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Loki's version of parenting reminds me of this poem

They f#~! you up, your mum and dad.
They may not mean to, but they do.
They fill you with the faults they had
And add some extra, just for you.

But they were f%&~ed up in their turn
By fools in old-style hats and coats,
Who half the time were soppy-stern
And half at one another’s throats.

Man hands on misery to man.
It deepens like a coastal shelf.
Get out as early as you can,
And don’t have any kids yourself.

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Tomb of Horrors I believe was, like several others, a tourney module where players try to get as far as possible. So I believe things are rather different since it is ment to be run with specific PCs so your favorite ones stay safe and sound

Corrik wrote:

Yeah it's almost like TV Tropes isn't a definitive source and you are only quoting one part of the article. I'll also quote TV tropes:

Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies: Likely to be the first thing that happens, since it's triggered when you open the note door to enter the tomb. You thought we were kidding about the sadism, didn't you? There are multiple entrances, though, and this is not the worst trap by a wide margin.

Well that blows that definition out of the water. Let's look at another example of the trope.

The Apocalypse Stone was a Second Edition Dungeons & Dragons module deliberately designed for DMs that wanted to do this, in preparation for starting over with Third Edition. In it, the players steal a MacGuffin that triggers the end of the world. They can undertake quests to prove they are worthy to die heroically, but in the canonical ending, can't really do anything to prevent the world from imploding. However, the book included several cop-out scenarios to save things at the last minute in case the DM gets cold feet (or is being threatened with death himself…)

What, the module deliberately included it? But that means the DM couldn't do it out of a response to frustration? AND it includes some possible alternate options? Now why does that seem familiar?

Are you next going to claim that Neverwinter Nights 2's ending isn't a RFED because there wasn't a DM to get frustrated?

Apocalypse Stone was rather poorly done by any stretch of the imagination. DIE VECNA DIE! actually had some effort put into it.

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Cole Deschain wrote:
Val'bryn2 wrote:
It is not a falsehood, because the Radiant Fire never showed up in a stat block that I have seen.

So you're saying that because the plot device superpower that he canonically uses throughout the course of the AP- including both the whole "blowing up Vigil" bit and the final encounter, where it blows everybody up- doesn't exist.


So it's exactly as nonexistent as the trick Areelu Vorlesh used to blow up the wardstones in Wrath of the Righteous- after all, it's not in her statblock.

And whatever Baba Yaga does to her daughters, since it's not in her statblock.


I'm suddenly reminded that Baba Yaga is the one nasty who is doing things right,, ditch the godhood so you and go where you want and do what you want. She isn't shackled down by pacts and divine agreements. So she has one up on TB

Or just pick up Way of the Wicked for all your evil needs.

Tangent101 wrote:
Leingod wrote:
At the very least, I'd have it so that mention is made that Tar-Baphon's hand is just gone now. That it doesn't regenerate with the rest of his body anymore and none of his or his followers' spells can bring it back. Maybe (either in addition or alternatively) make his severed hand that's found on the battlefield afterward an artifact of some kind that can be used against him.
So now Golarion has its own version of the Hand of Vecna....

Which sets the stage for the Head of Tar-Baphon..

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Can't he get another army in say a few years? Vigil is gone and there is a big defensive hole that he can take advantage of.

A necromancer city like Hollowfaust from Scarred Lands might be better. The place is more LN than evil and is designed that Pharesmian's heads would explode from all the paradoxes("How can they cherish the birth of children when they raise zombies/! ARGGHH!! *Boom*)

North Korea? Well it has got to be pretty bad already if Thrune's flagis like this. :p

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Hela just keeps on losing tho. When you get pixel-botched over every soul, she might as well hang on out of pure spite.

"He abandoned his comrades in battle!"

"Tactical retreat! Brave thinking."

Nynaeve has so many braids! How will she tug them all?

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Counting as 'Everything is funny at 3AM and 4 hours of sleep.'

Having Tar-Baphon become a god is bad, but what might be amusing is that he finds himself now bound by the very same non-interference pacts that other(most) deities follow. So he gets his realm off somewhere, he gets a herald, but no striding the lands like a colossus, he has to take thousands of years to scratch up a place in the pantheon. Plus he now has to deal with Urgathoa taking shots at his realm .

Tar-Baphon is like the new kid on the playground, he thinks he is going to rule the school but ends up getting atomic wedgies by the big kids.

CapeCodRPGer wrote:

Just finished it today. Loved it, one of the best adult takes on superheroes since Watchmen IMO. I never read the comic.

Anyone else think they made Homelander's costume to remind people of the Judges' uniforms in the Judge Dread comics?

