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The Shifty Mongoose wrote:
Just how big is Ouroborous? Bouncing across the landscape, over houses, or just big enough to land on your shoulders and violently compress?

Note to self: Run perpendicular, not parallel, to the colossal rolling ouroboros.

Note to self 2: Don't trust androids named David or Ash.

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Damn. 61 is too young. Requiescat in pace.

I thought Private Gorbacz was assigned to bomb disposal duty?

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pezlerpolychromatic wrote:
N. Jolly wrote:
Also man, I'm really racking up these nat 1s, I should be glad I'm not in a game with these rolls.

But you are.........the game of life........

Dun dunn DUNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Welcome to the Churn." [/Amos Burton]*

* Season 2 of The Expanse starts February 8th! Bobbie!!!

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Sharaya wrote:
Redacted: There we go: CLOWNFINDER

"Is this gonna be a standup fight, sir, or another mimehunt?"

captain yesterday wrote:

It annoys me that Explode Head isn't on the Witch spell list.

I'll house rule it on, but I shouldn't have to.

Krensky wrote:
The scanner psychic is the only class that should have that spell.

There needs to be a Kirk PrC that can do the same to constructs.

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Sharoth wrote:
~hears something being knocked down from the bathroom~ cats. Just cats.

{continues checking motion tracker} 9 meters. 7. 6. That can't be; that's inside the room!

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Dark Helmet: Careful you idiot! I said across her nose, not up it!
Laser Gunner: {turns around revealing his eyes are permanently crossed} Sorry sir! I'm doing my best!
Helmet: Who made that man a gunner?
Major A**hole: I did sir. He's my cousin.
Helmet: Who is he?
Colonel Sandurz: He's an A**hole sir.
Helmet: I know that! What's his name?
Sandurz: That is his name sir. A**hole, Major A**hole!
Helmet: And his cousin?
Sandurz: He's an A**hole too sir. Gunner's Mate First Class Philip A**hole!
Helmet: How many a**holes do we have on this ship, anyway?
{entire bridge crew stands up and raises a hand}
Entire Bridge Crew: Yo!
Helmet: I knew it. I'm surrounded by a**holes!
Helmet: {pulls his face shield down} Keep firing, a**holes!

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Kudaku wrote:
* There's a magical item called a preyfinder. It works like a tracking device!

That'll come in handy exploring the Silver Mount:

Alain: {reading preyfinder} "9 meters. 7. 6."
Merisiel: "That can't be; that's inside the room."

Well, make sure you leave a light on, 'cause it'll be dark soon, and grues mostly come at night... mostly.

{bravely decides to quietly panic and cower before the clearly dangerous XenoDoh}

{eyes Play-Doh fearfully} Is this gonna be a standup fight, sir, or another bughunt?

Readerbreeder wrote:
Sara Marie wrote:
christopher: we can ignore it until it bites the other foot off.
OK, whose animal companion/familiar are we talking about here?
{alarmed and agitated} "They're coming outta the walls. They're coming outta the g*~%@*n walls. Let's book!"
Readerbreeder wrote:
Or were you referring to Cosmo?

{even more alarmed and agitated} "That's it man, game over man, game over! What the f+** are we gonna do now? What are we gonna do?"