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So sorry! The boards were not telling me there had been any new posts AGAIN! Will update immediately.

Yes, absolutely!

I have also just discovered that I never saw the last several posts made to the game as the site never bothered to inform me of them.

Off topic, but if anyone's interested, I'm looking for beta-readers for my novel. Details here.

Off topic, but if anyone's interested, I'm looking for beta-readers for my novel. Details here.

Yeah, I didn't notice the exact number of hp he was down. But now he's got a CLW from Dorn, Levvy can take the CMW back. :)

Really sorry you have to go, OGGM. I haven't had as much time with the group, but I've been really enjoying what I've been part of so far. But I also totally understand how life can get in the way. All the best to you!

I'm up for continuing on with a new GM.

Okay, sounds good. That's the way I've generally interpreted it as well, though I've encountered both ways from GMs in the past, so I wanted to confirm. Thanks.


Since Levvy did not finish casting her spell, do you count the spell as being lost, or does she retain it?

Marikel Selentin wrote:
Levvy wrote:
Begin casting enlarge person on Marikel. One round casting time.

That might be better cast on Dorn. Marikel is going down after the next hit.

I'm not sure she can tell how injured Marikel is. She mainly went with Marikel because he's in the message spell and Dorn isn't, so she could warn Marikel. Of course, if Marikel suggests she puts it on Dorn, she could easily do so, since she doesn't actually decide until the spell is cast anyway.

I like the Knowledge roll. While a Knowledge check wouldn't tell you the exact number of Hit Dice of a creature, I would think that it could tell you whether that creature is too strong for the strength of the spell.

As it happens though, Levvy doesn't have the requisite Knowledge for identifying giants, so I'm perfectly fine with her losing the spell. Even as I had her use it, I wondered whether the giant might be more than 6 HD, but I decided to risk it anyway. As you point out, there wasn't much else for her to do anyway.

I am very amused that the giant continues to pass all its poor Will and Reflex saves, but fail its good Fortitude saves. It helps make up for the fact that pretty much everything (orcs and giant alike) has otherwise passed their saves against almost all of Levvy's hexes and spells. :)

That said, I think I like the flavour of using it on Neddy more than on herself. The imagery of a rat with flaming eyes is just too awesome. :)

Huh. Okay then. I don't really agree with messageboard consensus here, though I see where they're coming from. I guess I'll go the familiar route and cast it on Neddy. :)

No worries, no offence taken! At least, not so far. :-)

Levvy and Marikel might butt heads a bit, as Levvy is a bit of a take charge person as well. All in good fun though!

On the one hand, it might be a touch annoying to put in the time to create a high-level character only to die in the first scene. On the other hand, it would also be pretty hilarious. Maybe I should start preparing a dramatic death speech. ;)

I'm still in the process of making my character. Sorry it's taking awhile. It's been a busy week. I'll have it done sometime tonight though.

Oh Praxim...

Let it go! Let it go!
Don't push this shlock anymore!
Let it go! Let it go!
Turn away and say no more.

Okay, I think I might go with a bard of some sort. But for Javell's sake, it won't be one who rewrites real-world pop songs. :-)

I'll try to get the character done up as soon as possible.

Hi folks!

I'm really impressed at how long this game has been going. Way to go! I'm looking forward to joining you.

Is there a particular type of character your party needs that I should consider? Also, Old Guy GM, let me know any special rules I should be aware of for creating a character.

Joana and markofbane:
I would agree that Levvy and Mahath would certainly know each other. As two practitioners of arcane magic, they almost certainly crossed paths at some point. Levvy doesn't have any problem with outsiders. She can be a bit stoic at times, but I don't see any reason why they couldn't be friends.

Joana wrote:
** spoiler omitted **

I did not use HeroLab. I did it all without assistance. Well, I used a calculator to keep track of remaining funds while purchasing equipment, but other than that...

For the scrolls, I was figuring she scribed them herself, although I paid full price for them. I've had a few GMs in the past who have required full price on starting equipment regardless of whether you have appropriate crafting feats, so I just went that way out of habit. Though I'm happy to get 75 gp back! :)

Levvy's not actively religious, though her leanings would be towards Erastil. She grew up on Bloodmarch Hill itself, though I haven't given a lot of thought yet to what her grandfather did for a living. A local herbalist or something. I'll give it some more thought and expand her background a little.

I love the legend of the Plague House and it's definitely giving me ideas for Neddy! I'm thinking that during the ritual to summon her familiar, Levvy found herself drawn towards the Plague House. She found Neddy in the area around it, though not inside. She doesn't know for sure if Neddy is in any way related to the legends or if it was just coincidence that he was in that area. However, a link wouldn't surprise her. Other residents likely believe there's a link.

Rolling for hp:

Level 2: 1d6 ⇒ 3
Level 3: 1d6 ⇒ 6

Hey Javell, markofbane! It has indeed been a long time!

I'm definitely going with a witch. I'm just reading through the Player's Guide info on Trunau to decide how best to fit the character in.

Hi folks!

I'm going to be joining your adventures, so I thought I'd say hello. I still have to put together a character, but I'm thinking of a human witch at the moment. I'll get it finished soon.

I suppose it was inevitable, though I wasn't expecting it just yet (maybe that was naive of me).

I'll check out the playtest when it becomes available and probably follow along to see how it develops. I'm not sure I'll actually buy the new edition when it comes out though. Even if I like what they do, I don't have the funds these days to buy much, and I still have tons of unused first edition Pathfinder stuff that will keep me occupied for years yet.

