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Jarha Madu wrote:
Did Jarha's approach work? ...

To be honest, I don't know, but I'm leaning towards not. I even checked out some rather bizarre/disturbing threads about force required to pull off limbs. Moving 6,000 lbs of mass is not the same as force, work, and all the other physics stuff I brain dumped 20+ years ago. In the bounds of the telekinesis abilities, its pretty much limited to blunt force attacks or fine manipulation w/finesse. Nothing about cutting or ripping apart things. For example, you can move a 3 ton boulder, but I wouldn't expect you can pull it apart.

Does that make sense?

Bruno "The Keg" Ironspine wrote:
Bruno "The Keg" Ironspine wrote:
Bruno "The Keg" Ironspine wrote:

Loot Spreadsheet Link

I'm going to start populating this. DM, can you add a link to the campaign tab?

DM, please add Loot spreadsheet to campaign tab, por favor.
Still looking for the add


Hey, they added a bunch of Starfinder-themed avatars to the catalog a few months back. Unfortunately, they aren't tagged properly it seems. If you sort by date, they start on page 4.

Welcome back! Feel free to hop back into the current combat, if you can. If not, no worries -- you're always welcome to come back whenever you get RL sorted. And good luck with the unplanned job hunt!!

Hey, I've been running a little slow because the 'official' PF2 PRD (the Archives of Nethys one) is nigh un-usable. Navigating it is a huge chore, and half the time I can't find the rule I'm actually looking for. Creatures are only half-statted out in some cases. The bizarre layout has bothered me since Paizo dropped the PRD from their own site.

So I've had to check my physical books, which I'm not used to (and I won't be taking them on the road for work).

Anyway, THIS SITE seems to be a lot more user-friendly in layout and content.

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Front page has shown Beginner Box "Releasing April 24, 2019" since I don't know when. There's a new hardcover coming out this month and another soon. Blog updates are current, but these are major releases. Did SF get forgotten?

Mark Seifter wrote:
Before we pulled the trigger on this, we polled you guys in the survey, and we went with the overwhelming fan choice to put the creation rules in the GMG in order to fit more monsters in the Bestiary. If the rules are in the GMG, it also has the advantage of not requiring reprinting those rules in every Bestiary. That said, Jason has said on the record that he wants us to be able to expedite those rules to you as a sneak preview of the book as soon as they are through a few more steps of the process!

Great to hear! Looking forward to seeing it.

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Fun read! Throw my vote in for more SF fiction!

That was outstanding! Looking forward to more!

That probably would make more sense. My book just showed up today, so I'll start getting smarter on the new rules.

I'll be on vacation with family next week, so my ability to post will be limited to short bursts on the phone.

Yeah, I used your Perception initiative rolls against the spider's standing Stealth DC. I suppose I could have had you roll twice, but it seems appropriate to merge them in the initial confusion following the trap trigger. The 7 was the spider's initiative (how aware it was to react to you).

I agree, and planned to tell you about the spider hiding if anyone made the Perception DC. Neither of you did so it's "surprise" was when it came out of the alcove.

Yeah I'm still waiting for my book to arrive.

I picked it up, sifting through the pieces now. I'm not 100% sure it was a significant time saver. I'll send invites to everyone for a new Roll20 game, since I cannot add it to the current one for whatever reason... check your PMs.

What was Resolve again?

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Big congratulations, Paizo!!

Release day is here!

So Paizo has added the current "The Reach of Empire" adventure to Roll20 for purchase... it looks like all the maps, encounters, NPCs and images are included so the GM can run the game straight off with minimal prep. It sounds like a cool deal -- I'm just not 100% sure. Has anyone purchased anything similar for other games?

I'm excited to see the new book! Send details from GenCon if you get your hands on one.

I don't know about an SRD, but that would be huge.

The Playtest CRB says:

Grabbed: You’re held in place by another creature, making you immobile and flat-footed. If you attempt a manipulate action, activity, free action, or reaction while grabbed, you must succeed at a DC 5 flat check or it is lost; attempt the check after using it but before any effects are applied.

EDIT: This exists but I don't know if it includes the playtest updates or not.

So instead of DR/slashing, zombies now have Weaknesses: Positive 5, and Slashing 5. In PF2, weaknesses add the number to any matching type damage dealt.

For example, the disrupt undead spells do positive damage, so each of those spell rolls was boosted by 5 damage.

If Mikos had connected, his falchion would have done +5 damage per hit.

Pretty cool!

Yeah, no... the 5 rule refers you have to follow to get from blind-5ft-hampered-poor visibility is nonsensical and so clearly an oversight on the dev side.

Charging double movement for visibility less than 60 ft? You gotta be kidding me! So tactical movement in any dungeon room smaller than 65 feet across makes everyone cost double to move? Lol no.

Again, blindness confers NO double movement cost.

The darkness thing is debatable. 5 foot rule says unable when movement impeded by darkness, but darkness rules have no movement restrictions included.

PRD wrote:
Blinded: The creature cannot see. It takes a –2 penalty to Armor Class, loses its Dexterity bonus to AC (if any), and takes a –4 penalty on most Strength- and Dexterity-based skill checks and on opposed Perception skill checks. All checks and activities that rely on vision (such as reading and Perception checks based on sight) automatically fail. All opponents are considered to have total concealment (50% miss chance) against the blinded character. Blind creatures must make a DC 10 Acrobatics skill check to move faster than half speed. Creatures that fail this check fall prone. Characters who remain blinded for a long time grow accustomed to these drawbacks and can overcome some of them.

