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While this is an old issue, could you not use the feat flagellant?
Granted, you have to worship an evil god...

I would think a golem would base it's recognition on voice and not sight, due to the ordering it about aspect. Otherwise it wouldn't be able to accept commands from an invisible owner, or one that is hiding where he is. That's if the gm decides it's not some mystical connection.

That would mean disguise would be out. Now I would possibly allow perform(voice) or linguistics to fool it, or some spell that modifies it, but they would have to know the person very well to imitate them.

The prices for weapons/armor vs the poundage is never going to match up. There are different poundage for full plate vs Banded Mail. It's up to the GM to flavor it with why it is so. Does it require special solvents and substances to work? If so, that might count for why there is a difference in price for armor/weapon vs poundage. You assume that like steel, you only need coal and the ingots. There's also oils, salts and other things to forge, so who's to say you don't need special substances to create these items.
I would hesitate to say that the difference in price is due to labor alone, since that would mean if you forged it yourself, you'd be skirting the rules on how much you would have to pay for the item.

As a DM, I would allow one check, though if they have enough ranks in both, I would give them a synergy bonus, because they have the information from two different sources.

Cornielius wrote:

This is the spell description for mythic flame blade.

My opinion has always been the language referring to scimitar in the base spell description is to enforce that a druid can use it without non-proficiency penalties as they are proficient in 'scimitar' but not 'sword'.

Are you sure they didn't just say what the original spell had intended and instead of fixing the original spell in an errata, they just corrected it in the Mythic Flame blade version? Anyways, without someone to vet it, it's going to just go back to interpretation by the GM.

Onyx Tanuki wrote:

1a - An unarmed strike is not considered a natural weapon aside from being affected by certain spells and class abilities, even if augmented by the improved unarmed strikes feat. All IUS does is allow you to count as armed when using unarmed strikes, allow effects that affect manufactured weapons to apply to them, and increase the damage they deal.

I would Like to see any mention of this in the rules. Take into consideration
Natural Attacks wrote:
Some creatures do not have natural attacks. These creatures can make unarmed strikes just like humans do. See Table: Natural Attacks by Size for typical damage values for natural attacks by creature size.

Meaning that it could make natural attacks, just like humans as a natural attack, Improved just means that they are proficient with it.

Onyx Tanuki wrote:

1b - He needs at least enough limbs to have one natural attack on each, but I don't believe he can have more than one on each. You could feasibly have him with a bite and two claws/slams/pincers and not grow any additional limbs, but I believe that'd be the limit before you need to start growing horns for a gore attack or extra arms, wings, tentacles, etc. Think of it like this: if you have clawed hands and are a trained martial artist, you can't rake at an enemy with your claws and punch him at the same time. You could do one or the other, but not both simultaneously, since each requires a different method of attack and a different position of the hand. If you want to make the most out of natural weapons, IMO, either get as many as you're allowed by growing extra limbs, heads, tails, whatever, or make sure you have exactly one so you can add half again your Str mod instead of only half.

If you are assuming he can't use the Improved Unarmed Strike, that is true, it is dependent on the ruling on 1A

Onyx Tanuki wrote:

2 - I don't believe so. It applies to your eidolon's natural attacks, not yours, so unless your eidolon specifically has unarmed strikes, I doubt you could get away with this. Even then, it wouldn't work for the synthesist since the eidolon has no feats of its own.

The synthesist does state, that while they are fused, he can use all his own abilities. That would include feats/class abilities from other classes. He's pretty much in a big skin that increases his size. Since the Eidolon has access to everything the Synthesist does, I would think that would mean he could take it.

Onyx Tanuki wrote:

3a - While fused, your eidolon's HP is temporary HP, not actual HP. As such, aside from the exception listed, there's no way you can heal the eidolon with a cure spell. In addition, you can't specifically target your eidolon anyway; since you're fused, you're one single target, so the cure spell would recover your HP, not its. If you really want to keep your eidolon's HP up, let the damage go through its temporary HP via the fused link ability and heal yourself with a cure spell. But that kind of removes the...

