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Something like a Sapper, from Steven Erikson's universe:

"Sappers, or munitions experts in the Bridgeburners"

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Another vote for bringing back maps. I don't see how maps were damaging the books.

Sorry, it would be hard for me to play more than once per month. I would be too unreliable with my family commitments. I hope you get a good group.

It will vary. Every second week I am busy.

I also live in the NW. Having a young family, I could probably only play once per month. I have most of the hardcover books, and some APs (but never read Runelords).


Campaign Journal Chapter Fifteen

[XP earned per character = 875 TOTAL = 25,643.75]

Starday, Brewfest 1, - Freeday, Brewfest 7, CY 595

Two ponies, a horse and a wagon are hired by the party to make the five day journey to the Free City of Greyhawk. Grimm rides in front, while Cracker drives the wagon carrying the stone figure of Loren. Forstall follows behind on his pony. Camping each night, and taking turns at watch, the party encounters no danger on the first five night. On the sixth day, only a few hours from Greyhawk, the party is surprised by a pack of four worgs. Grimm is bitten by one worg, but avoided being knocked to the ground. Grimm’s axe, Cracker’s new two weapon fighting style, and Forstall’s Scorching Rays, make quick work of the wicked dogs.

Soon the group reaches the city gates, but must wait in a two hour line-up. The guards are curious about the party, and the stone garden elf in the wagon, but ease up when offered a 5 gp bribe by Cracker. The party proceeds directly to the contact provided by Allustan, seeking out his colleague Eligos in the Garden Quarter. They were both apprentices to the famous mage Tenser. As they travel through the Foreign Quarter, they observe a mad street prophet – he screams about the coming doom of the Age Of Worms, dead dragons, the smell of rot and decay, and walking worms. When questioned the man calls himself “the prophet of the golden eye”, and then repeats his rants over and over, largely ignored by other passers-by.

Eligo’s manservant elf (Pollard) admits the party to Eligo’s marble manor. Upon hearing that Allustan referred the characters to him, he expresses his willingness to assist. He agrees to investigate the green worms, the cult of the Ebon Triad, and artifacts discovered in Diamond Lake. It will take him at least to research these matters at the Great Library. He suggests that the party stay with his friend Tarquin at his Crooked House Inn in the foreign Quarter. Eligos will seek out the party there later. Eligos then restores Loren from stone to flesh.

The horse, ponies and wagons are turned in, and the party proceeds directly to the Crooked House. They are warmly greeted by Tarquin (a gnome) who offers the party a free drink, and discounted rooms at 6 sp per night. Next morning, the party decides to try and sell the black dragon egg, and seek mentors to further their training. They proceed towards the university district to see what they can do with the egg. As they cross the main boulevard, the way is blocked as a crowd is gathered to watch a passing parade. The party learns that the parade is in celebration of Brewfest, and the upcoming Champion’s Games. One parade float contains a three-headed monstrosity, with the heads of a goat, lion and blue dragon. To everyone’s surprise, the beast breaks free from the cage, and chases after a small child. Grimm swings his mighty axe, and gets the monster’s attention. Hit spits lightning at Grimm, and tries to claw and gore him. Cracker moves in to flank with his dagger and short sword, Forstall casts more Scorching Rays, and Loren sends his Spiritual Weapon at the beast. The crowd cheers the party for slaying the beast (they realize it was a Chimera), but the beast’s masters complain that the party did not have to use lethal force.

Campaign Journal Chapter Fourteen

[XP earned per character = 2,600 TOTAL = 24,768.75]

Waterday, Harvester 25 - Freeday, Harvester 28, CY 595

After a night to restore, the party proceeds to investigate the Egg Chamber for Hishka. Hishka remains in the main lair to attend to the weakened hostages, and to convince the other lizardfolk that the party are now allies. To reach the Egg Chamber, the party must swim underwater about 100' through a submerged chamber. Loren dives in first, and is promptly snared by a cord hidden in the roots. Cracker following behind is soon able to cut loose the cord, and identify the remaining cord hazards for the rest. At the other side, Grimm, Forstall and Loren are confronted by eight black-scaled kobolds with hand crossbows. Grimm quickly slays half of them while Forstall sleeps the other half, before slaying them. Cracker emerges from the water when the battle is already over.

Beyond is a large chamber filled with shallow water, and about 200 lizardfolk eggs. At the north edge of the chamber is a large black egg, about the same size as Cracker. On the other side of the water are three wooden chests, and another large watery passage leading away. Grimm moves towards the chests, while Cracker approaches the large black egg. Suspecting that they have found a black dragon egg, the party is very cautious. Grimm discovers that the wood chests are not heavy at all. He does not open the chests for fear that it may trigger some alarm. Cracker can see nothing unusual about the egg, but finds a waterproof chest, containing coins, potions and a ring. Forstall casts an unseen servant from his wand to lift and carry the black egg. The party removes one lizardfolk egg to show to Hishka. They carefully retreat back to Hishka with the eggs.

