal. Yeah I'll see if there's anything that can heal from Summon Nature's Ally.

Yeah, I was planning on toting around some wands.

That may be an idea. Not sure if the DM would allow Samsaran or not though.

Yeah, sounds like a good idea. I can also use goodberries early on.

All archetypes are fine, as well as dipping if need be. Just seeing if there'd be a viable way to accomplish this.

Who's Toot toot?

I'll take a look at Evangelist. I'm really looking forward to this ap.

My idea for a cleric was similar, but I had a higher charisma by tanking int so I could selectively channel. I'll check out the life subschool.

Yeah, it's only core. If it was more I'd probably go shaman or oracle. I did do a work up of a dwarf theologian earth cleric w/ stonesinging and I may go with that. I also want to look through the druid archetypes.

I'm building a new character for Rise of the Runelords. Dm is making us go with core rulebook classes only (all archetypes should be available) and core races with only 15 points to play with and he says he's going to go hard on us. Knowing my group I'll probably have to provide healing, but as our groups tend to be martial heavy, I may also need to provide blasting and controlling. Does anyone have any good ideas on how I can go about this? I'm thinking druid might be good since it can handle all those spell roles and the ac won't be affected by my low ability scores.

Nah, lol the comfortable part was saying Brian was attractive. As far as Shane goes I thought the actress was bi *shrug* and she's very androgynous and I thought she'd be attractive to many people, but it's both character's confidence that really makes them attractive. Oh and as for me personally heterosexuality has nothing to do with attractiveness, my girlfriend and the mother of my baby is pansexual.

Crystal Frasier wrote:
I have never seen either of these shows.

oh my! You definitely should. Queer as folk was like late 90's to the 2000's, but The L word was more recent. They were both either on HBO or Showtime...damn my fuzzy brain. EDIT: Here's a link for Queer as Folk: and here's the L Word: . Oh and here's a picture of Shane:

Crystal Frasier wrote:
Bob_Loblaw wrote:
So I have been reading about how TV and movies need more LGBT characters and then they go on to list some that they like. From the lists, I think that they want more stereotypes instead of stronger written characters. One of my favorite lesbian characters is on White Collar. You only hear about her being a lesbian once in a while because it's not the defining characteristic. To me, that's how we should have more representation on TV and in movies. It should be obvious but not what defines a character. I think the stereotypes cause more problems than they solve. What do you all think?
I'm gonna go with we need more obvious representation and we need more subtle representation. We need more representation, period. But in the currnt climate I lean on the side of obvious representation over subtle. There really are some people whose lives revolve around their sexuality, or queer people who are lusty and will flirt with anyone with a pulse. there are queer people who are pretty uninterested in sex or dating, or just don't talk about their private lives much. But we get so little representation that I feel that the more obvious character win out over subtly. We've had so little representation and spent so long trying to read subtle nods and winks that I'm tired of it, and subtle representation is too easily erased if people get angry over queer inclusion. I would take a single Alex Vause over a thousand Dumbledores.

Sorry, I'm responding to such an old post, but until the intro of Shardra I had not realized there were so many LGBT folks on these forums and this discussion was linked to in that thread, but I digress. I'm a straight guy, but pretty comfortable in my own skin and have no problem admitting if a guy's attractive, so I'll give my two favorite LGBT characters neither of which were even slightly subtle. Shane from "The L Word" and I think his name was Brian from "Queer as Folk". I always found those two shows to be very well done.

Beautiful class! I was already running a Hunter/Emperyal Sorcerer, this just makes him better :)

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Odraude wrote:
LazarX wrote:
Andrew R wrote:
Frankly i do not see why people care so much about how others view and portray themselves if it doesn't effect others
Because we don't live in a society where it doesn't.

Unfortunately I've dealt with this since I've started dating my girlfriend, who is a transwoman. We've been stopped twice by police who assume that she is a prostitute and I'm her client. This is unfortunately a thing that happens across the US to transcouples. In addition, I've lost friends over this and even had a woman at a bar we went to verbally accost us because she thought my girlfriend was "belittling women by pretending".

So, it's easy to say that others shouldn't care about how they are viewed or portrayed, but in reality, it's something that affects us. Whether it's people putting us down or using violence, it affects us. Since I've left home, I've had people spit in my food, verbally accost me, and ambush me with the intent of murder because I'm a minority that tends to date white women. So, when I see a positive Hispanic character in a sea of negative stereotypes, it makes me feel accepted and a lot better about myself. That's why this iconic's background is a focused on her transition. It might not matter to you since it doesn't affect you, but for those that it does, it shows a positive role model in a culture that deems them freaks. And I think that with more like this, we'll get to a point where few will even bat an eye about it.

very well said! I'm just a normal straight guy, but I have a lot of gay, bi, trans, pansexual, etc. Friends and they are great because they're different! I don't have to understand all the reasons they are the way they are, just love them for who they are. If only everyone could.

I'm going to check out the Gathlain. I don't think I've looked at that race before.

