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So the summoner in the group I am dungeonmastering developed a habbit. The group lets his eidolon do most of the dirty work and the send this beast in to test the defenses of most enemies - and if the eidolon dies he simply summon it again.

Last session they encountered a demilich (in a published adventure path) and now we have a problem. The demilich successfully used his ability Devour Soul on the eidolon. Without the eidolon the group hastily retreated and now the demilich used the stored soul to repair itself.

What happens now exactly to the summoner or the eidolon? Can the summoner now create a new eidolon from the scratch? Or is the eidolon now dead and he can simply conjure it again?

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Water Mastery (Ex)

A water elemental gains a +1 bonus on attack and damage rolls if both it and its opponent are touching water. If the opponent or the elemental is touching the ground, the elemental takes a –4 penalty on attack and damage rolls. These modifiers apply to bull rush and overrun maneuvers, whether the elemental is initiating or resisting these kinds of attacks.

What is meant with ground? English is a foreign language for me, so does the developers mean earth?

Does the water elemental take the penalty on a ship?

So I have to play a NPC with a Griffon Mount in the session this evening (I am the DM). He is specialized in mounted combat.

The feats are: Mounted Combat, Ride-by Attack, Spirited Charge, Death From Above!

I want to make the most use of the flying mount. How can I use Ride-by Attack with a flying mount? I mean in a charge it must move straigth - that means no charge, attack, fly up out of range with the same action. It would be only possible if I fly directly over the battlefield and move horizontally.

Another question is: can the griffon with pounce attack too when I charge?
Could it attack if it had Flyby Attack?


I have some issues with our current campaign. I am the gamemaster for a group of six players playing WotW from Fire Mountain Games. Most of the problems stem from one player. He seems to have very different views of Lawful Evil and how this campaign should be played than at least 2 other players and me.

The players are Lawful Evil but by adventure path default they try to overthrow the current Lawful Good Monarchy and establish a dictatorship. But how can LAWFUL characters do this without conflicting regulary with the laws of the land?

If I had at least an Asmodeus codex I would have a guiding principle.

This problem player constantly breaks laws and does everthing to further his own wealth (killing merchants, cheating in an arena and starts a betting fraud, kills children after they had seen thru his disguise). He justifies this as he has not to oblige to the laws of Talingard - only Asmodeus laws count for him (funny we know none so he has really broad base to interpret them as he want). His actions often discredit the other players because he has a really good hand in getting away. And he constantly says he PLAYS exactly lawful evil. But I see no difference in his playing to neutral evil or chaotic evil (I think he mostly says this because he knows he will lose his improved familiar if the strays to far from the alignment and as a witch that would be sucking).

Because of this he is in constant struggle with another player who views Asmodeus and the alignment Lawful Evil more in my way (Schemer, merciless tyrann but not going out of his way to hurt people unnessary, bears always the great plan in mind, use of violence sure - but only if necessary).

So last session finally they met a contract devil and after the scene they asked him to make a judicial call who is right and who is wrong.
I really was not prepared so I had some contradictions. I stated that its not legal in Asmodeus Laws to Murder. So the problem player asked: How are we then going to topple this kingdom. I stated that war and murder are differnt shoes and so forth

He is now of the opinion this campaign is unplayable. I just want to stop him playing a tough and constantly bring the mission in danger thru his actions.

What skill is relevant for knowing that this phiol of water is Alchemist fire or liguid ice?

What are the DCs?

Ok, how do I start. Maybe I explain the situation first.
We are playing the Way of the Wicked AP from Fire Mountain Games and the players all play various villains (with me dming). The Path expects the player characters more or less lawful evil because it is very Asmodeus specific. The pc don´t need to be religious - but lawful evil or at least neutral evil (read: NOT CHAOTIC evil). The pc should be tyranns not spastic evil maniacs... (at least thats not my imagination of this campaign).

So was the premise when the players created their pcs. The witch has an taken Improved Familiar at level 7 and took the Imp (Lawful Evil). Now the player did more or less with purpose bring about an alignment change (he likes to play chaotic evil characteres).

What will now happen to his Imp Familiar? Normaly a spellcaster can only take an Improved Familiar with a matching alignment. The witch has an Ring which protects her from reading her alignement and thoughts. But I think her actions will speak for themselves after a while. The Imp is not stupid - and she will be no servant of Asmodeus anymore (the Alignment change was by meditating for a while in a chamber of the horsemen of the apocalypse - after she had been told that there is an risk of going insane).

- Would it be a dick move to take her familiar away?
- How can the familar detect she no longer serves Asmodeus cause with that ring? Her actions?
- She repeatedly told me and the players that Asmodeus is her patron. While I know per RAW that the witch is no divine spellcaster - what consequences could this have for her in regard to her alignment change? Could even Asmodeus deny her her spells?

