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So I am wondering if it is possible to build an effective gnome martial who uses the hook hammer as a double weapon.

I am not looking for an awesome fighter I know all the other races are better at this than poor gnomes but I am wondering if an effective gnome hook hammer artist can be built.

~Effective as the primary martial in a classic gang of four.
~Effective at every level
~Two weapon fighting with the hook hammer as a primary attack option

Would like to see:
~As many Gnome specific feats/traits/etc as possible
~Avoiding dump stats if you can

My ideas
~Exploiting the Hatred trait with the Vast Hatred and Greater Hatred feats to supplement a twf ranger's favored enemy.

~Freebooter ranger and using Bond to the land and Fey magic gnome racial traits to supplement Rangers Favored terrain.

~Going TWF fighter and focusing on as many of the gnome or small size feats as can fit.

So can it be done? Can a Gnome wielding their racial weapon be an effective party member?

Another M'buna

Another prisoner transfer.

The V'sori say it is for logistical purposes, when they bother to say anything.

The other prisoners say it is to keep prisoners off balance and disorganized. At least that is what they whisper to each other in the dark.

You are all locked into seats bolted to the walls of the Mbuna facing each other across the central isle.

There is an iris door separating you from the cockpit and a second iris on the port side allowing egress. There is also an emergency exit to the rear.

Above the port iris there is a camera and video screen. The screen is off, the camera is watching.

The color scheme is black and industrial. This was a landing craft in the invasion and was rather crudely re-purposed as a transport vehicle.


Your specific conditions follow.

You are in some pain. Mainly from the forced arm position. You have your Med-stim tucked between your belt and your body. Please note that the nullifers have completely negated all your powers including any stats or edges purchased with Power Points.

What others see: A well muscled tattooed man. Restrained by anckle cuffs, a chest bar and a pair of nullifier cuffs which force his arms to full extension over his head.

You are unconscious, drug withdrawal. Please note that the nullifers have completely negated all your powers including any stats or edges purchased with Power Points.

What others see: A wiry but rather wasted male human. He is locked in the same position as Sapele but does not have the ankle cuffs. He must have cut his wrist on the nullifer as a trail of dried blood stains his torn prison shirt

Your arms feel uncomfortable but the main problem is the nullifier caused migraine. Light hurts you eyes so are trying to rest. Please note that the nullifers have completely negated all your powers including any stats or edges purchased with Power Points.

What others see: An attractive if rather filthy and bruised woman. Restrained as Carl. Her eyes are closed but she was awake a few minutes ago.

Fiddler (pending name confirmation):

Your arm hurts. The arm you don't have hurts. It has been constantly hurting since they slapped the nullifer on you and you watched your claw arm fall off. Please note that the nullifers have completely negated all your powers including any stats or edges purchased with Power Points.

What others see: An extensively scarred human male. He only has one arm and is wearing a modified nullifer. The alien device is locked around his one wrist and round his neck a one foot long bar connects the two cuffs. He is restrained by a chest bar and leg cuffs. Additionally the custom nullifer is locked to the Mbuns'a hull preventing either his head or arm from moving.

You have been in the air for at least an hour. You have no idea where you are going.

Welcome please finalize char gen. Don't worry about getting something wrong we wouldn't be a comic book without at least a few ret-cons.

Another question to get things rolling.

For those of you based/living in Star City, Have you met any of the other Villains? Worked with them? Fought them?

For those new arrivals what have you heard about the others?

If aliens visit us, the outcome would be much as when Columbus landed in America, which didn't turn out well for the Native Americans. ~Stephen Hawking

The Necessary Evil campaign for Savage Worlds has long been a favorite of mine, so much a favorite that I am taking the likely insane step of translating it into play-by-post.

