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Almas, glorious capital at the heart of the greatest political experiment Golarion has ever known. A beacon of prosperity, equality and fair governance - if you listen to the criers on the street corners at least. Anyone who spends any time in Almas realises the truth - Andoran is everything its supporters say it is. But it is also a nation of people - honorable and venal, generous and corrupt, fair and false by turns. Andoran may be a shining beacon of virtue but the people who run it... well, everyone knows the saying about laws and sausages.

Councillor Trand, befitting his station as one of the most junior members of the People's Council, has taken a relatively small house in Almas for the Council's month long legislative session. It isn't large enough to house all of his staff but it does have a well-sized dining room which has served admirably as a war-room and conference center over the last three weeks.

You all arrived this morning expecting nothing much - there is a meeting this morning and a vote on a special taxation round to support 'Andoran's navy and its continued efforts against piracy', which is thinly veiled funding for the Grey Corsairs. As this is a matter close to the hearts of Trand's faction he was always going to attend, which in turn means less work for you. Which makes it all the stranger when you arrive and are met by Frederick, Trand's valet, who ushers you each into the conference room and implores you to "Stay here until the Councillor returns. He was most explicit."

Fortunately the drinks cart is fully stocked and Mrs Lant the housekeeper has left a tray of excellent pastries. All you can do now, is wait.

A missing...


Some moments seem to last a lifetime. Some vanish so quickly they may as well never have existed at all. Since the moment that wasn't a moment, when you chased your dreams and vanished from the world for three months, there have been many moments and most of them have flowed by like water in a river.

Meeting Dr Ritalson, a man as fussy and formal as his organisation, the Illuminated Consortium of Epopts.

Meeting your companions, men, women and dolls(?) like yourself that Ritalson assures you are "The best of the best!"

Grindingly long interviews with the Doctor, sometimes with a scribe, more often with an odd machine that Ritalson tells you is recording what you both say - an invaluable record for future scholars. Moments that will matter.

Painful physical tests, stretching, expanding and cataloging your new powers. Always difficult, sometimes excruciating. These are moments best forgotten.

Rain. So, much, rain. The roads north and east from Ustalav are rarely kind, even the 'great' roads to Brevoy are washed out as often as not, particularly in spring, and despite the efforts of the new kingdom of Nightsong which sits to Brevoy's southwest and offers a modicum of civilisation and decent highway construction, the journey has been long, slow and above all - wet. Moments washing away like the water droplets on your face. So many moments. Not missing, but gone none the less.

Thankfully everything ends, your journey at least, even though the rain hasn't let up and as the border of Sevenarches approaches - marked by a low bridge that barely rises above the fast flowing stream below - Doctor Ritalson pulls out a hankerchief and wipes the excess rain from his face once more.

"I fear this is as far as I accompany you,” he says. “I have matters to attend to farther east. But I’ve no doubt that you can handle this investigation yourselves. Of all my field researchers, you show the greatest promise for uncovering the secrets of the hidden world. I need not remind you of the importance of your mission.” A sure sign that he is about to, and probably at some length.

Ritalson points to the mysterious rune emblazoned across his throat—the same mark that brought you together, the one you all share. “Three months ago, we embarked upon a mystery. All across the world, elven teleportation gates — aiudara — burst with light and lured people like us in with visions of our greatest desires. A subset of we so-called ‘gatewalkers’ returned from the sojourn — some, like you, bearing fascinating new abilities. We all, however, remain ignorant of what befell us on the other side of our doorway, how we came to be marked with this unknown sign, or what may have happened to those who did not return.”

He chuckles ruefully. “In every university and seminary, scholars are ransacking their libraries to understand this ‘Missing Moment.’ Yet I believe that we — that you — will succeed where they all fail. For our quest into the paranormal is not merely academic, but personal."

“Toward that end, I’ve given you my most promising lead: Sevenarches. For centuries, any elf who approached the city’s infamous Seven Arches has been subject to a terrible curse. Yet, on the night of the Missing Moment, the curse was somehow lifted. We need to know why. The city’s famed aiudara no doubt hold some of the answers we seek, and moreover represent a prime research opportunity to study the portals in person. That’s where you come in."

“To help, I’ve arranged for you to meet with an old associate of mine. Fianara Caralestri claims to have crucial information about the arches. Ah, and there she is now!”

An elven woman wearing traveling leathers and a backpack overflowing with scrolls waves from the caravanserai’s porch on the far side of the bridge as the Doctor continues. "If you have any more questions for me now is the time to ask."

1d20 + 7 ⇒ (11) + 7 = 18 You know that long ago, elves dwelled in the verdant forests of Sevenarches, and it’s believed they built the stone arches that give the region and its eponymous capital city their name.

None of your kind, or your 'pure-blood' elven kin have been allowed in Sevenarches because of a dangerous curse but you've heard that in the wake of the Missing Moment, the curse has apparently been lifted.

1d20 + 5 ⇒ (6) + 5 = 11 Sevenarches hates elves. You know that much. That's about it though.

1d20 + 3 ⇒ (18) + 3 = 21 You know that Sevenarches is overseen by the Oakstewards — enigmatic druids who prohibit elves from even entering the kingdom’s borders. This ostensibly has to do with the obnubilate curse, a mysterious affliction that kills any elf who dares go near one of the Seven Arches.

1d20 + 7 ⇒ (4) + 7 = 11 You know very little about Sevenarches beyond its strict ban against elves of all kinds.

1d20 ⇒ 16 Elves lived here once, and they built not one, but seven, of their auidara here, for reasons unknown. However no elf has been allowed into the kingdom for centuries thanks to a militant druid order who run the kingdom.

Greetings Gatewalkers,

I am planning to run the up-coming Gatewalkers AP, here on the forum. I have four players already and am looking for one more player to round out my merry band. Currently we have a poppet bard, half-elven investigator and a flame(?) oracle with one character TBD.

- Someone who takes their role-play seriously and wants to interact with others (in the party and outside it).
- Someone who can post regularly – the rest of the group are pretty consistent so realistic pace is 5+ posts a week.

- A tank(ish) build – we have plenty of support and skills, what we don’t have is HP!
- A quality background – it doesn’t have to be long but it should be well written.

Standard build rules. Gatewalkers is explicitly called out as an AP for uncommon/rare ancestries and classes so I’m saying provisionally that anything Paizo published is allowed. That being said I may talk to people individually if I have any concerns.

You must choose a background from the Gatewalkers Players Guide. Characters with generic background will not be considered.

We will be using the Free Archetype rules from level 2 onwards so bear that in mind.

As above your background can be of any length or format but please, one way or another, answer the following questions.

- What were you doing just before the aiudara opened?
- Which aiudara did you go through/where were you when you vanished?
- What had changed when you returned again?
(This could be about you or other people. For example ‘I’m much taller than I was’ or ‘My favourite uncle died while I was gone, much to my regret’.)
- How did you respond when Dr Ritalson contacted you? Excited, curious, scared etc.
- What makes you special? Out of all the Gatewalkers out there, why (according to you) did Ritalson choose you?

I think it’s always good to offer a space to a new player so submissions from people who are new to the boards/PBP gaming/2e are particularly encouraged.

I use Discord for discussion/general out of character stuff so you must either have an account or be willing to get one. I will send an invite link to the chosen player.

The PDF becomes available on January 25th so I will be purchasing it then, with the aim of starting no later than Monday 30th January. Submissions will close 16.00 GMT on January 25th.

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It is miserably appropriate that a light rain should fall as a small and rather rag-tag group of people approach their final destination. The single winding route they has been following from Kintargo into Ravounel's hinterlands has been difficult, boggy and rutted as it passes through terrain that looks more like something from the Boneyard than part of a young and vibrant nation recently freed from the shackles of tyranny.

All in all the rain, light but freezing cold and possessed of a strange ability to penetrate even the most carefully waterproofed cloak, is simply the crowing jewel in a miserable week. The journey however appears to be at an end as a salt breeze parts the grey clouds above and reveals a small, dilapidated town near the cliffs - the long-abandoned settlement of Crooked Cove and, standing on a small buff above it, a large and imposing manor house and Eliza’s new home, Xarwin Manor.

The village, or what remains of it, is completely deserted as you pass through towards the manor house. The buildings are still of reasonably sturdy construction and seem to have been deliberately abandoned as there is no sign of anything easily portable left behind. There are however a number of beds, tables and even a rough bath to be found although water remains a problem. Still, the village is not the target of this expedition. That lies at the end of an overgrown road, crowned by pair of rusty wrought-iron gates flanked by two stone pillars.

Beyond, the faint lights illuminate a large clearing of tall, dry grass, at the center of which looms Xarwin Manor. The building’s roofline rises in the middle to a third level surrounded by a walkway, while the closed dome of what appears to be an observatory rises above. Slate shingles cover the steeply-slanted roofs below this central dome with more rusty ironwork adorning its eaves. The paint along the manor’s wooden walls has mostly peeled away, leaving behind a weathered building clad in creeping vines that looks like forgotten by the world. Even at a distance, the building’s facade seems unusually moist, as if it had just weathered torrential downpour despite the dryness of the surrounding grounds.

Perception DC15:
You notice huge numbers of birds, whippoorwills you think, perched on the manor's roof.

If someone points them out then everyone can roll the checks below.
DC15 Nature

This behavior is very unusual for these birds.

DC25 Religion/DC15 Psychopomp Lore

Whippoorwills are associated with psychopomps, death, and the faith of Pharasma, and the sheer number of them suggests that one or more unquiet spirits might linger within the manor.

Even since the emergence of superpowers on a widespread level, the villains have rarely come out on top. Whether it's their naturally competitive instincts or simply a universal law which says that for every villain there must be a hero to challenge them is unclear, but it is a fact.

Sable City is one of the few exceptions. Once a shining metropolis the city was claimed in a single day by a hitherto unknown villain named Sable. This powerful figure cloaked the city in a seemingly perpetual night and then proceeded to defeat not one, but fourteen heroes who sought to challenge them in quick succession. Within two days the city authorities capitulated to Sable and declared that the city would hereafter be an independent entity, ruled solely by Sable. The villain immediately declared an amnesty on all crimes committed within the rest of the world and instantaneously turned Sable City into a centre of villainy for the entire world.

Even Alpha and The All-American Hero, the two most powerful heroes on the continent couldn't unseat Sable, because if there is one thing that will make villains put aside their differences it is an existential threat. Every villain in Sable City, numbering hundreds by that point, joined together to turn back the forces of Good and when Sable engaged The All-American Hero above the city and sent him plummeting to earth Alpha called a retreat.

However the forces of Good have not completely abandoned Sable City. The Night Police are not omnipresent and some villains will seek to skirt, or outright flaunt Sable's rules, whether through hubris or greed. Some people in the cities underground speak in hushed whispers of Nightlight, a powerful hero who appears to help the threatened and vulnerable in their times of need. He is a symbol of hope for those who have yet to resign themselves to villainous rule and who pray for the return of the sun.