I've been putting off doing this for a while, but unfortunately, I can't put it off any longer. Tight finances mean I have to cancel my remaining subscriptions.

Thank you for all the great products. I'll be back as soon as I can.

Happy new year! (And belated merry Christmas!)

Vic Wertz wrote:
Was the Children in Need preview the same clip as The First Doctor Enters The Twelfth Doctor's TARDIS?


Vic Wertz wrote:

I swear I saw something earlier this year about the BBC licensing something—I don't recall whether it was broadcast rights, merchandising rights, or something else—in a package that includes Series 12, which is the season *after* next... but I can't find that now.

Also, I'd be pretty surprised if there isn't a Christmas episode in addition to the 10.

Could it be this deal with Shanghai Media Group Pictures? It includes all of series 1 through 11 in China, plus Torchwood and Class, as well as first option on Series 12 through 15. It's not actually a guarantee that Series 12 through 15 will happen, but it is a good sign that the BBC currently expect them to happen.

Hey folks,

Sorry I haven't posted in a week. I've been dealing with some personal issues that left me mentally exhausted. I'll get caught up and posting again soon.

Hope it's not serious, Dax, and that you make a quick recovery.

This sounds really interesting. I'm thinking of maybe a psychic (I haven't played an occult class yet and I've wanted to for a while).

Nazard wrote:
We seem to be at a standstill with Abdulla, and Felix can continue on with what he's doing, since he's not likely to die from it (anymore). The Felix thread can resolve on its own as the rest of us keep going.

Sorry, everyone, for my lack of posting the last couple of days. My dog died on Friday, so I've been kind of out of sorts. I'll get back into the motions soon.

Nazard wrote:
Zayla, did you not take light armour on purpose?

Yep, too heavy. It would have put her encumbrance up (she only has Str 8). Plus, she's got mage armour, so that overrides any bonus from armour anyway.

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karlbadmannersV2 wrote:
I really wish the people who submit reviews would come back down to Earth a bit. I appreciate them taking the time and resources to acquire the books for review, but these reviews for the Companion splat books are out of control. Singing the highest praises and gushing about how amazing it is, is just such an over the top reaction. Yes I like the book too, but I'm not planning on having children with it! ;)

As the only person (so far) to give the book less than 5 stars, I have to say I don't understand your complaint. People liked the book, and they wrote reviews saying so. That's kind of the point. I don't really see anything over the top about them.

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Archpaladin Zousha wrote:
I develop enough character concepts to fill entire parties for adventure paths on my own, yet get frustrated by being only able to pick one to play at a time.

I do the same, except I'm generally the GM so I don't get to use any of them.

Smuz is totally a goblin and don't you forget it!

That was a fun adventure. Great job, Joana, and everyone. I enjoyed it immensely!

Yeah, our party's damage is pretty pathetic. :)

Joana wrote:
I'm going to remind you guys again about your Licking toads ... although using them provokes an AoO so you may have to step back to use them.

Oh yeah! Totally forgot about those. I'm going to go edit my post slightly.

Zaister wrote:

I know your calculations don't really account for it, but I think the Crown of the World map is intended to fit directly on top of the Inner Sea region map.

Great work!

No, it's not. The Hungry Storm (Jade Regent 3) specifies otherwise. If you look on the map of the Inner Sea Region, the mountains north of the Linnorm Kingdoms are the Stormspear Mountains, but the mountains at the edge of the Crown of the World are the Rimethirst Mountains. There's a large space between the two mountain ranges (and thus the two maps). According to The Hungry Storm (page 8), it is a distance of 1160 miles from Kalsgard to the Rimethirst Mountains.

Zarongel wrote:
Any goblin who consumes a handful of cake as a standard action sees a phenomenal increase in their speed and reflexes, as if affected by a haste spell.

Wow! And I was feeling a little bit guilty that Smuz wasn't helping in the fight. Now he can miss twice as often! :)

I'm just utterly heartbroken. Such a horrible year. :(

No problem. Enjoy your trip!

Yeah, I saw it on the list and thought, wait, a watch? So I decided to have a little fun with it. :)

Thanks so much!

I've decided to get the Curse of the Crimson Throne Limited Edition Hardcover and have placed the preorder. Can you please cancel the regular hardcover preorder (order #4022156) I have?


Joana wrote:

Sorry, guys; I've had a bad cold this weekend and haven't mustered the energy to move the game ahead. I'll take you guys into the Cave of Darkfear tomorrow.

Navior, how are you doing? Any improvement?

Much better, thanks. I've been feeling almost normal today (which is good because I have to go back to work tomorrow). I'll be able to start posting again tomorrow.

Hey folks,

Sorry I've been silent for the past few days. I came down with a horrible case of vertigo Friday night, and I've been mostly out of commission since. Doctors say it should clear up in a few more days. Hopefully I'll be back soon. Until then, feel free to bot Smuz as needed.

Smuz will just follow Reta's lead.

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Azlant, anyone?

Joana wrote:
Navior wrote:
It would actually be 2, as I have a racial hit die.
Never having done the Savage Species thing, why do mites get racial hit dice and orcs/goblins/kobolds don't? Just the meta reason that the latter are more likely to be used with class levels in published adventures?

I believe it's because orcs/goblins/kobolds are humanoids and single-hit-die humanoids don't get racial hit dice. Mites, however, are fey and so get a racial hit die even when it's only 1. That said, I suspect the meta-reason for that rule is exactly what you said--that 1-HD humanoids (which include humans, elves, etc.) are more likely to be used as characters.

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