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I'd like to put my toe in the waters of space but I don't have a character ready right yet. I do like the look and feel of the mechanic though I would probably tend towards a bot instead of a brain implant.

I haven't done any starfinder yet and this would be my first PbP but I like the idea. I will try to get something together for a proposal and edit it in here.


To address the voice/text issue most of the thru the week stuff would be text. Doing daily voice would be prohibitive. The only time I would like voice would be for the occasional meet up style sessions where we could handle any more important combat encounters in a slightly quicker fashion, but even then it wouldn't be mandatory.

Hello gents. Sorry for the long wait with no reply or information. Life happened as it tends to do and I had some issues that kept me from pursuing the enjoyment of gaming.

Now however I am looking to get things rolling finally if any of you are still interested and available. I am not thinking play by post exactly. I am looking to run something like it but slightly more active and with at least occasional VTT game sessions using roll 20 most likely. Between those sessions I'd like to use a chat service(Either skype or discord) to handle things. Mostly RP activities and other out of combat actions. I'd like to have everyone post or comment or chat at least a little most days. Real life does happen and I understand that and have work that will be somewhat in the way as well, but I believe I can handle at least a little each day with my phone if nothing else.

Anybody interested in the game style let me know and we'll work on the theme and what kind of activities you'd like to take on. Personally I'd prefer to go with something a bit more free form than the witchfire trilogy, so either a company of adventurers or members of a mercenary company. Good news is either way you start you could transition to the other if minds get changed.

Hey all,

Working on making a form fillable character sheet that works a little better for me than the ones I have. I finally found one I could edit and figured out how to handle the normal stat, skill, and weight linking to get the numbers to all add together and show usable numbers. Now the issue I am having is trying to get the max dex entry of an armor to correctly limit the dex bonus in the ac calculation.

If anyone with some experience can help me out I would appreciate it.

Edit: Or you know, just a copy of neceros 3 page sheet already set up as form fillable that isn't locked so I can just make a few little changes instead of needing to work from scratch..... getting a little frustrated now actually.

ok, this is pure thread necromancy but I was hoping for some information. I really like the neceros sheets but I was looking to make a few changes to make them more usable for me. The problem is the copies I have are all locked so I can't add or even edit the form fields. To make matters worse it seems the website is getting redirected to crappy ads so I can't get in contact or even look for a non secured version.

If I can get either an unsecured copy or just a blank version with no form fields so I can add them all myself, I really like the format.

and the addon crystals for said staves

don't have a link for the material yet, it's some work I still have to do.

as to the other question if anything there is too much interest =)P. I will do my best to get some specifics together and get the group firmed up.

System is definitely Pathfinder, I have already done most of the conversion work and have ideas about anything not done up already.

Unfortunately there is not a players guide, but I could do a general breakdown if needed. The uber basic is just to be either politically neutral, or in the favor of cygnar or at least not a huge openly sought criminal in their lands.

Honestly I have run the trilogy a few times over the years and if it'll work out I'm leaning towards a more open campaign so that your not stuck on the rails that is that sort of campaign. The big ideas in this direction are as follows:

1. problem solvers on retainer to a rich patron. Allows some direction and lets me basically give you "missions".

2. Independent company of _______. Could be thrill seekers, archaeologists, criminals, or other less orderly conglomeration. This would be the most free form of the options letting you take on any objectives or challenges you feel you can handle.

3. Mercenary company, whether in charge or as newish squad of recruits placed together. This would allow us to start with missions assigned with leeway as to how you complete them, and then progress to the point where you choose your own direction and activities.

@ lord foul: I wasn't really considering gestalt for this one as thats a power level somewhat above both the setting and my comfort level to GM at this time. There are however more than a few options for building characters with both spellcasting and martial prowess without gestalt.

the storm knights are a military organization that I would likely have you roleplay into if thats the direction your wanting to go with a character. Basically it would allow you access to the specialized armor and weaponry that makes them so unique.