While the Eidolon's hps are considered temp hps, it is a suit pretty much and the temp hps is how they keep them seperate from each other.

In the spell Rejuvenate Eidolon, it states the spell cures 1d10 damage, so I would think a cure spell would do the same, unless it was the undead aspect to it.

Onyx Tanuki wrote:

4 - Since it doesn't mention saves, I would assume the synthesist uses his own saves. However, you get to apply your eidolon's Dex and Con mods to Ref and Fort, respectively, since you're using its physical ability scores and mods instead of your own.

I've heard arguments in all three ways. Unless someone can find some new quotes or errata, I doubt it will be settled on.

Again, if you have any arguments, please post where you are getting the reference material from.

You see that goo you just stepped into? Nope, you can't use dimension slide because you have to get it all off first. Also make sure your shoes are tied, those laces will prevent it too.
It'd also prevent any race that doesn't have legs/feet to use it, can't be used while raining or when there's more then a foot of snow.

You could ask that question of twenty other spells, why weren't they clarified. The only thing to do is when there is an open to interpretation is to let the GM make the call. You can argue both sides of it and it won't make a lick of difference because there is no Errata to clarify.

CampinCarl9127 wrote:
No, you're not touching the ground when you go through it. You step, not shuffle.

Unless you're saying that the spell doesn't effect the whole body at once, even when you are stepping, one foot tends to be touching the ground. Unless you're doing a skip, or a hop.

BigNorseWolf wrote:
Give loki his neck back please

Only after I sew his mouth shut.

I would side with the DM on this. If it wasn't meant to be a scimitar's focus/specialization and such, it would say, "It's appearance is similiar to a Scimitar" or something along those lines. Instead, it says you are wielding it like a scimitar..meaning anything you do with a scimitar, you can do with this, with the exceptions of what the spell points out as differences. While the spell could use a bit better wording..but then, that's RAW for you.

At what point does the stuff attached to you go though the 'dimension slide'? By using that logic, you would have to take the ground with you unless you do a small hop. Would that mean you couldn't use it in water, since you would have to take all the surrounding water?
You could make an argument that the person can choose which items that he is touching that he wants to bring.
I've known players that use the dimension jumps/teleports to get out of grappled checks, but since they are attached(to the other creature), that would mean they couldn't do that, if you go based on whatever is touching them.

The question is hardly moot. I realize that he can sacrifice hps so the Eidolon doesn't die. This is about healing after a battle or during if it's needed. Since it doesn't regen naturally, you don't want to run around with only half your potential hps, you want to top yourself off before the next battle.

While it says free action, a lot of books/excerpts are getting wrong what free action means. Look at the example they give.

Example: wrote:
Darius the soulknife is a willing member of Jorus the vitalist's collective. He drinks a potion of cure light wounds that would normally heal him for 6 hit points, but Jorus decides to redirect 4 of those points to himself. Darius agrees and, as a result, Darius is healed for 2 hit points, and Jorus is healed for 4. If there were more members in Jorus's collective, Jorus could spread the healing from that potion out even more as long as the sum of hit points healed was no greater than 6.

Unfortunately, the example doesn't let you know when the free action is used, or by whom.

There's a few cases that can be made for this. The free action could mean that anyone in the collective can use their free action to let the Vitalist redirect it. Another could be they meant to put immediate action instead of free(this has happened before) or lastly, it could mean that the vitalist on his turn takes a free action to prime the ability, so that it can be used(such as like a readied action)

Premise a Synthesist that is using the Variant Multiclass rules to become a monk and is at least 3rd lvl.

Question 1a – How many attacks with Improved Unarmed Strike does he get?
Since Improved Unarmed Strike can be both a manufactured and natural weapon, does that mean while he is synthesized with his Eidolon, he gets a manufactured attack and then his max attacks with his improved unarmed strike(albeit at -5 or -2 depending if he has multiattack)?

