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Hate to bring the mood down, but the reason I haven't been around lately is because last Monday, my mother passed away. With the funeral and the grieving, I forgot about a lot of things, this included. I think my break will be lasting a lot longer than anticipated; while her passing was very expected, it still has left me unable to think straight. I have no idea when or if I'll be back to this.

Due to the recent events involving my mother, I'm going to be taking a leave for the rest of the week to spend time with her. I thank you all for the support, and appreciate it greatly. With the scene involving Kodjack, feel free to just move it along; I don't want to hold things up for no reason. Just summarize the scene with him, Adon, Kevin, and Vickory, with him going on about how muscles are the gateway to strength and all that (with simpler words than gateway, of course), and he isn't taking light blades because he feels that they don't deal enough damage to matter in the thick of battle, and can just imagine the small debate with the thoughtful Vickory.

Other than that, should be back in time for him to have his first elementary class, if things don't move too quickly. I'll try to read when I can, but I don't plan on posting before Monday, if even then. Might be Tuesday when I post again. It just depends on how the condition of my mother turns out.

Sorry for taking a while to get back to this; my mother suffered a stroke two nights ago, and I didn't want to leave while I had the time to be in the hospital. She's going to be fine, though they do expect that her time will be much shorter than expected now; there will be some lasting damage from the stroke. It's hard, but I accept that there's nothing that can be done for her except to make her passing comfortable, whenever that moment comes.

Rather than dwell on that, though, I'll address the questions at hand that Loki has. Kodjack is a Superstitious barbarian, which means that he has Blindsense in addition to other senses. I probably should put that in the profile, now that I think of it. It's only 30 ft, and can't actually see, but can sense generally where danger is. It's like what's been discussed with David, I think.

Also, as far as I know, extracts are an arcane creation, so I do think that his ability will apply.

♣♠Magic♦♥ wrote:
Mostly making sure he wouldn't avoid a large translucent blue dragon or an elf with mismatched wings?

Doubtful that he would even notice. He's more intent on eating, as disappointed as he is that he didn't hunt it down himself.

♣♠Magic♦♥ wrote:

Did Kodjack sit by anyone specific?

If no, is there anyone he wouldn't sit near specifically?

Nope, didn't sit by anyone specific, and no one that he'd really avoid, as far as I know. Probably anyone that's obviously a caster, dressed in robes and holding a staff and all that. Kind of picky about those kinds of people. Other than that, no one he'd avoid. He didn't really look where he sat, anyway; he was only looking for an empty seat.

Not entirely sure how Adon could infer that Kodjack's reaction had anything to do with Vickory being a mage, but if there's a rational explanation to that (his words about there being no honor and such were never spoken), then I guess it's alright. As it stands right now, though, I can't really see that being his appropriate reaction and words to Vickory.

lynora wrote:
Replied but my post got eaten. I said that he is rooming with Adon. And he is taking elementary classes with Asha, Pyry, and Rena in the morning and in the afternoon advanced PE and whatever weapons training class or classes you want. There's heavy blades, light blades, blunt weapons, and unarmed combat. Also meditation of you wanted.

Alright, sounds about right. May need to retcon something with Adon, given that a newcomer is in his room, but that's up to him. I'll probably post sometime tomorrow afternoon, though, as I'm coming up short on time tonight with my mother then the nightshift, but at least I can get to thinking about what to do now. Thanks.

OrdernChaos wrote:

I plan on posting at some point, but to be honest, I'm not that sure on what Kodjack should do. I really only know of two classes (at least, I think so) that he'd be taking, which would be advanced PE and remedial math. Not sure what else there is for him to be placed in. I guess one of the things I should've asked was what classes there are that fit him.

Also, I forget, but was Kodjack being roomed with Adon? I figure there'd be at least a little something going on, especially if Adon wasn't told ahead of time due to the craziness that was going on that he was involved in.

Pretty sure this got missed, so I'm trying to get it noticed again, as it does have at least one pretty important detail in it.

I plan on posting at some point, but to be honest, I'm not that sure on what Kodjack should do. I really only know of two classes (at least, I think so) that he'd be taking, which would be advanced PE and remedial math. Not sure what else there is for him to be placed in. I guess one of the things I should've asked was what classes there are that fit him.

Also, I forget, but was Kodjack being roomed with Adon? I figure there'd be at least a little something going on, especially if Adon wasn't told ahead of time due to the craziness that was going on that he was involved in.

Hey Lyn, I sent you a PM with an idea involving Kodjack and a possible story that involves him, so there's that for when you get around to it.