One of my players wants to play a Thassilonian specialist. We tought it would be really cool if he matches the cliché and is gluttonous (fat). But we find no pictures! So heres my request!

Please help us - we google like hell but to no avail yet.

The picture will only be used in our table game (printed out possibly). Just show me some. I think of him like a Bloatmage on the cover of "City of strangers". But more clothed! ^^

I was absolutely positive about this until someone remarked that the can´t. So now I have in my Way of the Wicked campaign a Antipaladin Skeletal champion.

Does that mean he must resort to gestics when talking? :D
Would be not very funny for him to play.

Even if the rules say so, I will let him talk. But I wantet to know for the future.

Ok - why are this traits in comparsion to most other traits so powerful?

Lets look at some of them:

Blade of the Society: You gain a +1 trait bonus to damage rolls from sneak attacks (nice to have, for a rogue better than dirty fighter, because he gets to use the bonus when he sneaks alone - not just when flanking. the other way around there is no situation he don´t gets to add his sneak when he is flanking - so this is a little bit better than dirty fighter because he can use in more situations)

Defender of the Society: You gain a +1 trait bonus to Armor Class when wearing medium or heavy armor. (wow, +1 TRAIT bonus to armor class. because their is no magic item in game with a trait bonus it stacks with everything. nice...)

Berserker of the Society: You may use your rage ability for 3 additional rounds per day. (ok this is exactly half the worth of the feat - so still within range of traits, but still better than a lot of other traits a barbarian could take)

One of my players wants a doppleganger for a cohort.
What level would it equate?
Must he take the standard attributes or does he get to make the ability scores himself (he wants to make the doppleganger a rogue (spy) - so he would put more into Cha and Dex).


Leadership - who choose the class of the follower? Player or Dm?
Is the Npc played by the DM or the Player? (I Or example as DM would prefer te player run it in combat - while taking controll rest of time).

How loyal is a follower?

1. Is the Base Form fix? Or can the summoner change it?

2. If my player wants to rebuild a Yuan-Ti-like Monster:
How to do this? I would go for Serpentine with the Evolutions Limbs (2 arms) and claws. But this would raise the no. of attacks to 4 (Bite, tail slap and 2 claws) which is impossible. Is 1 attack just anavailable or is he forbidden from even taking this evolution and he must wait until level 4?

This is the monster he wants to rebuild:


our group just finished Kingmaker 1 this weekend(if you can call it this - the have slain the Stag Lord but still a lot of unexplored hexes). I just want to share some of my pictures of my rebuilded base of the Stag Lord. I hope this fits here. I was so inspired by the layout of the fort that I tried to build it as a battlefield for our final confrontation with him. Here and there I took some freedom of art. Has anyone else done something like this? If so - please share too. :)


Just a question about his age. Is he really 65?
In the picture of him he looks much younger?

My ROTRL campaign will soon end and we are starting the last adventure this saturday. The group made their runeforge weapons and battled the golemlike statue of Karzoug. Now the are readying for bringing the battle finally to the runelord himself!

My wizard player has used simulacrum to make 4 simulacra of gold dragon wyrms (14 HD). And now make a lots of items and make heavy use of his craft contigency spell feat (complete arcane). He will be probably at least 2 months crafting.

With Karzoug knowing that they made the runeforged weapons - how would he use this time? In my campaign I let him play a more active role. For example I used Ordikon (I have cut him from runeforge an made the wing deserted too) as a tax collector of Xin-Shalast with an entourage of stone giants. He did make sandpoint an offer but the pc´s refused. Magnimar bowed to the will of the runelord and send gold and slaves to xin-shalast.

Maybe more cities given in to the runelord? A few destroyed for not paying taxes?

Would Karzoug send a Killercommando to kill the SC? He knows every step of them thorug the sihedron amuletts they are wearing!
Who would you use for such an commando?

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Yeah, I know the 5th Anniversary Edition is coming out next year. But my players will face him at the end of ROTRL in a few weeks. Can´t wait this long.

There is no version of him on d20pfsrd, so I´m updating him personally.
But I got a few questions!

1. How did he manage to be so old. His stats list him still as a normal human being. So how could he achieve to reign over 466 years?

2. Would you grant him the mental boost for high age? I play with the tought - and it would sit well. In my version his stats woulb then be like: St 20 (+6 enhancement, +4 inherent), Dex 24 (+6 enhancement, +4 inherent), Con 24 (+6 enhancement, +4 inherent), Int 38 (+6 enhancement, +5 inherent, +4 age, +2 human, 5 ability increases), Wis 18 (+4 age, +4 inherent), Cha 22 (+4 age, +4 inherent)

3. Maybe he is cloning himself to stay young? Would you grant him the age bonus without giving him penalties like I did?

4. Here are the feats I selected (in exact order). Any problems? I didn´t looked into ultimate magic. Any must haves for him in there?