You are not Nightlight, but you know him or at least know of him. Whether you were rescued by the hero, trained with him at his securely hidden refuge or have simply heard stories and seek to emulate your hero, you have taken up Mask and Cape, ready to use your powers for the benefit of others rather than yourselves. You may not make a huge difference, you may not save Sable City, but you will make a difference for the better and after-all isn't the path of a hero always one against insurmountable odds?

Here be a place for loot.

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Korvosa, the Jewel of Varisia, has long sparkled on the shore of Conqueror’s Bay. Established just over 300 years ago by Cheliax at the height of that empire’s expansion, the city now commands its own destiny. A line of Korvosan kings and queens emerged to rule the city, establishing an infamous seat of power — the Crimson Throne. Rulers have sat upon the Crimson Throne for more than a century, and the city has flourished; yet the monarchy always seems on the brink of disaster. The Crimson Throne is not a prize to be won — it is a curse. No monarch of Korvosa has died of old age, and none has produced an heir while ruling. Even though King Eodred II controls Korvosa more fully than any previous monarch, that control remains tenuous, and many secretly count the days until their latest king falls to what they call the...

Curse of the Crimson Throne

3rd Abadarius 4708

Korvosa has been becoming more and more restless over the past weeks. King Eodred is ill, 'dying' many whisper, despite the efforts of high ranking priests of Abadar, Shelyn and Asmodeus to save his life. His young wife, Queen Ileosa, has taken over the day-to-day running of the city and so far has proved a competent, if uninpsired, administrator. Most people attribute this to the influence of Neolandus Kalepopolis the long-standing Seneschal of the city who is widely respected as a fair and capable administrator. However rumors grow in the taverns that shadowy figures have been seen leaving the castle at odd hours and some even claim that Kalepopolis is behind the king's illness - hoping to use the Queen's youth and inexperience to seize power for himself.

This morning, somewhat blustery with a wind charging across the waters of the bay, Adriel Moonflower finds something unexpected lying on top of her neatly folded clothes - a single Harrow card. The card had a message written on the back in bold ink: I know what Gaedren has done to you. He has wronged me as well. I know where he dwells, yet cannot strike at him. Come to my home at 3 Lancet Street at sunset. Gaedren must face his fate, and justice must be done.

The card is 'The Uprising', showing a mob of people with pitchforks and flaming brands. It symbolises the weak rising as a group against the strong and, in the traditional varisian Harrowing, can never be misaligned

Knw Local DC12 or automatic after d3 hours Gathering Information:
The addresss is the home and fortune-telling shop of a Varisian woman named Zellara.

When you arrive, you find yourself at a small, humble home. The interior consists of a single cozy chamber filled with a fragrant haze of flowers and strong spice. The aroma comes from several sticks of incense smoldering in wall-mounted burners that look like butterfly-winged elves. The smoke gives the room a dreamy feel. The walls are draped with brocaded tapestries, one showing a black-skulled beast juggling human hearts, and another showing a pair of angels dancing atop a snow-blasted mountain. A third tapestry on the far wall depicts a tall, hooded figure shrouded in mist, holding a flaming sword in a skeletal hand. Several brightly colored rugs cover the floor, but the room’s only furnishings are a wooden table covered by a bright red throw cloth and several elegant, tall-backed chairs. A basket covered by blue cloth sits under the table.

A stone paperweight weighs down a simple note on the table: Thank you for coming. I had to step out for a bit, but shall return shortly. Please, have a seat while you wait. The basket under the table contains bread and drink for you.

Indeed, inside the basket is the promise loaf of bread and a bottle of inexpensive but well thought of wine.

It is miserably appropriate that a light rain should fall as Alexi Alaro approaches her final destination. The single winding route she has been following into Ravounel's hinterlands has been difficult, boggy and rutted as it passes through terrain that looks more like something from the Boneyard than part of a young and vibrant nation recently freed from the shackles of tyranny.

All in all the rain, light but freezing cold and possessed of a strange ability to penetrate even the most carefully waterproofed cloak is simply the crowing jewel in a miserable week. The journey however appears to be at an end as a salt breeze parts the grey clouds above and reveals a small, dilapidated town near the cliffs - the long abandoned settlement of Crooked Cove and, standing on a small buff above it, a large and imposing manor house - the subject of Alexi's current employment, Xarwin Manor.

Another hour's travel should be enough to traverse the remaining distance, giving you a few hours of sun (or at least lighter clouds) before night settles in...

For leveling up etc...

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Oppara is Taldor's thriving capital—a shining monument to the grandeur and majesty once common to the entire Taldan empire. Seated on the black cliffs of the River Porthmos in Opparos Prefecture, Oppara bears all the gravitas and extravagance that 6,000 years of history have conferred upon it. The roofs and domes of Oppara were once plated with gold, earning it the nickname "the Gilded City," and though past rulers stripped the gold away long ago to pay for the empire's follies, the wealth and decadence of Taldor's capital keep the spirit of that name alive.

Oppara serves as Taldor's primary trade center, with traffic coming both from Taldor's interior via the River Porthmos and from the steady stream of international vessels sailing in from the Inner Sea. It is also the home of Taldor's government, hosting both the Imperial Palace of the grand prince and the polished marble halls of the senate. As the economic and political hub of Taldor, Oppara is the beating heart of the empire and the center of Taldan culture. Twin harbors provide goods to the city’s thriving marketplaces and restaurants, and they're often so crammed with ships that the river cannot be seen. Public fountains and marble statues can be found at many major crossroads and plazas. Columned villas and grandiose temples from every age of Taldor's history line the streets, and even the humbler merchant districts are holdovers from an unparalleled age of glory.

The Grand Bridge of the Empire, emerging from the southeastern shore of the city's heart to cross the massive Porthmos, remains one of the most ambitious and impressive engineering marvels in the Inner Sea. Two magically animated lion sculptures stand sentinel atop Oppara's main gate, offering a glimpse into the greatness that currently lies dormant within the empire. At night, the city is lit with tens of thousands of lanterns, causing it to shine like a beacon in the darkness.

Of course beneath the gilded wonders of the city lies another, darker truth. Narrow slums filled with cramped tenements and desperate people. Although barely a stones throw from the great monuments which visitors stop to gawk at, thousands of people live out lives of desperation and squalor - unseen and unacknowledged by their 'betters'.

However today, even the most downtrodden are excited for on this day every year, the empire of Taldor celebrates the Grand Day of Exaltation, the one day when the Grand Prince is empowered to elevate a commoner to the ranks of nobility. The event itself is the embodiment of formality, with the elevated commoner selected months or years in advance. What makes the day truly special is that the preceding week is a holiday throughout the empire. Nobles, senators, and hopeful petitioners fill the capital city of Oppara for galas, performances, and parades. To the nobility, the week before the Grand Day of Exaltation is a time to conduct important business deals, issue noble proclamations, and hold private parties. With so many prominent politicians arriving from across the empire, the Taldan senate uses Exaltation Week to vote on matters of nationwide importance. To the common folk it is an unmatched opportunity for profit, with merchants hawking heraldry ranging from replica banners of the old Armies of Exploration to wooden swords and handheld Taldan flags for children. Taverns offer themed drink and food, with varying bars adopting well-known nobles from the long history of the empire as their mascot or self-declared patron.

Alongside all the pomp and circumstance filling Oppara this year is a noteworthy moment in history: the imperial senate is poised to hold a historic vote to end primogeniture. The potential end of the millennia-standing law of succession is the talk of the town. Streets and taverns are abuzz with conversations; some wish to see the law thrown down to pave a way for Princess Eutropia, the only living child of Grand Prince Stavian III, to ascend to the throne, while hardliners (especially elder nobles) believe the vote to be another wound in the great history of the empire, allowing not only the rabble-rousing Eutropia to inherit family power, but every ill-deserving woman. Regardless of the outcome, both sides of the debate agree that life will go on, and despite the serious ramifications of primogeniture's potential end, the streets of Oppara hold no signs of unrest during the jubilant celebrations of the Grand Day of Exaltation.

In the genteel building that houses the Young Lions club this is more true than for most. Discrete servants move through the halls disposing of the wreckage, and occasionally the wrecked, left over from last night's debauchery. One of the most exclusive clubs in Oppara the Young Lions is open only to nobles of the Most Noble Houses - unless a family can trace its nobility back a dozen generations they are deemed unworthy - and even then only to those below the age of thirty. Among the perhaps two hundred members of the Most Noble Houses there are barely a dozen who have not held membership in their time and it is an accepted fact amongst these families that once you have turned thirty your deeds (infamous, amorous or otherwise) are never to be spoken of again - thus providing a chance for young people to sow their oats and work the 'wildness' from their systems before settling down to the truly serious family business - running the Empire.

Perhaps the most curious feature of the Young Lions is that members are not required to be in good standing with their families. Since the club does not exist in the collective understanding of anyone past thirty in the Most Noble Houses it is quite possible for even a disgraced or cast out scion to be seen at the clubs parties, to eat in their superb dining room and to generally carry on their life as it was before.

Lucretia, Victor, Lollia, Robert:
Since you are, by right of birth, a current member of the Young Lions, it is not entirely unheard of for you to receive a polite knock on the door of your dwelling. Outside stands a neatly dressed footman who delivers a letter with your name written in a flowing script and the white seal of the Young Lions holding it closed. The footman does not wait for a response.

My dear cub, the letter reads.
Your presence is requested at the Lion's Den at noon today, some business has arisen which I believe presents an opportunity for both of us.
I look forward to seeing you in a few hours time.


'Cub' is a term of address which only the current president of the society can use. The holder of this privileged position for the past four years is Caspian Lotheed, second son of the Most Noble House of Lotheed. In his twenty ninth year Caspian will soon be 'aging out' of the club and speculation over who will be appointed his successor is one of the favored topics of gossip in the Lions Den. Could this be the opportunity that he is referring to?

Checking the dead-drop through which your sometimes employer contacts you is second nature to you these days, even though contact with Martella is rarer than a platinum coin in the Narrows. Her coin is a lifeline though and it wouldn't do to miss out on a job simply because you were too lazy to look for it. Unusually when you arrive there is a message waiting for you at the drop.

Meet me at this address just before Noon. An opportunity has arisen and I have need of your skill set. M.

On an enclosed slip of paper is an address - a fancy one. Since you're meeting Martella in person this can't be second story work...

Before you head to the meetup, you can shop or handle any business you wish to. You may make either Diplomacy, Knowledge (local), or Knowledge (nobility) checks to learn more about your employer or the political scene in Oppara. Any given player character may roll only once for each given subject. The available subjects are: the Grand Day of Exaltation, Grand Prince Stavian III, Martella Lotheed, and Princess Eutropia. (See post below if you succeed - All checks are DC15)

You may also each attempt a DC 15 Diplomacy check to gather information and hear a rumor that is currently circling throughout Oppara.