Question 1b – Can he use his max attacks with one set of limbs? IE since he is using elbows, hands, head for improved unarmed strike, does he really need more then one set of limbs?

Question 2 – Does the evolution Improved Damage(ex) effect Improved Unarmed Strike Damage?

Question 3a – Can the Eidolon temp hit points be restored with cure spells? It says it can be restored with Rejuvenate Eidolon, but that doesn't mean it couldn't be restored with cure spells too, since cure spells effect outsiders. Not to mention it can have the fast healing evolution and that should effect it.

Question 3b – Does fast healing evolution effect the sythesist's hps when merged with the eidolon?

Question 4 – The Sythesist Archtype does not mention Saving throws at all. Does the Synthesist use his Will(mental) while using the Eidolon's Fort/Ref(physical) saving throws?

Please post sources for the answers.

Now, I know that testing is essentially over, but in the oracle, it states that

Oracle PDF wrote:

Deaf: You cannot hear and suffer all of the usual penalties for being deafened. You cast all of your spells as if they were modified by the Silent Spell feat. This does

not increase their level or casting time.

So does that mean that for any classes taken, such as for a wizard, that all their spells would be considered silent too? This has abuse all over it, but just checking on the intent of this.

Actually, if you wanted to limit the power of this, just make it so they can't use extracts and bombs in their mutagen form, make it a true Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde change where it's a completely different persona in charge and they don't have the same skill sets.

To me the alchemist should represent Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde. First, I think that it would be a great rp mechanic if the mutagen did something similar to this. When drinking the potion, it would actually shift your alignment to chaotic, you would temp lose int and charisma, but would gain a big bonus to intimidate. I think the alchemist should actually lose the ability to make bombs and extracts while under the effect of the mutagen, showing that he doesn't have the skills to do it anymore. Now with that said, the mutagen would have to be increased in what it does, from a size bonus to perhaps a progression on the discovery table, or perhaps a list of things you can mix and match in the mutagen(think the evolution points from summoner) so that the shape might even change each time. Of course, he would have to coat his armor in some alchemical substance so it adheres to him, or like shapeshift it just gets incorporated into the form. The possible things that might be allowed are wings, tougher body, quicker body, stronger body, a harder body, a body that can breath underwater or have fins, the potential for this is quite good, and since the alchemist is losing his bombs, it balances it out more. After all, you'll probably throw your bombs at long range and then drink the mutagen for going close.

Ehh, there's a few things you can do with blast for warlocks, but remember that classes got changed up and warlocks haven't been introduced in pathfinder for a core class yet.

For Bombs themselves...well I have to say that they barely fit the description for a bomb, considering it does a five foot square of damage with splash damage a for five feet from that. Most bombs when you make them explode harder have a bigger range, since the blast is greater in intensity and expands it even further.

I think that as an alchemist gains levels, he should learn to manipulate and arm the bombs faster, so it would go from a move to a swift. Considering that bombs are also his main means of damage, that perhaps he be given more, but he can only have a certain amount prepared at a time. IE he would prepare 5-10 of them before combat and arm them in combat to throw. As far as damage goes, the bombs remind me more of a napalm effect, since it doesn't even cause an explosion unless you take a discovery, it's the liquid that does the damage.

Another point is that in adverse wind conditions, a alchemist can't really use his bombs because they might be blown into some area he might not like.

Now I notice for mutagens that the bonus is enhancement...why? The mutagen is actually changing the person's shape, not giving them an enhancement, so I would think it would give them a size bonus like the spell beast shape would give a medium creature, since it's actually changing the body into more of a bestial creature, not just making them magically stronger or quicker, which is what enhancement to me implies. Granted I also see that right now you have to take discoveries to improve it to even make it worthwhile to use, I would suggest either adding more discoveries for the levels, or perhaps taking it completely out of the discoveries and making a separate discovery list for each class mutagen, bomb and extracts. After doing such, more discoveries would have to be added to each list to balance it out, I'll post more on my idea bout such later.

