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Yeah, missed it completely :(

GM was kind enough to pm me.

anyway, I'll put Kara into an alias, then I'm good.

Yes, I just haven't had a chance to sit down at my PC for a while. I kinda dislike making posts for this game by phone.

I'll update later today.

Ehh, I'm well enough satisfied with what I made at present.

Looked at the hackbut, and I dislike the wheels.

Sure thing!

My attack bonus is only +4 touch unbuffed though, so I think that puts a pretty sharp limiter on how much he can really do.

They're siege firearms. Large creatures can use siege firearms as if they were two-handed firearms. That was the rules I quoted.

Ultimate Combat wrote:

In most cases, a Large or larger creature can use a siege firearm as a two-handed firearm, but the creature takes a –4 penalty for using it this way because of its awkwardness.

What's a siege firearm supposed to be, if it's not a cannon?


Also UC, on Siege Engines: wrote:

Additional Siege Engine Information

All siege engines are at least size Large devices and often much larger. Unless stated otherwise in an individual siege engine description, all siege engines use the following rules.

Proficiency: Siege engines are exotic weapons. A creature with the Siege Engineer feat is proficient with all siege engines, including siege firearms. A creature that is proficient in firearms is also proficient in siege firearms, but not other siege engines.

Admittedly, each individual siege engine does not list whether it's a siege firearm or not, so extrapolating that they're the ones using black powder to deliver their payload (i.e. the Cannon, Fiend's Mouth Cannon, and the Light, Standard and Heavy Bombards respectively) is RAI, not RAW.

Anyway, built my ogre gunslinger//wizard, Osrulf.

Still pending answers to those questions, obviously.

I'm quite interested.

Ideally, I'd be playing a fighter or similar. Perhaps a brawler, maybe.

GM_Panic wrote:

Come on Angels, be honest, your Quickling, tell us Whats its max AC Angels, whats its max attack per round

I had a look see and I think your maxing at, Supernatural speed, DR5/cold + max AC32 or 34 + TAC 24! + 20% Miss chance always on. 4 attacks, +16/+11/+11/+7 to Attacks + Inevitable strike + Shatter + at will +2d6/3d6 sneak attack almost always, two weapons + two weapon defiance + Poison use, invis when you stand still. Ref save of 16

Now I am not raining on your build, but don't you think that's a bit much at level 6, even with gestalt?

Could we *not* do this? I'm certain that choon knows how to adjucate builds and tell people if we're being absurd.

Telling people that their builds are overpowered will lead to bad places.

Angels Dragonfire wrote:
Lol sorry, didn't mean to break the game, I thought all that had been accounted for.

That said, protesting ones innocence is probably not productive either. GM will adjucate. If everyone else starts deciding who is and isn't balanced, this will be an OOC-argument clusterf@~# of epic proportions.

If it's just that, I'll take something less wierd. Maybe bless.

Which direction (north, maybe?) do the stairs emerge from?

We're in a cave, with a tunnel exist east and south, a stairway up entrance (probably either from the west or north), and there's a ravine on the right side of the cave, when we have our back to the stairs.

Eh, it's a general cleric list non-aligned spell. And the cleric first level list is generally chock full of crap; the rest is mostly situational.

If you really don't think I could have it, I'll change it.

But then, at least if I'm picked, I'd also like to know what other cleric spells I won't be able to cast (aside from the evil spells, obviously).
Just so I don't go planning around something that turns out to be banned halfway through the game. I've been in that situation before, it sucked balls.

drbuzzard wrote:

I think 'no monsters' is a lot more simple. Back in 3.5 they went to great lengths to balance monsters as PCs (with a dedicated book even) and I don't think they ever really succeeded.

It's a rough job as a GM to foresee all the possible implications of what monster abilities can do.

I'd say this is probably the best idea as well.

Kara of Longwater (Sheet)

Kara is the second daughter of the lord of Longwater, a castle in northeastern Taldor with accompanying villages. She grew up reading about religion and cosmology, and dedicated herself to the worship of Sarenrae at an early age.
There was some falling out with her family over the subject of her sisters marriage, and she has since left, becoming something of a wandering priestess.

Curiously, light seems to shine from inside her. Her angelic heritage and faith in the fiery diety does not prevent her from getting a sunburn though, and so she frequently does.