Hishka is pleased that the lizardfolk egg appears unharmed. He is sure Ilthane will be enraged that the black egg has been removed, and suggests that the party and the remaining lizardfolk abandon this lair as soon as possible. Hishka wishes the party well, and hopes they can deliver the peace treaty to Greyhawk. The group decides to press on to the keep without resting. During the journey the party is attacked by two cockatrices. Loren is bit by one bird, and turned to stone, before Grimm and Cracker can bring them down. The party arrives exhausted back at the Keep after a hard 24 hour journey, Grimm dragging the stone-form of Loren. The soldiers at the Keep are happy to see the party and the return of Marzena and the hostages. Reinforcements have arrived from Diamond Lake. Before the party can rest, they are asked to assist with a problem in the cellar of the keep. During the last siege, one lizardfolk broke into the cellar, eventually kidnapping two soldiers, and holding them in the cellar behind a barricade. The soldiers are mortified that the lizardman and his hostages have been transformed into some kind of monstrosity (thus the barricade). The exhausted trio of Grimm, Forstall and Cracker investigate. Beyond the barricade they confront three zombie-like creatures with green worms writhing out of every orifice. One monster slams Grimm and a green worm tries to burrow into his skin. He removes it, and Grimm with his axe, and Forstall with magic missiles, slay the creatures.

Marzena is unable to help Loren, but agrees to travel with the party to meet with Allustan. After an uneventful journey to Diamond Lake, the party describes to Allustan all about the adventure in the Mistmarsh. Grimm feels weakened and suffers memory problems; he attends with a Cleric in Diamond Lake and is cured of a disease (perhaps infected by the green worm zombie). Allustan says there is no one in Diamond Lake that can assist Loren. He is concerned about the infestation of green worms around the Cairn Hills, and fears something larger is going on. He asks the party to seek out an "old friend" in Greyhawk that may be able to determine the threat represented by the worms. Greyhawk is also where the party needs to present the lizardfolk peace treaty and seek aid for Loren.

There is nothing like the Sentry Box in Calgary.


With over 13,000 sq. ft. of display and gaming space, the Sentry Box is a Mecca for those interested in fantasy, science fiction, or military games, books and miniatures. The policy of the Sentry Box has always been "If it's in print, we'll try to stock it." With over 46,000 different items on the shelves, this shows that we mean what we say.

The AP #1 suggests the party is gaining fame in Westcrown, but aren't they an underground rebel group? How are they becoming known?

Campaign Journal Chapter Thirteen

[XP earned per character = 4,675 TOTAL = 22,168.75]

Starday, Harvester 22 - , Moonday, Harvester 24, CY 595

The party rests until about noon after the siege on the keep. The fog in the swamp has cleared up, so Grimm leads the group into the Mistmarsh, following the path of the lizardfolk and their hostages. Two crocodiles ambush the party; one grabs hold of Cracker but is slain just before it was about to drag the halfling under water. They party stops for the night, and the camp is attacked by four enormous spiders just before dawn. Grimm smashes one spider into a thousand little pieces. Picking up the trail the party slowly continues on across the boggy ground. An eerie discovery is made along the way - five stone lizardfolk are found. Nervously, the party turns up no clues, and continues along the path. After nightfall the path seems to end, disappearing into a large grove of mangaroo trees. The party retreats half a mile, and makes camp. During Loren’s watch, five ghouls approach the camp, but he is easily able to turn them away.

In the morning, the party approaches the grove - two lizardfolk observe the party at a distance, and quickly disappear into the mass of branches and roots. The party gives chase, and finds an entrance into the tangle - a hallway made of earth and roots leads into the darkness. Grimm leads the party ahead, where two lizardfolk are slain in an alcove - probably a guard station, containing javelins and clubs. Moving quickly, the group rushes along a corridor to the west. In a larger chamber containing sleeping pallets, four more lizardfolk ready for battle are engaged. Forstall causes some to fall asleep, and the enemies are soon dispatched. Another group of four lizardfolk rushes the party from a further corridor to the west. The party defeats this group and moves to their lair down some stairs. Another set of stairs leads up to a large room to the north. This room is full of rotting garbage - a monstrous creature with tentacles and large teeth emerges from the garbage heap. Cracker watches in the other direction as the other three fight the beast. The monster grabs Grimm in it’s tentacles, but the big barbarian is able to break free. Cracker observes four more lizardfolk rushing the party from the other direction, and hides in the shadows as they run by. The monster is slain, and soon the party is able to defeat the lizardfolk. Eight interesting mushrooms are collected from the garbage heap.

