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I did a thing. I've always liked the Deities and Demigods book from 3ed DnD and even played a deity in a campaign which was fun. I've been thinking of possibly elevating a character in my current game I'm running in my world, so I've been working on updating the deity rules for PF2. Here is what I've been working on. It is still a work in progress, but I would love any feedback. Thanks.

Fellow Traveler wrote:
Is there any precedent for that or did we both just spin that up?

I just came up with it for a few of the ancestries that I've created. Seems like a logical option.

If you are interested here is what I made for the Gith

In my world the two have been reunited into one again. Also there is true psionics in my world, but it is easy enough to modify what I made for your uses. I would love feedback.

Good idea. I like it.

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I've tried my hand at making a drow heritage. It does include light blindness which I think is unavoidable for balance sake. I would love feedback on it.


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I love the old psionics, and I don't feel that the occult spell list does it justice. I made my own home brew psionics that you can find here:


How this helps and I would love any feedback. The Soulknife class i converted has been made into an archetype in the Dark Archive. Enjoy

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At my table, all prepared casters do the flexible casting without the slot loss or the need to take the feat. It's just easier and more versatile, but not necessarily more powerful.

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Thank you very much for the feedback. I reworked a lot of it, got rid of full caster and added invocations to give it a more warlock feel. As for the number of first level feats, since 6 of them are tied to a patron there are actually fewer unique options for a player that at first glance, so I left it as is. I also detached spells/invocations from the patron so having them all occult makes more sense. Finally, I beefed up pact stuff and worked on the feats. I hope that the rework is closer to what we imagine it should be. Thank you. Warlock v2

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I've seen a few people make versions of the warlock, I thought I would give it a try myself. I would love feedback. Thank you.


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I've been struggling with the way ancestries are put together as well. I don't really get what the heritage is either. I like the versatility, and the choosing certain options as you level up, but there are some things that are difficult to make. I remember sun elves and moon elves and the like from Forgotten Realms. They were all elves, but had some different abilities, and even starting stats. It is difficult to create something similar in PF2. I almost want to see a third feat option in addition to heritage and ancestry feats to reflect the biology a little bit more. It could be called legacy or lineage or something. It could include its own ability boost and biological aspect of the ancestry. In order to create a certain type of elf (lets say drow) you would select a suite of feats (this lineage feat, this heritage feat, this first level feat) to create the drow. Just an idea I've been kicking around for my home brew world.

For both kinds of clerics, they ONLY get expert for their deity's favored weapon. They are the only class that doesn't get expert in simple (unless their is an errata I don't know about). At my table I give expert to all weapons that they are trained in at 11th level and I give the warpriest master in their deity's favored weapon at 13th level.

I agree that more doctrines are needed.

The one you proposed is interesting.

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Usually heritages are a little more powerful than 1st level ancestry feats. Maybe giving a little something extra like a free general feat as well. That could give someone access to the Adopted feat at 1st level maybe.

Is it possible to attempt to use Intimidate on someone you communicate with using a message cantrip? What about with the telepathy spell?

My end goal is for someone to use a 17th level crystal ball which allows you to use telepathy when you scry. If they know the subject's True Name, would they be able to use the Revel True Name skill feat against someone they are scrying on? I've given a modified version of the crystal ball where they can use message on someone they are scrying on. Just need some advice on when they can do what. Thanks.

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So, for about a year and a half my group wasn't meeting so I had a lot of time to come up with challenges for the characters. Reading Lovecraft at the same time may not have been the best of ideas. So, I created something called the Abstract to mess with one of my players. I would love some feedback about it. Thanks.

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I've been developing my own world, Kethlan, for the past 20 years. I can't imagine running in a world that isn't my own.

I have a lot of additions that I'm using at my table. If anyone is interested here is a link:

My Stuff

I am very curious to see what variants, options, and house rules that other people use during the character creation process. I really want to see what options to bring into my group. I generally like power gaming in my group so I'm pretty open to different levels of character options during character creation.

I've seen (and like) an extra ancestry feat and an extra class feat. I'm mostly wanting to see what else is out there.


Here is a home-brewed class that I made that focuses on defense. It gains armor proficiency at the same rate that a fighter gains weapon proficiency:


I would love some feedback on it.