Awww. I just came here to propose the idea of a wood giant who used a cannon as a two-handed firearm.

It was going to be awesome. (if you google 'what is the manliest weapon', this pops up as the sixth image)

In all seriousness though, monsters are probably better than at least warrior or expert type class levels. Many of them get better point buy too, and the extra HD all but assures that you get more HP than the rest of the party.

Edit: would you entertain the idea of me playing an Ogre (race)? I know you said 20rp and under, and the ogre is 23 RP, but I figured I'd ask anyway. I really want to make this thing work.

If yes, does this bit of the rules:


*Inappropriately Sized Firearms: You cannot make optimum use of a firearm that is not properly sized for you. A cumulative –2 penalty applies on attack rolls for each size category of difference between your size and the size of the firearm. If you are not proficient with the firearm, a –4 nonproficiency penalty also applies. The size of a firearm never affects how many hands you need to use to shoot it, the exception being siege firearms and Large or larger creatures. In most cases, a Large or larger creature can use a siege firearm as a two-handed firearm, but the creature takes a –4 penalty for using it this way because of its awkwardness.

Mean that I could reload it as a two-handed firearm as well, as opposed to ? I'd say yes, since it says use, not shoot, but it's not neccesarily all that clear.

Finally, how much does a cannon weigh? My best estimate would be a couple thousand pounds.

How much metagaming is allowed here? Because from an OOC perspective, I know how dungeon floors traditionally relate to challenge rating of the foes encountered there.
And, keeping that in mind, I suggest we all make sure we're ready to run, if we have to.

Edit: I also made this. Will attempt to keep up with mapping. If I flipped something, please do tell.

I think you're talking about roll20, right? I've seen a tendency on that venue of gaming for DMs to rely a lot on maps and do away with description almost entirely.

Maybe look into play by post? Those usually give pretty good descriptions.

Sorry! The ghoul tracks seemed to lead off in more or less the same direction that Tony originally arrived from, and Pill seems to have fled north.

1d10 ⇒ 8

It actually takes a fair bit of ranging before you manage to find sufficient wood for the pyre. It takes quite a lot of heat to burn bone.

In the end, you find a dead tree topping a nearby hill, full of windswept branches.

It was struck by lightning at some point, and has split down the middle. It's not exactly difficult to cut down and split into firewood, but it is hard work, and time-consuming.

In the end, you build a pyre sufficient to see both your dead companions burnt.

Sure, you can keep the spellbook around.

It used to be possible to learn another wizard's language wholesale in 3.5e, but in pathfinder you actually have to have written a copy of a spell in your own book to use it out of another caster's book.

Since you'll be paying for scribing cost regardless, I don't really see it as a problem.

I actually really like E6, personally.

I don't mind normal progression though.

2d6 + 6 ⇒ (5, 6) + 6 = 17
2d6 + 6 ⇒ (3, 5) + 6 = 14
2d6 + 6 ⇒ (1, 5) + 6 = 12
2d6 + 6 ⇒ (4, 3) + 6 = 13
2d6 + 6 ⇒ (5, 2) + 6 = 13
2d6 + 6 ⇒ (1, 6) + 6 = 13

Going with rolls, I think.

Eh, they already get a touch AC, a fortitude save and (potentially) SR by RAW, not really seeing the big deal there.

And even then, if we don't manage to kill the body before their turn, they can just dismiss the spell anyway, since they're considered the caster.

Hadn't thought of half-orcs, thank you. I think that one shall be grabbing Kensai for proficiency, though. It comes with weapon focus too, so I'm more or less sold.

Hmm. I've got two ideas for this.

One, a whip-using magus, dex-based, and focused on imposing debuff conditions with her whip. I don't think I have quite enough feats to do her justice, though.

Ideally, I'd want Whip Proficiency, Weapon Focus, Weapon Finesse, Slashing Grace, Whip Mastery, Enforcer (or Cornugon Smash), Rime Spell, and also power attack and hurtful, if it was to be completely ideal.

7 feats on the 'light' version is just a bit more than I can probably make happen. Eh. Doesn't Kensai magi get proficiency with an exotic weapon? That might work.

