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Full Name

Oliver von Spreckelsen




IT Wizard Level 5




6' 1''




Chaotic Good


Frankfurt am Main / Germany


German and English


Software engineer in health care management in a public institution

Strength 8
Dexterity 12
Constitution 8
Intelligence 16
Wisdom 14
Charisma 12

About Oliver von Spreckelsen

I'd like to play in so many campaigns (I'll probably end up DM'ing anyway):
- Eberron initial trilogy + Eyes of the Lich Queen,
- Drow War,
- War of the Burning Sky,
- Warlords of the Accordlands,
- Ptolus,
- Castle Whiterock,
- Other DCC's,
- World's Largest Dungeon,
- World's Largest City,
- Cult of Yex (that one isn't an AP, since it stalled after the initial chapter!!!),
- Temple of Elemental Evil,
- Saga of the Slave Lords,
- Against the Giants,
- Dragonlance Classic,
- Dragonlance Age of Mortals,
- Iron Kingdoms Witchfire,
- Barakus & Durbenford,
- Kalamar Adventures,
- Red Hand of Doom,
- FR HC trilogy,
- Expedition to Undermountain,
- Expedition to Castle Greyhawk,
- Expedition to Ravenloft,
- Expedition to the Demonweb,
- Original Undermountain,
- Falcon's Hollow sequence (I am DM'ing that for my daughter and also for the kids of a friend of mine)
- Price of Immortality,
- Osirion,
- new Pathfinder modules (The Dragon's Demand),
- Emerald Spire
- Adventures in Arcanis,
- Bleeding Edge,
- Ruins of the Dragon Lords,
- Zeitgeist,
- Road to Revolution,
- Tales of the Margreve,
- Tales/Streets of Zobeck
- other Open Design campaigns
- Splinters of Faith
- Wizard's Amulet - Council of Freya - Tomb of Abysthor
- Slumbering Tsar
- Rappan Athuk
- Freeport campaign (already ran one, great great stuff)
- Freeport Trilogy/Return to Freeport/Dark Deeds in Freeport/Black Sails of Freeport/Hell in Freeport
- Way of the Wicked
- Rise of the Drow
- Throne of Night
- Razor Coast
- The Dark Veil (Blackbyrne Publishing)
- Hexcrawl Classics
- Wilderlands of High FGantasy / Citystate of the Overlord /Caverns of Thracia
- Northlands
- From the Deep (Dreamscarred Press)
- Kaiden
- Rituals of Choice (Arcane Evolved / Rite Publishing AP)
- Viridian Legacy (Headless Hydra Games - Mor Aldenn)

Paizo AP's
- Shackled City (3 tries, 3 failures to complete, 2 due to breakups of the groups because of moving, 1 because of time constraints)
- Age of Worms
- Savage Tide,
- Rise of the Runelords, (DM'ing that one at work with the Beginner Box as Intro)
- Curse of the Crimson Throne,
- Second Darkness,
- Legacy of Fire,

- Council of Thieves,
- Kingmaker
- Serpent's Skull
- Carrion Crown
- Jade Regent,
- Skulls & Shackles,
- Shattered Star.
- Reign of Winter
- Wrath of the Righteous
- Mummy's Mask
- Iron Gods
- Giantslayer
- Hell's Rebels
- Hell's Vengeance
- Strange Aeons
- Ironfang Invasion
- Ruins of Azlant
- War for the Crown
- Return of the Runelords
- Tyrant's Grasp

- Age of Ashes
- Extinction Curse
- Agents of Edgewatch

Where can i get the time necessary...

2019 update:

PF2 happened. I am runninf a group through "Fall of Plaguestone" and I am preparing a campaign for "Council of Thieves", PF1e or PF 2e is still in the air, but conversion should be fairly easy, as the AP is the first for PF1e. I have a third group for PF2e waiting in the wings, but that one will have to wait unitl the first one finishes "Fall of Plaguestone".