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Never mind, I found it here: Paizo playtest downloads

Yeah, I don't know. I looked around and can't even find the discussion forums for the playtest or anything. I do know that the errata for the playtest went up to 1.6 which had all of the previous errata in the document as well. Good luck in your search.

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At this point I've finished the Soulknife, Wilder, and my version of the Psychic Warrior called the Battlemind. I also have a smattering of races that are linked to psionics in some way. I would love some feedback about them. The link in the first post should still work. Thanks.

Basically what you need to ask yourself is what is the role of the class? What niche will it fill? How will it be different than what is already there? What unique abilities will it have? And finally, what makes it interesting enough to want to play? Once you answer those then just compare to existing classes to see if it is balanced.

Fuzzy-Wuzzy wrote:
Looks good to me. I want to say "heck, go ahead and make it Common" but Paizo did specify "rituals are never common" in the CRB for some reason.

Thanks for the feedback.

It originally was going to be a common ritual, until I read that sentence. It still might be common in my world.

It always seems that while exploring a dungeon that is hundreds of years old that there are books or wooden doors that haven't completely decayed centuries ago. To explain this my group always said there was low level magic that was preserving the perishable materials from the ravages of time. I finally put that magic to paper:

Uncommon, Abjuration
Cast 1 hour x spell level; Cost rare incense and oils worth a total value of 20 gp x spell level; Secondary Casters 1 (optional until 4th level, increases to 2 at 7th level)
Primary Check Arcana, Nature, Occultism, or Religion; Secondary Check Craft
Range 10 feet; Target one object of no more than 1 bulk, or a structure of no more than 5 cubic feet
Duration 10 years x spell level
You use magical energies to preserve an object, like a book or vase, or part of a structure from the ravages of time. The object or structure is more resistant to normal wear and tear, but intentional efforts to damage or destroy it would be able to be successful. This ritual can not be used for armor or weapons.
Critical Success The duration is doubled with an increase to the objects hardness of 2 and 2 x spell level Hit Points.
Success The object is preserved with an increase to the objects hardness of 1 and 1 x spell level hit points.
Failure The ritual has no effect.
Critical Failure The object is brittle, weakened and vulnerable to damage. With repeated handling the object will crumble to dust.
Heightened (+1) An increase in variable effects. The bulk and area of structures affected are multiplied by the spell level.
Heightened (3rd) Can also add endure elements to the object (if on spell list).
Heightened (4th) Can also add resist energy to the object.
Heightened (8th) The duration can be permanent, but can only affect an object as if the spell were 3 levels lower (for purposes of target size.)


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Thank you for all the input. I have to change the way I was thinking about Lore. I was just equating it to knowledge. Thanks for the clarification.

I don't know if this has been discussed before or not, I wasn't able to find a discussion for it so I apologize if this is a duplicate.

What lore skills do you actually use in your games? I'm looking for a focus on recalling knowledge in particular. Looking back on the old knowledge skill I used knowledge planes, history, and geography quite often and so will be using planar lore, historical lore, and geographical lore a lot in the games that I run. What other ones would be particularly useful?

Thank you.

mordreddurak wrote:
Thank you for these, I am hoping to add kinesis/psionics into my game at some point and can't wait to see how well it works.

Cool Deal! Let me know how it works for you. I am open to suggestions for improvement. I'm also currently working on the soulknife, should be done within a week or so.

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I love psionics so much and it is so integral to my homebrew world that I just went ahead and made my own stuff instead of waiting for a third party to do it for me. I made its own spell list, the psion, and an alternative with power points. p=sharing

I made revisions based on feedback which include Psion specific focus powers. I also brought back Psionic Combat (it's pretty much a focus power now). Finally I created a variant that uses power points instead of spell slots. The link above should still work. I would love feedback and suggestions. Thanks.

I think that it looks pretty good.

I'm updating one of my 3rd edition races. It is inspired by the Podlings from The Dark Crystal. I played with a different idea with the heritages. I would like some feedback. Thank you. sharing

Thank you for your feedback. This is the second class that I've made for PF2. I've found that it is a daunting task, I have a lot respect for the game designers.