Actually, Kensai also gives weapon focus, so I could just barely fit the feats on a human magus, although that doesn't let me be elven, which is a bit of a bust. Hmm. Might as well go strength based then, if I decide to do this.

Hmm. The alternative is a body horror focused alchemist. If I Touch Injection a Skinsend infusion, does that make the target count as the caster of the spell for the purpose of dismissing it?

Whew. I'm back home.

I see that Tony probably still needs healing, but I figure I'm back now, so I shouldn't waste time waiting on that, when you've already waited far too long on me. Feel free to heal him retroactively.

Belle makes a beeline for the dwarven hero-statue, and prods his foot to open the secret compartment. Right enough, the thin drawer slides open, and reveals the key once again nestled inside.

Curiosity satisfied, you set out to bury your dead. Where you go makes little matter, and so you decide to head generally east, towards the coast.

The hills surrounding Rappan Athuk are lush and filled with the chirping of birds and a wide variety of plant life; on one occasion you come across a small valley filled to bursting with orchids, the purple flowers all in bloom.

The small creek you had been following vanishes beneath the pretty bushes, only to emerge in the other end of the valley.

After some two hours, and a bit of scouting, you find what you think are an appropriate hill for a burial. There's not much around in the way of trees for firewood, so it would take at least another hour to collect suficient for a pyre. The earth is easy to dig in, if you were to bury them instead.

The view is more than beautiful enough, though. You can just barely glimpse the sea in the distance, and by now the clouds have abated enough that the sun is shining down on you from above.

You won't be particularly optimised. But you can certainly keep up with other middling optimised characters, and be very useful out of combat besides.

4d6 ⇒ (6, 2, 4, 6) = 18
4d6 ⇒ (4, 2, 5, 5) = 16
4d6 ⇒ (5, 4, 1, 5) = 15
4d6 ⇒ (2, 5, 1, 4) = 12
4d6 ⇒ (3, 2, 4, 5) = 14
4d6 ⇒ (3, 1, 6, 4) = 14

oyzar wrote:

I'm thinking to do Magus4/Warder1/Bladecaster1 // Wizard 6 (or another caster), would that be ok? Some people don't like prestige classes in gestalt, but I'll qualify for it all on one side. Won't be as crazy as some of the monster builds, but combining full casting with full maneuver progression and spell combat on top of it should work out nicely.

The feat-tax to enter the prestige class is kinda meh (I wouldn't get those feats otherwise), but I'll just have to live with it. I hope picking up additional traits is ok, because the character really needs it to come together (practiced initiator is kinda necessary)?


I think it's dual progression classes that people don't like, such as the bladecaster (dual caster/initiator classes), not just prestige classes in general. The gestalt rules suggest you don't allow the dual progression prcs; that's where the dislike you've seen comes from, I think.

Cellion wrote:
ZanThrax wrote:

Have you seen the new weapon training option in the Magical Tactics Toolbox? It seems to be essentially a limited arcane pool mechanic for fighters. It's looking like a very attractive option for any fighter that gets a particularly cool weapon in the early-mid levels that would otherwise lag behind as they go into mid-high levels.

I'm definitely planning to delay fighter's tactics so that I can take it at ninth level to keep Heartspit relevant as my primary weapon in our giantslayer campaign.

Yeah, Warrior Spirit seems insane (and as a result it hasn't been approved as legal for PFS :< ). At 9th level with Gloves of Dueling, you're already getting +4/+4 atk/dmg with your weapon group, and now can add +4 enhancement bonus worth of abilities to your weapon on top of that. Plus, if you're VMC'd as a Magus, you have an Arcane pool that grants another +2 enhancement bonus worth of abilities.

Say you start with a normal +2 Greatsword:
At level 9 you can turn that into a +4 Holy Flaming Frost Greatsword in 4 or so separate fights each day. And thats just if you're focusing on damage. Warrior Spirit gives you access to any weapon ability, so you have incredible flexibility at your fingertips.

Or, you can just go with a ranged weapon. A +4 Holy Flaming Frost Longbow is incredibly scary @ level 9.

Considering that activating Warrior Spirit is 90% likely a standard action, it seems less insane to me. Still very good though.

How should monster characters with more HD than CR be handled? I personally think it'd make the most sense to shave them down to CR hd, but having an official ruling for it might be useful.

