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So, just for other people, this is a system I have come up with, partially inspired by others including ideas on Archives of nethys, I have just kinda set them into a very hard and fast system.

So I seperate all lore skills into Broad (b) and Narrow (n) categories. Then, if a broad skill is applicable, I roll at the normal skill difficulty -2. If a Narrow skill is applicable, I roll at a skill -5. On very, VERY rare occassions, I will roll a broad skill at difficulty -5 if the concept of the lore skill is in play. For example:

If the DC to identify a vampire is Religion check DC 25
Then it would be undead lore 23
And Vampire Lore 20

And if someone was asking about things like base concepts of undead, or what all undead have in common, then I would allow the DC 25 Religion check to be a DC 20 Undead Lore check.

Here are some categories of Lore skills, and examples of Broad and Specific applications of those categories. These are not extensive, just a taste of what you could do, and How I would say things work.

Broad: Labor Lore, Academia Lore, Engineering Lore, Cooking Lore
Narrow: Dockworker Lore, Magic Theory professor Lore, Gunsmithing Lore, Galtan chef Lore

Broad: Art Lore, Music Lore, Gambling Lore, Games Lore
Narrow: Taldan Renissance Art Lore, Chellaxian Opera Lore, 3-card Dragon Lore, Imperial Conquest Lore

Academic topics
Broad: Politics Lore, Elemental Plane of Earth lore, Azlanti Lore,
Narrow: Chelaxian Politics lore, Opeline Vault Lore, Azlanti-Ydersius war Lore

Broad: Forest Lore, Scouting Lore, Underworld Lore
Narrow: Chitterwood Lore, Cartography Lore, Smuggling Lore

People and cultures
Broad (Any large city, Like Oppara) Lore, (Any non-human ancestry) lore, (Myth/Legend lore about a broad legend, like Aroden) Lore
Narrow: (Small City Lore, Like Otari) Lore, (Specific ancestry, Like Licktoad Goblin) Lore,
(Small scale legend, like Roseguard) Lore.

Broad Undead Lore, Abberation Lore, Fey Lore
Narrow: Vampire Lore, Will-o-wisp Lore, Unicorn Lore.

There are many more, but I hope that provides an insight about how I do things and how I run my games. Use it if you feel like it would help you out!

Good idea. I like it.

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