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First of all, YAY for interest!!

Now lets get to the questions and comments.

Black Dow: I'd love to have your fell caller along as it is a very flavorful class and trollkin are lots of fun too.

Yokaiboy: Gobbers are a bit of an interesting dilemma I hadn't had to address previously. I believe stat wise they would use the goblin as a basis, while flavor and archetypes will trend a bit more towards gnome with a bit of halfling mixed in for good measure.

Stormcrow: I decided the wizard archetype didn't suit the flavor of the gunmage so well. Instead I did it up as a magus archetype which better matches the 6th level casting and the more martial aspects of the class. I might be amenable to letting you use the wizard version if your looking to make more of a spell slinging artillery type, though it may need some adjustment.

The steamjack rules port over fairly well without much messing about, basically big constructs/golems which are a bit smarter but are fuel reliant. As to the warcasters(and warlocks if anyone is interested in them) they will still be prestige classes, though the prerequisites are a bit different than initially published(same for most of the other prestige classes)

Firearms are one of the biggish reworks from a pathfinder point of view. Instead of them being fairly rare and mostly unknown/unexpected weaponry, they are fairly prolific. This plus the differences in powders(IK uses a binary blasting powder instead of black powder as we know it) makes the rules a bit odd. I tend to favor the IK version of firearms though reloading is adjusted a bit. This also means they target regular AC instead of touch in most circumstances.

I hope this answers your questions and gives you all hope for the future. Any other or new questions feel free to ask

I have pdf's I can share for the books that matter. Some of the adjusted classes and gimmicks had to be homebrew adjusted and fiddled with. Like the ranger for example, instead of just making them no magic(odd and tough thing to do when the thing old version gave them to replace it was favored terrain which vanilla ranger now has) when you choose ranger you can now choose between ranger(affiliated with circle druids unless some other organization makes more sense) that has the magic, or scout allied with some form of military(choosing from one of the ranger archtypes that forgoes spellcasting).

Damn I'm long winded tonight. Anyways I look forward to some interesting discussions and potentially good gaming with you. If you have any questions feel free to ask and I will do my best to get back to you expediently.


Hey all,

I have a love for the iron kingdoms campaign setting put together by Privateer press though I don't care much for the different rpg system they switched to. Because of this I have done a little work porting the old d20 version to pathfinder for some fun. In this case I am looking for interest in either running the Witchfire Trilogy(think half of an adventure path) if the group needs an introduction to the setting, or a more custom and open world adventure if the group is familiar.

Either way, it will be a semi high powered game, high stat potential and reasonably high magic item availability(though some of this will be the setting specific mechanica) and some spells and items may be inappropriate to the setting and hence be rare/nonexistent. This is just the start of the setting/house rules as I don't want to blot out the sky during an interest check.

Anyone familiar with the setting may let me know if they wish to pursue one of the exceptional concepts presented in the tabletop mini's game. If you are interested in some steampunk action but are unfamiliar with the setting let me know and I will either explain some more for you or point you in the direction of some good reference material.

Sorry if this was a bit long winded, just wanted to get the concepts across.


what your describing sounds more like monstrous androids or a combat encounter waiting to happen, at best an npc of some sort likely.

it's effectively a steampunk version of power armor specific to the Iron Kingdoms setting. The reason the 3.5 version of warcaster armor is clunky and inelegant is due to magic items in that setting being more rare(theres a chance to permanently lose hp's when crafting which gets higher the more powerful the item). The setting gets around this by using a science they call mechnika, fusing mechanics and magic to use a string of smaller easier to craft magic items along with external power sources(steam engines mostly) to accomplish the effects of more powerful magic items.

Warcaster armor is one of the pinnacles of mechanika. It does everything from helping less physically adept mages wear the heavier armor that protects them on the battlefield to enhancing the power of more physical mages letting them wade into battle matching and even out performing warriors. The biggest of these protections was a power fiels(force field, shields, whatever you want to call them) that absorbed damage and recharged slowly over time or could be quickly recharged by the caster. The combination of these making the wearer very hard to stop as well as helping their spellcasting in some interesting ways like not needing to handle components(stored in a special chamber on the armor for instant use when casting begins) and letting them ignore the spell failure chance from the bulky armor.