Following a passage to the south-west, the party discovers another large chamber. Seated on a throne made of wood and bones is an enormous lizardman. He attacks the party with an impressive trident, and gives the party a long battle before he succumbs. Numerous treasures are found on his body and around the throne. Greedily, the team divides up the booty by a lottery. Heading back to the east, the party hears the sound of chanting. A stooped lizardfolk with a snake is seen performing a ceremony near a fire pit. In the corner of the room are two human prisoners. The odd lizardfolk notices the party and addresses them in broken common language. He/she identifies him/herself as Hishka, shaman for the Twisted Branch Tribe. He/she pleads with the party to stop the tribe’s suicidal path against human civilization. Hishka is pleased to learn that the King of the tribe has been slain. He/she asks the party if they can present a peace treaty on behalf of the tribe to the Free City of Greyhawk. Also, he/she seeks help in eliminating the remaining leadership loyal to the King. Hishka asks the party to confront the lieutenant in the next room - he/she releases a soldier hostage as a sign of good faith, and calls for the lt. and his mate to join him/her in this room. The party sets-up an ambush and slays the two lizardfolk. A green worm crawls from the corpse of the lt’s mate to the horror of Hishka. The other prisoner is released - the party revives her, and discover she is the sorceror Marzena. She asks for her gear back that the party recovered in the King’s chamber. She agrees to assist the party until they can return to the keep. Two more hostage soliders are revived from the lt’s lair.

Hishka believes a black dragon (apparently away on other business) has corrupted the tribe with lies, leading them on a destructive path against the humans. Seeing the green worm causes Hishka to speculate that the black dragon has poisoned the tribe’s eggs. The party agrees to investigate the egg chamber beyond.

co-op game:

Shadows Over Camelot


Campaign Journal Chapter Twelve

[XP earned per character = 3,387.5 TOTAL = 17,493.75]

Godsday, Harvester 18 – Waterday 19, CY 595

Healed-up but lacking many spells, the party moves quickly to confront the danger in the Dark Chamber. Rising from the Dark Pool, a ten-foot tall monster with six arms growls like a beast, seemingly embodying elements of three evil deities. Grimm rages, and bravely confronts the monster, while Cracker moves around to flank the beast. Forstall’s spells seem to have no effect on the enemy. Loren is struck down, and Forstall is able to save him with a healing potion. Grimm is badly wounded before he is finally able to slay the monster with the help of some timely stabs by Cracker. Another few attacks might have resulted in the end of the party.

The party makes their way back to Diamond Lake and meets with Allustan. He reveals his findings on the Whispering Cairn artifacts (the Cairn must be the ancient grave of the Wind Dukes of Aaqa). Upon learning of the latest discoveries, Allustan is startled to hear of more green worms. He has also heard reports of green worms near the Mistmarsh. The party agrees to accompany Allustan to Blackwall Keep on the northern boundary of the Mistmarsh to meet with Marzena, a battle mage stationed there. Horses and tack are obtained and the party goes back to the mine office to recuperate. Forstall summons a bat familiar.

Earthday, Harvester 20 – Starday 22, CY 595

Earthday morning everyone sets out on horse-back, traveling on a road east from Diamond Lake. Along the way, they encounter gnome gem traders and later, halfling farmers selling herbs and pipe-weed. They spend a night in an abandoned farmhouse called “Shank’s Rest”. Taking turns at watch, the night passes quietly. Next day the group turns south, and by late afternoon they arrive within sight of Blackwall Keep. They notice more and more flies, and the smells of smoke and blood. Approaching cautiously, they observe a dead horse near the corral of the keep, and three dead lizardmen on the ground around the keep. Staying at a safe distance, they also observe to their great concern, eight groups of five lizardmen strategically situated around the keep.

Forstall sends his bat familiar to the keep with a message, in the hopes of obtaining news from soldiers trapped inside. Half an hour later, the bat returns with a written note from the keep – only 14 soldiers are stable, four have been kidnapped, four are unconscious and 22 are dead. They are afraid they cannot hold out one more day. The party sends another message with the bat, detailing their plan to assist the keep after dark. Allustan decides to teleport back to Diamond Lake to round-up reinforcements as soon as possible.