Necessary Evil, for those poor souls unfamiliar with it:
Necessary Evil posits a world where superheroes have been active since at least the First World War. This world by and large looks like ours. Ok computer controlled flying cars have just hit the luxury market and failing organs can be regrown thanks to knowledge gleaned from the 1918 zombie uprising. But it mainly looks like home. This world is then set on fire.
It turns out Professor Hawking was correct.
Four years ago Earth was attacked by the K’tharen. Luna base was lost and earth’s defenders both military and metahuman were hard pressed maintaining the war at a stalemate. Then rescue arrived. A new alien force the V’sori, apparently a former slave race of the K’tharen, were hunting their former masters and found then here. We didn’t ask questions, we just accepted the help and watched the K’tharen ships burn. Earth had triumphed; our Heroes had saved the day again. The victory celebrations spanned the globe. Thousands packed the streets to witness the welcoming ceremonies as the V’sori ships hovered over our cities. Millions watched the live feed from Star City as Champion and the Alpha Squadron waited beside the President to greet Ambassador F’arak .
Millions watched as a city block sized energy weapon vaporized Champion, Alpha Squadron and the gathered leaders. Across the globe with targeted strikes and mass orbital bombardment the V’sori attacked. Through the dust of the first strike those few still with a functioning feed saw K’tharen troopships dropping from the V’sori cruisers. Leaderless, heroless, the occupation of earth had begun.
And this brings us to you. You are not a hero. Over the past two years War-Master F’arak has hunted down every meta-human he could get his little blue fingers on. All the heroes are gone. Most of the big name villains are gone. You are what is left, a necessary evil.

Characters in NE are villains. Not in the class of Lex Luthor or Dr. Doom, yet, but a step up from killers like Zsasz. As the players guide puts it:


Evil, Not Psychotic

Necessary Evil is all about playing the villains of four-color comics, with their grand schemes of world domination and destruction. While these villains may be murderous and megalomaniacal, they don’t tend to be mindless killers without purpose. The super-villain you make up should at least have the potential for working with other super-villains. While playing a completely anti-social psychotic does have its charms, it does not usually make for good team game-play. Take some time to consider why your villain would cooperate with other villains, especially under the circumstances. Your villain could certainly murder his fellow compatriots at a later date to serve his own goals, but for the time being, he ought to realize he’s more powerful with others by his side.

So take Mark Hamill's Joker as the boundary line ok?

It isn’t necessary to imagine the world ending in fire or ice — there are two other possibilities: one is paperwork, and the other is nostalgia. Frank Zappa.

What I need from you. First off I am not requesting full characters yet. If you have accesses to the Necessary Evil rules or Players Guide then by all means feel free but for right now I just need enough to start with. Note if selected you will want to have access to the Players Guide. It has things like weapons, armor, equipment, setting information and character generation. More importantly it has all the background, clues, hints and secrets that I will forget to tell you. I suppose you could manage without it but you would be missing out on some important information.

Please answer the following questions in your application.
a) What is your concept? Give me a one or two sentence description of your villain.

b) What do you look like? Hair/eye color? Height and Weight? Think of what your villains mug shot would look like.

c) What can you do? What separates you from the masses? Brains? Training? Acidic blood? Magic tea cozy?

d) What have you done? What separates you from a random thug? Describe a typical crime. There is a reason you could not be at the welcoming ceremony with Champion.

e) What have you been doing lately? How have you spent the last two years under V'sori occupation? Most importantly tell me about your capture by the V’sori. Yes you have been captured, no this cannot be negotiated.

Everything I was afraid of when I was growing up, I've become. I've taken on my nightmares, like the devil and the end of the world, and I've become those things. Marilyn Manson

Concepts are up to you but I am afraid that the plot requires some restrictions. Feel free to ask me why but there is very little that I can tell you …
No Robots, cyborgs are fine but there needs to be meat in there somewhere.
No Aliens. Well there are Atlanteans and Atlantean-human crossbreeds but no other aliens are available.
You must have a body. This does not mean you cannot turn into a ghost/a gas/a shadow/etc. You can even normally be in that state but if your powers are suppressed you have to have a body to go home to. Basically you have to be able to be restrained. If you can’t then the V’sori would have killed you rather that capturing you. See question e above.
Gadgeteer or other gear dependent villains may start under a slight disadvantage (question e again, sorry) but this will be temporary.

