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This looks good!


I am a full Starfinder subscriber and was under the impression that the Starfinder Society sub was given free if we had all the rest.

I cannot tell if I really have the Starfinder Society subscription or not. Its not listed as having it and I had to email customer support to get the first 3 adventures. I see a 4th is out, yet I don't have it.

Should I be seeing this sum in my subscriptions?

Steve Geddes wrote:
Yes, you should have got access to the first three automatically. I'd start a thread in the CS Forum so they can look into what went wrong.

Mine doesn't show I am subscribed, but I have all other subs. I did get the first 3, but I see there is a fourth that I do not have.

Whats the best markers to use with this?

Wet erase, dry erase.... Who knew there were so many different markers out there? Lol


Ok, so I need to get Dead Suns 1 from a different source and buy the pdf seperately when its release.

Since I am going all out and getting all subscriptions, how do they know to add the Starfinder Society subscription for free??

Looks like there is still no word on Starfinder Adventure Path subscriptions, after Free RPG Day.. Inquiring minds want to know!


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Dungeon Magazine's "Land of Mystery"
Christopher West's Maps of Mystery

01 Guildport #85
02 Temple Cellars #87
03 Githzerai Monastery #99
04 Temple of Boccob #99
05 Red Dragon's Lair #102
06 Town of Deepwatch #103
07 Pirate Sea Cave Stronghold #106
08 Cyromancer's Icicle Tower #107
09 Stone Giant Caverns #108
10 Dungeon's Delve, part 1 #109
Dungeon's Delve, part 2 #111
Dungeon's Delve, part 3 #150
11 Sewer Stronghold #128
12 Jungle Trading Port #130
13 Vault of the Deathlord #131
14 Roadside Coaching Inn #132
15 Underdark Caverns #133
16 The House of Broken Minds #135
17 The Forsaken Rift #136
Cinderforge #137
Drakebourn Sanctum #144
Kharadad #147
Traevantahi #148
18 Ancient Catacombs #138
19 Darkmaiden's Dance #139
20 Hall of the Elestial Eye #140
21 Woodland Shrine #142
Ancient Fortress #143
Forgotten Tombs #144
Deep Grotto #145
Drow Outpost #146

Christopher West wrote:

There isn't a PDF of that map--yet. I have a Word document describing each of the locations on the map, but that, along with my original Photoshop image files, is trapped on a DVD disk somewhere in my office.

I'm still determined to make those available for download somehow; I haven't given up on it.

Woot! Any luck with this? Your maps and descriptions are excellent!

Has anyone compiled all this information into a single doc yet? And is willing to share?

Did anyone ever complete the Maps of Mystery? I am wanting to run a campaign in it and it would be a great jumpstart if you guys have it in pdf..


Stereofm wrote:

You're right, I checked it's 3.5.

Not that I mind a bit anyways.

Yep, it's close enough!

Stereofm wrote:
Master of the Zero One wrote:
Nitehood wrote:

A quick question.. there is some world info in these modules. What is the best source to read more about the setting?


There are not much world info within the modules. Best source is The Great City Campaign Setting of course. While is not converted to Pathfinder it presents a good 80-90% of source material.

Not converted ? I am fairly certain to own the PF version ?

(Not that i would mind 3.5)

I cant see anywhere where it says..

I can Now add for season 2:

5) The Freedom Gambit(8th Lvl)
After interpreting some of the Information gathered from Skullfire Inquisition, Blood Senator Vulgrax prematurely makes several harsh public accusations against the Lazarites. This earns him the wrath of the Trypus, and he is sentenced to death. To save his life, the PCs need to smuggle him out of the city.

The Freedom Gambit, written by Thurston Hillman, is part of an ongoing series set in the Great City.
The Sinking is now entering in its final stage as the adventures become more specific, and should be played in a sequence.

This came out today!

Thanks Master! I will check that out...!


A quick question.. there is some world info in these modules. What is the best source to read more about the setting?


Thanks Tim! You did not make it confusing. My translation was:
They can be any order, because they are random adventures dealing with the Sink hole and its affect on the city and you can change them a bit to make them harder or easier to match the players levels and abilities.

