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In the description of Zo spaceport in Pact Worlds pg 106, it lists the max item level of a technologically advanced, academic spaceport that is well known as a spaceflight technology bug as being 8th. The only semi-reasonable explanations I can see for it being that low are:
A. It is a chaotic Good settlement, which isn't a valid point as Apostae, a CE settlement, has a 20th max level
B. It has speculation about spying being one of its chief exports limiting it
C. It is limited in accessibility (not likely for a spaceport in the Pact Worlds.)
D. A combination of both B and C
Otherwise, I would expect a Max level of 18th if there isn't something I missed.

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Sharaya, via email, wrote:

Hi Mark,

I’m so sorry for the delay in following up on this! It looks like this got misfiled in the inbox and I just stumbled across it.

Thanks for explaining that. That being a Humble Bundle complicates things a bit. I’m not finding a paizo.com account attached to this email address. Please confirm the email address attached to your account, and I’ll look into this.

I may not be able to get to it before I leave for vacation, but these Humble Bundle items are still on pre-order (waiting for on info for when they will be finished still) so I should certainly be able to get it figured out before those start shipping out. Thanks!

I sent you a couple replies. I think they got misfiled again. Mainly, stating that the email attached to this account is my other email.

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Hello, I posted in the electronic subscription thread sometime around the time paizo customer service went on holiday break. I have had my product shipment for the electronic product Solar Sortie "pending" since the 20th or 21st when it came out. I am becoming very distraught and worried, since I am fairly sure I paid for it, and it says it is purchased above the product listing, but it isn't in my downloads. Help would be greatly appreciated.

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I am playing a game of pathfinder with friends. Some of the rules are a little different--namely:
1. crits work differently, as do attack rolls of natural 1(I can give a detailed explanation if needed, but basically if you crit you either get double damage or choose an effect from a random list of effects off of a "crit card", whereas you take a penalty if you roll a nat 1 that you don't choose off of a random "critical failure" card.)
2. the stat generation rules for character creation are a little different--while this doesn't matter much in the context of what I'm asking, it explains why I have base stats that are much higher than usual.
3. XP works differently in that it's measured in "encounters", instead of XP points
4. anyone can Use Magic Device untrained, but Untrained you have a VERY small chance of succeeding.
this is the build I am basing my character off of.
The problem I've run into is that I'm playing an alternate version of the orc(technically a subspecies of Orc with some Aasimar blood called the light orc), instead of the half-orc of the original.The idea of it is that it's basically an orc with no Orc weapon familiarities(they're kicked out of the tribe almost universally), the "lightbringer" racial trait from Advanced Race Guide, which gives immunity to dazzling effects and blindness due to light, no light vulnerability, and which is a native outsider, in addition to being technically an orc, and therefore able to take orc feats. Here's his character write-up as of now, and I'm trying to make a version of the build that takes into account the fact that he already has the ferocity racial trait, and doesn't nessecarily need things like "diehard".
I'm about to level up to level two, so I would appreciate speed if at all possible with the responses.
Throgdar the barbarian
NG male Light-Orc Barbarian(invulnerable rager, Urban Barbarian) 1, age 20, deity: Kurgess, former citizen of Urgir, current honorary member of the Axe clan Shoanti tribe
STR: 24
DEX: 19
CON: 19
INT: 14
WIS: 16
CHA: 16
feat: Power Attack
traits: Optimistic rager(+1d4 rounds to any morale bonus(including rage)), Armor Expert
favored class bonus: rage rounds
wearing studded leather.
Studded leather Armor
cold iron lucerne hammer
barbarian's kit(replacing the trail rations with orc trail rations)
Barbarian Chew(+1 rage round for 1 hour after chewing; found it in the Curse of the Crimson Throne Player's guide or maybe in the one for Rise of the Runelords)
20 Cold Iron Arrows
cold iron cestus
Note: I accidentally hit "submit" earlier and deleted the duplicate uncompleted post.

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I would like to start a thread detailing the free stuff you can get in PFS (Pathfinder Society, for those few of you who don't know or recognize this abbreviation), with the Core Rulebook and Bestiary only, for players starting out. For instance, when I started, I wasn't aware of the Rise of the Runelords player's guide, the Curse of the Crimson Throne Player's Guide, or even the traits supplement.
Free stuff:
Pirate Familiars
Character traits
Rise of the Runelords Player's Guide
Curse of the Crimson Throne Player's Guide
Pathfinder Society Guide to Organized Play
Pharasma replacement domains (credit to Nefreet for pointing it out)
Any suggestions for improvement, feel free to pm me or post it below.
edit 1:please refer to the Additional Resources for what can and can't be used.
edit 2:added Pharasma replacement domains.
edit 3:gave Nefreet credit for pointing it out.
Also, would love for this to be stickied.