Monkeygod wrote:

Speaking of Liches, I thought of an insanely evil, incredibly cruel(for the PCs) way for an epic Lich to totally F*&K with PCs. Like HARDCORE.

Don't we have at least two PCs who seek to defeat a Lich? bhahahahahaha

Kodjack is definitely one of those PCs. A lich is practically the only reason he's even at the school to begin with. Without that lich, he wouldn't even want to find out how to fight against magic and completely sunder any spells that are even thought about being thrown at him.

Just checking in to let people know I'm still around. I've been keeping up, but haven't really felt like putting Kodjack in anything. When it gets to it, it'll be a safe bet that he'll be in his room when Adon comes back to find out he has a new roommate, if that's still the thing that's going to be.

lynora wrote:

Not sure. He might have a room to himself. Although if Adon doesn't have a roommate then Kodjack would be an ideal choice to room with Adon. Put the two folks who mess up magic together in one place. :)

And Kodjack's ability does not affect the school itself. It's an Artifact with a capital A, and a very, very major one at that, so it continues to work just fine in spite of him.

Well, I'm fine with Kodjack being roomed with Adon, if he's alright with it and there's no conflict with the roommate that may or may not still be there.

Alright, so that wouldn't make things screw up in any way, but would the magic there still sustain him in any way? I realize it's from that Artifact with a capital A, but just wondering if he'd leech off at least a fraction of the magic (at least while in the room) without causing anything to malfunction or fade. We probably already went over this before, but forgive me if I've forgotten a few things while I've been preoccupied with my mother. >.<

Just thought about it, but what would Kodjack's rooming accommodations be? I'm not really sure if there's any magic involved, and if so, how that would affect things.

I thank you all for your support and prayers. I know that I'll be able to get through this, though I do fear for my father, who has been rather dependent on others lately, especially my mother. My mother seems to have come to terms with the situation, though, and says she's as ready as she'll ever be to get things over with. She has a while yet before she passes, but the waiting feels more painful than it seems her actual passing will be. She wants us all to be strong, though, and help keep her from getting bored.

In any case, though, that's really all I have to say about that. Is there anything else Kodjack needs to do to finish the scene, or should we just leave it at that so there's one less thing to hold back the end of the day? I figured classes for him would be tacked on as things go along.

I hate to bring the mood down, but results came back for my mother, and it's official; she has stomach cancer. It's also apparent that she's had it for a while, and it's spread to other parts of her body. We've been informed that there's really not much they can do except attempt to make her as comfortable as possible.

I feel I must apologize for my slow posting speed, and must explain. My 82-year-old mother is very sick, and I, along with the rest of my family, has been checking in on her. We don't really know what she has just yet, but the doctors think that it may be stomach cancer. She had a few tests run today, and we should know by tomorrow, but things aren't going so well for her. She's already said she's gonna fight, and will fight death himself if she has to, but that's what's happening, and why I've been posting once a day, if even that.

I understand your concerns, trust me. I can assure you that my intentions are benign; I just want Kodjack to be a unique entity in his own right, while allowing for him to have an interesting story built in this universe. What I'm going for right now is something along the lines of that while he has to adapt to the school, the school, in turn, has to adapt to him. If there wasn't a struggle, it wouldn't be fun, at least to me. How that plays out is up to the story, which I am eager to get going. If at any point, something seems too strong about him, please, by all means, bring it up; I'm willing to work things out so that everyone is happy. :)

Only problem I'm having right now is that I can't put my words as eloquently and cohesively as everyone else seems to be able to do for me. >.<

Speaking of Kodjack, may as well mention that it's probably around the time since I last posted that anything arcane around the immediate area of where he's sitting will start to be affected. Arcane lights will slightly dim, any protective gear the headmaster has won't actually lose potency, but may make him feel less secure, and anything else that he'd sense would be slightly altered. Even he himself may feel a little off, kind of like when you know you're not sick, but something just isn't right inside.

In other words, nothing is permanently reduced in potency, but the magic is fading away as he "eats" it. Unless he spends hours upon hours in there, the magic in the objects around will return to full strength.

I don't mean to sound impatient, but is there a reason the headmaster hasn't responded? I want to get that done so there's not yet another thing holding up the end of the day.

I'm just waiting for the next part in Kodjack's scene to happen, since it appears there's not much for him and Nanami to do but wait for the headmaster to open the door to his office.

icehawk333 wrote:

She wasn't really being a stick in the mud. She felt as if you gave her no respect, much like kodjack thought about her.

She /ran/ here, by the way. If you think /you/ had a long journey....