Good morning everyone.

War for the Crown is the best AP Paizo have ever published and the game I played in, here on the forum, is probably my favourite ever PbP game. Therefore I thought I'd spread the love a little and run it for myself!

Key Things
- I am looking for a party of five, and have two people already, so there are three spaces open.
- Recruitment will end at 00:00 GMT, March 19th. I may extend this if it proves too short/there isn't much interest.
- I am heavily invested in the story and setting of WftC so while I am trying to make the build rules fairly open I am unlikely to pick the Nagaji Samurai unless they make a spectacular application.

An alias is not required for submission but I would like to see the stat-block and some backstory. I don't have a required length, long enough to do justice to your character/idea will be perfect!

Build Rules:
- 20 pt buy.
- Core, Standard, Featured and Uncommon races are allowed.
- All published Paizo classes are allowed - unchained classes are preferred but not required.
- Two traits, one should be campaign. Drawbacks for an extra trait are permitted.
- Background skills
- Max HP at level 1
- Roll wealth and then take your result or the average as you please.

No 3rd party material.
See below for rules on feats.

Feat Taxes:
1) All feats that require Point Blank Shot as a prerequisite now require Precise Shot instead. Precise Shot has no prerequisites.
2) All characters get Combat Expertise, Power Attack and Deadly Aim as bonus feats when they meet the prerequisites.
3) All characters get Weapon Finesse as a bonus feat. Any classes that grant Weapon Finesse now grant Agile Manoeuvres instead.
4) I've not decided 100% on this, but if I were to give your character a free Story Feat at level 1, what would it be (and ideally why)?

I'm not sold on all the Elephant in the Room changes to feats, but we can all agree that the above feats are pretty hefty taxes, so I'm happy to dispense with them!

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The rain drizzles down, pouring life-giving water down on Summer's rugged exterior. The clean scent of the rain, so unlike the polluted poison that falls from the sky over Nex, carries with it the scent of loam, animal dung and the crispness of cold. This far north, thousands of miles and hundreds of days into freedom, winter is more than a word - it is a real season. Although it has finally passed the spring is still brutally cold and the chill would eat into the bones of a lesser being, but Summer is too hardy for such concerns.

This is not however the case as she approaches the fast flowing stream however. The snow melt has turned this normally placid stream into a torrent and the brave, or foolish, man who attempted to cross it has clearly ended up out of his depth. Summer can see a head bobbing away downstream - but in front of her is a fine looking horse, panicking and thrashing around in the water. Its reins have become trapped in the remnants of the wooden bridge crossing the stream!

Getting close to the horse requires either a swim check (if you're going into the river) or an acrobatics/climb check to move along the remnants of the bridge. Then calming it will require Handle Animal.


Noticed a slightly odd problem recently. When posting a series of spoiler in succession:

[spoiler=Example 1]
[spoiler=Example 2]
[spoiler=Example 3] etc

The second spoiler simply refuses to open. The tags are all correct because it shows up as a closed spoiler in post but clicking on the reveal button simply doesn't do anything.

Examples here (the 'Dora' spoiler) and here (the 'Bukis' spoiler). I notice that each time it is the second spoiler rather than a random one...

Anyone else seen a similar thing?

You counted yourself to be bloody lucky to be rescued from a speck of godsforsaken land in an even more godsforsaken sea. Unfortunately by the time you realised exactly who was picking you up, it was too late. Interestingly though you aren't the first person to be picked up on this voyage. There's a dwarf in the cage next to you, a sullen fellow who is missing a hand.

"How'd get you then?" He grunts as you are deposited in the cage.

That bloody woman tricked you. Thinking about it you knew the offer was too good to be true. Fair enough the ship had been in dock for a few days, long enough to have ended up short handed, but two gold a day? Well, she got you good, and a small part of you - the part that has run more than one con, can't help but applaud. Captain Imperia pulled it off with aplomb.

Sitting up you take another look around the "animal deck", still not quite believing that you fell for that. The two covered cages at the far end are now exposed. There's a dwarf in one and a human woman in the other.

Desna is my shield and my guide. Desna is my shield and my guide. The mantra helps, it keeps you calm and centered even as the full horror of the last night, the 'arrest', the casual laugh that Captain Redstone gave when you told her that Desna would punish her for this.

"Well Besmara is lookin out for me." She retorted, tossing a pouch which clinked pleasantly. "So you keep your goddess and I'll keep mine. Enjoy your voyage!"

There's quite a few people in the cages around you. A one-handed dwarf, a darker skinned woman who is probably tall when she's not stuck in a cage, and a half orc who is looking at you in a rather odd manner...

You wake up with an aching head, as though you've had far too much to drink. But your bed is much harder than normal and the room is swaying way more than it should be. Then the picture around you comes into focus. Cages, salt water and a lot of unhappy faces around you. A perky looking gnome points from across a narrow walkway.

"Hey, hey look everyone. She's awake! Hey, I'm Lightfoot. Who are you?"

You arrive on ship in the order of your spoilers, so Cordelia first. Feel free to introduce yourselves to each other as new people arrive. Also roll a d8 to see what rumors you pick up over the course of the voyage.

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Truanu, a small town surrounded by orcs, founded on stubbornness, a decent sized hill, a perpetual spring of fresh water and the townsfolk’s bloody minded refusal to do the sensible thing and just go live somewhere safe. Did I mention the stubbornness?

Anyway, today jubilation fills the evening air in the normally staid town, for it is the twelfth birthday of the Chief Defender’s youngest daughter, Ruby, and the townsfolk have been preparing all day for the ceremony and festivities to follow. A throng of spectators has amassed at the town Commons; the buzz of the crowd subsides as the weathered town leader, Halgra of the Blackened Blades, takes the stage and begins to speak.

“Thank you all for joining us this night. I take immense pride in my responsibility as Chief Defender, especially when it comes to the honor of the hopeknife ceremony. It is always a great privilege to bequeath Trunauan youths their hopeknives as they come of age.” Halgra stops speaking long enough to open an ornamental case and retrieve a slender, ornately decorated dagger hanging from a silver chain. “But tonight is a special occasion, for the recipient of this hopeknife is none other than my youngest daughter.” Once again, Halgra pauses, but this time she turns to talk to the child beside her.

“Ruby, by the traditions of our town, you have come of age. This hopeknife represents your responsibilities as an adult and defender of Trunau. You must be willing to use it on yourself, your fellow Trunauans, and your family—even me, should it come to that. It will be a far quicker death than that which the orcs will offer, and providing it is your duty. Do you swear to guard Trunau from all comers, and to use your hopeknife only for its intended purpose?”
Ruby—dusky skinned, black haired, and painfully shy—nods her head in response to her mother’s question.

“If the orcs come, and there is no other option, this is where you cut—here, here, and here.” Halgra demonstrates which arteries to sever while Ruby watches. When she is finished, Halgra sheathes the hopeknife and places the necklace around Ruby’s neck before turning back to address the crowd.

“Tonight, Ruby becomes a full member of our community! Let us welcome her, and celebrate her passage into adulthood! Trunau forever!”

”Trunau forever!” The crowd echoes Halgra’s last words in a heartfelt roar, signalling the end of the ceremony and the start of the fun and games! Trunauans don’t let their hair down often so a hopeknife ceremony is always a big deal and this being Ruby’s, the whole town has gone all out on food, games and prizes!

Games to Play:
1. The Siege is Lifted. This is an eating contest to see who can consume the most bowls of seigestone porridge. Iron Stomachs are required! Ruby, along with her mother and Silvermane the druid are the judges. You need a good fort save for this one.

2. Fee, Fie, Foe, Frum! Sergeant Frum plays the part of the ‘giant’ who fiercely guards his treasure. Whoever can ‘steal’ the most treasure from the giant wins the game. Frum is blindfolded, but he’s an old hand at the game and his lance may be padded but it still lands a hearty whack! Stealth checks and CMB for this one.
3. Horizon Watcher. This is a team game (2-4 players per team) where the teams have to follow clues around Trunau to collect clues and ‘light the watch fire’ to ‘protect the town’. This game has the biggest prizes. Read the gazetteer of Trunau first!

There’s also ‘orc dunking’ where you are shown a number of prizes on the bottom of corks with small ‘orcs’ on top. They are set floating in a barrel and players have to knock down an orc with a ‘javelin’ to reveal and win the prize! Perception + Attack Roll (Crits count double!)

Discussion thread for Giantslayer. The title can be changed if anyone plays a guy and cries sexism... :)

This is the discussion thread for those fools brave volunteers who want to help me playtest my AP.

A link to the players guide can be found at the top of the page.

Note that everything is a WIP, so please feel free to comment on things, make suggestions and generally help improve anything you can.

Discuss away!

Kibwe's huge granite walls gleam in the bright sun that shines through the Needle's Gap and onto the great trading city. Dotted around the walls are the great statues known as Pillar-Watchers whose many magical abilities have fortified the city and prevented it from falling prey to subterfuge, siege or the insidious creeping of the jungle.

On this particular morning the city gates open to welcome traders as it does every day. Small coffles of slaves are marched in under the frowning eyes of overseers since selling slaves is still legal for foreigners in Kibwe, even though slave-taking is not. Much more common however are the various trading caravans, exchanging the glass-wares, spices and other wares of eastern Garund for the hard woods, gold and salt of Kibwe and the Mwangi Expanse beyond.

The town's population is vibrant, busy and always eager to trade although some stalls are shuttered even at midday, and there are more distrustful looks flying than is normal for such a cosmopolitan trading town. Even the large caravan marked with the intertwined snakes of the Apsis Consortium receives frowns and disapproving looks, despite the small fortune recently that the Consortium generously invested in Kibwe's infrastructure.

The oddest looks however are reserved for one of the smaller groups entering the city - a pack of catfolk.

Discussion thread.
Feel free to dot in.

An aura of pervasive fear hangs of over fair Aelysos. Sunlight kisses buildings of white marble and scatters diamonds from the cresting foam of the waves across the wide harbour. But everything is wrong.

The buildings, so white in the sunlight, stand pale and alone - all the colourful awnings, ramshackle merchant's stalls and children's toys scattered across flat roofs have been withdrawn, removed, like a scared tortoise retreating into its shell. Wide pavements laid with blocks of marble centuries old gleam, empty of the life and traffic that should be passing across them.

The cry of gulls echoes across the wide bay and the rolling waves break freely, untroubled by the oars of galleys or the proud hulls of far-roving ships. No-one sails from Aelysos this morning. Those who could have sailed already, fleeing into the night and hoping that their paths do not cross that of the behemoth that everyone knows to be coming.