I did base if heavily on the wizard and sorcerer because that is what I had to go on, and I was just doing a conversion at this time from the 3.5 version. Now that I have the framework, it would be easier to modify in the future to make it a little more unique. I've also been toying with the idea of using the power points instead of spell slots. All this just takes time. I'll get to it when I can.

Lightwire wrote:
A martial defensive class could be a fun design space and con would make a ton of sense there.

That's what I made:

I've seen blood mages in 3.0/3.5 that use con.

I also created a PF2 class that uses con that seems to work out pretty good.

I like it. I would probably just make a Quick Crafting skill feat (for balancing and stuff) and allow them to sell what they make.

UPDATE: I finally finished the psionic power/spell list with the descriptions for the new ones (18 pages long). I also finished the Psion class. Would like some feedback. Thanks.

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So I LOVE psionics. My first exposure was the Psionic Handbook 3.0 and I've been hooked ever since. Since Paizo doesn't really seem to be moving in that direction and Dreamscarred Press isn't really doing much right now I just did it myself. I decided to tackle the task of creating the Psionic spell list and then went on to make the Psion for a member of my group who also likes psionics. What I have so far is in my drive folder. I would appreciate any feedback. Thanks. p=sharing

I don't see a problem with it. I think I've done it as well.

I also created a level 2 Cleric feat to add wisdom modifier to the amount healed. Very useful at low levels when you aren't rolling many dice. If the party is hurting really bad and you get one dice and you roll a two sucks really bad.

Very interesting. It's interesting how it gains abilities as the Str goes up. Alternatively it could be as the proficiency improves. Unwieldy in an interesting ability as well. This makes me start thinking of the mercurial greatsword and what stats it may have. Hmmmm

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I'm using the Book of Eldritch Might III by Monte Cook in the game I'm running and am thinking of using something from the Mercenaries book by AEG from 2002

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MaxAstro wrote:

I'm going to disagree with Omni - I don't think a heritage should give you expert proficiency automatically. Consider for example that this means a Gokuto wizard gains expert unarmed a full 6 levels earlier than normal, which is a huge boost. It also doesn't need to grant trained proficiency, because everyone is trained in unarmed attacks. A better point of reference is the razortooth goblin heritage.

I would instead handle progression from there with ancestry feats, like ancestral weapons.

Yeah, your right. I don't know what I was thinking when I wrote my original comment. Probably because I was getting familiar with the new book. The Razortooth is a good reference for balancing that ability. I herby withdraw my previous suggestion.

Kohrune wrote:

Hey all

I am completely new to pathfinder and will be running my first 2E game this Friday but I'm working on a homebrew setting and will be doing a few homebrew Ancestries. I've not included much information as I'm still working on full details but I'd love some feedback for what I've done so far.

** spoiler omitted **...

That looks pretty good. For the plains you may want to say that you get training proficiency in the unarmed attack. Maybe an automatic increase to expert at some point.

Frogliacci wrote:

Gotta say, half-elf, half-halfling sounds pretty bizarre, but I'm sure love finds its way.

From a glance, Lore Obsession is a lot more powerful than the equivalent feat that Gnomes get. You should probably change it to 1 single lore, and have it become legendary only at level 15.

They aren't actually the combination of a halfling and elf, it just looks like it. They are a distinct race.

The Gnomes do get a second lore skill increase as well, it is just from their background. The 13/15th level thing seems like an error on my part. I fixed it on my master copy. Thanks

This is my first attempt to make a race for 2E. More crunch than fluff though. Let me know what you all think. Thanks.


The Mardrin value education and the discovery of knowledge. They live in larger cities with tall spires. They are very friendly to outsiders and have a strong sense of community.

Physical Description
Mardrin are short with very slender bodies and very prominently pointed ears. They are sometimes called halfling-elves, but have no ancestral relation to the fey folk.

Hit Points



Ability Boost
One determined by your heritage

Ability Flaw

Free common
Additional languages equal to your Intelligence modifier (if positive). Choose from the list of common languages and any other languages that you have access to.


Low-light Vision
You are able to see in dim light as if it were bright light

Mardrin Heritages
Explorer’s Heart
Your ancestors believe that the best way to gain knowledge is by experiencing it first-hand, so they travel around to gain experiences. You gain a +1 to diplomacy checks and an additional common or uncommon language. Your ability boost is to Charisma.