This is all I need so please, show me a rogue’s gallery.

So assuming one cannot use acrobatics to charge over not otherwise chargeable terrain of what use is the Janni Rush feat?

Is the jump during a charge mentioned in the feat meant to be cosmetic only?

Is this a case of specific vs general allowing a Janni Rush charge to jump over normal charge blocking terrain?

For purposes of this thread please assume:
~There is a 5'wide infinitely deep infinitely long pit between the charger and the chargee.

~The chargee is standing 5' back from the edge of the pit.

~The charger has a +10 acrobatics skill and will roll 11 on any check.

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So has there ever been an official answer as to what exactly this sentence means?

" An alchemist can only maintain one dose of mutagen at a time—if he brews a second dose, any existing mutagen becomes inert. As with an extract or bomb, a mutagen that is not in an alchemist’s possession becomes inert until an alchemist picks it up again."

The key issue seems to be the phrase "...until an alchemist picks it up again."

I see some very interesting exploits with a beastform alchemist and either good friends or a tumor <monkey> familiar wearing a tiny master-work pack.

The step by step
Step one: Al the second level Beastform alchemist makes a mutagen granting darkvision in addition to the normal effects.

Step two: Melvin the tumor-monkey puts the potion in the tiny pack Al has crafted for Melvin.

Step three: Repeat one selecting different abilities until you run out of time or get bored.

Step four: When a specific mutagen is needed Al swaps the one he/she is carrying with Melvin and has a refreshing drink.

Note: The role of Melvin can be played by a friendly PC or a hired retainer Or a shelf in Al's lab.
A bandolier for the tumor monkey Will further speed the process. (Note No mention is made of capacity is made for non-medium bandoliers but Med=8 Small=4 tiny=2 seems reasonable if nor RAW)

So where does this fall apart? The sentence in question seems to clearly state that mutagens can move from inert to maintained status by being in possession of an alchemist who does not currently posses a mutagen. Even if undue, in my view, stress is placed on sentence in the Mutagen description before the one in question:

"An alchemist can only maintain one dose of mutagen at a time—if he brews a second dose, any existing mutagen becomes inert."

the plan still works. Al will simply buy or trade inert mutagens with other alchemists. In fact with a sufficient trade network and cash Al may never have to make a mutagen.

So where am I wrong or is this a nice minor versatility buff for Alchemists willing to do the extra work?

Forgive me is this has been answered before My search-fu is weak today.
If this has been answered any guidance in the way of links or search terms would be appreciated.

I was wondering if it was permitted to use unarmed strike as a 2-handed weapon. To be precise getting the 1.5STR bonus for not being able to use either hand for anything else just then.

In an effort to forestall thread-wandering please assume the question applies to a 1st level commoner with STR12 and all other stats 10 with any feats/traits/skills being used to augment profession: Ham.

Please forgive me if this has been answered.

I made an honest search through the boards/FAQ/Ultimate Equipment and came up empty.

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So I was looking at the Tattooed Sorcerer and was really liking the archetype when I noticed something odd.

Their 7th level ability. Now the ability to make a spell tattoo as a standard action is nothing to sneeze at. It is a balanced ability as there are some hefty restrictions on spell choice but then I noticed that the ability did not mention the creation cost. Looking at spell tattoos I see that they cost four times the cost of a normal scroll. This means that to use a class ability to create a limited and temporary spell tattoo of the highest level spell the sorcerer has access to at the time they gain this ability they have to burn 3200gp?

Pretty impressive for a single standard action.

Or am I missing something?

So how does the Power of Faith ability interact with Darkness and deeper Darkness?

Does one defeat the other? Does the Paladin's level matter? Are there different answers for Darkness vs. Deeper Darkness?

Please deposit clue.

Looking for one or two players to join our Carrion Crown campaign in progress, it is still very early in the first adventure so you will basically getting in on the ground floor.