Those who can't, too poor to afford the fees or too damaged to be sea-worthy have been engaged in a struggle no less deadly - to secure moorings inside the Kraken's Eye, that huge fortified harbour of volcanic stone that protects Aelysos from the ravages of angry nature. Securing such moorings could be the difference between ruin and cautious hope for the sea captains remaining and the places have changed hands for sums that would pay for ships themselves.

Unfortunately for Cyanea Micailidis securing one of those berths requires funds, contacts and luck - none of which appear to be on her side at the moment. Instead the Marid's Treasure is moored, or rather beached, on the far side of the harbour giving its captain a worryingly unobstructed view of the harbour and events to come.

One of the only places still moving, in a city that seems to hold its breath is the Seer Heights, where many people have flocked - half remembered tales of the cyclops' ancient wisdom and powers drawing people desperate to avoid disaster. Amongst the heavy guard presence there is Ambrus 'Butter Boy' Stathis standing like part of the immovable rock itself. His reassuring solidity seems to calm many of the frantic people, mostly foreigners, who flap about like agitated birds as a cleft suddenly appears in the horizon...


Thanks for your submissions, I really liked both and didn't want to make a choice between them so I went with GM's prerogative and picked you both. Now originally I was planning for this to be a one person campaign and thought I might do a pair of individual threads and tie them together later on in the story.

Alternatively, if you'd prefer, we can turn this into a two player game if you two would prefer that. Let me know either way and then we can sort out what we want to do.

@Cyanea: can you finish Iroas off when you get a second?

For both of you if there's any last bits of shopping to do etc now is the time to do this. Hopefully we'll a consensus tomorrow and we can start on Sunday.

Looking forward to gaming with you both!

Aelysos, once the jewel of Iblydos this beautiful city of white walls and shining seas has been the first sight of eastward travellers for centuries. Ruled by mighty hero-gods, with the aid of ancient and knowledgeable cyclopean seers it is a city of beauty, a testament to thousands of years of peaceful co-operation. But beneath its beautious exterior lurk dangers and threats as great as its beauty.

The thalassic behemoth Ousmariku descends yearly upon the city, bringing death and destruction unless satisfied with great sacrifices of treasure and living flesh. Many hero-gods have fought and died against it, and now only two remain Kelksiomides the Green Warden and Psomeira the Divine General. It is thanks to their just and steadfast rule that Aelysos continues to prosper - but the behemoth's return is imminent and the Hero-Gods know they cannot face him alone...

This is a solo game where the player will ascend to the position of Hero-God and lead the fight back against Ousmariku, encountering all the mythological wonder and deadliness that greek myths are famous for along the way!

That said, if there are two brilliant submissions I may run a second game with the view to combining them later.

Submission Requirements:


Level: 5
Stats: Roll 4d6 and drop lowest or 25pt buy. You may roll first and then take the points buy if its better. No re-rolls.
Races: Humans, Half-Elves, Half-Orcs, Aasimar, Ifrits, Oreads, Sylphs, Tieflings, Undines. Any outsider race must take 'Mostly Human' or their racial equivalent.
Alignment: Any, but remember you are a HERO-god. If you can save Aelysos and do it chaotic-evilly then more power to you. Good will likely be preferred however.
Classes: Paizo only. Unchained if you want it. No guns (Bolt Ace gunslinger is fine.)
-- VMC if you want it.
HP: Max, it's a solo game - you need it!
Feats: Elephant in the Room feat taxes are in play.
Players receive 1 free "skill feat" [Acrobatic, Alertness, Animal Affinity, Athletic, Deceitful, Deft Hands, Magical Aptitude, Nature Soul, Persuasive, Prodigy, Scholar, Self-Sufficient, Skill Focus, Stealthy, Street Smarts] at 1st level.
Traits: Three and a drawback - required. Heroes all have flaws, these define them as much as their positive qualities - you should have both! Campaign traits are allowed, but please run them by me so I can check that they are appropriate.
Skills: Background skills. All classes get 4+Int minimum skill points. Any archetype that boosts skill points/level (like Lore Warden) stacks with this, so a Lore Warden Fighter gets 6+Int each level.
Wealth: 2,000gp. No item over 300gp. We are using ABP+2 for this game. I want to hand out plenty of cool items with backstories and interesting effects - therefore we don't want anyone worrying about their Cloaks of Resistance and Amulets of Natural Armor!


This game will be going mythic. You don't have to make your choices now but part of being a Hero-God is having worshippers and granting them spells. Therefore please indicate your likely mythic path and two-three domains/areas of interest which will form your divine portfolio. (For reference the existing Hero Gods are: Kelksiomides, Hero-God of gardens, orchards and terraces. He grants the Good and Plant domains.
Psomeira, Hero-God of seasons and spears. She grants Law, War and Weather.).

I would like some background to your character.
What is your profession?
What have you done to become level 5?
Why are you in Aelysos just before Ousmariku is scheduled to return?

These are the big questions. If you have any favourite greek myths which you want to riff off/see in the game, please mention them as well! I'll see what I can do to oblige.

Any questions please ask!

"By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes!"

Welcome Ladies and thank you for your submissions, excellent and entertaining all (apart from Lavinia's which was really creepy - but that's appropriate too!)

First things first: this is a LAWFUL evil campaign. Most of you aren't (at least, not as far as I can tell). This is fine - just don't try and murder your coven mates, and if Thrune says jump, jump. Feel free to mutter about it but trust me, when Queen Abrogail says jump you really really should!

1 person marked this as a favorite.

For many years, ever since the end of the Cheliax Civil War, there have been hags present in the country. Mostly confined to the hinterlands and deep woods, these powerful creatures rarely caused the Infernally backed regime of House Thrune much trouble, mostly due to their small numbers. However thirty years ago a powerful night hag named Blackblight, managed to unify a number of hags and their changeling daughters into a powerful tribe which rapidly conquered the Chitterwood and maintained enough power to achieve practical, if not formal, recognition from the local authorities. Over time Blackblight attracted a number of witches and other women, willing to serve the powerful hag in return for power, swelling her tribes numbers and forming a number of powerful covens under her control.

This state of affairs lasted until the discovery of Heart’s Edge and the formation of the Glorious Reclamation. Unwilling to suffer the presence of such a mighty coven near their new fortress, Lord Marshal Cansellarion launched an attack on the Chitterwood and personally slew Blackblight in a duel that left a large part of the Chitterwood saturated in magic. The Glorious Reclamation exterminated the Blackblight covens, killing every hag, witch and changeling they could find.

With their violent, holy work done the Glorious Reclamation retreated and declared their attack a great victory for the Righteous, announcing the complete and utter annihilation of witches in the Chitterwood. They were, however, mistaken. Aided by Ahreni, herself the mother of a witch in the tribe, a single coven was saved – newly formed and barely old enough to come into their full powers, they escaped and planned their vengeance…

As my Coven-themed kingmaker game has died, due to family trouble at my end stealing all it's momentum before it really began, I've decided to have another go at a themed changeling game - focusing on something a little more... Evil!

Submission Requirements:
Race: Changeling, all variant heritages found in Blood of the Coven are permitted..
Level: 1, Gestalt.
Classes: Any Paizo. If there is an Unchained version of your class it must be used.
3PP archetypes to Pathfinder classes may be allowed on a case-by-case basis (For example: the Circle Warden witch archetype is permitted.)
Alignment: Evil! Allowances will be made for Neutral, but the campaign is focused on Evil PC’s so think carefully.
Stats: 25pt buy. No stats lower than 8 or higher than 18 after racial modifiers.
HP: Max for first level.
Wealth: Roll (for the best of your two classes) and then keep your result or take class average, as you choose.
Traits: 2, one of which should be campaign. Drawbacks are NOT allowed but if you want a third trait you may have an Arcane Malignancy instead.
The Rich Parents/Chosen One traits are banned – you are witches fleeing the destruction of your coven – you didn’t have a chance to take a huge bag of gold with you!
Feats: Feat Taxes are in effect. The specifics can be found HERE.
Skills: Background skills will be used.

Additional Rules: We will be using the rules for Changeling Covens (see below) with slight adjustments.
The Coven will use the most common spellcasting level to determine which spells they can use. i.e. If there are at least two ninth level casters in the coven then all the coven spells will be available at their normal levels. However if there is a magus and an inquisitor (both 6th level), then the Coven spells gained at levels 15, 17 and 19 (effectively the covens 7th, 8th and 9th level spells) will never become available to the coven, since the majority spellcasting level within the coven is 6th.
If there is not a most common level then the average will be taken.

Changeling Covens:
The hag blood coursing through changelings’ veins makes them especially adept at coven magic. Changeling witches with the coven hex can form covens of three changelings without the usual need for a hag member. But as a changeling draws upon the power of her heritage, the call to wander into her hag mother’s clutches becomes more persistent; changelings who form a coven only with other changelings take a –1 penalty on Will saving throws due to this increased stress.
Changeling witches with the coven hex who wish to form a coven must perform a 1-hour ritual. When the ritual is complete, the changeling coven gains access to the following spell-like abilities based on the witch level of their lowest level participant.
1st Level: disguise other, fog cloud;
3rd Level: bestow curse;
5th Level: speak with dead;
7th Level: baleful polymorph;
9th Level: mirage arcana;
11th Level: forcecage;
13th Level: commune;
15th Level: control weather;
17th Level: vision;
19th Level: mind blank.
Coven spells use the caster level of the coven’s most powerful spellcaster. They require each member of the coven to participate simultaneously, taking a full-round action or the spell’s normal casting time to cast, whichever is longer. A changeling coven can cast a total of three coven spells each day, regardless of the spell level.

Personality/Background: Either ’10 minute’ or fully written, I don’t mind. I’ll be looking for the most fully realised characters I can get so this is important! (Probably more so than the crunch).

Since I’ve done a recruitment like this before I thought I’d address a few common questions before hand.

1. Can I play a male changeling/Caliban? No. Golarion cannon does not have male changelings.
2. Can I use 3rd party racial traits(specifically Parental Heritage) or favoured class bonuses? No. Blood of the Coven offers lots of ways to customise your changeling.
3. Do I have to play a spellcaster? No you don’t. However I am looking for players to form a coven – and the coven would be considerably weaker with non-spellcasting members in it (see above – Additional Rules). That said, I am willing to take a fourth (non-spellcasting) player if the background and justification is really good.

Recruitment is going to be open for a week, until 12.00 GMT on 31st May 2018. I’ll pick that day and aim to begin by 1st June.

"Welcome... welcome to Westcrown, Heartland of the Greatest Nation on Earth, where shadowbeasts roam the night and your soul is a small price to pay to leave alive!"