Before the party can act, four groups of lizardmen assault the keep just before dusk. Two groups try to break down the front door, while two other groups try to boost themselves up to the second floor. The party moves quickly to assist the soldiers. Forstall causes some lizardmen to fall asleep, Loren cast soundburst, while Grimm and Cracker move in for the fight. The lizardmen are able to break down the front door, while another reaches the balcony. Before too long, the party is able to slay most of the lizardmen, while a few survivors escape into the dark. Loren heals the unconscious soldiers. The soliders believe another attack is imminent, as the lizardfolk leaders were not part of the last assault. With the soldiers, a battle plan is devised to defend the keep from another attack. Grimm and Cracker hide outside the keep in cover, while Loren and Forstall position themselves on the second floor balcony with archers.

Finally, around 4:00 am, the siege begins. Five pairs of lizardmen advance on the keep, hiding behind wooden planks, and throwing javelins. Two other groups of five lizardmen each advance on the keep, one group containing a mighty lizardfolk warrior, and the other a lizardfolk druid. Few arrows or javelins find their mark due to the defences of both sides. A group tries to break the door down – Loren orders oil to be cast down on them from above, while Forstall casts burning hands from above. The fire does great damage, but the relentless lizardmen climb over their dead comrades to continue to batter the door. Grimm and Cracker engage many lizardfolk in the open – the warrior is slain, but the druid proves to be a formidable challenge – she revives herself with potions while Grimm and Cracker retreat from the battlefield for healing. A viper is sent by the druid after Grimm and Cracker – after some scary moments the party is finally able to over-power the remaing lizardfolk – a few escape, and none survive for questioning. Two more keep soldiers were slain in the battle.

I would rather not have the set pieces.

A voyage of discovery across uncharted seas. First contact with exotic cultures.

I don't mind APs ending at high levels, I would just prefer that it takes much longer to rise from 1- 20. It doesn't seem right to me that a party can rise from 1 -20 in less than a year in game world time? Shouldn't it take a hero most of his life to become so powerful?

My players have never had extra money (level 5 now), as I use the DMG rules for paying for training.

I would prefer APs where level progression is MUCH slower. I think my party in AOW will go from 1-20 in less than one year of time in the game world. Yet, there are centuries old elves that are not even first level.

It should take many years or decades, to get to level 20.


Cracker = Rogue 5
Grimm = Barbarian 5
Loren = Cleric 5
Forstall = Bard 3, Sorceror 2

We (a group of over 40 year old players) are all in for 3.5, and will play it the rest of our lives. Wizards can do 4.0, 4.5, 5.0, 6.0, and we will still be playing PFRPG.

This is the game we are familiar with, and we have shelves full of books that will keep us busy.

Campaign Journal Chapter Eleven

[XP earned per character = 2,675 TOTAL = 14,106.25]

Godsday, Harvester 18, CY 595

The party returns to the Dark Cathedral. Cracker approaches the door marked with the symbol of Vecna, and finds that the silver key unlocks the door. A stone corridor stretches ahead into the darkness. Grimm scouts ahead with his darkvision to discover a maze of corridors but he does not see or hear any sign of life. The party re-joins with Grimm, uncovering their light source. With Grimm in the lead they proceed back to where he scouted. Turning a corner they discover a room occupied by “crow-people” (kenku), with their weapons drawn. Grimm and Loren are able to slay them without much difficulty, despite the best efforts of the kenkus to flank them. Loren is wounded badly by one of these attacks. A secret door is discovered by Cracker, and further on, a spy-hole is found, looking out to where the party entered the labyrinth. The party proceeds cautiously in a clock-wise direction around the maze. Eventually one corridor opens into a large chamber, where two giant dire weasels scream and attack the group. One latches on to Grimm, while the other runs around another corridor to attack the party from the other side. This weasel races by the hidden Cracker to latch on to Forstall. Cracker is able to flank this weasel and help slay it, while Grimm is able to slay the other before being drained of blood. Loren thinks the weasel pelts could be valuable.

Further into the maze, the party hears a cry of distress from what sounds like a dwarven miner under attack. Cracker calls out in the dwarven language, but the other voice continues to cry out in the common tongue. Thinking something is amiss, the party proceeds cautiously in the direction of the noise. Suddenly, two groups of kenku trios emerge from secret doors to flank the party from either side. Forstall causes one group to fall asleep, and he and Cracker easily slay them. Grimm mows down two kenkus, while the remaining kenku races off into the darkness. Following in the direction the kenku ran, the party runs into a closed door. Bursting through, three more kenkus are attempting to flank entrants through the door, while two kenku spell-casters weave magic from the back of the room. One kenku rips beads from his necklace, casting them at the party, creating fireballs, while the other causes a whip to appear and ensnare Loren, followed by magic missiles cast from a wand. After a more difficult battle, the enemies are slain, and the bodies are searched. Forstall collects a necklace of fireballs, with one bead remaining. Two feather tokens are discovered plus the wand of magic missiles on the kenku sorcerer.