Well, good that she ran; it took her less time than Kodjack, who walked and also saved some merchants along the way. :p

I'm not entirely sure if there was anything set in stone; we just kind of had a general idea for the start, but I'm open to this if there wasn't anything else that Lynora wanted to add in.

lynora wrote:
Speaking of were you waiting on a reply from me or was I waiting on a reply from you in the conversation about how to introduce him? I lost track somewhere. I know which option we picked, but then we were working out details and I got lost somewhere.

I was just waiting to see how you wanted to start it, maybe a certain location that would work best, or if there would be a reason that Kodjack would get involved. My thought is that something would get burned (possibly as a threat), and that would set off his rage, but I'm up for other suggestions.

icehawk333 wrote:

1 hour per minute? Seems extreme.

Mainly because with how this school works, and with people wandering sprung everywhere, every arcane caster will be affected with that kind of timeframe.

Well, it won't be as bad as it seems, as, like it says, he needs to be in close contact for a minute for it to even be noticeable. The farthest away he'll need to be for this is about a foot, and in a hallway, he won't be close enough for long enough. Besides, magic comes back slowly, so an hour seems reasonable and easy to remember.

Dragonborn3 wrote:
Does the +2 AC stack with itself sinc it's an untyped bonus?

I was hoping that it would stack for each minute spent, as he only has an 18 AC, and that's really about the only way he's going to get anything that's actually worth having for his level, since magic armors and rings and the like are only going to last for a little while, and gradually will lose their enchantments. I probably should write that bit a little better and with more detail, as I'll admit that it's a little incoherent right now.

Alright, good to know. Once I get what I want finalized (still making a few key decisions here and there as I think about what's best for this barbarian), I'll send you a skeleton list of stats that are necessary, as well as some personality and other various info about the guy. I'm sure I'll also think of some questions, but I promise to make them relatively easy, or at least, I hope so. >.>

Alright, I believe I'm almost done getting this character's skills, rage powers, and feats all chosen and filled out, so there's that bit. I've been told that stats are able to be fudged beyond certain points, and I'm just wanting to know what is and isn't acceptable. Given his own personal training, I'd figure that his physical stats would be much higher than usual (especially his Strength), while his other stats would fall off a bit, except maybe his Wisdom for Survival. I already plan for his Intelligence to be 6, if that helps any. Thinking his Strength could be something like 28-32, if that's acceptable, and his Con would be something around 25-29. Dex would be lower, around 20-24, and Wisdom and Charisma would be somewhere like 15-19. Not sure just how bad that looks, but it seems to fit how he is in my head for right now.

Also, when I do get the character done, do I just post everything in its entirety here, or should I send the schematics to someone in particular?

lynora wrote:

That's cool if you just want it to be arcane magic. And yeah, I would think it would be more supplemental...less providing nutrition (although he wouldn't starve to death as long as he could drain magic from somewhere) and more about it giving him little power boosts he doesn't realize he's getting.

Edit: It would also explain why he didn't die in the attack. The magic kind of healed him.

If nothing else, it does provide an alternative way for the magic to "fade" around him, yet not totally disappear unless he's given enough time with something magical. I'm liking this new direction so far. Perhaps it's only little bits at a time, though, so as not to make it so that he drains the entire school of magic. That would probably cause problems. >.>

And maybe that could be an explanation. I had hoped for it not to be something he was born with, but given this new turn, it makes too much sense for it to be just that. He and no one he was with in his tribe would know, as there wouldn't be many magic users out and about where his tribe once lived.

That actually sounds like a cool idea, but maybe it's just an alternative to the "traditional" means of sustenance. If it replaced the way he needed to survive, there'd be a lot less magic in the world. Still, it'd be really subtle if he just didn't get hungry while around magical items or people. Perhaps the magic would come back if it isn't fully drained, and of course would always come back in the case of people. Perhaps just arcane magic, though, as divine magic would be kind of like eating a god. At least, that's how it seems in my head right now.

lynora wrote:

Hi, OrdernChaos. :)

It sounds like an interesting concept, and I'd like to try and work with it. But tweaks will need to be made. I'm going to cap the age at 19 for him to be a student. This seems reasonable to me. A barbarian could feasibly be a warrior as young as 15. This gives you up to four years between the attack and now. And especially if he's in remedial classes, he might end up taking some classes with the elementary kids along with our other illiterate folks, so that gives you your vision of him being in a class he's much too old for.
The other thing is that we need to reflavor the abilities so as to not be stepping on Adon's toes quite so much. Similar is one thing, but it's really too close as is. Maybe something more like a counterspelling strike and/or absorbs magic and turns it into extra strength or something. Same overall effect, but gets there differently. I'm open to other suggestions if you have a different idea. I'm trying to give examples of what I'm talking about.