Posting rate
~Daily during the week with at least one weekend post if possible. If you do not post within 24 hours you can be botted. The game has been slow paced but we are looking to change that. We are interested in following this AP to the end so please consider the time commitment when applying.

Stats and creation
~20pt statistic buy
~No stat below 8 after racial mods.
~Non-standard starting ages are subject to approval by GM which will be unlikely.
~2 traits one of which must be from the players guide.

Source Content
~Paizo Pathfinder content only. Content from outside the Core rules or the APG is by approval which again will be unlikely.
~Core races only.
~Rare firearms at best. Gunslingers subject to GM approval and rather unlikely.

~First Level with standard starting wealth.

General guidelines.

Current party:
~Warrior of Holy Light (Paladin). Blatantly evil characters may be problematic. That said this characters best friend is an (NPC) neutral evil half-orc barbarian.

~Archivist (Bard). Knowledge focused whip using archeologist and academic.

~Summoner. Her eloidian poses as her manservant. People are starting to talk but there has been no spike in torch and pitchfork sales as yet.

Character type:
This is a horror game so the players represent the normality against which the strangeness will contrast. This means that characters that can walk down a village lane and not cause folks to run for their weapons will have a pronounced selection advantage.

MANDATORY back-story:
To be considered you MUST have a connection to the Lorrimer family and a strong desire to uncover what is happening in the village. Again this is a horror game and heroes in horror games poke into things they should not. You must also have a reason why you missed the Professors funeral but something as simple as bad roads will suffice. Please feel free to post rough drafts as the players and GM will be lurking this thread and are quite interested in helping out.
As recompense for your trouble this back-story will earn you a 5ooxp bonus.

Please answer the following questions:
As a player,
1: What will you add to the party?
2: How do you see your character developing both in terms of mechanics and in role play?
3: Do you feel able to commit to attempting the entire AP?
4: Is there anything you want to ask us?

As your character,
A: What is your connection to the Lorrimer family?
B: Why did you miss the funeral?
C: Why are you currently in or very near the local church to Pharasma?
D: Why do you care what happens to a tiny hamlet in the middle of nowhere?
E: What are you afraid of?

Either my search-fu is sorely lacking or this is undefined. Any thoughts?

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The damage inflicted by erosion touch is untyped. It is not even called out as energy or physical. So how does it interact with hardness, DR, etcetera?

Any ideas?

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So has there been a solid answer on this issue? It seems a common enough question going by the number of threads discussing it but I do not see a consensus?

Issue. Does the lance when used in one hand while in a mounted charge use the one handed or two handed rules for Power Attack?

I tend to fall in the "it's a two handed weapon with an odd ability" camp but I must admit that is mainly to keep from having to keep seperate attack listings. But I can see value in both arguments.
The GMG and the Bestiaries seem to go either way depending on the writers fancy. So has any word come from on high?

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This revelation adds +1 to the saves of all animals within 30 feet.

There is nothing in the wording that limits the effect to animals on the Oracle's side. So this relevation actually helps hostile animals kill the oracle.

Odd the way these things work.

The title says it all really.

The problem seems to be that lesser beast grants what is clearly a claw attack but it is not a permenant feature of the character. Does the rounds per day nature of the claw attack prevent the character from taking Eldrich claws or other claw based feats?

This is driving me nuts.

The racial trait toothy says that the bite is primary.

The feat Razortusk says that the bite attack it allows is secondary when part of a full attack

So I have 2 questions I cant find answers for.

1. Is there a difference between Toothy and Razortusk?

2. How would they combine with a beast totem barbarian/shape-shifting rangers claw attacks that are also called out as primary?

As near as I can see

Beast totem/aspect of the beast + toothy = 3 primary attacks in a full attack. Full BAB full STR.

Beast Totem/aspect of the beast + razortusk = 2 primary and 1 secondary attacks in a full attack.

Why the difference?!?