After some healing from Loren’s wand, the party proceeds through the maze, with Cracker searching carefully for more secret doors. One secret door opens into a lit chamber. Grimm quickly scouts ahead and observes a large L-shaped passage with marble columns (strange patterns undulating within). Further along he finds a larger sanctum, where he is noticed by three figures in ragged purple robes, two apparently are human, while the other’s face is hidden inside a hood. Grimm rushes back to the party. A strange babbling sound from the hooded figure causes Grimm and Cracker to walk before the figure, and stare at it in fascination, unable to do anything else. The other two robed figures depart the sanctum in a puff of vapor. Forstall and Loren follow into the sanctum, and Loren determines that the hooded figure is undead. Flashing his holy symbol, Loren is able to utterly destroy the creature, an allip. The destruction of the creature causes Grimm and Cracker to come out of their spell. Grimm and Loren head in the direction of the departed humans, while Cracker and Forstall investigate another passage. Cracker opens a door to discover two more purple-robed humans, and a green-robed figure with a leather mask. The green-robed foe causes a giant centipede to block the entrance to this laboratory. It bites Cracker, who resists it’s poisonous venom. Cracker and Forstall avoid a web cast by one of the purple-robed acolytes, and retreat back down a hall to fire missiles at the centipede. Grimm and Loren engage two acolytes in their chamber – the green-robed wizard enters this chamber by another door, and casts a lightning bolt through Grimm and Loren. He later causes a fiendish ape to appear near Loren. An enraqed Grimm is able to slay the two acolytes, and eventually kills the wizard who fanatically fights to the death. Upon the wizard’s death, the summoned monsters vanish and the remaining acolytes are dispatched.

In the wizard’s laboratory a number of interesting items are found including, vials, a cloak, a heavy steel shield, bracers, a rod, and spell books. A few treasures are discovered on the altar in the sanctum. A note is deciphered, describing a Mighty Kyuss, Herald of the Overgod. The note talks about undead in the Mistmarsh possibly bearing the worms of Kyuss, and warns of an Ebon Aspect stirring within a pool. It is prophesized that an Age of Worms will bring the arrival of the Overgod. Loren knows from his research that the Ebon Triad is a heretic cult, dedicated to the merging of the evil gods Hextor, Vecna and Erythnul.

The ground shakes, and in the direction of the Dark Chamber a horrible roaring is heard . . .

My oldest boy will be seven soon. He has been playing a real basic version of D&D Miniatures and Star Wars Minatures with me. Recently he started playing Pokemon cards. I think he will be at least 9 or 10 before he is ready for RPG.

How is it the Age Of Lost Omens, yet the entire COTCT path is all about harrowing and predicting the future?

The Greatest Outdoor Show On Earth (The Calgary Stampede)

The 1988 Winter Olympics

The Malazan Book Of The Fallen (Steven Erikson) is full of powerful female chracters, too many to list. Soldiers, mages, dragons, gods.

The Empress is Laseen. Her military leader is Adjunct Tavore. Hellian, Smiles, Feather Witch, Sinn, Aspalar, Lostara Yil, Seren Pedac, Tattersail, etc.


Gandalf: "Eh? Oh. No, you would not part an old man from his walking stick?"

I am a lawyer in Alberta, Canada, and used to do a lot of divorce law.

The laws could be a bit different in R.I., but I imagine things work much the same.

First, get your own legal advice as soon as possible. You seem alarmed about how much your wife is seeking, and need to hear about how much she is actually entitled to.

Here, for example, you divide matrimonial property 50/50 more or less. Spousal support is based on your respective incomes, and length of your marriage. Child support is based on where the children primarily live, and the incomes of the parents.

In my experience, the trend in family law is towards JOINT CUSTODY.

I also recommend that you try and resolve these matters as much as possible thorugh mediation or collaboration. Litigation should only be a last resort.

At all times, put the best interests of the children first.

FYI, waiting for #10 in Canada . . .

Don't send replacement - I think it will arrive eventually. Just seeing if other Canadians are still waiting. Delivery times can be really inconsistent.

Still waiting in Calgary too. Don't send replacement yet.

I think there is a schedule for this in Cityscape. DMGII also had a section on Law IIRC.

In real life, I charge $250/hour, thinking of going to $300.

Right now - Wolf Parade, At Mount Zoomer

Any chance we will see # 1-6 compiled in one volume for all us late-comers?