Character Creation:

- Level 1, Gestalt
- 25 pt buy, max HP.
- Background Skills
- Max Gold
- Choose 1 campaign trait and 2 other traits. Drawback for an additional trait - as always, be fluffy!
- All published Paizo stuff is fine, anything 3PP feel free to ask :)

Just getting this up now so we don't have to slog through PM's all the time!

As I said earlier, if you'd like to invite someone else in I'm happy to run for two.

Campaign Traits:
Child of Infamy: Your family has long been in show business. Perhaps it was your parents, or an older sibling, or an uncle or aunt—whatever the case, one of your close relatives is, or was, a well-known and well-loved actor or actress. That this relation died in some compromising and embarrassing way has done little to alter your family’s name and fame—if anything, the unfortunate death has increased it. When folk learn your last name, they are quick to assume you live a wild life like your ill-fated relative, and whether you bask in this notoriety or do your best to hide your heritage, the years of association with the acting scene have had their effect. You’ve certainly inherited your relative’s talents, and are a larger-than-life figure, a melodramatic attention-hound, or a sly manipulator of emotions. You gain a +1 trait bonus on Perform (act) skill checks, and the skill is always considered a class skill for you. Furthermore, you’ve inherited some of your relative’s funds, and begin play with a nest egg of 300 gp that you can spend however you wish.

Conspiracy Hunter: You’ve long heard rumors of dark deeds afoot in Westcrown. Shipments of valuable cargo that go missing with nary a trace or question asked. People who disappear as though they never existed. Lords of business and nobles who speak in veiled references and accidental slips of masters even they must obey. What lords rule the Westcrown underworld? Do the tales of far-reaching criminal organizations hold a hint of truth? Could the fabled Council of Thieves, said to have been purged from the city ages ago, have somehow survived or reformed? And what hold do they hold over the city today? You don’t know, but you’re determined to find out! Choose one of the following skills: Bluff, Diplomacy, Knowledge (local), Perception, Sense Motive, or Stealth. You gain a +1 trait bonus on this skill and it is always considered a class skill for you.

Diabolist Raised: All your life you’ve lived within the grip of devil-possessed Cheliax. You care little for the religion of your country, but that is the way of life in the most magnificent empire in the world, and who are you to question the faith of the empire’s rulers? Certainly not a fool like some of your more idealistic acquaintances, possessed of bizarre ideals about personal freedoms and egalitarian rulership—who can say whatever happened to them? You know of Hell and the rigidity of its grim rulers, you’ve seen devils and how they might be employed to the betterment of those with the might to control them, and you know of the dark faith of your country. You might not be a devil worshiper yourself, but there are realities to living in Cheliax, and it’s always good to know what’s really going on behind the scenes. Your knowledge of diabolism grants you a +1 bonus on Bluff, Diplomacy, Intimidate, and Sense Motive checks made against Westcrown’s nobility, and a +1 bonus on all saving throws made against mindaffecting attacks from devils.

Shadow Child: Westcrown has long suffered under a peculiar curse, a blight that rises every night, bringing with it fell beasts that hunt the shadows. No one can say from whence these night-horrors come—though some blame the mysterious wizards of Nidal, other claim that it’s some curse laid by fallen Aroden, while still others suggest some shadowy mastermind manipulates an ebon brood from the depths of Westcrown’s northern ruins. Whatever the case, the people of Westcrown have long feared the night, but not you. You’re goal is to reclaim the darkness from the beasts that hide within. You’ve acclimated yourself to the dark, and thus act with greater precision in the shadow than most. When attacking targets in areas of dim light, you do not suffer the standard 20% miss chance on attack rolls for being in the poorly lit area.

The Pathfinder’s Exile: Westcrown’s dilapidated Pathfinder lodge of Delvehaven has long excited your imagination. Forcibly closed by the order of the city’s diabolical rulers, the Pathfinders of Westcrown were exiled, forcing them to leave behind untold knowledge and the treasures of countless expeditions. Today, Delvehaven lies under the pale of fearful rumors and dark magic, and bureaucratic red tape has prevented trespass on the lodge’s well-protected grounds. Having secretly and illegally contacted agents of the Pathfinders, you’ve expressed your interest in aiding their ventures in Cheliax — with a particular eye toward investigating Delvehaven, the source of your long-standing adventuresome interests. To your surprise, some days ago you received a message back from an unnamed Pathfinder operating underground in the country. Along with encouraging you to investigate the lodge and report your findings to the Grand Lodge in Absalom, he’s sent along a battered and tarnished, yet still functional wayfinder. You’ve promised yourself to pay back your unknown contact the 500 gp cost of the item someday, but until then, it’s yours to use. A wayfinder is a magical compass that grants you a +2 circumstance bonus on Survival checks to avoid becoming lost, and can be commanded to emit light as the spell (CL 5th) as a standard action.

Westcrown Firebrand: There’s something very wrong with the world. Spouses were not meant to huddle at their windows hoping and fearing day after day that theirloved ones returned from work safely. Parents were not meant to hush their children when questioned about what happened to their neighbors. Citizens were not meant to avert their eyes and hurry by as guardsmen beat old friends in the street. The people of Westcrown have suffered long enough! It’s time for a change. But how? You’ve heard rumors of bands of free-thinking individuals meeting after the citywide curfew. Perhaps they might share your ideals? You are quick to react to opportunity, both physically and mentally, and know that it is with sudden and swift action that many conflicts are best resolved. You gain a +1 trait bonus on Initiative checks, and if you act in a surprise round, you gain a +1 trait bonus on all attack rolls.

Happy to write one for you if none of these really fit, I also removed 'Infernal Bastard' because it's designed to de-power tieflings and that's unnecessary.

Anyone interesting in a solo PbP game? I'm interested in playing through Kingmaker as a single player (presumably with a few NPC's!) and would be happy to run a solo AP or original game for anyone willing to take up my challenge.

If you're interested either post here or feel free to PM me! :)

Be it so known that the bearers of this charter have been charged by the Swordlords of Restov, acting upon the greater good and authority vested within them by the office of the Regent of the Dragonscale Throne, has granted the right of exploration and travel within the wilderness region known as the Greenbelt. Exploration should be limited to an area no further than thirty-six miles east and west, and sixty miles south of Oleg's trading post. The carrier of this charter should also strive against banditry and other unlawful behaviour to be encountered. The punishment for unrepentant banditry remains, as always, execution by sword or rope.

So witnessed on this 24th day of Calistril, under watchful eye of the Lordship of Restov and authority granted by Lord Noleski Surtova, current Regent of the Dragonscale Throne.

Hey Everyone,

Congratulations on your submissions - they were all awesome. I'm looking forward to this a lot.

Before we start I'd like to sort out the exact dynamics of your coven - since you all know each other could you please introduce yourselves in this thread and we can discuss who started the coven, what roles you all play, who is 'big sister' etc etc.

I believe you are all True Neutral, which should help the coven dynamic. :)

We'll start the campaign proper sometime soon - it basically depends on how long we spend sorting out our dynamics.

You have lived, for the past five years in the city of Restov. From birth you were different, marked somehow as different and behind your back you were called names ‘different’, ‘strange’, ‘Changeling’. In Restov you found friendship and sisterhood, others like you. You formed a group, a coven and lived quietly – doing as you willed.

Then something went wrong, it may not have been your fault, perhaps one of your sisters was to blame, but regardless you all had to leave in a hurry. The announcement that the swordlords were looking for brave souls to tame the Stolen Lands came not a moment too soon!

Hey Everyone, having picked up Blood of the Coven recently I was struck by inspiration for just how cool a changeling/witch themed adventure path would be so here I am on the forums recruiting for it!

I’m looking for 3 players to join with an already selected fourth to make their own coven and venture into the Stolen Lands in search of fame, fortune and the chance to live without government interference!

Submission Requirements:
Race: Changeling, you may however use any of the variant heritages found in Blood of the Coven.
Level: 1, Gestalt. You do not have to take spellcasting classes (see ‘Bonus’ below) as you will be members of the coven regardless.
Classes: Any Paizo (Shifter included). Unchained classes must be chosen over chained versions.
Alignment: All alignments must be at least partly N. Anyone wanting to play a Paladin must play LN rather than NG.
Stats: 25pt buy. No stats lower than 8 or higher than 18 after racial modifiers.
HP: Max.
Wealth: Roll (for the best of your two classes) and then keep your result or take class average, whichever is better.
Traits: 2, one of which should be campaign. Drawbacks are NOT allowed but if you want a third trait you may have an Arcane Malignancy instead (new mechanic in Blood of the Coven which acts as drawbacks). Roll a d100 called ‘Malignancy’ in the thread and I’ll post your result for you. Also the Rich Parents trait is banned.
Skills: Background skills will be used.
Bonus: All witches receive the Coven Hex for free. In addition the requirement for the coven to contain a hag is waived.
If you are not a witch you received the Coven-Touched feat as a bonus feat (see below) without needing to meet the Charisma pre-requisite.

Coven Touched (feat):
You have a natural affinity for coven magic.
Benefit: You can join a changeling coven even if you are not a witch with the coven hex. Your effective witch level is equal to half your character level. A changeling coven must still include at least one changeling witch who has the coven hex.
Additional, select a single 0-level spell drawn from the witch’s spell list. You gain the ability to cast that spell three times per day as a spell-like ability with a caster level equal to your character level. The save DC for this spell is 10 + your Intelligence modifier.

Personality/Background: We’ll write the story of exactly what happened to the coven as a group in the discussion thread after selection so for now please give
- an outline of your character’s personality
- What they did before joining the coven
- What your character might have done to get the coven kicked out of Restov.

Final Note: I'm really keen on how War for the Crown (the next AP) is sounding. Anyone willing to run a game of it for me and my wife in the future will find their submissions given extra attention! ;)

Recruitment will run until 12 noon GMT on 2nd December. If I get lots/no interest then this may change, but if it does I'll let you all know!

New thread for New England Frost Giant's Giantslayer campaign!

Character Gen:
Gestalt, Paizo classes (unless there's something else you really want!)
4d6, drop lowest - or 25pt buy whichever is better.
Two traits, third trait if you take a drawback.
Background skills Here
Bonus Feat - must be a story feat. I like them for extra flavor.
200GP to start.
Begin with 2 Hero Points.

Hey Everyone,

I'm reading around the forum since I've started running RoW with a gaming group and I just came across THIS THREAD where the idea of giving out a mythic tier, rather than the Geas was given.

This seems like a really cool idea and I was wondering how many poeple have done it, what else you changed, how many tiers you give/gave out by the end etc?

Any help would be great! :)

Discussion thread up Helikon!

First of all, any preferences on character generation etc? Dice, point buy etc.

Also, what would you prefer Gestalt lvl 1 or straight level 2?


About 8 months ago I tried a PbP swap with another GM on the forums. It was going well until he had to drop out for real life reasons, so I thought I'd give it another go.