I've always wanted to make a whip magus. Not the faintest clue as for what to pair it with, but maybe Warpriest.


Yes please. I hope you keep this open for a bit - I'll be back by Sunday.

Yes. Those options are just dangerous if you don't have the feats.

As for the rest of it, you're looking for some sort of homebrew rule, right?

I played with a GM who removed iterative attacks, and gave out a combat feat each time you'd normally get an interative.

End result was that martials trailed far behind blasters in damage, except for people using natural attacks instead of weapons.

It didn't work out very well.

Sorry. Turns out there's not really any internet where I'm at. Borrowed a friend's phone to post this.

I'll be home sunday; we'll have to pick this up again then, I'm afraid.

Sorry for disappearing without notice. I honestly thought there'd be wifi.

A standard rest? Whats that?

Just the next time I prepare spells? Sarenrae takes prayers at dawn.

Clerics don't actually have to rest to prepare spells, they just do it once daily at a set time. And any unfilled slots can be filled with 15 min of preparation per quarter of the total. No mention of whether level up spells are there until your next prayer hour, but as best I can understand you, they're not.

DM Tuyena wrote:

Did I not mention before? I'm a slacker. Yeah PFS standard.

-Posted with Wayfinder

You did say half max +1 in recruitment.

Edit: GM, can cleric spells gained from level up be prepared the same day using the 15 minutes partial preparation rules, or are they only there the next day?

Hmm. I get home in two weeks, might be able to take this up then.

Which of all those aliases are actually active characters at the moment?

And what sort of gming style are you looking for?

There's a secret door in the floor, with a death reeking tunnel leading east behind it.

No ceiling door. If Belle wants to know if the key teleported back, she'll also have to actually go look for it at the statue.

Okay, so working theory is that using the scrolls will open something. Each correspond to one statue.

Maybe it's back entrances to the tomb? I hope it's not something important.

We haven't even looked inside.

The gates of the hulking building hang gaping. You step into the soft darkness of the burial hall.
From the way the debris on the cracked marble floor has been spread around, it's clear that they were very interested in where you slept. Any small items or trash left behind has been ripped to pieces.

Little else is here.

The stone is double the price, so that probably has something to do with it.
Let's say you're back in town, maybe.

It'll take some time before we can introduce you, though. There's quite the journey ahead.

How come were just ignoring the temple?

To be honest, there aren't really any overpowered caster races to be had, anyway.

Rappan Athuk is the sort of adventure that breeds resentment if you don't run it fairly.

I would not allow this, unless everyone is allowed to do it.

Alternatively, give him some scary IC debt that's likely to kill him to go along with his power.

Gavmania wrote:
OK, I'm looking again at the Ioun stone, and the language says
...contains...spells (either divine or arcane, or even a mix of both spell types) that the wearer can cast.

. Since I can't cast anything, I can't really use it.

If its extra spells you want, Pearl of power is half the price, although it only gives you a spell you already have. Alternatively, for the same price Page of spell knowledge will give you an extra spell, though Olaf would have to rule whether an arcanist can use them.

I think we're looking at different ioun stones. While the ring does say that, the ioun stone says

This stone stores three levels of spells, as a ring of spell storing. Stored spells in the stone must be placed by a spellcaster but can be used by anyone (see ring of minor spell storing).

Let's say that using scrolls is casting spells, activating a wand is not.

As for pages of spell knowledge, arcanists can use them. They cannot use pearls of power, however.

It occurs to me that this, like all fighters, could make good use of the retraining rules.

Cheesy, I know, but still.

Yes, you'd have to leave a slot open, taking a feat with martial flexibility is the same as any other feat; it's just temporary. That's another reason why weaponsmaster is a good archetype.

As for pure brawler, the problem is that the Item Mastery feats are not combat feats - you need Advanced Weapon Training as a gateway feat, and brawlers don't qualify.

It sounds like it's just a bigger troll. I don't see why it would be unique, tbh.

@Alakalla, the gist of it is that morphing into mythic creatures should be balanced for the same reason that becoming other creatures are balanced - you're limited by the menu of abilities, and mythic powers aren't on it.

This is of course rendered a little moot when the natural attacks have outrageous base damage, but still.

It was the one you rested in.

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