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Matthew Downie wrote:
Koleton, Archmage of Spokane wrote:
The only way that explanation works, is if the premise is that Paizo is actually aware of the existence of magic and other worlds and Cthulhu and whatnot, and are just lying to us when they say it's all made up.

You realise that this issue applies to most fiction?

Star Trek was supposedly set in 'our' future. So was Captain Kirk aware of an ancient TV series portraying his future adventures in great detail?

Are the characters in zombie movies aware of the rules of how to kill zombies from watching zombie movies? And if so, how did those zombie movies get it right?

What would the cast of a TV soap see if they switched on the television when they were on?

Note to self: when reading about surviving the zombie apocalypse take into account surviving as a zombie.


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Kalindlara wrote:

Why are we having a civil discussion about this, of all things?

All your favorites are stupid, and wrong. Yes, your subjective opinions are wrong. Mine, on the other hand, are the best. Badwrongfun.


(I like Americone Dream, for the record. Probably where all that came from.)

Might as well necro both threads since you bring it up.

Yes, but you can only use them on wishes that will never be granted.

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dmchucky69 wrote:
I've been DMChucky since email became available to the public. My first name is Chuck, been DMing since I was 13. The other part should be obvious to the more worldly folks out there....

So you're like 44 years old or something of that nature.

DEATH - I tend to believe he's Lawful and he doesn't consider himself one of the gods, but if your world happens to be in the same time period when MORT is running things you would have him at a time when he is trying new things. Rincewind has stepped to modern Earth so you could argue that it's possible he's stepped through your game world and DEATH would have access to anywhere Rincewind could travel.

4/10, just going to the market to hang out on your skateboard. Punk kids get off my lawn!!!!

No, we'd petition to delete the thread permanently.

Kat's Eye is banned for asking permission from a lower source on the food chain. Do I ask for grass? No, now move so I can eat that grass your laying on. I like my lunch heated up.

Amazing, your strategy worked. You won!!!
Oops, my mistake.

Unlce Tom's Cabin


What is the question
if I give you the answer
in the form of it?

Looks like your lasieas didn't show.

The next poster doesn't have anything better to do.

every now and then

That was then, this is now.

Spanky the Leprechaun works for the American Heart Association educating people about the importance of a healthy diet.

Granted. Let me give you a hug.

I wish my wife/fiance wasn't in a mental institution.

Well, you see, Tenacious T(AKC registered as Tommy Tummy Rub) didn’t think it was neater to be neutered. And he really didn’t like being called it. “I’m not an it, I’m a he!” he’d say. “THEY must die. Kill THEM, but do it neutly.”

The next poster believes ith ith a not so unisex pronunciation of is

Gridlock wins again
I can see for miles and miles
WHO, what, where, am I?

Granted. It's a deer that makes gametrails that lead others off the true path.

I wish I could use my new alias before I forget it.

straight toothed goblin

M<-----------that stand for I just flipped your win over into a loss.

Tirq is banned for spending hours getting his hair to look like that instead of just waking up that way.

I tried to support anarchy but they kicked me out for not getting it.

The next poster supports an arch.

Granted, you run "The Sanos Abduction" for your peanut butter sandwich. It looks confused.

I wish Marthian would stop playing with his food.


Gruumash is banned four pouting about it.

I would have if you would have spelled Jeffrey right, google doesn't like Jeffery.

The next poster can type and spell.

And not winning starts with 'A'<.

I will not!!!!

The next poster must explain why.

El Dios is banned because it is my duty to ban you.

El Dios is banned for swallowing more than you'd ever chew.


Just the beginning
but now it's sadly the end
what more can be said?