Draeke Raefel wrote:
Nerioth wrote:

Are we allowed to combine discoveries, such as explosive bomb and force bomb?

Do extracts count as potions, meaning that we can apply extend potion and eternal potion to them?

I think jason stated you couldn't stack energy types for bombs. You have to pick one.

Yes, energy types, but the explosive isn't really an energy type, it increases the splash radius, and then adds additional fire damage. The Force one actually changes the type of damage, so that's part of the dilemma.

Are we allowed to combine discoveries, such as explosive bomb and force bomb?

Do extracts count as potions, meaning that we can apply extend potion and eternal potion to them?

Actually, think of a t-rex, it can't even reach his nose...he just has those small arms, the poor guy.

The problem with what you are doing, is you're pumping everything into AC, it will have no offensive. Frankly, a giant's just gonna pick your lil Eidolon up and toss it over a cliff. Anything would just walk right by it and ignore it. Having an extremely high AC is nothing unless it has some kind of bite to it. If you want to make an example, show something that can not only avoid being hit but can take down a lot of stuff.

Page 195 of the player's handbook, creature size and scale. It gives tall and long.

For those concerned with bringing their pet in the majority of towns, you could always ante up and just give the eidolon burrow. The towns people can't complain that a lil 'tremor' is in town. Hrm, now that's an idea, from the tremor movies, make a huge serpentine body with burrow and swallow whole, and then you can even enlarge person it and make it gargantuan. It'll no doubt bring adventures around that you can loot and gear up on.

I think that the casting time should be a full round action, a standard was a bit short, but it seems the round is a bit too long.

As far as only being able to cast one at a time, reword it so that the previous one would dissipate if the ability is used again.

As far as duration, perhaps it should be cha mod + 2 x caster level in rounds.

Remember that with the share spells, it can still have other spells cast on it, such as enlarge person that can create a bigger problem and as such should be addressed.

Even without being able to use armor, there is still mage armor that can be used on it.

The magic items that it can use still could over-balance the whole thing.

As a side note, any chance Jason could edit the post to put in that the Eidolon can understand and speak the languages that the summoner can? He mentioned it in another post, but it will likely be buried and the subject will come up again.

Share Spells is listing what it can do. They could have made the two sentences one if they had phrased it as,
"The summoner may cast a spell with a target of “You” on his eidolon (as a spell with a range of touch) instead of on himself, such spells may be cast upon the eidolon even if the spells normally do not affect creatures of the eidolon’s type (outsider)."

Instead they choose a way that gives Share Spells two different abilities inside of it. You have complete sentences and as such, they do not refer to one another. Notice that the third sentence starts out with, "Spells cast in this way..." This means that this is referring to one or both of the sentences that preceded it. Of course, until this is clarified by rules and intent, the point is moot.

Don't forget your 2 rings of counterpsells with banish and dismissal in them. Don't want the Eidolon to be countered like that.

Reread it, the sentence that applies to this, is

Share Spells wrote:

A summoner may cast spells on his eidolon even if the spells

normally do not affect creatures of the eidolon’s type

Notice that it isn't dependent on the previous sentence at all and is in of itself a whole and complete sentence.

Share Spells wrote:

Share Spells (Ex): The summoner may cast a spell

with a target of “You” on his eidolon (as a spell with
a range of touch) instead of on himself. A summoner
may cast spells on his eidolon even if the spells
normally do not affect creatures of the eidolon’s type
(outsider). Spells cast in this way must come from the
summoner spell list. This ability does not allow the
eidolon to share abilities that are not spells, even if
they function like spells.

Meaning Enlarge person now works on this creature, increasing it's size by 1 catagory. So you can increase a large to huge and a huge to gargantuan. Now let me introduce you to Fluffy, he's a level 8 Summoner's Eidolon.