Ohhhh! Dredd would be mighty insulted. The Law he is but he is not above it. He has even let himself be imprisoned when he broke it.

I remember two where civilians learned. 'The Boy Who Read Spider-Man' and another one that had a fellow who was wheelchair bound and difficulty speaking. Spider-Man saved the wheelchair guy from getting eaten by a vampire and then showed his face.

Maybe they will ditch Peter's secret ID thing. I saw a post on another site saying that very few characters have anything like a secret ID and it was 'amazing' that Peter kept his for so long.

Just as long as they keep One More Day out of it


Oh boy! Wonder if they will do MM's mom.


Wonder how they will pull off Blob Testsuo

Perhaps 'Giving up your voice and life under the water for someone you know for about an hour is not a good life choice'?

I wonder if they will go for something closer to the original story or the Disney animated one? Even minus the whole 'Feels like walking on knives.' thing, the original mermaid didn't realize until far too late that she had no chance at all with the prince.

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Falcar wrote:

I am pretty sure you do get sneak attack, but I'm not positive.

The tocket uses an attack roll to hit, but you use a save to reduce damage. The target of a direct hit does not get a save.

Without other clarification, I would say the direct hit gets sneak attack but not the others in the blast radius.
I'm about to start book 5 so ticket launcher will be more prevalent. Though I am swapping the rockets for different tech guns on some battleguards to reduce the mountain of missile launchers the part will have.


Could do The Brood. They also bump up against the X-Men.

I am reminded of one issue of X-Men where Kitty Pryde found herself alone with a Brood in the X-Mansion. No one to help her.

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I like it that Alhazra has other clothing options rather than her usual bikini and robe.

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Dave Justus wrote:

Stormbringer in the Elric stories was actually a demon, although what particular type would be represent that in Pathfinder I don't know.

"Farewell, friend. I was a thousand times more evil than thou!"

Stormbringer itself was a pretty unique demon and might even rank as deity/demon lord due to it's power.

Best few lines to me were also the most depressing(Paraphrasing)

Elric: Why does this all happen?

Prince (Forgot his name) Who knows? Perhaps all is circular and will keep happening until all is oblivion. But do not think that way, madness lies there.

Elric: Shall we be a part of this new world?

Prince: No, our time is done.

So I saw this. and wonder if anyone has ideas on how to stat this up for PF1? :)

Aberzombie wrote:

Not sure about the other dude, but when I say "hack" I mean he comes off as crazy, over-the-top, and seems to occasionally sneer at the idea of traditional comic book super heroes simply because it makes him look cooler and edgier.

And, yes, there are a lot of hacks out there in the industry. That's true for pretty much any industry, however.

That is Garth Ennis' area. Plus loads of homophobia,transphobia and fetishization of the military.

Punisher ended it's trainwreck of an arc with the typical crash. yeash, lousy art and Frank is incoherent as ever.

Punisher reminds me a bit of the Hunter: The Reckoning game for those who know of it. Hunters have a Conviction stat that helps with abilities but the higher it goes, the more fanatic you are. Punisher is either max rank or almost there since he can barely interact with anyone who isn't on the same waveleangth

Maybe. You could keep recruiting new clones. Save clone DNA and use them to enhance new clones.

I think file-sharers are the thing now.

But with stuff like save/reload and save scumming, the game loses a lot of it's edge. Lose a clone? Reload. Unless say, they had special achievements that depend on your numbers of clones or incentives to go to the next clone.

I reckon that if you summon/try to diplomacy a succubus to get a waifu means that the whole thing is tainted and thus non-effective.

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Aberzombie wrote:

In other news (and someone should probably make a movie thread for it)…

It almost looks like the next Batman movie will be an attempt to remake the 1966 film.

I can't wait to see the Bat Shark Repellant in action again!!!

Must have him trying to get rid of a bomb.

Perhaps some kind of Pain Boost that is separate from Life Oracle? 1 HP inflicted oneself means another +1 healed on the target.

I think Larfleeze is more Daffy Duck, 'MINE! MINE! MINE!" from the genie cartoon.

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Sounds like The Empath from Star Trek

What might be interesting is a version of earth where death sticks if you are an ordinary person. No blowing up the world , but all the fights ,invasions,massacres and so on has reduced human society to ruins where the remains huddle in fear

No link due to NSFW pic but seems CDR may have very well stepped in it again with a certain in game picture.

zimmerwald1915 wrote:
magnuskn wrote:
I'll presume that the slavers are not openly plying their trade but are rather a criminal organization.

Why would you presume that? Nothing in the HR AP actually states that slavery is abolished in the country.

