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This book sounds great. I wish that y’all would make an “ultimate spellbook” after y’all release the last book y’all plan to for 1ed. Take every spell that’s been put in an official paizo book and gather them all in one place for those of us who will continue to play 1ed until there’s a few books out and I can convince my players to swap.

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Return of the whispering tyrant. Hmmm he comes back and changes the world leading to a good transition from 1st edition to 2nd (or could be). And as for the minis previewed I love them but like others have said maybe some different female giants would be more welcome.

Do some research on the Xanathar from the forgotten realms setting. I don't know about the newer stuff but in the older editions he was an awesome behind the scenes player.

Love the undead. The witchfire reminds me of the plant monster on the elder scrolls game the one that summons the bears. Great looking minis can't wait to see what else from the strange aeons set we'll get.

Greeting everyone. So my players(level 7-8, 4 total) have stumbled across an old lost temple complex of a dead God of the sun. And I was thinking of making a vampiric phase spider to be cursed to guard this lost tomb, and the party will have to deal with it. What do y'all think would be some interesting ideas to change up from the basics of vampire. They've encountered some spawn she created from the guards who served an evil priest whom they followed to the temple, and i changed them to instead of having energy drain they spit webs (as the web spell). I wanna do some interesting stuff with the phase spider though, any ideas are welcome. I was also thinking of dropping a few level of sorcerer or maybe an occult class on the spider. Give me some good ideas y'all. Thanks.

Loving this set. Have y'all ever considered creating lamassu or shedu miniatures? I don't know why but I've been feeling the need to create an adventure featuring one of these for my homebrew game.

I agree with the more plant types. Yellow musk creeper and zombies would be fun. As for other stuff how about catfolk? We have one but how about maybe a robed one (caster type). My youngin loves to play khajiit in the elder scrolls games and her catfolk kineticist doesn't quite look right with the repaint of a catfolk attacking with a sword. Some drow would be cool also especially common foot soldiers and maybe some heavy armored elite types. Shoanti would be a welcome addition. Rat folk would be also. I dunno there's so many I could put on a wish list. So far I'm loving em all.

Oh and someone mentioned grippili I did a Kickstarter a year or 2 ago with a company called Stonehaven miniatures just to get some grippili they offered. They're great and I am sure they have an online store somewhere. They'll do until we get some prepainted.

Faelyn wrote:
This makes me think so much of Firefly.... I mean, c'mon people!!!! They had their healer, the leader, the face, the murderhobo (Jayne), the psychic...etc. I call dibs on Wash...

im a leaf on the wind....

I'm hoping for a setting to be able to make a world akin to eternia (he man series) or future earth (thundarr). Oh the possibilities.....

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I'm liking this. Yeah it could be spell-jammer like, but imagine now you can create a world like eternia (he-man's world) or possibly future earth like on thundarr the barbarian. Can't wait to see this stuff.

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Look up fafhrd and the gray mouser I think is how it's spelled. Series of stories by Fritz Lieber. It may help.

It would be fun in future sets to maybe get other races that are undead. I would love some dwarf wights and skeletons.

Most definitely love that cultist. Cannot wait to see what other ghouls await us....

Wow I really like that nuglub goblin. Good stuff as usual.

Hello all. I'm looking for ideas on a special aboleth horror my pc's will soon encounter in my homebrew world. They have no idea about aboleths as all aberrations in my world have been locked away in another plane for many generations and recently the seals were broken allowing them to return. I do have rules lawyers in my group who I'm sure have read about them so I'm looking for something different. Any ideas I can use? Thanks a lot y'all. It's gonna be based on a repaint of the aboleth slime Mage mini.

How about an underdark set with the various creatures who dwell in the sunless world below ground. A couple of drow (not too many though), duergar, svirfneblin, hook horrors, cave fishers, could put more aberrations in there (from the depths of the earth, where the magic is oldest).

I too miss spheres for priests. I also miss the uniqueness of class spells. Nowadays i'd guess 75% of spells are found on arcane and divine spells lists.

The seventh voyage of sinbad was pretty good. And I know it's not a fantasy film but equinox was pretty awesome.

I love this update. These minis will be great additions to the prepainted minis line. Good stuff as always.

I believe after dealing with Ed for so many years carol knew what buttons to push to get drunk Pete to act a fool and he did. I loved the finale but all I've read for weeks is "it's gonna make ya sad and make ya mad" (the finale). Why? There wasn't a "big event". We all knew rick was gonna kill Pete eventually and Glenn once again came out of an impossible situation battered but alive.

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Holy schnikes. Greatness yet again. Really digging all the gnoll love from this set.

the gnomes in my homebrew world are all dark skinned. My way of letting the gamers know a halfling from a gnome. Even the prepainted gets a touch of brown.

This is gonna be a must have. Can't wait to have it in my hands.

