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Ok, so a while back one of my friendly local gaming stores went out of business, and one of the owners gave me a Starfinder/SFS promotional poster.
It was originally for the promotion of Starfinder, and IIRC it was made before the books, or at least the Adventure paths, actually released. I am at a different FLGS now, but still have the poster.
It doesn't say anywhere on it "permission to photocopy for personal use" or even promotional use, but I was looking for permission to photocopy to use it as a guide for my game and maybe reuse at my FLGS for promoting Starfinder, as it has a fairly player friendly Absalom Station pseudo map, even if it's out of date, on one side, and promotional stuff on the other.
Who do I talk to about it? Am I in the right place?


Try contacting customer service. It would be nice if Piazo made more posters. Starfinder posters are extremely hard to find online.

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So if you got the one with the Absalom Station map on it, that one got sent out to consumers but if you're thinking of the one that has the iconics on it and STARFINDER below, that one was sadly retailers only.

I WISH I could have one.


With the OLG mess, now seems like a good time to print more promotional posters, and it would be nice if they were sold to everyone. We are getting a map of the drift lanes soon. I'm hoping they sell it separately too I'd like one for my walls and one to use in games.

The local PFS group here has a big pathfinder society poster up at one of the places they meet but I think it's from PFe1 so is the Interseas map they use a lot to show us where the adventure is starting. It Looks like Paizo made all kinds of posters for e1 then stopped when e2 came out.

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Would love a PDF of that poster. If not for that poster, we would have gone, what, 3-4 years without a clue as to what the Lorespire Complex looks like, and it's still the only portrait we have of King Carney.

If you're looking for posters specifically designed to promote Starfinder Society (and/or Pathfinder Society), check with your local Venture Officer or Venture Lieutenant. There are a handful of SFS/PFS recruitment posters that my wife has been using recently, that she has access to because she's a V.O.

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