That means that the Silver Ravens and their allies are not perfect in maintaining a crime-free realm (then again, that goes for any real nation on Earth as well), but not that the freedom on Ravounel had a "limited impact", IMO.

There's "not being perfect" and then there's "having to rely on a posse of 7th-level foreigners who teleport into your country to solve your endemic problems." Assuming they even are problems - the Bellflowers and the Age of Ashes party might be acting against government policy in fighting a slaver cult.

And you are ignoring that breaking the Cheliax Covenant would also mean that the government of Cheliax would be stripped of the support of hell. Hence, the five families hold not that much power in Ravounel, but rather in Cheliax. And that's only if the players are stupid enough to make them aware of their importance to that magical construct.

I am not ignoring it, in fact I am centering it. It is the most important thing. It is what gives the Board of Governors its veto power over who becomes Lord-Mayor. Put another way, the Board of Governors gets its power from terror - holding the threat of foreign invasion over everyone's heads.

Sure, Ravounel would probably be re-integrated if the Cheliax Covenant were to be broken, but shortly thereafter the Thrune government would probably go down as well.

I highly doubt it. They just managed to put down an insurrection with fire and blood, after all. Who has the power to try again, even absent Hell's support?

Eh, if you think that abolishing monarchy and feudalism in a medieval fantasy setting is a realistic goal, be my guest. I think Galt stands as enough of a bad example for most nations on Golarion (and Andoran as the good example,

I think Galt's eternal revolution is just a base state that the PCs can have a go at fixing. Plus, I figure some one with vast(Divine?) influence is messing with things so it is such a mess.

I expect Manhattan to allow himself to be killed since he has said that he saw nothing past a certain point.

Some info on masquerade in the game, if you mess up and blow your cover, you can work off the violation.

Can repair masquerade violations through specific tasks, like joining a clean-up crew to clear up masquerade violations from other vampires
- Clean-up crew run by a weird, desensitized guy named Bart, used an example of the black humor in the game. One clean-up crew mission has you clearing the mess left behind by a vampire + human romantic encounter; "if someone had exploded in a small hotel room, that's what that would look like. You're there to just pick up the pieces. Literally, pick up the pieces, and Bart just comments on whatever's there while eating his noodle soup"

So Viscera Clean-Up Detail in the WoD!

Which could be a neat idea for a low-level Pathfinder game. Get some use out of the Cleaner archtype for the investigator. Clean up the bodies so the dungeon/manor/temple can be re-used and hopefully not run into any left over monsters/cursed items.

In Baldur's Gate 2, Chaotic Commands or a mass of Skeleton Warriors and Mordekin's Swords did the job

zimmerwald1915 wrote:
Phillip Gastone wrote:
magnuskn wrote:
It's that you are not ushering in a glorious communist revolution, is my guess. ^^


As for being oppressed, it seems that it more more the right not to get sacrificed to Asmodeus in the streets by being 'spiked' and having to watch halfling get sold in bulk.

The former never happened and the latter continues unabated.

*Cough* The 'Excrutiations' consist of spikes up the bum and out the mouth.

magnuskn wrote:
It's that you are not ushering in a glorious communist revolution, is my guess. ^^


As for being oppressed, it seems that it more more the right not to get sacrificed to Asmodeus in the streets by being 'spiked' and having to watch halfling get sold in bulk.

If they ever do anything with Aliens, I hope Gamera comes down to kick alien kaiju butt.

Saw it, was very happy the special Blue Oyster Cult song was at the end. The 'I am doing this to save the world!' lady made me cringe whenever she opened her mouth.
The new Titans were kinda iffy for me, giant mammoth? Toss in a few classic Kaiju monsters into the mix.

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Wonder if other parts of the lore such as Aughra's son will appear

No doubt people are going to be rather freaked out by the fact that Bran can spy on their sexy fun times. 'King Bran is watching you sexxor'

David knott 242 wrote:

In regard to Dany's morality being ambiguous -- In season 7, Dany made major sacrifices for the greater good that actually got in the way of her ultimate goal of becoming queen of Westeros. On the other hand, her burning of Randall Tarly and his son when he could not yet honorably swear fealty to her should have been more of a warning of her evil potential to the Westerosi nobles (if not to the audience, who had already seen that, while he was not an evil bastard as her previous victims were, he was definitely a jerk).

She might also have done better if somebody had had the courage to give her a full rundown of the realities of the Westerosi political situation. She was able to handle her conquest of Slaver's Bay far better than that of Westeros because she had no delusions or preconceptions about the situation in Slaver's Bay.

There was Olenna but she didn't have enough time to speak much with Dany before telling Jaime she killed Cercei's little crotch dropping

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