Library Brat
You were raised to gain knowledge from the largest repository of knowledge: books. When using a skill to recall knowledge you are able to discern and disregard incorrect information; treat a critical failure as just a failure. Additionally, you are trained in two additional lore skills. Your ability boost is to Wisdom.

Magical Indoctrination
Your ancestors have always delved into magic as the means to gain knowledge. You are able to cast the detect magic cantrip as an arcane innate spell at will. The cantrip is heightened to a spell level equal to halve your level rounded up. Additionally, you gain a +1 circumstance bonus to checks to identify magic and to Decipher Writing of a magical nature. Your ability boost is to Wisdom.

Quickling Mardrin
Your quick mind translates to a quick body. Your speed is 30 ft, you get a +1 to initiative. Your ability boost is to Dexterity.

Stout Mardrin
Your ancestors are a little bit bigger boned than the average Mardrin. You gain 2 extra hit points, and a +1 to fortitude save to avoid fatigue. Your ability boost is to Constitution, also your ability flaw can be Strength or Dexterity.



You are used to carrying a heavy load from all the books you carry around. Treat your strength as two higher when calculating bulk limits and for overcoming armor penalties.

When you are giving aid to an ally, you get +2 on your check to determine success.

You are trained in the diplomacy skill. You don’t critically fumble unless you are 12 below the DC. A natural 1 can still lower the level of success down to critical failure.

Chose two lore skills, you are now trained in these skills. At 2nd level you gain expert proficiency, at 7th level you gain master proficiency, at 13th level you gain legendary proficiency.

You are trained in Arcana and Occult. If you get these skills trained from another source choose a different skill. You are also trained in Mardrin Lore.

Choose an arcane cantrip. You are able to cast it as an innate spell at will. The cantrip automatically is heightened to a spell level equal to half your level (rounded up).


Prerequisite: Studied Magic I
Choose a first level arcane spell. You are able to cast it as an innate spell once per day.

One-action, 60 foot emanation, verbal
Your knowledge of combat and tactics helps in combat. You call out to your teammates to coordinate efforts. They gain a +1 status bonus to attack and defense for one round.


One-action, single target within 30 ft, verbal
You are able to give your ally advice on tactics during combat. They gain an extra action on their next turn that can be used for a strike or a move action.

Prerequisite: Studied Magic II
Choose a second level arcane spell. You are able to cast it as an innate spell once per day.


Prerequisite: an ability or feat that gives training in a lore skill.
You add half your level to untrained lore checks.

You gain knowledge of and are able to cast the Legend Lore ritual even if you don’t have the level or skill requirement. You are able to substitute another skill for the occult skill, provided it is related to the subject. You gain a +4 bonus to the check.

I agree. Where are the previews?

I've been running my own world for 18 years. There are constant adaptations and adjustments, but I'm able to make it work with no difficulty. Pathfinder 2 seems to be a little Lost Omens-centric rather than a strictly generic gaming system, so more modifications may be necessary. It would be interesting if Paizo ever comes out with other campaign settings, that would probably change their perspective a little.

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Darkwynters wrote:
18.25 hours... I was like 21 new posts, yes 85 was found... wa wa waaa (I looked up “wa wa waaa” and it says it ends with three As... what would we do without Google)

I usually think the same thing. Also kudos on your attention to detail.

I didn't see spell resistance (SR) when I looked through the Bestiary.

The greatest advantage I see with the Playtest is the ability to customize your character to be what you want. There are more options than before so that you can be unique. I'm sure that when the real edition comes out that it will have even more options (more feats) and more will be in future books. I can design my character the way I want it without extra stuff I don't. The ancestry feats would make it really easy to have different sub-races, different class feats can promote different fighting styles or schools of learning, etc.

I made a sorcerer (aberrant bloodline with occult spells) with the fighter dedication feat to make me a psychic warrior (I'm a sucker for the 3.0/3.5 psionics). The spells are OK, not the damage dealers that arcane spells are, so it works really well for my character concept. I was so excited that I was able to do what I wanted to do with the new rules.