As to a pathfinder version I haven't run into anything to simulate it. Your best bet would be to work with your GM and see if he will let you use crafting feats to invent what your looking for or see if he's willing to have it exist in some form in whatever setting your using. If that is not an option a flavorful application of multiclassing into synthesist summoner to get the hp buffer and enhancements.

Hey Ash,

I totally get the distance being a bit much, good news is I had a bit of overwhelming gung ho attitude from my web based group. If you'd like to join us digitally let me know. We use Skype for most communications and a vtt for actual sessions. We have landed on mummy's mask which instead of just ending as soon as we have starfinder we will be alternating between them.

Look forward to hearing from you.


Hello all,

I am looking to get a group together for an undefined game/campaign on an as yet undecided night/schedule in an effort to get to know a group to play starfinder with so that I'll have at least some idea what to expect and how you'll like to play. I'm trying to get at least some local players(don't know anyone in my area so far) but I am guessing I will have at least some need for telecommuting heroes =).

The local recruitment is on this thread:

Please feel free to post, message, or email me with any questions or interest and I will be posting more details as things firm up.

Thank you

Hey all,

Been awhile since I posted looking for local players, so I thought with it looking like i might be able to pull together a regular gaming night again I'd try for the real deal with some in person honest to god play time.

I'm looking to(at least at first) host said event at my house. I live in the Tartesso community just off of Sun Valley parkway and Thomas rd. I am currently aiming for thursday evenings but have yet to discuss things with my employer so this may change/be flexible. I enjoy pathfinder greatly and believe starfinder will be just as enjoyable when it comes out. At least with pathfinder I enjoy slightly high power curve games with lots of magic, items, and wealth to go around. I am comfortable either GMing or playing, whichever is needed by the groups make up. Though I would enjoy a weekly meet up I am more than happy to do bi weekly or monthly as schedules will allow.

Anyone interested please contact me here or by email at

I will also be making a post in the looking for group channel in case too few/nobody is close enough to make the trip. I look forward to talking and potentially gaming with some of you.

Thank you

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I hope it's not a farewell, there is so much intrigue and fun to be had and written about in the nation of cheliax. Even if it leads to or even begins with the boys escaping from the house of Thrune deciding they were more trouble than they are worth. There is also the possible joy of whatever happens in Ustalav if/when someone discovers radovans heritage.

Just so many stories left to be told. I'm still hoping to read more of them.

still nothing? is anyone even out there?


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Soooooo, Varian and Radovan are headed back to Egorian. Are we gonna see that book(or whatever book comes next for them) anytime soon? Many of us I am sure are wondering this and looking forward to any glimmer of hope concerning a continuance of this fine tale of friendship and adventure. Has anyone seen or heard any news concerning such an event? Can we get some info/news from Dave himself or anyone with paizo in the know on such things?

Just putting this out there and hoping =). Love the Tales line in general and look forward to more.


Dotting for interest

they end up at least addressing it later in the book, even if it doesn't tell the whole story, I'm hoping they do put out a short to fill us in =)

I could see 3 hands with the vestigial working back and forth working the crank to keep a pair of repeating crossbows firing. You'd still need to drop or store one to reload the other and then vice versa, but you could get in a round or 2 of looking like a diablo 3 demon hunter =)P

Unless of course they saw real potential for that rebellion to succeed. You don't have to worry about the whims of a ruler who won't be ruling much longer.

in the end it's more about style than numbers, if you really like the earth breaker, swing away with that giant ass hammer. if you wanna take a falcata and butcher some folks with decent odds at getting a times 3 crit, it's totally worth the feat if it fits your style.