Campaign Journal Chapter Ten

[XP earned per character = 850 TOTAL = 11,431.25]

Moonday, Goodmonth 24, CY 595

After a period of rest and rejuvenation, the party proceeds deeper into the Grimlock’s caverns. A long passage winds down, eventually opening into a wide cavern. Scouting ahead undetected, Cracker observes two short slopes rising above the cave floor. The cavern contains six grimlock guards with javelins and morningstars. On the top terrace, a crazed looking Grimlock with preserved eyes sewed into his eyesockets, and dyed red hair is observed. He is seen throwing strange powders and mushrooms into a small campfire, inhaling the fumes. Cracker sneaks back to the others to report his observations.

The party quickly prepares for a fight. Forstall begins a song to inspire courage. Grimm enters a rage. Loren casts Shield Other, and Cracker hides in the shadows outside the cavern. Forstall’s song alerts the guards, and two rush into the passage to investigate. Loren stuns them with a Sound Burst, and Grimm soon clears the way into the cavern. The other guards retreat up the slopes to protect the Grimlock on the ledge. Grimm gives chase, while Cracker moves in to possibly flank the enemy. Forstall casts Magic Missiles at the supposed leader. A magical morningstar appears behind Forstall, striking him in the back. Loren is unable to destroy the Morningstar by force, but a Dispel Magic spell causes it to vanish. The Grimlock Cleric gestures at Grimm a couple of times, but nothing appears to impact Grimm. As Grimm slays the guards, the Cleric vanishes. Soon Cracker hears something moving towards him, and the Cleric reappears to strike at the halfling. Aided by Grimm and bow fire from the elves, the Cleric is eventually slain after a back and forth scrap with the tough Grimlock leader.

The back of the cavern is collapsed. With his goggles, Cracker is able to find the Cleric’s cache. Magic Items are later identified in Diamond Lake by Allustan, including a rope of climbing, brooch of shielding, and +1 banded mail. A sliver key is found, and two scrolls, with rambling, disjointed script, obviously written by the crazed Cleric, named Grallak Kur. These letters seem to speak of a great power stirring, and that a swarm of worms is at hand. The scrolls mention a power growing in the pool of the Dark Cathedral that will serve the Ebon Triad as a champion. The scrolls also hint of a greater force behind everything – “At last the will of the Ebon Triad be done. With the return of great Kyuss, the Age of Worms is finally upon us!”

Godsday, Goodmonth 25 – Moonday, Harvester 17, CY 595

The party remains in Diamond Lake for three weeks to train for 5th level.

Who has time?

Our group meets once per month (over 40 with kids) so we could play 3.5 for the rest of our lives. Maybe when the kids are old enough, we will play more often, probably Pathfinder.

Poll Results at Kobold (63% want PRPG or 3.5):

Which edition of D&D should Kobold Quarterly support?

Pathfinder (35%, 167 Votes)
4th Edition (30%, 142 Votes)
3.5 Edition (28%, 134 Votes)
True20 (2%, 10 Votes)
Other (2%, 10 Votes)
White Box OD&D (1%, 6 Votes)
Arcana Evolved (1%, 5 Votes)
Castles & Crusades (1%, 3 Votes)
Total Voters: 477

WOTC could make 3.5 AND 4.0 products. Why does it have to be all or nothing?

If I order Chronicle products individually, why I can't I get a pdf download for each book like I do with my Pathfinder subscription?

Mwangi (maybe we will get the Junglescape book WOTC never got around to), Linnorm, Mammoth

Would like to see the other side of the world - Vudra, Tian

Will buy for sure. I just hope it is not too much work to convert 3.5 to PRPG.

Probably the AD&D Player's Handbook in the early 1980s. Also, Dragon magazines, featuring samurai and witch NPC classes (#49 and #43).

Campaign Journal Chapter Nine

[XP earned per character = 3,000 TOTAL = 10,581.25]

Sunday, Goodmonth 23, CY 595

After a period of recovery, the party descends back into the dark cavern. Borrowing the ring of feather falling Cracker is guided over to the archers’ ledge by a rope pulled by Grimm below. Some nice ivory dice are discovered amongst other possessions. A rope is dropped down, and everyone joins Cracker at the passage just under the ledge.

Grimm leads the way along a narrow dark passage. A feral, wild grimlock is encountered, and matching Grimm’s rage, she closes to fight with two daggers. With little room to fight, Grimm is forced to fight one-on-one. The enraged creature stabbed Grimm with her steely knives, but just can’t kill the beast. She is eventually dropped by Grimm’s axe. Too bad; they might have made a charming couple. Among her possessions they find potions, +1 studded leather armor and a wand of cure light wounds.

A little further on a rope bridge is discovered across another deep dark chasm. A pile of rubble is observed on the bottom against the far wall. Cracker carefully crosses the rope bridge, and observes three more grimlocks on the other side. Before they notice him, Cracker retreats back to strategize with the others. Forstall attempts a sleep spell with no effect. Cracker and Forstall decide to back-track and enter the pit below by another passage. Grimm and Loren stay above to watch for a possible move by the grimlocks. Cracker followed by Forstall start to scramble up the rubble to try and reach the rope bridge from the other side – perhaps they can draw the grimlocks on to the bridge, and sever the rope bridge from behind them.