But... Epicenter Rising should be first, The Malchort Cabal last (for season 1) and Ascension of the Prophet should be done fairly early. And if you are not playing all of season 1 first, Tatterdemalion needs to be done before season 2's Widow's Walk. And, The Malchort Cabal from season 1 should be done before Season 2's Tribunal Edicts...

Season 2 will be more of a serial than the randomness of season 1.

So, basically for me, the order I have them above, will work well.
Season 1
01 Epicenter Rising - 1
02 Infestation - 1
03 Tunnels of Despair - 1
This gives the players time to adjust to the world and get a handle on there characters background, personality and abilities

04 Ascension of the Prophet - 2
This has info that will be used later on

05 Animation - 3
06 Bear Hunting - 3
07 Plumb Line - 3
08 Devil's Smuggler - 4
These 4 can be done in any order.

09 Tatterdemalion - 4
10 Politics Unusual - 4
11 The Malchort Cabal - 4
I moved Tatterdemalion before Politics Unusual, because Tatterdemalion is a big masquerade party(gone wrong of course). I thought i could tie it in to being a party that is a kickoff to the Azindralean politician campaign speech in 'Politics Unusual - 4' (I don't have these yet, so I am just going off the descriptions)

Season 2
Tribunal Edicts - 5
Mole - 6
Skullfire Inquisition - 7
Seeking Dawn?


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Here is the order I came up with, that I believe I will run these in, based on the levels and content.

Season I
1) Epicenter Rising (1st Lvl)
Over the centuries Azindralea, The Great City, has witnessed and bore numerous changes that come with the passage of time. It has survived miracles and devastation, revolution, and even the threat of apocalypse.
Though still struggling to recover from recent uprisings that tore apart the throne, the City has fallen into a quiet peace. Yet there are several who eerily proclaim this peace shall be short lived.
Among them stand faceless prophets who wander the streets hidden beneath shadowed cowls and whose dark whispers insinuate the genesis of a new era soon to befall the City. Dubbed fear-mongers, the Kortezian
guard has posted warrants for those who falsely spread terror and incite the public. They arrested a handful of these so-called prophets, only to identify them as the bourgeoisie’s idle youth in the midst of performing
an elaborate prank. Yet many believe that behind every seemingly innocuous hoax, lies deep-rooted conspiracy.

2) Infestation (1st Lvl)
In the days following the wake of the Great City's recent devastating events, Father Malkmus sent his congregants to take temporary shelter in the rarely used Temple of Harvest. Upon their arrival, they found the temple newly inhabited by a displaced gang of vile, parasitic humans known as roachkin. Father Malkmus calls upon the PCs to investigate the temple, seek out survivors, and drive the roachkin out. Unfortunately, the task proves more difficult when PCs uncover the horrific and terrible unholy raising of the gang's former
leader by one of his depraved and devoted followers. Can PCs save the Temple and defeat this creatures before he attempts to spread his ghastly infestation through the Temple Ward.

3) Tunnels of Dispair (1st Lvl)
Freed by powerful tremors which cracked the slave-pens of their nefarious captors, a group of refugees fled into the sewers beneath Pounder Festhall seeking the aid of an elusive slave-helper who protects and shelters outcasts in a secret, subterranean shantytown “utopia”. Attempting to pilfer some food from in the drinking hall basement, they accidentally startle a barmaid and are forced to hostage her for safe passage. Sent to rescue the barmaid, the PCs soon find things more complicated when they cross paths with the slavers seeking to recapture the refugees. PCs must choose sides, but find themselves embroiled in a conflict that takes place aboard one of the slave-rings harbored vessels

4) Ascension of the Prophet (2nd Lvl)
In the wake of the catastrophic sinking, seers and prophets have swarmed the city’s streets like eager autumn moths crowd a flickering candle. Standing out among the wild-eyed doomsayers walks Lazarus. Different from the others, he claims to have entered the Sinkhole and returned from the experience altered. Now someone wants to kill Lazarus. The mysterious prophet’s right arm, a man called “The Mouth”, desperately needs adventurers to perform a dangerous mission. Should the mission fail, it might well cost the newly risen prophet his life.

5) Animation (3rd Lvl)
Set to rid the Merchant's Haven Inn of a gremlin infestation, the PCs find themselves thrust into a whirlwind of chaos when strange vaporous wisps race through the streets of the Trades Ward, animating dozens objects which erupt on unsuspecting citizens with violent fury.

