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I've seen a few people make versions of the warlock, I thought I would give it a try myself. I would love feedback. Thank you.


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Wave casting and focus points seem like they'd be a better specialization if you wanted to capture 5e short rest vibes.

I will say I agree with CM, in order to make Eldritch Blast the center stage ability that it is, you really need the power budget from a wave caster.

While I think this has potential, I do feel like it's got mixed messages in some places. Like I like the idea of pacts as a starting mechanic tied to an item, but they feel less impact full than they could be due to the budget.

I'll also say that patron seems similar, and with spell list always occult, you lose a lot of the vibes from being sponsored by a Fey or Angel for instance.

Also some of the class feats are rather bland to me (Sneak should have a ribbon or something at least) and there's too many IMO so the message is kind of unclear (Druid has 10 level 1 feats and it's one of the highest ones and this has 12)

Now I will say that it could get there. It has good ideas but it's not there yet for me personally. It does seem reasonably in its power budget though, but maybe that's part of its issue, since nothing stands out on that front, it doesn't inspire me.

Now if you're trying to work out the occult prepared equivalent of the bard, that can certainly make sense, but I'm not getting enough class identity from this.

Minor note, base eldritch blast spell doesn't specify damage type (I assume force).

But hey if you or your people like it, that's what really matters.

Now imo I think you can go back and give it juice in pact, patron, and eldritch blast without much concern on balance. Lots more ribbons are needed on feats in general I think to give it that warlock/occult flavor.

Best wishes and solid work!

Good to have some free warlocking stuff out there for PF2e, Omni713. ;)

Nothing with full spellcaster progression is ever going to feel like a proper warlock to me. At that point, all you really have left is the fluff, and Witch a;ready has much of the Warlock fluff. Even wave casting feels like too much, though it's at least closer.

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Thank you very much for the feedback. I reworked a lot of it, got rid of full caster and added invocations to give it a more warlock feel. As for the number of first level feats, since 6 of them are tied to a patron there are actually fewer unique options for a player that at first glance, so I left it as is. I also detached spells/invocations from the patron so having them all occult makes more sense. Finally, I beefed up pact stuff and worked on the feats. I hope that the rework is closer to what we imagine it should be. Thank you. Warlock v2

I'm not through reading all of it, but I do like the direction you've gone. It's not what I would have done, as it's basically unlike any current PF2 caster, but it is a rather well-done execution of a 5E conversion of the class.

Some notes:

- Under the Tome pact, it's called "Tomb" by mistake

- Pact progressions should 100% be listed in the order the abilities are gained (see Doctrines for Cleric). Ordering them alphabetically makes it extremely hard to understand because everything is happening at varying intervals.

- The Blade Pact "No hands" actually doesn't do anything, because you can already cast spells with Somatic Components while holding weapons/items. It's only Material/Focus that actually requires a free hand.

- EI and EM should probably be traits

- You list prerequisites under Pact benefits, but if you gain these as part of the progression, it's unnecessary to list them. If this is meant for MCD purposes, you'd probably want to handle that differently.

- You have several focus spells that have a lockout duration of 1 hour. While this isn't necessarily a problem, I do find that it makes remembering which Invocations are all the time, once per day, once per hour, etc. a little difficult to remember when they are all focus spells. It also creates a weird interaction where spending your focus spells on things that last 1 hour can then be recovered and used for other focus spells before the duration expires. Me personally, I'd like to see a more honed mechanic come to life for these types of Invocations or for Invocations in general to get the "once per hour" treatment as a whole or even just turned into Class Feats that are unique actions.

There are some issues I have with some of the individual invocations/feats but I want to give a more thorough read before I make too many judgements.


Overall a solid iteration and much closer to executing a Warlock I personally would enjoy. Kudos!

I like where you're going with this. It could use a balance pass and/or beta-reader, though. Just glancing through, I notice...

- Save strike is poorly worded. You don't attack a Save DC. Your attack *has* a DC that your target must save against.

- literally no one else has a way to recharge focus in combat. No one.

- Summon Patron is shockingly good. "Call up disposable summon creature as a focus spell" is abusable in a lot of ways... and that's even before you start looking at doing silly things like archetyping into summoner so that you can turn them into tiny fireballs.

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Sanityfaerie wrote:

- literally no one else has a way to recharge focus in combat. No one.

Not to say your point doesn't have weight, but Desperate Prayer, Familiar Refocus, and I believe gnome are ways to get a focus point in combat.

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Midnightoker wrote:
Sanityfaerie wrote:

- literally no one else has a way to recharge focus in combat. No one.
Not to say your point doesn't have weight, but Desperate Prayer, Familiar Refocus, and I believe gnome are ways to get a focus point in combat.

Huh. Well, I guess I'm wrong then.

You still have the bag of rats problem where you gain benefit from taking pot-shots at weak enemies, but that's not as big a deal.

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It's been a while, but I really like this.
Good job on the conversion!

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