Though recently I've been running alot of premades, I really do love running and being in home made games and settings. Or even just taking an existing setting like golarion or forgotten realms or iron kingdoms(my 3 favorites) and just tossing your party in with no plans whatsoever except to help them write the best story possible.... That is truly the best kind of fun

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Count me in as looking forward to this summer when varian and radovan return!!! Cant get enough of those 2.


Hey laz,

I'm in a group that runs the type of games your looking for, online but with scheduled sessions just like an in person around the table type of game. We've used roll20 on occasion but mostly we use a program called maptools instead with skype used for voice. We don't have anything going on fridays atm but if your free and interested I'm running Reign of winter on sundays at 6pm mountain standard time, session length is around 4 hours give or take.

If your interested in the current game or just wanna be on the list next time we start a campaign hit me with a private message with your skype name and we can hammer out some details.


As the party gathers around Vesper, wondering how she fell to such a seemingly superficial wound, when something odd begins to happen. The flames wreathing her armor begin to shift and grow, Finally convalescing into the image of a flame wreathed young woman not dissimilar to Vesper herself, but wearing strange garb unknown to the other members of the group.

"Do not worry children, Vesperia will be returned to her family. This was not her time, and not her place. You have many perils ahead of you, but fear not, I see that another of worthy abilities will join your cause very soon."

With that, the flames enshroud and seem to consume Vesper's corpse and then fly out the nearby open window, hurtling in the direction of the winter portal.

Greetings and welcome.

This is going to be someplace where the characters of my campaign can have a little in character chats with each other as necessitated as we progress through the story. I will begin by introducing our cast and then bring you up to date on the majority of events that have transpired thus far.

First we have Ilgam, a long time native of Heldren, longer than the memories of any of the current residents as a matter of fact, as even Ilgam doesn't remember how old he is being an Elan and having forgotten his past exploits, he is now a mind blade of some power.

Next we meet Tatiana, transplanted to sleepy Heldren from the glories of Whitethrone herself due to some dispute her mother had with a more influential Jadwiga. Not quite settling into her new surroundings and circumstances. Whether trained by her mother or learning the craft of her own volition she has become a winter witch as her heritage seems to demand of her, and with enough promise to outshine her mother and many others she would be compared to.

Vesper was born to the simple life, daughter of farmer, and marrying into a family of farmers after being orphaned by a plague. Her husband could not quite settle for farming, and such became a ranger, a ranking member of the sentinels who protect the region. But vesper has a secret, the same plague that claimed her parents nearly claimed her, only the intervention of Sarenrae saved her marking her as an oracle, a chosen of Sarenrae.

Randt comes from a small community of Maenads that lives on the fringes of Heldrens community, mostly keeping to themselves but also friendly and willing to contribute for the greater good of the whole. A bit of a hothead, he began manifesting psionic power with his emotional outbursts. He now focus's his outbursts of rage into potent blasts to augment his melee skills with the falcata he inherited from his grandfather.

The group is rounded out by Gren, a halfling druid who has been known to wander the wilds riding his tiger Tralfar. Gren is well known over a large portion of southern Taldor, but seems to favor Heldren as more than just a village. He is respected and listened to when he speaks, and always seems to be where he is needed.

These noble adventurers whe called upon to rescue a taldan noble and investigate the strange wintry weather affecting the region. They rescued the noble, then set back out and found a portal to be the source of the unusual weather, when out of the portal rode a rider all in black upon a black steed. He urged them go thru the portal to stop the plot of Queen Elvanna which imprisoned his master, Baba Yaga, and now threatens to cover all of Golarion in an eternal winter.

Our brave heroes proceeded thru the portal, receiving gifts of power from their new patron. On the other side they made contact with the native irreseni and not long later, ran afoul of the authority of the region. This led them to deduce that the source of the portal was likely within their place of power, the pale tower.

Our discussions begin shortly after the heroes have made entry into the tower and defeated some of it's defenders, as the last of a squad of guards from the first of 2 barracks attempted to surrender Tatiana impaled him with an icicle flung from her magic, an act that Ilgam takes offense with, and the young and impulsive Randt suggests a somewhat controversial plan to attempt to force the residents of the second barracks into a surrender.