I just see an Acro check to move more than half-speed or fall prone. No double cost or 5FS restriction.

Fixed, I think.

Sorry... Every time this week I've planned to post something, I've been OBE. Will hopefully get back on track tonight, tomorrow for sure. No jinx!

Sorry for the delay... I haven't had a good chance to lay out the Harrow cards. I may end up just narrating it, in a general sense, to get things going.

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Kris Myatt 47 wrote:
So, Paizo didn't like being called DnD 3.75, then makes PF2. Now with the almost the offset of PF2, you tie yourself, yet, once again to DnD, again being 5.25?! Good luck, really.


Seems you're trying to equate providing a 5e campaign bestiary with PF2 becoming a 5e evolution.

Again, huh?

Ugh, I'm really not a fan of the new xp system.

As far as I can tell, there's no "fumble" penalty for rolling a natural 1 in combat.

Similarly, if you roll a 20 but miss the target AC (or check DC), its a hit/success but not a critical.

Any ruling or clarification on the playtest forum? I'm on my phone atm, or I'd check.

I'm out for the weekend. I'll pick things up again on Monday.

I'm out for the weekend. I'll pick things up again on Monday.

I'm out for the weekend. I'll pick things up again on Monday.

He posted a couple weeks ago that he was eyebrows deep in job stuff. DM should probably roll until he's back full time.

I'm not sure if Laser can ID magic or not. I looked back and it never came up in game. For what it's worth, the figurine is also magical. You'd learn that for sure if you tried to sell it.

Tarren the Dungeon Master wrote:
Nomad Sage wrote:
Are you still open for character submissions or group full?
I think we've got a full deck, but thank you.

Shucks. If you get an opening later, feel free to send me a PM. I have a cool idea for an envoy.

Are you still open for character submissions or group full?

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I really like the 3-part APs... shorter story arc that's less of a total commitment, and if they develop a few more, it would be cool to mix-match them in order for some interesting combinations. 6-part APs are great epic stories, but I really enjoy having the option to explore more stories in the lifespan of a character.

Last XP tally was when you leveled to 2nd, total 1,300 xp.

Khefak encounter... 240 xp
Lawblight battle... 200 xp
Adventure completion... 500 xp

New Total: 2,240 xp

Alright, that took a bit longer than expected, but we got through it. The upside is I think we have the space combat flow down pretty good!

Assuming you guys return to Absalom Station to collect your reward and continue working with Nomad Section, this concludes the introductory adventure "Into the Unknown". It was a pretty basic society module and very bare bones as printed... I augmented several encounters with my own stuff. If nothing else, it introduces the system basics for the most part. I hope you enjoyed it!

Moving forward, I'd planned to start the 'Against the Aeon Throne' three-part adventure path, but I'm open to whatever you guys decide to do in game -- i.e., spin off and become space pirates with the Free Captains, etc.

In the transition here, you are all free to roll new characters or rebuild your current ones if you aren't happy with how they're working. We've had a little exposure to the game system, so I don't mind if you want to change things up.

Otherwise, I'm ready to continue if you are!

Segang wrote:
Do you at least recall DM NomadSage when you balked at my mundane swimming gear in the first book? I forget what resource it came from, but I had it loaded in Herolab so it showed up to me.

I do. I don't remember what book they came from.

Sooo, this space fight is dragging on a bit. I know its mostly the dice roller working against you. I don't want you guys to get completely apathetic. We can handwave the rest of the encounter if you want. With your speed advantage, you can get away pretty easily. Or we can just keep going with it, if you guys prefer. Thoughts?

You have plenty of down time to retrain and/or make purchases.

PossibleCabbage wrote:
Dropping the 3+ really hoses Dwarf Clerics, I would have rather had 3 plus half your Cha Mod, instead of just ChaMod. Or some reasonable baseline so low Cha clerics aren't shut out and then slower advancement.

Slight thread necro, but we just noticed the same problem. Low Cha clerics, especially dwarves, are nerfed out of a core class feature. Essentially now they are forced to take Cha to be mediocre (not even good) healers.

The 3+Cha to only Cha nerf was targeted for healbots but really hurt other builds. And especially dwarves with their Cha penalty.

EDIT: And Treat Wounds is a trade-off? There's no way a 10-minute skill thing offsets an in combat heal. Please reconsider.

Yeah, I didn't get into it, but you have the means to buy and sell through the town.

Eh, not intentionally, though it is down time in game. I was waiting for ya'll to settle the loot, but if you're happy, I'll proceed in game.

Slow targeted you and Vaustin, not Ven.

I updated the campaign log and added a rough quest log. Let me know if you want anything else added, or whatever you think might be useful!

The Emerald Spire dungeon crawl is the centerpiece of the campaign, but the surrounding area is totally open to you guys to explore and interact. I'm happy to dig into Thornkeep, if you guys decide to visit, and any of the other local attractions, like Mosswater etc. And how much you want to get involved in the local politics, too. =)

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