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Please cancel my Adventure Path subscription.


Vic Wertz wrote:
Ms. Pleiades wrote:
I take it Occult Adventures is providing an opportunity for a more rounded out set of iconics?
Some of them are more rounded than others.

Does that mean we'll get an accompanying mini at some point?! Do you know how hard it is to find "hefty" minis?!

Yea, I don't want to be too direct, but I also don't want to waste their time.

Any advice for someone with a party determined to head off to Sothis and see what's underneath that spire? They got the "clue" info that someone had already gone down there and has gone missing, but it seems they figure its too important not to check out.

Looking into Azgaad's Spire a little closer, I've come to realize that its in a restricted area in Sothis, in the massive temple complex to Nethys.

So...should I rail road them a bit to head back to the parched dunes (they're just leaving Tephu), let them head to Sothis and persist in trying to get under the spire only to find there's nothing there, or create a new hook/plot line from whole cloth?

What would other folks do/have done?

The play from Council of Thieves. Probably the most fun straight role playing a portion of an AP we've ever had.

I told my players that this one was going to be a bit more sandboxy, then got descriptive with areas and NPCs and they came up with their own side quests.

For example, our fortune teller meets Menya the Whip, foretells his doom, and then spent a lot of time watching out for him. Suddenly at the auction in book two crawly hands are about to make the foretelling a reality. Much tension!

Another didn't like the way folks treated people in barge town. This resulted in him spending a great deal of time revitalizing the area.

Another became keen on the Voices of the Spire and did some "training."

I sprinkled some combats (or non-combat challenges) throughout to make it more interesting and to doll out XP.


Those are all awesome ideas. I don't know much about the Aucturn angle to be honest. I'll have to do a bit more reading on that, but it looks to make perfect sense. I love the tainted soul artifact angle. Very cool stuff.

And you're bang on that I need to include hints. I was hoping to include them earlier on, way before reaching Hakoteps pyramid, to heighten motivation and anticipation.

I was hoping some of the folks running Mummy's Mask might provide me with some feedback on a divergent storyline I've been working on, and where the best place to make the break would be.

Some background, the party consists of:
A Samsaran who believes he was royalty in a previous life and is searching for clues of same.
A Tien fortune teller who believes she's called by fate for a great purpose.
An Ustalavan academic who believes Osirion's power was granted by aliens.
A halfling interested in fame that has since gained a higher purpose in defeating undead (he joined the Voices of the Spire).
And a wanderer devoted to Cayden Cailean and sees the liberation of slavery as the highest ideal.

An odd group of tomb robbers.

To give the storyline a more epic scope and to tie in some character background (and because they keep making references to hoping the adventure gets more Stargateish) I'm changing some things.

1) Samsaran's are aliens. They comes from another planet. They have advanced technology that they combine with magic.

2) The Samsaran homeworld was/is threatened by Eox, that undead world.

3) When earthfall happened on Golarion, the Samsaran sent people to help rebuild, and to gain allies in their fight against Eox. Golarion was a new world ripe with magic, whereas on their own homeworld magic was dying.

4) The Samsaran provided great technology to the people of Osirion, as well as elsewhere. (I may add a bit about Nethys originating from the Samsaran world) Shory technology originally comes from them as well.

5) After landing (teleporting? stargating?)on Golarion, they found they were unable to return home.

6)An unfortunate side effect of being on Golarion was that Samsaran lost their identity upon rebirth (which is not the case on their homeworld). They eventually lost who they truly are, forgetting their homeworld.

7) Hakotep, he was actually a Samsaran. His obsession with the Shory was actually a twisted fragment of his identity seeking a way home.

8) When his soul was further fragmented by those Blue Feather folk, Hakotep was unable to be reborn. He became trapped.

9) When recombined he will briefly remember everything (and relate it to the PCs) before his soul departs and prepares for reincarnation.

10) Based on what recombined Hakotep says, the mission becomes to activate his pyramid (which he'd discovered how to travel to other planets just before his death).

11) PCs travel to Samsaran homeworld and find the people subjugated by the undead of Eox.

12) PCs free Samsarans by triggering some cataclysmic event (I haven't thought of yet) that destroys undead and begins a cycle of rebirth for the entire planet.