I'd like a GM willing to run me (and possibly someone else, I like having a partner) through either Ruins of Azlant or Wrath of the Righteous.

In return I will run a game for them. I have Council of Thieves, Reign of Winter and everything from Wrath of the Righteous onwards. If there is anything else someone would like to play then I'm happy to do it if I can be provided with the necessary materials.

If you're interested please let me know below!


Two weeks out from Andoran and life has now settled into an easy routine. Wake up, eat, help around the ship, eat, personal time, eat, relax, sleep. Captain Jacob Markosi keeps the Peregrine running like clock-work, assisted by his able crew the voyage so far has been a poster-child for sea travel.

Conditions aboard the Peregrine are somewhat cramped, with everyone having to share their living quarters with at least one other person (feel free to pick another PC or an NPC as your bunk buddy). Despite this things have been going well so far, the prevailing sense being one of excitement at the prospect of new lands, a new life or simply an escape from the old one.

On this particular morning the sun is shining and a stiff breeze fills the Peregrine's sails. The sailors are mostly aloft, doing something complicated with one of the smaller sails and various colonists move about the ships decks, performing all manner of minor tasks.

Welcome everyone to the Peregrine. This is a short introductory bit of role-playing for you to talk to each other and any significant NPC's you'd like to. You've already been on the ship two weeks so you know each other a bit - this is just a chance to set up the bonds that really should be present by the time the adventure starts properly in four weeks time.

Significant NPC's include:

Alba Divenvaar:
Alba is a middle-aged dwarven woman who is perennially cheerful and optimistic. Her role in the expedition is as an alchemist and supplier of remedies, herbal and alchemical.

She is heavily tanned from a lifetime spent in the sun and her hair is streaked with silver.

Anya Sandstrider:
A shoanti hunter, she has been employed to act as the colonies hunter and resident explorer. Exiled from her homeland for a reason she is not keen to talk about Anya has kept herself to herself so far.

Anya has the typical shoanti colouring and bearing. Much taller than most people on the ship her dark skin, bald head and elaborate tattoo’s make her easily recognisable.

Diplomacy DC15 vs. Anya:
Anya confides in you that she was exiled from her homeland for interfering in an honour duel. Her younger brother was fighting and losing so she stepped in and in doing in, incurred exile.

Carver Hastings:
One of the colonies soldiers, Carver seems very well read for a military man and has entertained the ships company many a night with his tales of far off places and things seen on his various expeditions. A middle aged man he wears his age well, with short wavy brown hair and a permanent coat of stubble. In conversation he comes across as aloof and doesn’t speak much. You all notice that Carver wears something around his neck, which he takes pains to keep hidden as much as possible.

Anyone with the Pathfinder Recruit trait:
Carver has found you quietly and informed you that he is in fact a Pathfinder. He was instructed to hide his allegiance in case of spying by the Apsis Consortium. He doesn’t believe that there are any agents aboard the ship, but asks you to keep his cover intact anyway – at least for the time being.

Eamon Caranth:
A half-elven cleric of Erastil, Eamon makes no secret of the fact that he feels a divine call to serve in the new community at Talmandor’s Bounty. He travels with another cleric, Father Kurvis, with whom he bickers like an old married couple. Of the pair he is the more easy-going and refers to his fellow cleric as ‘Father Grouse’, due to his irascibility.

Eamon is tall, with an easy smile and straw-blond hair. His elven heritage shows through in his violet eyes and his sharply pointed ears. He prefers to wear green in recognition of his god.

Harcourt Carrolby:
The third son of a family of wealthy horse breeders, Carrolby looks like he’s never seen a hard days work in his life. He has black hair and a pale complexion which is clearly not well acquainted with the sun. He spends much of his time on board below-decks or at least under cover of some sort. In conversation he is clearly cultured, making reference to plays, fine dining and other noble pursuits, condescending to those that do not understand or cannot keep up with his conversation.

Kurvis Nurpico:
Father Kurvis is a priest of Abadar, and has journeyed with his friend and companion Father Eamon. Relatively short, Kurvis walks with a slight stoop which makes him appear even shorter and is clearly showing the signs of age. His hair is iron grey and his face is lined with wrinkles. Kurvis is pleasant enough, but rarely smiles and his expression seems to be fixed in an almost permanent scowl, which only Eamon, whom he calls ‘Father Easy’, can seem to soften.

Luetin Calewick:
A blacksmith by trade Luetin is possibly one of the most valuable members of the fledgling community currently aboard the Peregrine. Balding and with a thick black moustache and crooked teeth, Luetwin fancies himself as an example of manly attractiveness, which he emphasizes by flexing his muscles often and lifting heavy weights. Although stocky he is well muscled and helps out around the ship when asked.

Lyra Heatherby:
One of the few actual employees of the Bountiful Venture Company, Lyra is a jolly and excitable young half-elf. Hired as a surveyor by the company she has a large collection of books on history, fauna and mining, although she tends to spend most of her time bouncing around the ship, sketching birds and chatting with people – rather than studying.

Dressed in sturdy, comfortable clothes and with her strawberry blonde hair tied back in a ponytail, Lyra is the epitome of practicality and her lopsided smile and easy charm have impressed many of the Peregrine’s crew.

Perrell Beys:
Another employee of the Bountiful Venture Company, Perrell is a short, pedantic woman with red, closely cropped hair. The colonies purser, she keeps meticulous records of everything on board the ship and has expressed her disapproval repeatedly when the ships cook has drawn from more than his ‘allocated’ stores for a meal. Fundamentally a pleasant person in company Perrell none the less lacks a few key social graces. When someone else is wrong she is quick to point it out, and will defend her own points with dogged stubbornness.

Ramona Avandith:
The designated leader for the colony, Ramona is an experienced explorer and traveler. A natural leader she has already welded many of the colonists into a cohesive unit and has taken care to learn everyone’s names and abilities.
Naturally tanned Ramona dresses appropriately for the climate and keeps her brown hair shortina quasi-military style. She is quite attractive, but takes no effort over her appearance – being more concerned with her leadership responsibilities.

Go forth and roleplay - I'll time skip forwards to the 'official' adventure start once you've all gotten to know each other a little.

Hey everyone - congratulations on getting in!

A couple of things before we begin.

1. We will use the feat tax breaks found HERE if that changes any of your feat choices, please feel free to change before we begin.
2.Can you all please put the following in your aliases so that I have all your character information easily available in every post? :)

In the Race line: |HP: 9/9 AC: 13 (12 Tch, 11 Fl) | CMB: -1, CMD: 11 | F: +1, R: +6, W: +4 | Init: +3 | Perc: +5, SM +5, Bluff +8(13), Dip +11
In the Class/Levels line: | Speed 30ft | Spells: 1st ?/? | Other special features: 4/4| Active conditions: None.

1. Aurelian - why exactly have you joined the adventure?
2. Fleur - what's your last name?

Gameplay will start a week or so out from the colony to give you guys a chance to meet each other IC and hobnob with all the other colonist NPC's.

Looking forward to it! :D

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Hey everyone.

After many years on the boards and a number of played-in games under my belt I have recently returned to GM-ing IRL and therefore have decided to pluck up my courage and run a game here on the boards as well!

I am going to be running The Ruins of Azlant for a party of 4-5 characters. I have one space reserved so I am looking for 3-4 people to round out the party. The reserved character will be an Archaeologist Bard.

Character Gen rules:

25pt buy.
Core Races, Gillmen and Undines. (Undines MUST take the 'Mostly Human' racial trait.)
Classes: Anything Paizo, Unchained classes must be unchained.
Starting Level: 1
Wealth: Max for your class.
HP: Max.
Traits: 2, one campaign. You can take a drawback for a third trait.
Background Skills are in effect.

Please consult the players guide if you have any questions. Find it HERE.

Provisionally this recruitment will be open until 00:00 on Saturday 7th October. This may change depending on popularity.

EDIT: please do include a background to tell me a bit about your character. It doesn't have to be an essay but I would like to know how your character came to be aboard the Peregrine and a little about their personality.

Seven days have passed since the original appointment of Paracount Barzillai Thrune as Lord-Mayor of Kintargo, and in those seven days he has split opinions and skulls with the same arbitrary violence. Some people, the Sarini’s included, see his presence as a return of the lawful Thrune government after a too long period of laxness and depravity. Most however see his arrival as that of a tyrant, out to line his own pocket and crush the famously free spirit of Kintargo.

His first few actions seem to support the later view more than the former. The first things to happen were the Seven Proclamations the following day of the implementing of martial law. These laws were read aloud by the very same criers that announced Thrune’s arrival, and as the day wore on, they marched along the streets, always with a patrol of Dottari, repeating the Seven to all those would hear to ensure no one would be uninformed.

The first proclamation saw raised eyebrows from some, nods of approval for others - vermin were always a problem, and although doves, mice, and ravens weren’t usually seen as such, the poor of the city quickly began hunting said pests in droves before presenting them to the Dottari.

The second proclamation caused quite a few grumblings amongst more than one of the city’s businesses - although reasonably priced at a mere ten gold crowns apiece, many businesses rankled at showing Her Infernal Majestrix’s face in their shops. Those who ignored the proclamation were quickly fined, and in the case of more than one shop, saw their property seized and them hauled off to one of the quickly-filling prisons within the myriad of guard towers in the city.

It is a well-known fact that Barzillai loves dogs, particularly the larger breeds, and as a result the third proclamation came to little surprise. It is also a well known fact that Barzillai has invented a form of excruciation using said dogs aptly named ‘Dog Housing’. Although no such punishments have been met out during Barzillai’s first week of office, many whisper of things to come, especially if the Dottari keep collecting said dogs from the populace.

The fourth proclamation came as a severe annoyance to the city’s noble population, and to a lesser extent its performing one. Although many of the nobles easily purchased the right to keep wearing their expensive and extravagant clothing, many of the city’s performers had to make due with illusions or faux-jewelry to avoid being fined and having their clothing stripped from their very persons.

Unsurprisingly enough, the fifth proclamation merely caused a few eyebrows to raise in curiosity. Those who discussed it in coffee shops and parlors speculated it was to prevent a famine in case of a riot or uprising - as food shortages are common during such periods. Those in less well-to-do places such as the myriad of taverns around the city assumed it was just a way to kick the little guy even further - their logic being that the person who spilt the grain had already wasted his grain, yet now must spend the time to pick it up, clean it, or be fined and possibly imprisoned?

The sixth proclamation came about with a few small protests, as tea is a much beloved drink amongst the city - almost as much as coffee and alcohol. Being unable to consume such a drink at night simply made no sense!

