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One of the best dungeon crawls EVER!


I started a Falcon's Hollow Campaign over a year ago. At the end of D0 we switched to the Pathfinder ruleset. It is a wonderful story, that is farily easy to integrate with D0. I did not ditch the disease from D0, but the party made an additional enquiry about who is responsibvle for putting Blackscour into the well and found the sign of Urgathoa nearby. Intro into D1 was also done without much ado. The sister of Hollin (the one working for the half-orc) was struck by the disease and got better in time, because the party brought the ingredients for the recipe. Hollin carved them small wooden statues in their likeness as a thank you for saving his sister...

Small things, that are not perfect:

1) The connection to the Dungeon Delve at Origins 2007 is clearly visible for the upper level. It is VERY deadly.
2) There is no "antidote" against one of the "traps" in the dungeon. I'd suggest placing the necessary scrolls with a victim of the previous group with some monsters, that would take an "interest" in him/her.
3) I would have wished a better explanation of the fate of the previous group... and what happened to the rest of them. There is at least one, that isn't mentioned (the other is/was the party cleric carrying the scrolls from above). This'll be important for events in later adventures and a hint would have been nice.

I asked my group, how they would rate this adventure. 2 of them said 5 stars, two of them 4 stars, and one of them 3 stars, because of the missing help against one of the possible repercussions from one of the encounters and the overall deadliness of the upper part.

What can I say... we had oodles of fun, it was a pleasure to DM, the tactics and morale entries with the new stat block format really helped to shape the encounters.

Great work Nick Logue and the Paizo crew!

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Playtest review.


Our group has played through this adventure in 6 sessions (lots of roleplaying during and between the encounters), so we took our time with their first expedition into the Darkmoon Vale. The encounters were diverse and challenging, the "villain" memorable.

Most fun came from the fact that our group contained a dwarven cleric of Torag. We played the adventure as is, but I will start running D1 - Crown of the Kobold King this evening. Even the random encounters where easy to integrate into the story.

Kudos, Jason. Marvelous effort.

Addition: Last night I asked the group about their rating of the Adventure, they were unanimous in 4/5 stars. But that is only because they still needed some room upwards to give really brilliant adventures (Like Ne Moren's Vault, Mad God's Key and Life's Bazaar) a higher note than a really good adventure.

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Playtest for "Final Resting Place"


I ran "Final Resting Place" a few weeks ago as a side quest in my Freeport campaign. It is a really great adventure (but lacking some info about a diplomatic approach of the group, presumably cut because of space considerations). I was lucky that the rogue hung back and was approached by the real villain of the adventure to capture his "precious".

The repercussions of this adventure can lead to a surface attack by an underground empire (the ruined city of Highport just got a bit more ruined in my campaign in an attempt of the Underdark empire to recapture the treasure) and a later all-out war bewteen the surface world and the underground empire... and it all started in this little adventure.