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Solo game for EmEss

Hi everyone.

Inspired by this recruitment I'm looking for someone willing to run Ironfang Invasion for me. I'm also interested in playing a Dragonrider. I really love the Eragon type vibe of young man/woman saving their village and becoming a hero that this AP has.

Provisionally, if a GM was willing, I might look for another player to play the 'Obi-Wan Kenobi' mentor type figure that every young hero needs!

Now for the return. I'm willing to run a solo PbP campaign in exchange. I've got all the AP's from WotR onwards, equally if you have an idea you'd like to play then pitch it and we'll see what we can work out!

Just want to vouch for Nikolaus de'Shade as a good player AND GM (He has been both for me).

You wouldn't happen to have the Saga of Slumbering Tsar, would you? I've read of it on the internet, and I really want to play it.

Running a solo or duo game could be a good way to return to the boards after my long hiatus, and I happen to have the first two books of this - I could buy the rest as we go along.

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I'd be up for taking on the swap. I have the books that are out so far in the Ironfang Invasion Adventure Path and am subscribed to the line.

I'd be quite interested in playing a solo game of Hell's Rebel's as a Vigilante in return.

@The Dragon: I'm afraid I don't have the Saga of the Slumbering Tsar - if you have an electronic copy I could see I'd be happy to consider it.

@EmEss: that would be fine, I'm running a solo HR for a vigilante IRL so it wouldn't add too much to my workload.

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@Nikolaus de'Shade How soon would you be looking to start? Is there anything else you'd like to know about us at this point to help you choose? I'm running one other game on here at this moment, a fairly heavily modified version of the 5e 'Out of the Abyss' converted to Pathfinder, and have a fair amount of experience IRL.

I'd like to start soon so that would be a factor. Otherwise not particularly but I'm currently leaning towards you EmEss, mostly because I can actually run you preferred game, whereas I can't run the Slumbering Tsar.

One thing I would be curious about would be your preferred character gen rules. For solo games I'd normally say:

Level 2
Stats: 20pt buy or 4d6 drop lowest.

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Starting at level two is pretty much a given, I even do this in some non-solo games I've run as it helps stuff come into play a bit faster, especially if people are multi-classing.

I'd go with either a 20 or 25 point buy for a solo game, as solo characters tend to need to be slightly more MAD (eg. dumping charisma is probably a really bad idea in a solo game).

Background skills, and probably allow two out of the the three possible favoured class bonuses on level up, as you can't rely on others in the party to cover the skills you are weak in.

I'd also look at increasing the number of feats you get, either by awarding feats or traits in play or by increasing the frequency you get feats on level up. Again the aim here is to try and increase versatility rather than pure power.

I'm pretty much free to start whenever, although I do have exams in the middle of June so my posting rate might drop of slightly for a couple of weeks around that point.

I can certainly live with that.

I'm inviting GM Mowque - who posted above - to join as my Obi-Wan Kenobi type. If you're ok with that EmEss we can start sorting out gameplay threads.

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That sounds good to me. I've gone and created a discussion thread for the Ironfang Invasion campaign here

Awesome - I've linked in the discussion thread to this one.

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