Alright, I'm fine with age 19. I wasn't aware that there were elementary classes, so that could certainly provide some entertainment.

Well, I don't really feel like there's any toes being stepped on, but that's not my call. Anyway, spell sundering is something that I definitely want to keep; as I said, it'll have to be done of the barbarian's own volition, instead of just something that happens whether he tries it or not. Your example makes me think of the Eater of Magic rage power, so maybe something can be done with that, just with a little bit more to it, like a compulsion to devour lingering spells or something, as it may sustain him in some way. I'm not keen on that idea, but it's what I thought of first. I may need a little bit of time to think of something interesting and fun to actually RP, as well as to fit into the story. I'll have to check out the rage powers again and see what may and may not be a little fudged.

Adon Derro wrote:
Uh... This is pritty-much my abilities in a nutshell. I'm nearly immune to all magic that offers sr, and can break magic, even artifacts, by touching them and pumping anti-magic into them.

Ah, well, that's not quite the potency that my barbarian will have. He is not immune to spells; if he doesn't/chooses not to sunder a spell, it still affects him, although perhaps with less magnitude than anticipated. He can't just shut off or break artifacts by simply touching them, either; as stated in the backstory, it takes days of constant exposure to him; he doesn't "pump" anything into it. He doesn't do anything consciously, at it sounds like Adon can. It's also noteworthy that he wasn't born with this, as it appears that Adon is; it's a "curse" of sorts that was bestowed to him by the lich's magic. At least, that's how it seems.

So, as people have been saying, similar, yes, but not the same. Yours is obviously much more potent; should my barbarian get caught off guard, he can't stop a spell. Adon seems to be able to just stand there and the spells do nothing. My barbarian will have to actively attempt to stop spells.

Seem fair enough to you?

♣♠Magic♦♥ wrote:

Foul is usually unable to not play a non caster. ;)

And just so I'm sure that I know that you know what's going on, this is a Gestalt game.
You get 2 sets of classes to advance, it isn't multiclassing we're talking about. :)

Yes, I am aware, don't worry. It's just that, for right now, I'm not looking to make a character that's max'd to hell. In my mind, he makes more sense as a straight barbarian, with nothing else attached to him. He could probably show that he makes for a good fighter or ranger or even cavalier at some point, but that's for the story to decide.

FireclawDrake wrote:

Just to be completely clear Ordern - this isn't a combat-heavy game. Yes, there is an occasional "adventure", which can involve combat, but most of the time combat is very sparse.

Just so you know.

Think of the game like QI - being smart/minmaxed doesn't get you much, being interesting does. :)

I thank you for the input, but I was already told this and realized this beforehand. This has nothing to do with combat, unless the lich is put in the story at some point. This is mostly the big, strong, dumb guy that has a strong power, but he doesn't know what it exactly is or how to use it properly. Besides, being dumb should put him in some interesting and funny situations.

Just so you know.

And Foul, I don't intend for him to have any secondary classes; if he does have any, it might be fighter or ranger. I certainly do not want him to have any caster classes; that would be counter-intuitive to what I have in mind for him. That's not to mention that, since magic flees and fades from him, he wouldn't work very well as a caster, anyway. So, things like druid, witch, and oracle are all very bad ideas.

David.De'Foul wrote:

to be that age I think you kinda have to be non human, I got a character who's 30, almost 31 but he's an aasimar so he's effectivly only 14-16

the other character is one by the name of Adon, who is pretty much living antimagic, dispite being the kid of an archmage and high priestess of nethus, though he's a fighter/monk/rouge mix, not a barbarian
what kind of stats are you thinking about for your antimagic
and/or what are you planning on for your other class (also barbarian or blood rager.. or neither?)
another thing of note is that I have a character who in his backstory was asaulted by a Litch who was searching for something that we don't know, something about a gate, said litch had a goblin cleric as his right hand man and a small army of undead and hobgoblins at his command

if you would like this could be the same litch as yours, or it could be an entirely different one, it's up to you

I think you misunderstand my intentions. I plan on him being 25, older than the apparent ages of most others, yet due to never having a formal education, isn't exactly bright, so he needs to be taught. I feel that's reason enough for an exception, if there's actually an age limit to the education at the school. If that isn't allowed for any reason given, then I can regress his age.

I plan on him just being a straight barbarian, as, like I said before, he doesn't really have any education to be much of anything else. Most likely will have the Superstitious archetype on him, as it just makes the most sense. My thought is that he'll be able to see magic only while he's in the middle of a rage. Shouldn't be too out of the question, as he'll probably only be targeted by offensive magic when he'd be raging, anyway.