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Ok I am a tad confused by this one.

from the SRD:
Surge (Su): As a standard action, you can cause a mighty wave to appear that pushes or pulls a single creature. Make a combat maneuver check against the target, using your cleric level + your Wisdom modifier as your CMB. If successful, you may pull or push the creature as if using the bull rush or drag combat maneuver. You can use this ability a number of times per day equal to 3 + your Wisdom modifier

So what this does is allow me to bull rush as normal drawing the AOO and drag as normal, again with the AOO simply at a better than normal CMB?

Is that all?

Me: Literate, verbose, easily able to manage several posts per day. GMT +8 (Seattle) if it matters. Good grasp of core and APG Pathfinder and a wizard at Savage Worlds. I look to DM Alexander Kilcoyne's Serpents Skull as my gold standard for pbp. I usually play Good aligned types. I am a very active plot mover with a strong interest in setting and atmosphere.

You: Good balance between role play and hacking. Running an AP or something like it. Sometheing that has the option if running for a while if it takes off.

If you think you could make use of me please let me know.


If a player takes this background with the back-story that they grew up in the expanse should they still be susceptible to the heat? It makes sense that they would be acclimated but that might encourage party splitting where they go off alone while the rest of the party waits out the midday sun.

Has anyone else run into this issue? How did you deal with it?

Thanks in advance

Has anyone done anything with this trait?
I am getting ready to run this and If someone takes this trait I want to have a couple ideas ready. I am frankly stumped so I am turning to you.

What have you done with this trait?

What cargo do you think the trait holder is protecting?

How might this trait fit remaign important throughout the campaign?

In games where a player has taken this trait how have the other players reacted to one of their number dragging a large box marked "do not open" around behind them?

These kind of cargo supervisors usually travelled with large, valuable, cargos. Wine merchants used them as their cargos required special handeling for example. Is this the sort of thing this trait represents?
If so how does this cargo survive the island?

Any help would be welcome.
Thanks in advance

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Before I read the FAQ I thought this class was awesome.

You give up spellcasting and the ability to use spell based magic items in return for the ability to glow like a glam rocker. Effectively an at will bless that gets better as you level. You also get a couple more lay-on-hands per day.

Seemed cool. Loose access to some very nice spells, get constant low powered combat aid. Maybe better than the base class maybe worse but not far in either direction.

Then I read the faq.

So given that turning the lights on now burns a lay-on-hands is the class still the rough equilivent of a base paladin?

I say no but I may be missing something.

(formerly glowing)

Is there anything stopping a monk immune to poison from using injury toxin on their fists?

Would a contact poison be a better choice?

Thinking of poison and it's not even thanksgiving.

I can see the argument that a whip cannot carry an injury poison as the whip does only non-lethal but what about contact poisons?

Could it deliver the contact poison to creatures with better than +3 natural armor?

thinking of whips and it's not even valentines day.

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Will a spider swarm take damage from a Create Pit spell? Or a Spiked Pit? I think Acid or Hungry pit should do damage but given their immunity to weapon damage I am not so sure...

The first rule of pits: don't open a portable hole.

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From Dominate person:
Once control is established, the range at which it can be exercised is unlimited, as long as you and the subject are on the same plane.

Create Pit and Rope Trick create extra-dimensional spaces. If you throw a dominated party in a creadted pit or stuff them in a Rope Trick are they free from control?


Would dimensional anchor or lock allow one to walk across a pit created via one of the APG pit spells?


Say one person in a group is under Dimensional Lock and a Pit is created under the group, does the locked person fall? Assume all saves are missed.

Would it matter if the lockee in question is helpless?


Say our friendly local Monk in under a lock spell could she walk out over a pit and use that space to jump from?


Our helpless dimensional locked Monk and the rest of the party are falling down a long vertical shaft. As the party approaches the floor a traitor casts acid pit to extend the fall and add more damage. They then cast gide or something and escape. What happens when the party hits the interface between the Pit and the old floor?

Pits open a can of worms.

I would judge these using the rule of cool which would have the lockee to treat the pit as not being there but I wonder what the forum thinks.