The seventh proclamation was little more than a curiously discussed topic amongst most citizens, as it had nearly no effect on them. That being said, there are quite a few confectionary shops within the city, and those who offered mint candies and treats quickly either threw them away lest they get fined or - in most cases - offered out said candies free of charge to get rid of them before they got in trouble. Such was the case at the Sweet Tooth neighboring the Tooth and Nail, as its proprietor, a young, frail woman with an eyepatch named Luculla Gens, was a regular amongst the Tooth and Nail. Although her delicious candied blueberry tarts are the most well-loved in the tavern, her final batch of mint treats disappeared quickly amongst the drunk (and hungry) patrons.

Overall, for a city that prides itself on its diversity, creative spirit and artistry, the yoke of martial law and increasing rules and regulations particularly onerous. With Thrune’s inquisitors, the Dottari, and the growing Thrune-supporting militia known as the Chelish Citizens’ Group growing increasingly aggressive in their enforcement of martial law - and Barzillai’s increasingly ridiculous proclamations - the undercurrent of revolution builds within the city, and the atmosphere in Kintargo is tense. Numerous minor protests against Thrune have popped up, demanding a variety of changes, only to be quickly dispersed by the dottari, Hellknights of the Rack imported from the south, or the Chelish Citizens’ Group.
It’s been only a week since Thrune seized control of the city, and word on the street is that the largest protest yet will be gathering in Aria Park, just south of the Kintargo Opera House where Thrune has made his new home.

H E L L ' S R E B E L S
Book I: In Hell's Bright Shadow

Even with the cobblestones of Argent Avenue and the foliage of Aria Park still wet from the morning’s light rain, dozens of Kintargans have gathered along the facade of the opera house to protest the city’s new lord-mayor, Paracount Barzillai Thrune. The city’s new leader was appointed by Her Infernal Majestrix, Queen Abrogail II, in the wake of the previous lord-mayor’s ‘sudden flight’ from the city— an event that still has local rumormongers whispering furiously. In a scant seven days, Paracount Thrune has instituted martial law, a curfew, and seven outlandish and polarizing proclamations. These actions and more have called many of Kintargo’s dissatisfied citizens here on this overcast morn. There’s been no sign yet of Barzillai Thrune himself, and the opera house’s doors remain tightly closed—as they have since the man chose the landmark as his new home—but judging by the growing sound of the protesters, he surely can’t ignore the scene on the streets below much longer.

A dozen Dottari stand guard in front of the Opera House, warily watching the growing crowd but making no moves to disperse them - in the middle of them stands a gruff, scowling woman armed with an exquisite glaive, heavy black-and-red chain armor and sporting four throwing axes - Nox, Barzillai’s personal bodyguard and your intended. As of yet, she and her entourage of guards stand vigilant, their black-and-red leather and mail armor glistening with the morning’s rain, but none move against the growing crowd.

Some of the protesters call for their new lord-mayor to lift his unreasonable restrictions, while others call for an end to foreign rule and demand a proper election to determine Lord-Mayor Bainilus’s successor. Many seem content merely to yell and agitate, but a growing minority show their unabashed support of Barzillai Thrune by arguing back at the protesters.
Welcome to Hell’s Rebels! Here at the start of the protest, you get a Protest Action you may take for each hour of the protest.
Amongst the various groups at the protest, the following five ‘factions’ are the most prominent: Kintargo Partisans (who despise Cheliax’s tightening grip on their city and demand local rule); economic conservatives (who feel the squeeze as Thrune enacts new taxes and business policies); advocates of democracy (whose bitterest complaint is Thrune’s appointment instead of legal election); anarchists (who hope the protest turns into a good riot); and Chelish loyalists (who support Thrune’s actions to curb the city’s independent streak).

There are a number of Protest Actions you each may take during the protest. Each one represents an hour of the protest and are affected by the “Reason for Protesting” minitrait you each took. The following actions are available:

Listen for Rumours: Anyone wandering the crowd can listen for rumors and learn more about what’s going on in Kintargo’s new political landscape. The character must succeed at a Diplomacy check to gather information or a Perception check to overhear something of note.

Pilfer: Criminal-minded characters can use the large gathering to line their pockets, lifting purses or goods from the street vendors by succeeding at Sleight of Hand checks. A successful check earns a character 1d6 gp in coins and other small objects. If the character fails, roll a single Perception check at a +4 bonus to see whether anyone notices the attempt—if someone does, the pilferer can attempt a Bluff check to play off the failed attempt at an innocent jostle.

Rabble Rouse: Persuasive characters may want to better organize the protest by attempting a Diplomacy or Perform check.

Search for a Contact: Characters who are searching for someone wearing a black glove on only one hand may attempt a Perception check.

Silence Undesirable Elements: With several distinct factions among the protesters, the message delivered is a jumbled mess. Characters can try to silence or outshout elements of the crowd they disagree with. To silence a group, a PC must succeed at a Bluff or Intimidate check.

Watch the Crowd: Characters can simply choose to watch the crowd for anything unusual. A character who does so can attempt a Perception or Sense Motive check.

Welcome EmEss.

Character Creation for you!

Level 2
Stats - either 25 pt buy or roll 4d6 (reroll 1's) and drop the lowest.
Races: Core and Featured
Classes: anything Paizo (you wanted Vigilante right?)
Traits: 2, you can take a drawback for trait 3, one should be campaign.

Other: background skills
and a bonus feat, it must be a Story Feat. (I like the extra character depth it gives).

Anything else just say!

Hi everyone.

Inspired by this recruitment I'm looking for someone willing to run Ironfang Invasion for me. I'm also interested in playing a Dragonrider. I really love the Eragon type vibe of young man/woman saving their village and becoming a hero that this AP has.

Provisionally, if a GM was willing, I might look for another player to play the 'Obi-Wan Kenobi' mentor type figure that every young hero needs!

Now for the return. I'm willing to run a solo PbP campaign in exchange. I've got all the AP's from WotR onwards, equally if you have an idea you'd like to play then pitch it and we'll see what we can work out!

Official gameplay thread for Mowque's Qadiran adventure!

Any ideas for campaign names?

Hey Mowque - discussion thread as promised.

Quick reminder of the gen rules:

Stats: 20pt buy (or 4d6, drop lowest if you want the risk!)
Starting Level: 7
Wealth: ABP +2, so 25% of normal.
Races: Core and Featured
Classes: Anything Paizo
Traits: 2, drawback for a 3rd.

Other: Background skills, ABP +2
Bonus: 1 bonus feat, must be a Story Feat.

Anything else you want to know? Fluff is still ongoing I'm afraid.

Liberty's Edge

Hi Everyone.

I'm posting on behalf of the players of THIS Hell's Rebels game, which died out about 9 months ago due to the GM's real life commitments.

We've just decided to try and revive the game and we're looking for a GM who is willing to take on the challenge! We're about half way through the Fair Fortune Livery - although I imagine if a GM wanted to go back to the start of that dungeon, or skip through to the end then there would be no objections.

Current players.

Darian Aulamaxa - Arcane Duellist bard
Varian Tanessen - Hidden Priest cleric
Isabel Rhelian - Mesmerist
Avrora Vikta - Warpriest.

I'm yet to hear back from Galen (psychic) and Phineas (Negotiator bard) but there's at least 4 players, maybe 6 interested.

Hope someone is interested!

Vigilante Persona RETIRED - killed Queen Ileosa and saved Korvosa.


Vigilante Persona RETIRED - killed Queen Ileosa and saved Korvosa.


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Been going back and forth on whether to put this thread up for ages. If I get laughed off the forum I have no-one but myself to blame...

I've been wanting to play in Wrath of the Righteous ever since it came out - in particular I want to play with this character, a fey-born paladin of Shelyn, who focuses on the redemption aspect of the campaign. Unfortunately so many good submissions come in every time a game opens up I've never managed to get into one. So I thought I'd be egotistical and see if I can find 3-4 players and a GM to go on this adventure with me.

So anyone who is interested just say so and hopefully a kindly GM will come along to give us all a game.

I'll go and sit down now...

Hey everyone.

Oyzar and I recently submitted a pair of characters for The Lost Voice’s ‘Two by Two’ game. We were unsuccessful but are hoping that another GM would be interested in running a game for the two of us and our characters.

Our background is as follows:

Background Story:
As the sun turned the last green leaves of summer to brown an old fey lay dying. Curled on her bower of fragrant leaves at the summit of the Queen’s Oak, the Queen of the Summer Court was dying. A mysterious malady had afflicted the queen for some years, draining even her immortal vitality to the point of no return. Around her bed her most loyal subjects gathered, led by her two sons, the crown princes of Summer.

The elder, Tegorian, lent down as his mother struggled to whisper something to him. "Yes mother? What is it?" The fading voice of the Elder Fey barely reached even his supernatural hearing. "You must find your sister, Issiana. The kingdom is hers. My son, you must promise me, find your sister and protect her for me. Please… promise me." Staring into his mother’s eyes the prince bit his own finger and drew a sigil in blood over his heart.

I swear mother. I will find our sister as you desire. The lost princess will return home." The queen sighed deeply and closed her eyes, slender chest finally stilling. The two princes bowed their heads for a moment before turning to the assembled court.

Summer is over. Our queen is dead. Let all the court don the garb of autumn as we mourn our beloved ruler. She has named her daughter, Princess Issiana, as heir to the throne. Long live the Queen!" proclaimed Melvar, the younger prince. The assembled court echoed his sentiment and no-one heard a royal voice mutter "Yes… long live the King."


Kas!" and "Issi!" were two names capable of striking fear into the hearts of almost every gnome mother or father in Tarn-under-Hill. The most common response to one of those names was to ask ‘oh what have they done now?’ as the villages two resident troublemakers were almost guaranteed to have done something.
Quite how the son of the village chief and the adopted daughter of the village clockmaker had become such good friends was still something of a mystery but the results of the friendship had shaped village life for the past forty years or more. Only in the past few years had the pair settled down enough for the town gossips to begin speculating about when the pair would get married, rather than expressing outrage at their latest antics.

One fine autumn morning found one of the subjects of this rumourmongering, Issi Flamehair, wandering towards the market. Issi was of average height for a gnome (that is to say, just three feet) and possessed two feet of brilliant red hair which cascaded down her back in rippling waves, seeming almost to have a life of its own. She was being chased down the street by her constant companion, a firepelt panther, whose vivid colouring matched Issi’s own and had led to taunting when they were both younger.

Issi swung sharply around a corner before leaping out as her animal companion raced past, the two of them rolling around in a bundle of red and brown before they came rest, rather abruptly, against an unexpected pair of booted feet. Scrambling to her feet Issi brushed herself off and performed an odd bow/curtsey cross. "My apologies sir, please forgive our clumsiness." When no response came Issi looked up at the stranger and found him appraising her with a hard stare. She returned the stare with equal frankness and this standoff continued until the stranger abruptly turned on his heel and strode away.