I was originally thinking of changing things up in book 4 with Hakotep's memory returning when they kill the Forgotten Pharaoh, but might leave it till the end and simply consider this an epic continuation of the storyline. I'm uncertain though, since high level games typically don't last very long for us, and I'd like to include breadcrumb teasers connecting backgrounds to storyline a little earlier on.

Thoughts anyone?

Star Voter Season 6

I will be in the middle of a vacation to Cuba on the 20th. There's almost a part of me that's hoping I don't make it.

Finding a computer and internet source will be a challenge, let alone finding time to work on it while placating an unimpressed spouse.

I'm not going to make it, right guys? None of you liked my item, right?

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Sic_Pixie wrote:
now they want to keep her around for her ocular abilities too.

Who says her visions have to always be true, or that she's even telling the truth? Relying on her visions didn't go so well for her son in the end, maybe they need to learn that the hard way too...

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I sent a PM, but I'll also publicly state as well that I'm interested in selling my account.

It contains exactly what was listed above (I believe I backed within minutes of the kickstarter going live).

I think the timing depends on the party and players to be honest. We're playing through it right now, and I'm trying to gauge how to keep things having a sense of "danger everywhere!" while allowing the PCs some movement. It's a bit of a feelings thing I believe. Further, as far as the PCs are concerned, there's not a lot of difference between the scripted encounters and the random ones. They could appear quite similar.

Regarding Sebti, for what purpose would she hire them? I do think its interesting to have some connection to her prior to the events of Empty Graves. For example, a PC in our adventure has decided to clean up Bargetown and help the poor folk there. He went to Sebti for support and they've struck a mutual deal to establish a hospital there! Now she knows he's someone she can trust, and will call on him when the time is right for our adventure.

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I think the module is written to make realistic sense. The items adventurers find typically won't fit with what weapons and armor they specifically use. Further, if there's a ton of recovered gear flooding the market, it makes sense that the selling price would decrease based on simple economics.

Now if you'd rather pursue fun over realism, then I think you make alterations.

Personally, I upped the value of the loot and threw extra in (because 5 player party, and resale issues). I also hand selected items they can acquire at the auction, for a below market value cost if they do some successful information gathering and diplomacy/intimidating.

We had some folks wanted to play necromancers. In the end we scrapped them because the good guys and the bad guys can't be THAT similar.

I would guess your GM is thinking the same thing in this regard.

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I found the multiple encounters listed sequentially (by necessity) but playing out in a non-sequential manner to be a bit confusing.

Add to this the red herrings, and I began to lose track of what the paths the PCs could take.

To make things a bit easier for myself, I created a visual map of the encounters. It's not super accurate and not always clear, but I know it's helping me understand connections between sites and encounters at a glance, rather than flipping around through the book, or scrolling through the pdf.

I've published the google docs Wati First Events, and Wati Second Events, in case others would like to use them or are interested in making something similar (since deciphering my own map could be tough if you didn't build it).

For me, it allows the PCs to have a non-linear approach to the problem, while allowing me to have a connected sequence of events quickly at hand!

Fellow Mummy's Maskers, I'm seeking creative suggestion and helpful input regarding what various groups have done with all the herring in the first part of the AP.

The further along we get into it the more the party is seeking for meta-plot (they're gamers, they can't help themselves!) and the most obvious plot point is the Plague of Madness. Our party has already been to Tephu to do research on it, and generally seem to consider how what they encounter might relate to that event.

Further, I'm anticipating that when the dead start rising, they'll jump to the assumption that the Plague of Madness has come back again!

Then there's this necromancer guy - where'd he come from?
Then there's this other cult that's totally not devoted to CE Lamashtu - huh?
Then they're off to find info about something totally unrelated to what they thought they be doing.

So, my question, is this:
a)a good thing ("hey you, stop trying to meta your way through this!")
b)a not so good thing (ie players typically don't enjoy the feeling of being confused, and like solving the puzzles and figuring out the riddles - its much more satisfying)
or c) just a thing that I, as the GM, can either turn into gold or fumble horribly ( this is where I'm hoping maybe suggestions on how to roll with this assumption come in!)

Thanks Team

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Logged out at the top of the map, logged in at the bottom of the map.

Sighed and logged back out.

Not looking forward to that journey.

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Clicking does nothing, and I can drag items from inventory to vault, but the ones in the vault don't drag.

Thanks guys, at least I know its a bug and not just me being slow!