What happens if you cast create so hlaf the area extends under a castle/building wall?

Does it do damage? Does the wall collapse? Would kn:engineering tell you the best spot to undermine the support?

Or assuming the wall is less than 20 feet thick and you can cast feather fall did you just find a new way in? (cast pit. jump in. walk under wall. wait.)

For that matter what happens when you pound a staff say a foot or so into soil and than cast create pit where the staff is placed? Is the staff floating at the 'old' floor level? is it standing proud at the bottom of the pit? Does it matter if we replace verticle support beam for staff?

Create pit opens up a can of worms. I love this spell.

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So I am a caster level 8 with a brand new Imp familiar.
(It still has that new devil smell)

I am wondering what it's Int stat is. Is it Int 13 like it says in the Bestiary or is it Int 8 as indicated by the familiar table?

I suspect I missed something somewhere so any help for my poor fuddled brain would be welcome.

Thanks in advance

Or rather cheap red.
Our group just got a 9th lvl Drunken Monk as a member. As I am playing the Wizard I thought it would be a nice welcoming gift to make the monk a custom magic item. Considering the ammount of booze the monk will get through I was thinking of an everfull gourd.

However how to build it on the cheap as I am poor.
Basing the gourd on minor creation would work but that is rather pricy.

Any cheaper ideas I can take to the DM?


Or I suppose some other less interesting touch based special abilities?

I suspect not but hope springs eternal.

So my wizard just learned the mnemonic enhancer that cannot speak its name. I am planning to build it into build a item in order to prep some extra spells each day.
Needless to say the Sorcerer, the Bard and the Thief want in on the action. Also needless to say they all have mad UMD skills.
So what effect? Would the item grant the Bard and the Sorcerer extra spells per day? Would it give the B & S 3 spell levels that they would have to prep in advance like a Wizard? If so would the B & S choose spells that they know to prep or would they need to borrow my spellbook?
Does this answer change when the Cleric, assume mad UMD skills, borrows the toy? The Thief or a wandering Alchemist?

I am inclined to let it work for everyone who manages the skill ckeck but I am wondering what the board has to say?

Thanks in advance.

Ok, I'm stumped.
If one takes a PRC like the Pathfinder Savant which adds a level in your previous class for spellcasting purposes what happens if you return to that previous class? How does this effect your spells per day?

ex: 6th level diviner wizard takes 7 levels in Pathfinder Savant and then returns to the diviner wizard class at lvl 14. Would the spells per day be read off the level 12 line or off the level 7 line with some kind of bonus?

please forgive me if this is obvious. I am frequently an idiot.

I am currently playing a 5th level wizard and I just took the create wand feat. I have had excerable luck with touch/ranged touch since the game began and I want to build some help.

Is it possable to make a +1 wand? The bonus would be to hit only and would only apply when using a charge from the wand to cast the spell in the wand.

Would I need craft arms and armor to do this? I have craft wonderous item so I suppose I could just build something to give me "Cat's grace" for a better dex to hit bonus for the ranged touch attacks but it seems a tad extreme.

Any advice?

I cannot believe this has not been asked but I searched and found nothing.

I have a wizard who seems to have ended up with 2 awareness feats. You see I was not to savvy with the rules when I created my specialist diviner and I thought the "Awareness" feat suited a caster who specialized in finding things out. So I took the feat at level one chose a familiar pretty much at random and dove in. A session or two later I was updating my wizard and I noticed the bit about familiars cranting equal to the awarness feat if they were nearby.

My question is do I have +4 perception (+2 from feat, +2 from familiar) or do I only have +2?

or have I missed something?

thanks in advance

So I have a 1/1 Wizard / Alchemist and a question. The alchemist class states that the alchemist can learn formulas from a wizards spellbook/scrolls but what about the 0 level spells? Can a wizard-alchemist make extracts of these?

Do Alchemist levels act as caster levels for create wand/rod/staff/ring/wonderous item? If so would they stack with Wizard levels? Witch levels?