Issi turned to Trax, who was scratching himself vigorously, and shrugged. "Big folk are very strange Trax." The panther cocked his head in a seemingly inquisitive motion before nabbing Issi’s small bag and racing off towards the market, Issi’s bell-like laughter ringing out across the village as she gave chase.


There were more big folk than normal at the market Issi noted, a single big folk selling their wares was perfectly normal in Tarn-under-Hill, four seemingly very large men were scattered across the market and Issi noted the man she’d bumped into earlier talking to another big folk a few stalls away. She was happily talking to a friend of her mothers who was selling teapots from his front step when a muted bang drew the attention of every gnome in the market.

One of the big folk cursed loudly as he shook his burned hand, the misfiring pistol lying on the floor in front of him, barrel pointed squarely at Issi. Around the market the other three big folk drew weapons from their belts and closed in on Issi and the teapot seller, their intent clear on their faces. After a moments stunned silence the market erupted into noise. Many gnomes panicked and fled, although a few began bombarding the invaders with assorted missiles. One assassin fell when a particularly dense loaf of bread caught him above the ear but the other three converged on Issi and Trax, who had taken cover behind an ironmongers stall.

Trax, teeth bared leapt at the first man to approach, driving him back from Issi who was frantically searching for a way out. Trax yelped in pain as he was flanked by a second man who delivered a crushing kick into the panther’s ribs, bones cracking under the assault. Issi’s hair suddenly shifted to a blood-red hue as she screamed, a primal sound to match her companions, and flung her arms forward towards her assailants. The entire contents of the ironmongers stall was hurled towards the men who both crashed to the floor as Issi grabbed Trax and fled.


The lead assassin cursed. Two of his men were down already, one of them permanently to judge by the large knife sticking out of his throat, and the target was fleeing. Yanking his last cohort up from the floor the leader set off in pursuit, heading for the clock-makers house.


Issi slammed the door shut and bolted it, breathing heavily she glanced frantically around the house for a weapon of some sort she could use against the men who, inexplicably, seemed to want her dead. She only had minutes, but her mother was a genius, mad but still a genius. She could set some traps here.

The assassin cursed long and low. The little b@+&$ and her half sized friends had thwarted him at every turn. Finding the house had taken far too long as they found streets twisting around them and flaring lights blinding them at every turn. Then, when they finally found the house, some sort of animated clock bludgeoned his partner to death as he opened the door. On the bright side that meant all the gold was his once he killed the fire haired imp.

As he forced his way past the clock still blocking the entrance his grin grew large and feral – there she was, and that damned cat of hers, cowering in the corner like rats. Well, he knew what to do with rats…


The same sunny morning found another gnome many miles away troubled by a nameless worry. If asked, Kas wouldn’t have been able to say why he was troubled, simply that he was and that was unusual in itself. Stretching after a night spent under a large tree he stood and instinctively scanned the area around him for his eidolon, the large white wolf who always accompanied him. She wasn’t there and Kas shrugged to himself before bending over to pack his bedroll and camping gear into his backpack.

Kas!" The strangely deep voice came from behind him and had Kas leaping round, one hand reaching for his dagger. Standing before him was Zarya, his wolf eidolon. The glowing red swirls adorning her haunches and legs were rippling in a way Kas had never seen before.

Kas, you have to hurry. Issi is in danger!" Kas couldn’t deny it, Zarya was actually speaking to him in clear, unaccented sylvan. The shock of hearing this voice drove the significance of her words from his head for a moment, until it burst back into his mind with the force of a lightning bolt.

Issi’s in danger? How? Why? Curse it, we’ll never make it back in time. Zarya - we need to get back, now! You can explain what on earth is going on later!" A few minutes later the only visible sign of Kas’ campsite was a lonely wisp of smoke rising from the fire as the white wolf and its purple haired rider raced across the grasslands.


Charging back into Tarn-under-Hill Kas arrived to a scene of pandemonium. The market was in uproar, focused on a huge knot of gnomes who seemed to be surrounding something on the floor. Zarya forced her way through the crowd as Kas stood on her back to see what was going on.

In the centre of the crowd, being held down by nearly a score of gnomish bodies was a big folk, clad in dark robes and obviously groggy from a huge bruise on his head. Another body, impaled through the throat, lay nearby.

Zarya nosed right up to the man, paw pressing on to the horrific burns adorning the man’s right hand, teeth bared as Kas growled questions at him from her back. "What are you doing here? Why are you trying to hurt Issi?" Faced with the huge teeth of the wolf and a lynch mob of gnomes the big folk started babbling answers as fast as he could.

It was a job, some wierd man, looked like an elf, all that pointy ear beauty s*$%. Said there was gold in it for us, lots of gold if we could kill your princess. He described her, red hair ‘like fire’ he said. Told us we couldn’t miss it. Then she got Grok with that knife and I didn’t see any more. Please… please don’t kill me!

His only answer was the crowd pushing closer as Kas and Zarya turned and raced for the clockmakers workshop - Issi’s refuge as long as they had known her. Bursting through the door with a thunderous crash they bounded over the clock and the mangled body beneath it, causing the remaining assassin to spin around as Issi’s body fell limp to the floor behind him. Standing over the two red haired bodies, his sword dripping blood, the assassin grinned, showing the red stained teeth of a rot-wein addict. "Great, more vermin and you brought your mutt too. Won’t save you little goblin half-breeds. I’ll kill you for free!" Zarya roars as she charges forward. At the same time Kas’ magic struck, a huge pool of grease toppling the bandit down. Zarya’s fangs and claws tears into the off balance assassin, ripping him to shreds.


Kas’ attention quickly jumped from the battle to the bleeding girl on the floor. With tears in his eyes he rushed forward. "Issi, no! I was too late." His heart clenched in grief at seeing her lying there, so pale, on the floor the colour draining from her hair even as he watched. He knelt down in the blood and held her close as he began sobbing.

Damn those devils! I knew we should have gotten here faster!" Suddenly he felt something well up inside him. A soothing wave of power, quite unlike his normal wild magic. As Zarya leaned over his shoulder the power poured out of him, flooding into Issi and Trax’s near lifeless bodies. Right before his eyes, her wounds closed up and her breathing eased before finally her eyes fluttered open. Beside her Trax gave a quiet growl as his breathing deepened from the laboured gasps of the dying into a more natural, restful pattern.

Issi! You are alive!" Kas exclaims and in a spontanous burst of emotion he bent down and kissed her on the mouth. "I’m so thankful." A smile burst through his tearstained face.

That was well done Kas," Zarya’s unnatural voice came from behind him. "She can’t be allowed to die, not now, not while the Throne is still unclaimed.

Issi’s face was a mask of confusion and remembered pain. "Kas? What happened? I remember… pain." Her hand fluttered towards her chest "He stabbed me… right in the… how? Why? What did you do?

I believe I can answer that question." Both gnomes turned to face the wolf, Issi shifting slightly in Kas’ arms with confusion written all over her face. Eyes, burdened with a supernatural intelligence , stared softly at them both as they waited for an explanation.


I can’t tell you much," the wolf began, still speaking its pure, unaccented sylvan. "The passage into this world was… traumatic… and I’m not as strong as I once was. The Queen of Summer is dead and her death was not of natural means. Someone close to Her Majesty killed her, a prospect which has made many of the Court… nervous. The Crown Princes are claiming it was a plot by the Court of Winter but I don’t believe that, not now." The wolf’s eyes narrow as it pads forward to bow, crudely, at Issi’s feet.

I cry pardon for being the bearer of bad news your highness. Your mother named you heir to the Court and Summer awaits your return. These… men… were sent to kill you, someone at the Court thinks to benefit from your death.

Court of Summer? What are you talking about?" Issi’s thought process was still sluggish from blood loss as Kai continued healing her wounds. "Who could possibly want to kill me?" Kas caught on quicker, shock writ plainly across his face. "It’s the Court of the Fey! You’re a Fae princess! I’ve read about the Summer Court. The Fae are our ancestors, our creators, and you’re one of them." Grief, relief, shock, excitement and a pang of disbelief chased each other through Kas’ heart so fast he could barely process them. Zarya nodded, "That’s right, you’re a princess of the Summer Court and your mother has named you as her Heir. It is now your task, your duty indeed to return to the First World and claim your throne.

Issi blinked slowly before looking up at Kas, the question clear in her eyes. "Of course I’ll come with you, you silly hothead," he grinned. "Can’t just let you go wandering off into the world, you can’t even make it to market!" Issi’s smile was the widest he’d ever seen as she sprang up, kissed him hard on the lips and whirled around the room like a dervish, stuffing things into a backpack.

As she reached her foster mother’s desk she stopped in front of a small jewelry stand. Hanging from it was a slender golden chain with an exquisite emerald oak leaf hanging from it. Issi stared at it for a few moments and then gingerly reached forward to grasp it. "I remember. This was my mother’s… she gave it to me and told that one day I could use it to prove who I really am… How could I possibly remember that?

Kas stepped up behind her, grasping her spare hand. "I don’t know, but how about we find out? Together?

We’re looking for a GM who will help us tell the story of Issi’s inheritance and Kas's struggle to keep her alive long enough to claim it! As well as the adventures, and romance, that the two of them share in the process.

In terms to mechanics we didn’t set much. Issi is a Sylvan sorceress, Kas is a summoner but other than that we haven’t done mechanics so we can start from any level. We’d prefer a relatively early start <3 preferably but that could be negotiated.

Hopefully someone is interested in telling this story with us!

I have done my searches in this forum and came up with ng-a#1 and

This answered a couple of questions and gave me some more.

If I am constructing an Iron Golem its going to cost me 80,000gp, including 15,000 for the body, leaving 65,000 to be spent on miscellaneous costs including, presumably, the cost of spell components for cloudkill, limited wish etc.

By buying an Iron Golem manual for 35,000 I get to bypass some of these costs... how many? The manual description states that "The cost of the book does not include the cost of constructing the golem's body", no problem so far since the golems body is referenced as a separate cost (15,000). It simply seems strange to me that I can build an Iron Golem from scratch for 80,000 or buy a book and just build the body for a mere 45,000; a nearly 50% saving and avoiding a feat tax of at least 1 feat...

The only other alternative I could see is that the Golem Manual is an expensive way of getting access to spells that a limited caster, such as a sorceror, might not be able to have/use normally. This combined with an increase in effective caster level and crafting bonus might just about be right for lower golems, but not for a stone or iron golem (I'd have thought).

Context: I'm runnning a paladin/sorceror/DD and I'm interested in golem crafting. Do I need to spend my next 3 feats of Craft MA and A, Craft WI and Craft Construct, as well as amassing 80,000 gp of raw materials or can I just buy a book and save myself a huge amount of time?

I appreciate there's the 'in-game rarity issue', and that's one GM's will hash out with their players - I just don't understand how the maths can possibly be balanced... can anyone help me on this?

Thanks for just reading this far...

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