Before that can happen, two small creatures with spindly limbs and tentacles for hands (chokers) leap out of the rock pile to attack Cracker and Fortall. Right away, the creatures establish choke holds, while the commotion draws out the grimlocks who throw javelins at Forstall. Realizing the halfling and elf are in big trouble, Grimm leaps down into the rocks with the aid of his ring of feather falling. Loren stuns the grimlocks a couple of times with sound bursts. Forstall collapses from the choking, and soon afterwards Cracker succumbs. Grim is able to shrug of the grabs of the chokers, but is also wounded badly before he is able to slay both of them. Loren finishes off two grimlock guards with bow fire, and the lone survivor runs off in the other direction. Loren goes back around to his comrades below and restores them all to health. Cracker discovers some loot in the debris pile.

Across the bridge, the party follows a narrow passage into a large cavern, the floor rising up in a slope away from the entrance. The surviving grimlock guard is waiting in the chamber with two other grimlocks. Loren casts shield other and Grimm wades into melee with the grimlock guards. The grimlocks yell for help. Loren moves to watch a passage leading out to the NE, Cracker hides beneath a slope leading up to SE passage, while Forstall watches a SW exit. Grimm receives a few wounds but is able to bring down his opponents quickly.

Loren sees six grimlocks rushing down the passage towards him. He retreats out of harm’s way so that Grimm can fight them one-at-a-time in the narrow passage. Meanwhile, an enraged Grimlock chieftan rushes by Cracker without getting hit by his sneak attack. The chief engages Forstall, and Cracker moves in to flank from behind. Forstall is able to back away from the fight, and Loren fills the breach. Forstall casts magic missile, ray of frost and acid splash at the chief, while Cracker and Loren eventually succeed in close combat. Grimm efficiently disposes of his enemies one after another.

In the NE chamber four caches of loot are discovered by Cracker with the help of his goggles of minute seeing. In the chief’s lodge, Cracker finds a handy haversack amongst other treasures. A magical +1 mithral shirt is found on the chief.

VERY impressed with my first volume (Crimson Throne). Outstanding quality. I was even given a free Item Card pack in my first package!

May want to subscribe to Chronicles too. Can shipping be made cheaper for Canadians? As it stands, it is cheaper to buy in bulk from Amazon.ca and get free shipping.

I thought why can't they continue to produce products for 3.5 and 4.0? There will be a market for both.

We have too much invested in 3.5 to make a switch - we are happy with 3.5 the way it is, and have enough to keep us busy for the rest of our gaming lives.

I'm all in. I challenge all those of us that dreamed of continuing 3.5 support, to support Paizo in their brave decision.

My Pathfinder subscription starts today, and I look forward to my first volume of Crimson Throne.

Will Kobold continue, or some other 3.5 monthly PRINT magazine?

What an unexpected and awesome surprise!

I applaud this courageous decision, and pledge my support. I am over the moon - I have a big 3.5 library, and I'm thrilled that I can keep adding to it.

Campaign Journal Chapter Eight

[XP earned per character = [scored next chapter] TOTAL = 7,581.25]

Starday, Goodmonth 8 – Freeday, Goodmonth 21, CY 595

Training for the fourth level begins for the party for the next two weeks. Each person advances to level 4 in their class, but Forstall begins a new path as a sorcerer. He chooses to work on his dexterity, while Grimm emphasizes his strength, Cracker his constitution, and Loren his wisdom.

Starday, Goodmonth 22, CY 595

Allustan’s advice is heeded, and Theldrick is turned over to the Church of St. Cuthbert. The party seeks an audience with Ragnolin Dourstone, and confronts him with what they discovered beneath his mine. He is “horrified” by the news, and suggests that if something was going on in his mine, he would “know about it”. When the party suggests involving the authorities, Ragnolin urges the party to keep this matter quiet. He proposes that the party return at night with a company of his guards to investigate this matter further. The party agrees.

That night the party meets Ragnolin, and his company of twelve dwarven warriors. He asks the party to report their findings to him the next morning. His plan seems sincere to the party. Entering the mine, the group proceeds to the elevator. Six dwarves march in front of the party, and six dwarves follow behind. As soon as the group reaches the elevator, the dwarves turn and attack the party without warning. The dwarves are no match for the more powerful heroes. A Sound Burst from Loren, Burning Hands and Sleep from Forstall, and Grimm’s mighty axe make short work of the dwarves. The lone survivor is interrogated, and dangled over the elevator shaft. Unable to provide any useful information, the party “lets him go”.