Taking an exotic weapon prof for a double weapon is very effective, and double weapons themselves open up some slight improvements over twf with normal separate weapons as well. Primarily being able to have it 2 handed for str and a half when you can't full attack, and keeping the same damage dice on both hands without it having to be 2 light weapons or the like.(small concerns but it does matter to some people)


And that explains why I couldn't find it on the website yet, thanks

What book or source is lashing grace from though, I couldn't find it to see what it did

Well, the early level examples I can think of because I've been running encounters with them recently is skeletons and zombies. As to the morningstar and sibat, can they actually be used with weapon finesse?

I've seen a reference or 2 to slashing grace, where is it from and what does it do exactly? Does it just allow slashing weapons to count as piercing for class features such as swashbuckler or duelist?

Edit: just had another thought, using swashbucklers finesse, does a weapon actually have to qualify to be used with normal weapon finesse, or can any 1 handed weapon that just happens to deal piercing damage have dexterity used for attack rolls?

As the title says. Swashbucklers finesse only works with light or one handed piercing weapons. Now my finesse based characters usually just have a light mace for bludgeoning at least, and something else for slashing, but not only would that give up all of the swashbuckler nifty bonus's, but it would lose the ability to finesse it as well. Am I stuck either just sucking it up and hoping I deal enough to punch thru the dr, or is there a loophole to let me add weapons to the list?


the mind blade acts in all ways as any other manufactured weapon until you let go of it, then it vanishes. The exception is when you throw it, and then it basically just sticks around long enough to hit and do damage unless you have some feat or affect that would require it to stick around. Only thing I can think of there is a feat from 3.5 called pinning shot, where you cound impale someone to the wall with a ranged attack, but it was pretty specific and limited.

As for archtypes, gifted blade is pretty useful, lots of handy buff/utility powers out there. Cutthroat is a bit on the weaker end of the spectrum but if you want to fill the rogue skill monkey trapfinding role it can be pretty useful.

I've built and played a grand total of 3 clerics in my gaming career. This isn't to say I don't like them I just haven't had much need to play them and the ones I have played I've reused a few times when I have because those were the types of clerics I needed at the time. the first was an IK dwarven cleric focused on efficient healing, a necessity of the setting, who spent plenty of time shoulder to shoulder on the front line bashing away with the warhammer of choice. The second was an elf not suited for the front line, but she contributed by sending arrows at the enemy as often as a useful spell for the situation. The last and most favorite is a front line combat monster with a big 2 handed hammer thru most fights. this is an older character, most effective in his first existence in a VERY high magic game with lots of toys making it work.

I know this isn't exactly on the topic, but reading thru all this arguing brought in memories of these fine and helpful types and how they each contributed to their respective parties they have attended. Just remember, adjust your tactics to fit in place the best you can.



Bump and update.

Have a Witch-doctor signed on for a third, a fourth would be helpful and welcomed. The start date has not yet been decided so there isn't a big rush.


Hey all,

I had a group gearing up to run Reign of winter, and it became too big to run without way too much re-balancing and with that big of a party there would be too much shadow for everyone in the party to shine. To resolve both issues I decided to split things up into 2 parties in the way it made the most sense to me. To round things out the second group needs 2 more players who are looking for a good time in a relaxed and fun gaming group/environment. We are currently planning on running the game every other sunday starting at 4pm mountain time. Our usual sessions have been between 4-6 hours in length. We play using Skype to talk and Maptools for the Tabletop and combat.

the knitty gritty of character builds and such can wait until we meet up and chat a bit. The current party members are a switch hitter ranger with ties to the north, and a sorceress of unknown background. A healing focused party assistant can be on hand if needed so no need for anyone to feel compelled to play a healing class. We have a few house-rules that we think make a bit more sense and help everyone have more fun, those can also be gone over easier in person. I tend to run and enjoy a slightly higher power game.