Fluffy - The Lost Four Armed Sasquatch


Large Bipedal Eidolon
HD: 8d10+32 (76 hp)
Speed: 20ft
Fort: 10=6+4 Reflex: 3=2+1 Will: 6=6+0 Bab: +8 CMB: +17 CMD: 28
Ac: 30=10+10(natural)-1(size)+1(dodge)+8(armor)+2(shield) Tch:10 Ff:30

Str 27 Dex 13 Con 18 Int 8 Wis 10 Cha 11

Falchion (2d6+8, 15-20 x2, s) 21/16 + 10' Reach
Slam (2d8+14, 20 x2, B) +21 , 10' reach
2 Claws (1d6+4, x2, S) +16, 10' reach

Evolutions (Total Points 14): Magic Attacks(1), Limbs(Legsx1)(f), Limbs(armsx2)(2), Clawsx2(f), Large(3), Armor Training(Heavy)(2), Weapon Training (2), Slam(1),

Special: Darkvision, Link, Share Spells, Evasion, Devotion

Feats: Improved Critical(Falchion), Power Attack, Improved Bull Rush, Awesome Blow

As you can see, fluffy uses a Falchion, by level 8, he can increase to the huge size and be doing 3d6 + 9 damage, that's without other buffs, such as Bull's Str or magical weapons adding to the damage done. Throw in haste, fire shield and stone skin...and well, fluffy might take things the wrong way if you say anything bad about him. He'd have a 15 foot reach. With his Awesome blow, he'll be making other people fall on their back before him. His AC is already 30 at level 8, and he hasn't even gotten a magical shield or magical armor.

Things will get even worse when he gets to level 11 and fluffy is innately huge and thus enlarge person will make him gargantuan. Meaning he can knock down anything huge or smaller, not to mention his CMB will be even better.

See, I had started another thread about equipment about whether it is considered humanoid or not...since that effects a lot of the magic items it can use too. We need a ruling on if it is in fact humanoid and if magic items were intended to boost it up. Since you know all of them are going to carry around two rings of counterspells, one for dismissal and the other for banishment.

Witches - If you think about it, there's nothing intellectual about curses... it's about force of personality. As far as the spells themselves, well they really vary from intelligence to wisdom to charisma, so you can't say that they belong to any specific one. I think the flavor of the class would make more sense with charisma, being that though witches are seen as evil or hags, that their force of personality is very strong, enough to subdue many people just with their gaze and cackle.

Summoners - Again, it depends. I really don't think the explanation for what Eidolons are really suffices, since if they were part of another plane, a summoner couldn't evolve them with their points. I would say it makes more sense that a summoner would use his knowledge to call into existence from a plane of primordial ooze and shape with his knowledge the creature he is trying to evolve. In the process his mind would be imprinted on the creature, thus influencing it's mental state, IE alignment and languages. In this example it would take extreme knowledge(int) to be able to precise enough to evolve such a creature.
Granted in the current wording, a link is formed with a single creature and it's only an aspect of it that is shown at any one time, but then it really doesn't go into how this happens either. Does a person force his personality to altar the creature... if so that in itself would be evil as your dominating something else for your own personal use.

Jason Bulmahn wrote:
Prince That Howls wrote:

Does the Eidolon start knowing any languages?

Knew I forgot something... yes, whatever languages the summoner can speak.

Jason Bulmahn
Lead Designer
Paizo Publishing

Does this mean that the Eidolon can only understand them, or can it in fact speak the languages that the Summoner can?

Where was the languages addressed, I have yet to see a thread that covers it. Just wondering if I missed it and who addressed it.

Now, the question is, how much magical gear can an Eidolon have? Now under the magic items on the body, it says that any humanoid-shaped body can wear up to 15 magic items. Stacking with the creatures inherent natural armor and you have an insanely powerful creature. With the wording being humanoid-shaped body, would that mean that only the bipedal form can actually use magic items and two other forms can't? Under the evolutions, they can already use weapons and armor so what would be the ruling on this? Also for the cost of the armor, would it be x2 for nonhumanoid in reference to quadruped and Serpentine and only x1 for the bipedal. This is of course assuming that they are referring to biped as a humanoid type creature.