6) Bear Hunting (3rd Lvl)
When a Bloodfang mercenary murders his captain and goes A.W.O.L., the Kharel seeks the aid of outsiders to track him down before he flees the city. However, once they capture the killer, a second question awaits, and the heroes must decide whether to surrender him to the justice of the military or the murdered captain’s vengeful widow.

7) The Plumb Line (3rd Lvl)
The PCs undertake a wild search for a missing architect, real-estate entrepreneur, and arcane scholar of the Great City’s ancient secrets. Struggling against their quarry’s persecutors, they learn the architect secretly uncovered one of Azindralea’s legendary treasures—a revelation that soon leads them into an epic and dangerous exploration at the edge of the sinkhole.

8) The Devil Smuggler (4th Lvl)
In desperate times, the scum rises to the surface where everyone can see it. Street crime has reached an all time high, wallowing amidst a sea of homeless and indigent beggars. Yet beneath the surface, there lurk darker things. Spurred to action by a rash of abductions, the adventurers run afoul of one of the Great City's long standing crime families. But like everyone else, the Sinking has dealt them a fateful hand.
With Orim Menach,the patron of their organization missing, the Menach boys have slipped into the trap of an even greater threat, one the adventurers must uncover for themselves.

9) Tatterdemalion (4th Lvl)
Since the event known as The Sinking, a general uneasiness descended upon the Great City, but that's no reason not to party! The PCs attend a covert masquerade thrown by a troupe of thrill seeking young nobles.
Matsoni Gimbros, the clique's ringleader, declares the party's theme to be The Sinking. To complement his theme, Matsoni chose the perfect venue: an abandoned bathhouse on the edge of the sinkhole.
Rumors that a ghost haunts the bathhouse only add to its allure. Privileged, promiscuous young people in a haunted condemned building: what could possibly go wrong?

10) Politics Unusual (4th Lvl)
When a headstrong Azindralean politician seeks to launch a campaign to seize control of his district, his chief security officer hires the PCs to ensure his enemies cannot transform his opening speech into a riot. Emphasizing wit and subtlety; they must siphon through the crowd of followers and disperse potential troublemakers as peacefully as possible. Under no circumstances should they besmirch the campaign of hope with bloodshed. Yet even if they succeed, a final enemy plots their demise. He only waits for their victory to trick them into lowering their guards.

11) The Malchort Cabal (4th Lvl)
After the PCs new patron mysteriously disappears, the PCs are drawn into the dark dealings of powerful cabal of nobles whose secret interests in the Sink they would kill to protect. Yet even within their
inner circle, cabal members keep secrets from each other, forcing the PCs to scramble for answers to stop an unknown madman from stirring whatever horrors he believes lie within the lightless depths of the massive sinkhole.

I will probably throw some other adventures in here between seasons, depending on what my players attitudes are at this point. It will probably be outside of the city to give them a break and a few more xp.

Season II
1) The Tribunal Edicts (5th Lvl)
Following the trial of the Malchort Cabal and the revelation that something of great danger lurks within the Sinkhole, the Kortezian Government ordered an immediate evacuation of the Sinkhole area. In addition to the possibility of outside threat, the strong anti-Azindralean sentiment of various Cabal members struck a raw nerve with the native Azindraleans, forcing the ruling class to act preemptively in order to avoid civil uprising. Almost two hundred soldiers deployed to the Sink site and, overnight, they barricaded the area from the rest of the city.

The Tribunal Edicts is the introductory adventure for Season II of the Great City: The Sinking adventure serial.

2) The Mole (6th Lvl)
The earthquake that caused the Sinking and the aftershocks that followed have opened up numerous cracks in the Great City’s foundations. Recently, several vagrants disappeared in the warehouse district known as the Shacks. When a stevedore disappeared, the Shacks militia traced the disappearances to a vacant warehouse.

3) The Skullfire Inquisition (7th Lvl)
At the investigations of the Trypus Academy, the Lazarites initiate a brutal inquisition of various churches in their search for mysterious items secreted away by an aged priest of the god of mysteries. In order to aid their newest ally, Blood Senator Vulgrax, the PCs must infiltrate the inquisition, find the priest, retrieve his mysteries, and if possible save the man's life.