If your interested you can post here, shoot me a private message using the forums, look me up on skype (colemanstrykr), or send me an email at

I look forward to meeting some new players and sharing some stories with you.


I would allow it with a ghost touch weapon, which would make sense.

shield master is probably the feat he means, and that is really the only reason to take the sword and board style for ranger. I would also argue with the DM over this ruling, The early access of a few very important feats from the rangers combat style is one of the few benefits of playing a ranger over any other full bab class. The early access is not game breaking in any realistic way, it is just a little bit of style that is unique to the ranger.

From a DM standpoint I can kinda side with reserving the ability to introduce a houserule for something mid campaign, but only for extreme cases of things that would actually break the game and/or ruin the fun of multiple parties involved. In such a case(it's happened once or twice in my own games) I've done it between sessions, made my reasons clear and thankfully(because I play with a very reasonable group of guys) gotten agreement and offered to let them either just make a different choice or allowed a full rebuild or character change.


precise strike would not be increased or multiplied by vital strike so thats just 1 extra d6. Personally at least in my home games I've ruled that impact ability and lead blades do not stack, effectively being the same type of ability.

Just my point of view.


I have 2 solutions, both very similar, but dependant on how the mass of 25 bombs is dropped. the 2 ways I see 25 bombs being dropped that I see is either dropping a bag full of them either closed or open, or using said bag to pour them out so they kind of carpet bomb the ship or at least land in a nice decent sized cluster. My answer as a GM to either scenario involves almost no dice rolls, no initiative, and no combat rounds. The whole scene gets described out in possibly gruesome detail as if it were a cutscene in a video game. Unless you somehow manage or decide that the firebombs immolate the entire crew of said ship, they will quickly begin putting out any fires that happened to start. Best case scenario, you kill off a few important crewmen or have some of the crew still busy putting out fires when you board.

In my opinion the whole thing would better be done not from some exotic flying mount but from the deck of a ship either in pursuit or being pursued by the target ship. The best of both of those options could be accomplished with a fireball or 2 and some very handy archery. Though the archery could very easily be done from the back of said exotic flying mount.


I'm with the OP on one small point, I also prefer rolled stats to point buy. The rest of his post being angry at organised play for using point buy however is just out the window. Organised play is meant to be fair and all characters are meant to be balanced and roughly around the same power level or at least potential power level, that is why they use point buy.

What the OP should be looking for instead of joining society games is a group that plays regular old home games. Where GM's are free to alter, cajole, or even ignore rules in the interest of fun. I am currently running one such home game and my group regularly does 2 games a week with different GM's so that everybody gets some play time. Anyone interested in some regularly scheduled weekly or bi-weekly gaming feel free to PM me to inquire about our schedule and openings in the group.


P.S. I apologize if I just fed a troll because I didn't read all of the posts in the thread but I felt I had an honest point of view that was not overtly hostile.

I'd say it's a pretty good alternative overall to the other options I've seen for AA. Definitely leaning more towards archer than arcane which is fine, you'll still have some good utility spells and such to keep yourself rolling.

I will say that you probably don't need the mounted archery feat. it's one of those weird things where it sounds good but you don't take any minus's while shooting from horseback unless your mount moves more than it's speed. I've found it's very rare to need to go more than 50ft(most mounts base speed) during a regular turn. The big exceptions are when your basically in full retreat or trying to chase down someone trying to run away from you. If you just couldn't find another more useful feat to fill the slot with then cool, but if you can move some other feats to earlier levels to get more play time out of them it'd prolly be a good move.

Just my few thoughts and opinions from a quick browse.


a bit bummed that I didn't get chosen, but thems the breaks. If a slot opens up I'd be happy to fill it.


I'm just happy I'm not playing my usual type of half giant that hates mind flayers as the worst slavers in the cosmos.


P.S. totally hoping we get an admission list today and that I'm on it =).

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