Suspecting a trap, one at a time, the party descends with Grimm’s Ring of Feather Falling, sending the ring back up each time by the elevator. Once the entire party has reached the Dark Cathedral, they notice that the dark liquid in the large pool is now bubbling slightly (before it was still). They decide to investigate the passage to the West, avoiding the North door marked by the symbol of Vecna. Cracker carefully opens the door, and discovers a dark natural fissure that leads down some stairs to a cavern.

The cavern is full of stalactites and stalagmites. The party encounters three strange grey humanoids with eyeless eye sockets, and wearing only loincloths. These creatures fail in their attempt to surprise the party from behind cover, and are quickly slain. Little is found of interest, except each creature had small stones stitched into their flesh in the pattern of a five-pointed star.

Another passage is followed into another room choked with rocks. Here, a larger grey creature is encountered, along with two monsters resembling a cross between a wolf and a hyena. One of these creatures screeches loudly and pulls back the skin from it’s head. Cracker is very scared of this monster, and flees back the way he came. After a more difficult battle, the kennel master and his pets are eventually killed. Cracker recovers from his fright, and rejoins the party. On the kennel master, the party finds among his gear, a potion of cure light wounds and two potions of remove fear.

The far end of this cavern is then discovered to fall away into a deep pit. Grimm is able to make out the bottom, when Cracker covers up his light source. There are rungs leading down this side of the pit, and another rock wall is observed 20 feet across. A ledge is seen on the opposite wall. Grimm descends to the bottom with his ring of feather falling. From this vantage point he can see a passage leading ahead, and another passage above, just underneath the ledge. It is decided to move Cracker over to the ledge. The ring is sent up to him, and a rope is attached to Cracker, with the other end dropped down to Grimm below. Cracker floats into the pit, and Grimm pulls him toward the ledge. Half-way across the pit, an arrow extinguishes Cracker’s light source, while other arrows shoot towards him. He crashes into the ledge, and total darkness. Regaining his senses, he leaps off the ledge and floats down to the bottom of the pit, taking some arrow wounds for his trouble.

The elves above create a light source – now visible on the ledge are two more grey creatures. Grimm and the elves exchange arrow fire, but the enemies are expert bowmen, firing rapidly at the party. Cracker proceeds up the passage to get out of bow range. Forstall is gravely wounded by arrows, and collapses to the ground. Loren is just barely able to pull Forstall out of range, and restore Forstall with a wand of cure light wounds. After a difficult battle, the two enemies are finally slain, and Forstall is lucky to be alive. It is decided that rest and recovery is needed before proceeding any further.

Dario Nardi wrote:
Peter Robinson wrote:

I thought Pact Magic was one of the most interesting additions to the game I have seen. Hopefully, I can play a binder soon. I will definitely order this book. Any chance it will be offered at amazon.ca for us Canadians?

Amazon is a useful and familiar way to reach people but their take is quite large. Counting shipping to their warehouse, I lose $2 on every book sold on Amazon. At first, I decided against selling with them, but several people contacted me expressing their desire, so I relented and chalk up the lose as an advertising/marketing expense. Amazon.ca would be a larger money pit. :-( Someday if I enter the big leagues (and print in China) then Amazon and Amazon.ca (and Amazon.uk) will make more sense.

Paizo update: I've emailed Lisa again about finalizing the last step to getting Secrets of Pact Magic, and any other products, into Paizo's store. I imagine she has been a little busy.

Thanks - I will order from Paizo.

I thought Pact Magic was one of the most interesting additions to the game I have seen. Hopefully, I can play a binder soon. I will definitely order this book. Any chance it will be offered at amazon.ca for us Canadians?

You may also enjoy other vestiges found in:

Tome of Magic
Dragon Magic
Dragon #341
Dragon #357
Dungeon # 148
Articles at WOC, including "Designing Your Own Vestige"

DeadDMWalking wrote:

I certainly wouldn't mind if Paizo had a 4th edition line and a 3.5 edition line. I don't see it happening. While there is a lot of positives I'm seeing from Paizo as an outside observer, one of their biggest business assets is that they *are* a small company. Adding more employees adds more overhead and reduces efficiency - for example, if you have enough employees you almost have to have a dedicated Human Resources person. The HR person doesn't contribute to product, thus everyone else in the 'production' department has to work harder.

I agree. I hope Paizo continues with 3.5 products. We aren't going to 4.0

Why does it have to be all or nothing at WOC? Can't they still publish a few 3.5 books each year? Or at least do an annual Dragon Compendium? Could Monte Cook release more Best of d20 volumes? There will be a market for these products IMO.

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