The mad prophet looks great. He has recurring nemesis written all over him. And the dwarf female is sweet. Always happy to see both sexes expanded some in the more "common" player races. This sets shaping up to be one of the best.

I believe all of the Jedi knights and masters all were killed off but that possibly many padawans (who hadn't mastered the force yet) were still around and possibly part of the rebel alliance. They may have used the force sparingly and chose not to possess light sabers since such a weapon would single them out as jedi(ish) and the empire without a doubt had bounties on anyone with Jedi training. That's always been my thoughts and kinda goes along with Kanan still being around (he's learning too). And to be honest I didn't like rebels at first but it grew on me and now I thinks it's pretty good.

I've never noticed that but yeah it looks like it. Loved that movie just watched it yesterday, and I was thinking of making an npc based on Mad Martigan. Now I know what mini to use.

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wow. that veiled master mini is too sweet. Leaps and bounds over the slime mage from the old dnd mini sets. definitely a fave from this newest set.

In my homebrew the town my players currently inhabit has the normal guards and even low-level wizard bands (the town is ruled by a wizardly kingdom). Unknown to them (so far) is the wizards keep clockwork soldiers (many) as 'shock troops' to be called out in times of need. And they can always be supported by other clockwork constructs. Very similar to the town in Dungeon Siege III. Can't remember the name.

In my homebrew only clerics of the god of the dead are allowed to raise/ resurrect the dead and the ones with that power are few and far between. I like that it makes my players more cautious with their beloved players instead of being all slash and kill and no fear. That's my personal preference for my games tho it may not be for everyone.

Lycanthropes would be nice, along with duergar and derro. Id really love for a bunch of different mummy-types. And lich types. It takes a lot of time to come up with the higher level undead spellcasters and a lot of us gm's don't have the time.

it won't be long now until the gnoll tribes of the desert grasslands seek out new prey amongst the villages of my homebrew world. Love the minis keep em coming!

Thanks. I'll sure take a look.

Greetings all. Quick question. Has Paizo or a 3pp created a lizardfolk type monster/race that dwells in desert regions? I got a bunch of lizardfolk minis for Christmas and wanna paint em as something different and use em in my desert campaign I have coming soon. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

anyone ever play a game for the snes called "the secret of mana"? Great game back in the day. And as for the 80's it was all about the cartoons. Akira and Vampire Hunter D were some old faves I seen by accident on one of the movie channels I think when we first got cable and spent years looking for em. Living in the country there wasn't a mall or video store locally where I could get stuff.
Then there was always having to order books/modules from the Mail Order Hobby Shop. Always a good experience there.

He still uses internet explorer and hasn't gotten the email yet?

I'd like to see some of the core races in a monster codex type book. Like "elven guard" or "dwarf miners" and such. I know these are fairly easy to stat up but unfortunately my time is limited as I'm sure a lot of gm's is. These stats aren't always needed but would be nice to be able to look up in case of the good guys not getting along all the time.
As for mc 2 I'd like to see the grindylow get a spot. Maybe get some stats for the whale and brinebrood queen. And since we got vampires and ghouls in the first how about a broad selection of liches to throw at my pc's. Maybe some different types of wights also.

There was also "the mysterious cities of gold" that use to come on real early on nickelodeon back in the mid-80's. A lot of great ideas on that show.

Vampire Hunter D.

How about a kingdom of savages on an open tundra led by a great barbarian king or something similar. They use elephants and all manner of plains beasts in their ranks. The other kingdom being a religious kingdom the only catch is their main "god" who is revered as their master is a dead god and the divine casters have no spell abilities, but rule through faith and the occasional trickery of the "common folk".

Hello all. I was wondering how/ what upgrades a grindylow whale and a brinebrood queen would have. Basically what would their stats be. Thanks a lot.

Woohoo cannot wait.

Love these previews. Always love npc types and I've been looking for a leucrotta proxy for a while. Home run with this set so far!!!

Loving these. Bring on the hordes of small elementals!

Play a rogue. Plenty of skills and mmm ok in a fight. Great compliment to help the barbarian and if you miss spells too much just max em out in use magic device and pocket as many wands as ya can.

So far I'm liking the theme and selection. Although I do find uses for many of the AP themed sets my game is a home-brew game and I would much rather have generic
minis instead of specifics (like the npc's). But I'm sure like with all the other sets imma love em when in hand. Thanks a lot.

The mind flayers have extinguished the sun!

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Dragons are cool but I'd like to see other gargantuan models too. Just my opinion. I really like this one but it looks a little top heavy for the table.

I'd be interested in as many non-combat minis as I can get. I love to have the non-aggressive style mini to use for npc's and such. I'd like to see more merchant and noble types to use in more political battle type situations.

Catoblepas. Awesome. Bout time! Now for a leucrotta. Can't wait for this set!

Great looking previews. Hope I can scratch up enough gold to get a few bricks of these!

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