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Bringslite of Fidelis wrote:

I am not having that problem on any of my characters. I saw your question in the alpha forums also. I hope that you have submitted a bug report, in game as well.

It sounds frustrating. Thank goodness it is still alpha.

Thanks! I posted mostly so I could see whether I'm just missing something obvious, if that hasn't been fully implemented yet, or if it is in fact a bug!

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Another questions entirely:

Is anyone else having difficulty removing things from the local vault? It simply doesn't work for me. I can't move any items, nor can I move coins.

I can get my items back (and have been doing so) by creating a 1c auction and then buying them myself, but you can see the problem with that system!

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I think fear is a bigger issue for me than entitlement.

I get that its an Alpha, and it'll have bugs, but currently it is, in fact, unplayable for me. That is, it consistently crashes within a minute or two of entering the world.

I would be less concerned if the EE timeline wasn't just around the corner (and a corner that's been pushed back several times). I have this sinking fear that the "closed beta" (to use the common analogy here) that I paid for will also be unplayable for me.

Our group was initially going to go by Pharaoh's Favoured, but decided that maybe the local populace might take offense to these foreigners claiming to be the favoured of their leaders.
They went with Fortune's Favoured. The Harrower in the party dug it a lot more. The mercenary types in the party have a different understanding of "fortune," but they dig it nonetheless.

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Now, do I tell my tabletop group that I'm....sick?

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Me me me!

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Why? Why am I never hitting the f5 at the right times?!

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I've sent one as well!

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so close!!!!

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Gah, I'm so slow!

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Thanks Blackvigil!

Yea, my skepticism is in part why I ask if anyone knows more about the September 15 date. That, and I backed the kickstarter like minutes after it went live to make sure I got in early, and was really hoping to be able to be around on day 1.

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Hello all,

I was wondering if anyone might have already compiled, and perhaps even have a handy link to said compilation, of the information Goblinworks has provided about PFO.

I've tried to stay up to date, but to be honest, the mixture of official "this will be a game mechanic" information primarily from the GW website itself, the "we're working on this proposed mechanic" corner information from all the numerous blogs, the numerous additional developer clarifications within threads and then the suppositions and guess work done by forum regulars, some of which are in alpha and some of which are not, makes this all kinda overwhelming.

I feel like I'm already too casual for PFO on the forums, let alone the game itself! I'd like to work back to my original excitement of "this is the game I've always wanted!" rather than my current, "perhaps if this game would have been around 10 years ago I would have had the time necessary to invest in it," and I'm hoping perhaps just putting all the pieces together will help.

Also, is the September 15 EE date solid? Should I book that day off work now? :P

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Edmonton, Canada

Goblin Squad Member

I'm one of 96!

Though to be honest, following on twitch isn't that exciting when there's never any streams...

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Casual here.

I'll be honest, I kinda feel the same way at OP. It's these forums specifically that I find generate some anxiety about the game. I come around here, casually, and find so many people planning and theorizing and building. The Land Rush has been a frenzy. There's been all this activity here and I have the sinking feeling of, "if I don't have enough time to keep up with the forum boards, how will I ever have enough time to contribute meaningful in the actual game?!"

My only solace is that when the game does launch I won't see everything that everybody is doing. I'll have my own little corner of the world, where I can - with the help of a few close people I already know and hopefully a few that I'll meet along the way - carve out my own niche.

And as a casual, that's all I'm really asking for: to be able to carve out a little piece for myself, while experiencing being a part of a living, breathing world around me.


mikeawmids wrote:
Mikaze wrote:
(and with PCs, you never know just who they'll gravitate towards ;) )
Definitely! In my Rise of the Runelords campaign, by far the most popular, recurring NPC is a goblin that the lizardman monk redeemed during the assault on Thistletop in book 1. That goblin (and his mates) have gotten the heroes out of some scrapes since then, lemme tell you! :D

Gurgle the rescued goblin of the birdcruncher tribe. By far our favorite NPC in our RotRL as well! He was part companion, part pet, part troublesome nuisance.

Neat to hear another group did this.

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Jim Groves wrote:
mikeawmids wrote:
I feel like I'm sailing into the wind with this observation, but I was a little disappointed with this adventure.

Well Mike, I'm sorry to hear that. I would like to offer some of my perspective on why I think the adventure is structured the way it is. Perhaps after you sit with it a little while, maybe you'll feel differently. If not, I totally respect where you're coming from. I would also like to share this with anyone who may be debating on whether to get this or not.