Lol, cute idea Kazaan, but this particular character will be a bit more serious. I run my kobold for the lulz :)

I've always just used Dervish Dance with my kobolds, but that small but deadly is interesting, so is the Grippli tongue. I have to think.

Wayang does sound like a good idea! Thanks guys.

There's nothing wrong with in-combat healing, but there are "classes" that are more efficient about it, like Oradins. That being said a cleric built correctly can definitely keep a party up. Now, as far as non-healing clerics there are definitely good ways to go. Off the top of my head take 1st level as a cross-blooded sorcerer dip. Go Elemental (water)/Dragon or Orc. Take Magical Lineage as one of your traits choosing Fireball. If Human take Wayang Spellhunter (also fireball). Take Rime spell and eventually Dazing spell. For your cleric levels take Theologian with the Fire domain. Now, go blow up and control stuff.

That might work, but when you make a race small don't they automatically take a strength penalty?

*DROOLS* I can haz book noaw? In all seriousness though this is absolutely the role-playing book I've been most excited about getting since probably ten years ago or so.

Is there any Pathfinder legal, non 3rd party small race without a Strength penalty? I can think of monkey-goblin off the top of my head. Are there any others?

Other than half-orc if you want to take advantage of luck bonus cheese, gnome is superior than any of the base races.

Guardianlord wrote:
Tanuki is a humanoid raccoon race, higher than most starting PC's though. You could use potentially the race creation rules to make something very similar, or convert it, that would at least be first party.

Lol, never saw those! Very cute, but definitely OP. Might see if my dm'd be willing to adjust it for balance. Although, I'm also fine with a plain old tiny raccoon that's awakened, just w/o the two extra hd and then taking class levels.

Ambrosia, I'm trying to avoid 3rd party, but I'll check that out. Nakteo, dire does seem like a good idea if I don't go caster.

Pendagast wrote:
Play palladium TMNT RPG.

Well, while I love the turtles, Donatello ftw! I don't want a big anthropomorphic raccoon, but an actual intelligent animal, plus I'm not thinking I could get the whole game group to switch game systems :(

I figured I'd let npc's think he belonged to a party druid or wizard and occupy the same square as them, but yeah he'd be a caster. I was thinking cleric. Maybe even ride on the "tanks" shoulder or in a familiar pouch so I'd always be in touch range of him/her for buffs and heals.

I've used ratfolk for skaven before and no I haven't seen it yet, but he does look pretty cool in the trailers. I don't know if 3rd party would be available. Hmmmm.... if he was awakened would that work? I want him to be an actual raccoon if possible.

Is it possible and, if so, how would you go about it?

Thanks guys, it's appreciated! I was wanting to make a "new" character from there and incorporate changes in his backstory, but if it's static I can just go with what I already know.

He can also grab certain feats to help with that situation depending on what he casts. Like Varisian tattoo or Irrisen Ice Mage.

Just what the subject says. After Reign of Winter, what is the current state of Irrisen? I would like something "official" if possible, not what happened at Billy-Bob's game after he and Cleetus ran it, but what if anything Paizo says is currently happening there. Thanks! :)

Looks like I should stick with wizard then. Most likely specialize in evocation or is there another option I should consider?

Definitely Oradin, heavier on the pally side so you can also serve as the "tank". Keep high hp to be able to both take and soak damage while the sorcerer blasts away. Dual-curse can be nice and you can take the legalistic curse to fit in with the Cheliax crew.

Yeah, shortly after I posted this I looked at them and they look perfect. I think I may use them with Theologian. Thanks!

Is there any race that gives a +1 cl for cold spells? I know there's races that do similar things for fire, but I specifically need cold.

Very true. I definitely am thinking about the witch especially. I just need to go over their spell list more throughly as I have never played one and I think druid could also be fairly awesome.

You could just put 11 in cha for your sorcerer dip, maybe crossblood with dragon or orc for extra damage and then go wizard after that for a much better selection of spells and faster progression. Take magical lineage with fireball and get Rime spell for great group control. Grabbing Irrisen Ice Mage is also a good boost and Treantmonk said Dazing spell is great with the build too. Add in a familiar with an initative bonus so you can avoid clipping your buddies and there you go damage and control.

Worship Urgathoa and take the deific obedience feat. It's base ability is a straight +1 to caster level for necromancy. You may also want to look at the Sanguine sorcerer bloodline. It's Arcana is also a +1 CL for Necromancy.

Tiefling would be good. I was also thinking maybe middle-aged aasimar with one of the alternate heritages and the alt. Racial trait that let's you cast lesser age resistance for pure min/max cheese.

Thanks Treant! Awesome for you to respond since I love your guides and in this case I was going against your wizard guide advice, but I was thinking the same thing. I could control the board and deal damage. I just may use fireball with lineage. It would lock up a lot of targets. Also, any ideas on race? I was thinking human for the extra feat, but they bore me since I play one in real life :)

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