4) Widow's Walk (8th Lvl)
After long several years of disappearance at sea, Captain Hasserbruk has returned home. Yet, the captain’s formerly widowed wife fears something about her beloved husband is not quite right. Fearing an impostor, the PCs are called in to investigate the truth.


I was thinking of running these as a lead in to "The Road to Revolution" series.


I have the 1st two level 1 adventures and the last one in the season, 'The Malchort Cabal' because I wanted to see how to end season one. So now I have a starting point and where it ends.


Has anyone played O0ne's 'The Sinking' season 1?

I know these can be played in any order, but I have a couple of them and plan on getting the rest. I am curious as to what order everyone has played them in. What works best?

I know the Last one 'The Malchort Cabal', has elements from all the previous adventures, to roll up the series.

Maybe a list of the 11 by character level would give an indication?


Is there a background for the pregen PC/NPCs from the books and modules? or just stats?


Very Kewl! But its not available. =(

~ Nitehood

Awww.. This would have been a great one for Halloween.. To bad its a November release..


Are you ever going to get more stock in?

Delivered to the door and a free pdf version....Sounds Awesome!

Looks like there will be 1 a month, according to the products page.

Vic Wertz wrote:
Nitehood wrote:
So what exactly comes with both subscriptions?

Pathfinder subscriptions include the monthly volumes of Pathfinder, but not the supplemental Pathfinder Chronicles titles. (If you're a Charter Subscriber—meaning you've signed up for an ongoing subscription before next Monday—you also get the Player's Guide to Rise of the Runelords.)

GameMastery Modules subscriptions include the monthly releases in the GameMastery Modules line.

While we don't currently plan to offer subscriptions to other parts of the line, we're not ruling it out for the future. However, we're working on giving you the flexibility to ship other items with your subscription items, so "Paizo junkies" like you will be able to save on shipping costs.

Yay! When I order the Gamemastery sub, tonight, what will be the first module sent?

DitheringFool wrote:
Nitehood wrote:
Yikes! am I reading that correctly? There ia a Pathfinder sub, but there are additional material that you have to buy seperatley? Same with the Gamemastery sub?

I made this up as a discussion point.

I have a Gamemastery (modules) subscription. I have a Pathfinder (charter) subscription. But I still have to purchase everything else Paizo makes individually.

Wouldn't it be grand if there was a Paizo subscription and you could pick and choose from all their product categories individually? Then, once a month everything gets bundled up and sent to you easy breezy.

Maybe my title could then be Paizo Junky...

Great Idea! Optional? lol not for me. I gotta have it! I am a Paizo Junky!

So what exactly comes with both subscriptions? I dont really want to pay twice *Nitehood gets a "Thats for sure" from wife*

No kidding aside, it would be a lot easier to get a monthly bundled package for each of these.

Yikes! am I reading that correctly? There ia a Pathfinder sub, but there are additional material that you have to buy seperatley? Same with the Gamemastery sub?

Tessius wrote:
Nitehood wrote:

Thanks Tessius!

I dont have any of the Gamemastery modules yet. I am ordering the subsription today. I read that they will start with the latest available module, in this case D1.

I will buy D0 too.


You might actually be getting W1, I received an email notice that it was about to be mailed to me. You might want to post a question about which you'll get over on the customer service threads.

Good point! I will do that.

Thanks Tessius!

I dont have any of the Gamemastery modules yet. I am ordering the subsription today. I read that they will start with the latest available module, in this case D1.

I will buy D0 too.


Another question....

If we already have a Pathfinder sub and I now order a Gamemastery sub, will Paizo automatically combine shipping?

Manga art, old fasioned art. Whatever. So far I like what I see.

Thats Awesome! My subscription is on its way then!


I buy Dungeon and Dragon magazine every month. They are full of great stuff and I really enjoy them as well as put them to good use.

I have been pondering subscribing to both for some time now. My hold up? A few other, non gaming magazines that I get, get tore up some where in the mail.

My question is: Does Dungeon and Dragon magazine subscribers get there mags wrapped in plastic or paper covers? Or is a mailing address just stuck on the cover and its mailed?