Level 1: Scribe Scroll, Spell Focus (Transmutation), Improved Ini
Level 3: Greater Spell Focus (Transmutation)
Level 5: Craft Wand, Spell Focus (necro)
Level 7: Tenacious Transmutation (suits him well or not?)
Level 9: Craft woderous item
Level 11: Weapon Prof. (glaive)
Level 13: Quicken Spell
Level 15: Inscribe Rune, Arcane Blast
Level 17: Persistant Spell (2 saves for 2 spell levels... everytime!)
Level 19: Minor Spell Expertise
Level 20: Major Spell Expertise (Teleport like the original version of Karzoug)

I let out Eshew Materials (waste), skill focus (no longer needed cause no archmage anymore) and spell focus (conjuration).


is it intented that the Beast Masters animal(s) don´t get the favored enemy bonus? Or did Paizo just forgot to add the sentence? As it is written the ability seems not really an improvement. You walking around with a lot of useless animals who drop like flies...


finally (after 1 year and 3 months of realtime playing time) my group reached part 5 of the AP. They left Freezemaw death behind them (2 real cool fights against him... one only aerial with the dragon never setting a claw on earth, then a suggestion from the wizard drove him back into his cave where he made his final stand to protect his hoard - fullly healed with the potions).

In my campaign I have the agents of Karzoug take a more active role in the world. I stolen Ordikon from Part 5 of the AP and made him a "Tax Collector" who gathers tributes from all Varisian cities on the threat of destruction after Karzougs return (I took him mainly for his exotic look - I played the scene much like in the movie 300 where the persians demand surrender -> Ordikon offered the head of the major from Magnimar as proof of his might). Not a few cities surrenderd and ordered to give the Runelord slaves and gold to rebuild Xin-Shalast. He made the PC´s even offers to join the runelord. But they refused...

But now they just stepped through the portal to Runeforge and we ended our last session. I don´t want it to be such a long Dungeon Crawl. So I´m searching for some ideas to make this part shorter and more believeable. But not boring and meaningless. Here are some ideas. It would be great if you tell me what you think about them or give me your own ideas!

- 10.000 years of inaction in runeforge. I can´t really believe they live that long and do so little. Most of them would be insane I think. Maybe after the catalysm that ended Thassilon – they lost contact to the outer world and concluded that their services will be needet again in future times. So the undergone a ritual went into a magical hibernation? As the runewell flared to life 5 years ago – so the Runeforge did! Maybe even Runeforge itself shutted all down as the Runewells went down and restartet itself after the the runewell in sandpoint flared to life?

- I don´t have Freezwmaw to attack the PC´s in Runeforge, but maybe Ordikon used a spell and traveled after the them to give his awakening runelord the treasures of Runeforge? Good idea? If yes - which servants he would take with him from Xin-Shalast?

Has the dvd subtitles? I´m no native speaker - so it would make watching it easier for me.


I´m playing RotRL with Pathfinder Rules and I wonder how this spell should function under the Pathfinder Rules? I gave it out to my player (he found Mokmurians Tome - and a few others on Thassilonioan spells in the libary).

Should I just stick with the old xp-costs? Or should I increase the cost (Pathfinder SC have more XP).


I´m playing RotRL with Pathfinder Rules and I wonder how this spell should function under the Pathfinder Rules? I gave it out to my player (he found Mokmurians Tome - and a few others on Thassilonioan spells in the libary).

Should I just stick with the old xp-costs? Or should I increase the cost (Pathfinder SC have more XP).


I´m running the the finale of Fortress of the stone giants this friday. I plan to use the new Elemental Specialist (earth) from the APG for Mokmurian because I think it fits very well. Has someone done his stats (especially spell selection) with this specialisation?


do you change your creature typ for the duration of the spell into dragon? Or are you still a humanoid?

Aurelianus said about the Magus (his original post is much longer - I post only his conclusion) :

Aurelianus wrote:

The magus has fighting potential and with each spell he gets better. Ranged touch attacks are no problem for this character. As supporting fighting character he will be able to do much damage. But he has one disadvantage: a efficent magus only works with a high dex score (if he wants to have an decent AC). While other core classes are varied and can simulate a lot of different characters – the mage has only one efficient play method. This is boring.

Another issue is spell combat. The -4 on attack are a great disadvantage – without maxing Dex and taking weapon finesse it´s practical useless. What advantage has this ability if I can´t use it until short before the next improvement (level 8) comes for it?

So, this should be a really easy question: how does my player (if he wants to play a centaur ranger) create his ability scores for his pc?

