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So I have to play a NPC with a Griffon Mount in the session this evening (I am the DM). He is specialized in mounted combat.

The feats are: Mounted Combat, Ride-by Attack, Spirited Charge, Death From Above!

I want to make the most use of the flying mount. How can I use Ride-by Attack with a flying mount? I mean in a charge it must move straigth - that means no charge, attack, fly up out of range with the same action. It would be only possible if I fly directly over the battlefield and move horizontally.

Another question is: can the griffon with pounce attack too when I charge?
Could it attack if it had Flyby Attack?

My understanding was that you could charge upwards as well as downwards, increasing your options.

The griffon with pounce can attack as well. Flyby attack is different.

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