I am not going to post what *I* think are spoilers.. but everyone has a slightly different opinion on what constitutes a spoiler, so I'm going to play it safe. Most people won't consider what I'm about to say as a spoiler...

** spoiler omitted **...

Your description of the intent behind how this is laid out make me want to run this even more. I was thinking it would be nice to run a more "sandboxy" campaign, and I think starting things this way sets up that atmosphere nicely!

That's just the thing, I really want to renew my sub for this too, but I renewed for Shattered Star too as my group had just finished RotRL, and my group didn't dig the dungeon crawl feel.
I'll probably subscribe anyways, and just use it as base material to build a bigger campaign if its all dungeony. *shrug*

I read through most of the posts here, but maybe I missed it, or maybe its not known. Any word on the "style" of this AP? Is it likely be more "dungeon-crawly" like Shattered Star or more open a la Kingmaker?

I'm with Keth up there. I'd love to play in Carrion Crown, but I'm not sure the Professor would have been the character I'd have made for it.
He'd work story-wise (perhaps being an old colleague of Lorrimor) but I don't see his arcane focus being particularly useful in that setting.

I'm tentative to put this out there, particularly because I don't want to affect my chances of being a player in one of these games(!), but at this point, considering the work that has gone into developing the Professor, if he doesn't make it through I hope you might consider him playing a walk on role as an NPC?

I have physical description, background and personality ready to go. I'll update Walden when I get the story (how Walden learned to speak Goblin!) finished as well. That portion may take a the rest of the day, as its begun running away on me bit!

Walden's owner here. I hope its okay that I did something a little different regarding a "story" for character development?
I plan on adding other bits to flesh out the character, mostly based on feedback, and likely in the more conventional formats you'd asked for.

I'm really interested in this. Particularly because the work put into screening out those who don't fit a more role play style of game leads me to believe here's a GM invested in seeing this game through!

While I'm thinking of it, would you prefer characters posted here or sent to you via PM?

Dotting. Character concept forthcoming - when I get the chance to dedicate time to writing something out.

Am I correct in assuming you're looking for PM'd applications detailing character, history, personality first, before moving on to mechanics?

Str: 4d6 ⇒ (1, 3, 4, 4) = 12 =11
Dex: 4d6 ⇒ (1, 1, 1, 4) = 7 =6
Con: 4d6 ⇒ (1, 6, 2, 5) = 14 =13
Int: 4d6 ⇒ (5, 4, 6, 3) = 18 =15
Wis: 4d6 ⇒ (1, 5, 1, 5) = 12 =11
Cha: 4d6 ⇒ (3, 6, 1, 1) = 11 =10

Huh, I'm interested in this just based on your focus on story and more in depth posts. I'm not sure what is feasible with such a dumped Dex, but I'll draw up an applicable character!

The remnants of the Third Crusade linger on. Branded as a witch, and burned within our home, my mother died at the hands of the zealous mob. Even these fervent followers of Iomedae, seeking only to do good, were led astray by the chaotic taint of the worldwound that presses down upon us all. The good in their hearts, so easily twisted to do evil.

It is only through the Law that we will control the chaos. Only Law that provides the straight and true course for humanity to find its way. Only the Law shall prevail.

LN Human Inquisitor (cold iron warden) of Abadar.

GAH! That literally exists! How did I not know this?

Thank you good sir.

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I'm looking for mini representing a character that enjoys the feast! We're tired of all these muscle bound heroes! Where's the mini with a little bit more to love?

Specifically, I'm trying to make a "Strong Belwas" type barbarian character - and am seeking a mini that would fit.

Gungnir073 wrote:
Difficult terrain is a good idea, as are reinforcements. Since the group seems pretty spell-heavy, may I also recommend anti-magic zones? Also, you can never underestimate the value of traps. If you need help, I fondly recall a series of books called Grimtooth's Traps. They had all kinds of wild, imaginative, and brutal ways to slice, dice, crush, eviscerate, and humiliate even the toughest of dungeon delvers.

That's good advice. I think the only thing that's really posed a threat to them has been traps/environmental stuff. Things that aren't surpassed by their well-honed combat tactics!

Ahhh, thank you.

I was ball parking for CR 8 (hence the HD and the save DC) - but wasn't sure whether it should be more or less than that. I never thought about adding it up and dividing.


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