Lets say the group is level 6 (all standard classes), per Beastiary he would get 3 levels of ranger (which is sick, because he now has not only more hd than the other party members - he gets to create his pc with point buy and gets the insane ability bonus from centaur str +4, dex +4, con +4, wis +4 and cha +2 too). This makes this sort of race a much better choice than the standard classes!

If the ability scores would remain standard for centaur on the other side it´s kind of lame... every centaur would be the same and they would be too underpowered.

Note: This is only an example. My players are always interessted in playing extraordinary races (most I allow one or two, because I don´t want to run a freak show).


My players just fineshed HMM and we will quickly proceeding to Fortess of the Stone Giants. I don´t understand why it is so important for Karzoug to destroy the Hellfire fume in which Xaliasa was stationed? What does Karzoug fear from his old spy? Or the Runeforge?

One of my player asked me if his Wizard could cast this spell to duplicate a Efreet or Noble Djinn and let him cast his wishes for him. To say it with the "Gamers": There must be a rule against this. But where? What do I overlook? Or the player?

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It´s wrong. It uses the old ability increase per round.
Do we have an errata thread by now?


my playing group just freed Fort Rannick and is now in Skull Crossing and dealing with a particular "Fiend" ;)

A while after that I will start the desperate plea from the little faery (maybe I change Yap into a female Pixie, because my players are more likely to help women).

But as written the Whitewillow Part seems extremly short. It´s just 3 pages long... if you subtract the stat block even less. Some of the suggested encounters are interessting, but I will add some more. I would be glad if any of you would share his toughts how I can make the visit to Whitewillow one of the saddest and horrorfiying moments in this campaign.

One of my ideas is to integrate some haunts (like in Skinsaw Murders) which details the relationship between Lamatar an Myriana, other focus on the ravaging of Myrianas Body (targeting female characters). Other ideas?

Is it ok to use the pictures and signs of Pathfinder (all under community use police) for use in copy shop to make Shirts for our gaming group (not for sale!!!)


One of my players will use the Thaumaturgist Prestige class from the SRD 3.5. We will go farther than this and allow it for arcane casters (he is one) by adding the requiremant "Spells

Able to cast lesser planar ally OR LESSER PLANAR BINDING.

Which changes would you suggest for such a character? Especially the level 5 special ability isn´t so easy to convert because Pathfinder has no longer a thing like ECL.

Can the creatures (if he decides maybe for a Djinn cohort) have class levels? He will get his Cohort at level 14 (earlist because he must be level 9 wizard before he can get into the prc). Which level would have a djinn arrange his ability stats like a npc?

So, we finally finished Skinsaw Murders (after 5 sessions, just like Burnt Offerings took us 5 sessions. I wonder if Hook mountain will also will take 5 sessions) and asking for a few ideas to spice up the travel to Hook Mountain. Not just combat encounters. Some things to play up the still new world (its our first campaign in Golarion).

Any ideas? My players have yet to decide which way the go - so feel free to insert any ideas. I think they will use the river til Wartle and then through the Sanos Forest. Another route would be further up the river til Whistledown, over Lake Syrantula and then up the Skull river (mostly on boots or barges I think).

(first a little apologize if I use some wrong words - english is not my first!) ;)


I just running the 2nd Part of Skinsaw Murders and find the last part a bit unsatisfying. It seems to me a little overhasty.

My PC´s came last session to Magnimar and searched for Alderns town house. They heard about the Brotherhood (which is a not so secret society, more like the Freemasons) and that Vorel Foxglove was a founding member. In Alderns house they found information about a possible hideout of the Brotherhood (the sawmill). Before the could go there they were attacked by the Faceless Stalkers. When they wanted to leave the house they heard the city watch (led by hellknight) call them out.
They have asked a lot of questions and meet the wrong people in their search for Alderns House who informed Ironbriar! The PC´s got arrested by the hellknight in the Arvensoar, as ordered from Ironbriar. In the jail the meet Captain Acacia Uriana (see p. 60) who distrusts Justice Ironbriar and thinks Ironbriar and the Lord Mayor only want some scapegoats to satisfy the crowd (Ironbriar meanwhile signs therewhile their death sentence). She let the players flee after a long speech with them and insists that they bring her the true murderer.

So where do I go from here?

I have the idea to let the pc rescue the Lord Mayor, and not only to see him on a death list. I think this would be more of an impact. How could I stage this? I tought he could maybe on an private party or in a playhouse where Xanesha personally looks to dispose him (the most greedy soul in Magnimar - before she must flee after the pc´s stirred to much up). Maybe she can flee after her failed assasination attempt and go back to her tower in the shadow. Then we would still have the finale as described in the book! Maybe the pc´s have additional reeinforcements (Acacia and some soldiers) then which would make the Encounter with Big Xanesha a little less deadly.

What are your toughts? How should I stage this rescue Groberas thing?