As far as it being the same lich, I'm not against the idea. It would probably make it a lot easier for him to get along with your character, after all.

Dragonborn3 wrote:

I'm willing to bet your friend was from E, yes? He told me you might be posting.

Anyway, it sounds a lot like a character in the game already. If you don't mind being similar, go for it.

Yeah, from there. And I don't mind being similar, so long he won't be a dead-match to whoever that character is.

Damiani wrote:

Just my two cents, any 'absolute' death to magic is going to potentially be a headache in this magic heavy setting. I'd certainly make sure the ability is vetted before you invest in it too much.

Otherwise, you are effectively similar two two others; one by having a nemesis, and the other due to the anti-magic ability.

Reads decent, I'm sure there is room for yet another big bruiser with a chip on their shoulder, considering the current student body.

Good luck, though. Welcome to the conversation.

Well, like it said in the backstory, it took days for the magic of the artifacts to die out completely, and that was from constant exposure; unless he's giving someone a hug for five days straight, nothing's going to fade away completely on anybody with magical artifacts. It's just going to be really hard to hit him with a fireball or compel him with magic words.

As far as having a nemesis, that's a pretty common thing, so I was sure there'd be more around with them. Still, maybe it'll be something in common for him to help make friends in places to help him get into this new experience called formal education.

I've been meaning to do this for a few days now, but time was not on my side. I have plenty of it now, so here I am. A friend recommended this game to me, so I joined the site and hope to be a part of it. Seems like the place I should fit in. :)

Anyway, my idea for this is to bring in a barbarian that has a chip on his shoulder. His tribe was one of the bigger ones out in the wilds, having a lot of influence over other, smaller tribes. They were all fierce warriors since the day they were born, trained to use whatever weapon they were able to pick up first. Such a tribe obviously had its enemies, but they all were stamped out as soon as they voiced protest. That was, until they faced an enemy they could not defeat.

A lich, for a reason only it knew, descended upon the tribe and proceeded to use its magic to wipe out the tribe, families at a time. The barbarian I plan to bring in attempted to charge the foul creature, but it merely laughed at him and blasted him with powerful magic, knocking him to the ground, leaving him for dead in the burning rubble of his once-proud home.

The young barbarian awoke, thinking he was dead. He looked about him, and it was apparent that the lich has bestowed some sort of curse or some of its power into him. He could see the smoldering ash of his brothers and sisters, but also what seemed to be pure magic about the place, tainting the ground of his home. Fury welled within him, and he charged at the magic, his greataxe in hand. The magic almost seemed to flee from him before he struck it, and what would be a surprise to any scholar of magic, he tore it asunder, removing it from existence.

After destroying all traces of the lingering magic, the young barbarian found the remains of what was left of his tribe--a few magical artifacts of armor, rings, and amulets gathered from their previous conquests--and headed out to find the lich that murdered his family. As he traveled, however, he found that the magical protection from the artifacts he took seemed to die off: they felt less effective. The magic he saw pouring out of them seemed to be less and less each day, as if fading away.

Knowing that magical trinkets would not suffice anymore, he trained himself through rigorous exercise routines and hunting and killing both man and beast to hone himself beyond the need for magic to aid him. Years of this self-torment proved to be effective, as he found himself more than a match to any man who stood before him. He once came across a powerful necromancer that sought the bodies of fallen warriors, and as he raised his hand to cast a fiendish spell at him, the barbarian was able to see it before it was cast, and struck the spell as it flew towards him. The spell was already fading as it came towards him, and his axe was more than enough to rip it to shreds before doing to the same to the necromancer.

He knew, though, that strength alone would not earn him the vengeance he so desperately desired on the lich; he needed to learn more about magic, and the affliction upon himself. Memories of the adventurers and elders of his home told him of a place that had a building meant for learning, so he set out to find this place and find the knowledge he required to bring the lich to a violent, deserving death.

tl;dr: A barbarian that had a lich destroy his home, and he survived. When he woke up from a bout of unconsciousness, he found that he could see magic, it seemed to flee and fade from him, and he could sunder it with an axe. He took magic artifacts that survived the lich attack, but the magic died out within a few days. He trained himself to not need magic artifacts, but he knew that he needed to learn in order to enact vengeance on the lich, so he headed out to find the building he had heard about that provides learning materials.

I plan on him being a bit older, like 25, and being a student, but if that doesn't fly, that's fine; I can make it work with him being younger. I realize that some stuff may need to be fudged for him to work, but this is my vision. I also don't have stats and feats picked out for him just yet, as I haven't had the time, but this is rules light, so I'm pretty sure those aren't as important as they usually are.

Hope you like the idea. :)